Forbidden Fruit Ch. 01

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“You know, if I could just find a man like Jason, I would probably let him have his way most of the time without even a fight. Just my luck, you know. The one man that would be perfect for me, and he is off-limits because he came from my womb! That’s the fucking story of my life. My soul mate comes along and he happens to be my own son! Some lucky bitch will get to marry him and live happily ever after!” Valerie complained to her best friend Melina about her unusual predicament.

“Not to put down your son, Val, but what makes you think that he is so perfect for you? Isn’t this the same guy who hops from one bed to the next and deems it a favor to you that he wears a rubber? At the rate he’s going, he’s gonna make you a grandmother before you’re 40. He’s always looking at me that way too! I know he flirts with me, though I have to admit that I flirt back with him. He also flirts with my sister, and she is only 16.

“I personally think that he has no preference in women. He just likes all of us and can’t make a decision. If you weren’t his mother, he’d fuck you and not care a bit that you’re twice his age. It’s not too bad for me, since I’m a slut and admit to it. However, he’s unavailable to me because he’s the son of my best friend,” the 24 year old said to her 36 year old friend.

“Melina, I’m shocked at you! You call yourself a ‘slut’ and then look down at Jason for being the male version of the same thing? For the record, I’m glad that he is having his fun, as long as he wears a rubber until he goes to college. It is a favor to me. I begged, pleaded, and urged him to always wear a condom when he fucks a girl he doesn’t know well. All I care about is that he doesn’t catch a disease or knock some girl up before he can provide for her. His willingness to do so shows that he is a more mature guy than most his age. A girl should be so lucky as to sleep with him. Hell, if he weren’t my son, I’d climb into bed with him and not even think twice about it!” Val objected to her friend’s reply.

“Chill, Val, baby! I didn’t mean that he was a bad guy. Like you said, I’m a slut and not such a terrible person because of that. I just meant that he wasn’t really good for you. I mean, I hate to break it to you, dear, but he couldn’t be faithful to anyone. That includes his own mother. It’s not that he’s evil. He’s not husband material, though he would be otherwise, if he weren’t a natural lecher. I know that, because I am the female version of the same thing. I could never stick to one man at a time, so I don’t bother with it. I don’t want to break some good man’s heart. I’m not bad. I’m just very wild and loose with sex. I like my men too much to be a one-man woman. Jason is the same way with women,” Melina explained.

“Okay, I get what you meant. However, I have read some swingers’ stories and watched some movies about it. I wouldn’t mind that lifestyle. It’s just the whole incest thing that would bug me. I could accept him having other women, though I would prefer that he cut back to a few favorites if he was to be mine. That’s mainly because I want a man around more and I would want to know the sort of women who would be pleasuring my lover. I’d want to make sure that they were good to him. Hell, I could even fuck them too, if he wished. My only qualms are about incest. He’s my son. I would even share him with you, if he weren’t my flesh and blood. I can’t get past that issue. It’s too bad, because he’d be ideal otherwise. Hell, he’d be fantastic,” Val bemoaned her fate.

“Valerie, Valerie, Valerie! I am completely stunned, and here I thought I knew you! You can accept swinging or poly, but incest is strictly taboo, huh? Listen, babe: do yourself a favor. This is just some advice from me. Screw the taboo! Yes, he’s your son. So what? Who is being harmed? It’s certainly not you. You’d have the ideal partner for you, as you just admitted to me. Nor would he be harmed. He’d have the best lover for him. You’d be the perfect significant other for Jason. Think about it. You would be at least one lover with whom he wouldn’t need a condom. I think that you should reconsider it. I admit, of course, to ulterior motives, since I know that you would share him with me. However, that doesn’t make my arguments completely self-serving or even irrational,” Melina urged her girlfriend.

“What about if he knocks me up? A child from incest would have a very difficult life, including possible deformity and other negative things like social scorn,” Val countered, although some part of her knew that she was simply in the process of letting her friend convince to do what she really desired.

“You’d be a great choice for the mother of his kids, or at least one of them. I’d want to be the other woman to carry his baby. Val, honey, that whole incest thing is an exaggeration. You generally need several generations of consistent and nearly exclusive inbreeding to produce those kinds of recessive traits. Check the facts again. You’re a wonderful bağdatcaddesi escort mother and lover, so combining those roles is very efficient, too.

“Remember when you told me that you stood up to his father and demanded that he not be circumcised? That was your protective, maternal instinct at work. He has always been the most important person in your life, so why not defy a mere taboo to make his life better? After all, you would know where he was at night and with whom he would be sleeping. Who loves you more than him, aside from me? Who loves him more than you?

“Would you rather his condom broke and he knocked up some strange girl, who would collect child support for a kid that he wouldn’t get to see much? Would you prefer that he somehow caught an STD or HIV? Valerie, the most loving thing you can do, for both yourself and your son, is to take him as a lover. If you or I carried his babies, we could make it easier for all of us. He wouldn’t have to pay child support, since he could more actively provide for us and the kids. He could be a more involved and responsible father, without any loss of his future ambitions. We could all raise them together,” Melina further argued in favor of her new idea, which frankly excited her more by the second.

“My God, Melina, that is the most extraordinary argument I have heard for incest, ever! Okay, you have convinced me! I’ll do it, on a few conditions. Number one is that you become his other lover. You have no SO, after all. It might be good for you too. Number two is that you agree to carry his other child, as you said. The next one is that you try to persuade your sister to become his third lover, once she is old enough. I think that with 3 women, Jason would be a satisfied man without any real motive to chase a lot of girls. We could take care of his needs and he would probably keep us happy too. The last requirement is that you become my lover too. I have had some fantasies about you, and I see no reason to balk at bisexuality, when I am agreeing to incest and plural marriage. How about it, girlfriend?” she emphasized the “girlfriend” part.

“Agreed. We have a deal and I’ll abide by it. The next stage is seducing him. That should be easy enough. It’s not as if he would find you unattractive. You would just have to convince him. I have another confession to make. I don’t know how you feel about this, and you could keep your deal with him normal, but I want to belong to him. Well, actually, I want to belong to both of you,” Melina declared.

“Well, of course, you’d belong to both of us, dear! You’d be our girlfriend, just as I would belong to both you and him and he would belong to the two of us,” Val responded, evidently not grasping Melina’s meaning.

“That’s not what I meant, Val. I want to become a slave. I want you and Jason to dominate and own me. I even have an idea of how it would work. My pussy would belong equally to the two of you, while you would have the primary rights to my mouth and Jason would control my ass. I know it’s another shocking notion for you, but that’s how I feel. If you prefer a vanilla arrangement, well, there’s always Jason with whom you can have that. Won’t you do this for your girlfriend? I’d kiss you, lick your pussy, and rim your ass. I’d suck Jason’s cock before, during, and after he fucked your holes,” Melina clarified.

“Well, are you sure about this? It’s pretty extreme? Where are you getting these ideas? I mean, I’m not so sure about anything more than playful, light bondage during a night of great sex. I’m not sure I could submit to someone on a permanent basis. I want to be a good lover for my son and you, but I also want to make sure that you are able to handle this kind of arrangement. You’re a tad kinkier than even I realized,” Val probed her friend.

“Well, it’s from these Gorean sites that I’ve looked up. I’m not just talking light bondage, Val. Please let me do this for you and Jason! You don’t have to submit to anyone! I would submit: to you! I’d be a kajira, a pleasure slave, with my sole purpose in life to satisfy my Master and Mistress, which would be Jason and you. I know that I want this! I knew it the second I read about it. It’s exactly the life that I want, and you and your son are the perfect people to dominate me! You can fuck each other as equals, but then have your way with me! If you have a fight, you can both take it out on me! Your relationship would probably be healthier for it!” Melina begged Val.

“So, you’d give up all of your rights for life? Is this a reason behind your arguments about incest? You’ve wanted to serve a couple, and you’d thought of us as the best one to do it?” Val inquired.

“It’s a factor, but as I said, it’s best for both of you. You need us, I need both of you, and Jason needs both of us. I would sign a contract and give the two of you full rights to me. I’m fairly sure that that I am a born submissive, Val. I would beykoz escort still work with you, but only if you wished it. I could stay at home, if you preferred that instead. I beg you to accept me as your slave!” Melina pleaded again.

“Damn it, Melina, are there any more surprises you’re planning to spring on me? Let me know right now, if you please,” Val insisted.

“No, Val. There are no more. I want to service you and your son. I also want you to enjoy him. I’m your best friend. You’re mine. I trust you. Please, let me help you seduce Jason, and then let me serve both of you. I’ll be a very good and obedient slave, which means that I’ll do anything you wish of me. There will be no rules, exceptions, or even safe words. There doesn’t even have to be contract, unless either of you want one,” Melina suddenly groveled.

“But I don’t want to lose you as a friend, Melina. How can you be my best friend, if you’re always obeying and serving me? Won’t this replace our friendship, fun, and girl-talk with your constant kow-towing to me? What if Jason does something that you don’t like? You wouldn’t feel free to complain about it, would you?” Val worried.

“I would only complain about it if given permission to do so, but I wouldn’t mind that. Besides, I don’t think that I’ll have any real complaints. Please understand that I want you and your son to have their way with me, and even be a little cruel now and then, if it suits you. Also, I have no desire to stop being your friend. I would love for you to continue our girl-talk, our fun times, and our friendship. We would just be lovers and Mistress/slave as well as friends.

“Of course, that would be up to you, but it pleases me a lot that you express a wish to keep our relationship friendly. I would certainly not want to sacrifice our friendship for a new one. I just want to expand our relationship into new aspects, babe. We could even act normally in public, if you wish. You could use different signals to indicate when I have gotten out of line and need to behave myself, lest you decide to punish me. That would be up to you, although I kind of like the idea of maintaining a façade that nothing has changed around our vanilla friends, while becoming more brazen in D/s circles,” Melina admitted with a mischievous grin.

“So, in essence, you think that I should take my son as my lover and accept you as slave to both Jason and me. Are there any limits or rules under which you would surrender your freedom to us? I mean, what if we wanted to tattoo or even brand you? What if we wanted to keep you in a cage most of the day, only letting you out when it pleased us? What if we wanted to make you drink our piss? Wouldn’t you object to any of that?” Val tried to think of the most extreme scenarios, which would presumably frighten her into some reasonable limits.

At the very least, Val wanted to make sure that Melina didn’t get into a situation that she later resented. She also feared that she might enjoy dominating Melina too much, or that her son might become a cruel Master to her best friend. As much as she loved and admired her son, she had doubts that anyone could take that much power without it going to his or her head.

“Val, my love, I would do any of the above, without reservation or hesitation. My body is already yours and Jason’s. All you would be doing by accepting that is simply formalizing what I already feel. I’ve really been biding my time, until you and Jason were ready to take me. I’ve lusted for you for a good 3 years, and I won’t even bring up just how long I’ve wanted Jason. The other partners have lately been my way of avoiding frustration in the meantime. Now that your son is legal and you have admitted some attraction to him, my opportunity is here,” Melina assured her friend, making her point with a slight grope of the back of Val’s slacks.

“Alright, Melina, you’re mine. You win. I’ll share ownership of you with my son. Wait, I thought you said that you had no surprises for me. I also thought that you were shocked at my lack of jealousy,” Valerie commented.

“Yeah, well, I lied. I’m sorry. You can punish me if you wish, but I lied,” Melina winked at her new Mistress.

“Don’t you mean, ‘you can punish me if you wish, Mistress’? Anyway, I’ll let it slide this time, but no more lies! If you’re going to be my slave, my kajira, as you called it, you’ll have to be honest with me from now on. Good slaves don’t lie to their Masters and Mistresses. Now, no groping while we’re at Cavanaugh’s, okay? Well, not unless we’re safely in the ladies’ room. We’re already late for my son’s birthday party. You only turn 18 once. If you keep touching me, we’ll be even later and I’ll have to tell Jason about our plan a little too early,” Val instructed her girlfriend, as they left Melina’s apartment to get to the nice restaurant Val had reserved for her son’s birthday party. Now there was even more reason to celebrate her son’s new caddebostan escort manhood: she could legally fuck him.

Jason had already arrived at Cavanaugh’s, of course, and wondered why his mom and her best friend were late. He knew that this was for his birthday, although he would ironically not be allowed to drink, while his mother and her friends would drink quite a bit. Most likely, in fact, he would be the designated driver. Any other man his age would be annoyed, but Jason knew his mom. One way or the other, she always made everything about him, so this would turn out well. His mother wouldn’t disappoint him.

It was true that none of his high school friends could be bothered to attend his party. Well, that was their loss! They probably assumed that it would be no fun, since so many older people were expected to show up. However, they didn’t know his mom and her friends, especially Melina. No mothers of his classmates had friends half as cool as his mom’s.

“Oh, God, Jason, I’m sorry! We had a long chat, and time just snuck up on us, dear,” Val apologized, as she and Melina showed up at the restaurant.

“That’s okay, Mom. I know how you girls are. It’s not like I haven’t seen how you two behave. Besides, you were nice enough to plan a special party for me. It’s my friends from school that I’m mad at right now. None of them want to attend,” he hugged his mother, quite happy that she was nicer than most of the moms he knew from school.

“Thank you for being so patient, Jason. Believe me when I tell you that it was actually for the best, especially regarding you,” Val responded cryptically.

“How is that?” he naturally wondered, right before Melina gave him a hug and groped him slightly. She had never been so blatant before, although she had definitely flirted with him in the past.

“You’ll find out later, dear. Let’s just say that your mother and I have another birthday present for you, although we will benefit as well,” Melina answered him even more enigmatically.

“Well, thank you, gals, in that case! Whatever it is, I promise to be grateful for it,” the young man used language that few men his age would (then again, most didn’t have mothers like his).

“So, do you swear to accept it, no matter what it is? Believe me, it will be worth your while,” Val probed, while lightly touching Melina’s hand.

“Yes, Mom, I swear to accept it! I mean, it’s not like it will be unpleasant, so I have no problem giving you my word as a man,” Jason laughed, making a point of his new legal status.

“Well, when a man gives his word, he keeps it. I’ve always taught you that. I hope that you listened and will keep your word to us. It won’t be unpleasant, I promise. A woman keeps her word too, or should,” Val encouraged her son.

“Okay, folks, let’s get inside the damn restaurant, please! I’m hungry!” Melina urged them.

Val and Jason chuckled at their family friend and followed her inside. Melina often got hungry. They knew her quirks well enough by now, since she was close to both of them (probably due to being between their ages and able to relate to both generations).

The birthday dinner was nice, even though Jason found himself the object of embarrassing attention when the staff found out. Val and Melina didn’t exactly back him up, either. They wanted the “birthday boy” to get his moment of limelight. Val urged them to have some fried ice cream, which was something that she liked to share with her son and best friend. For some reason, it had always seemed normal to the single mom and her small circle to eat from the same plate. There was no shame or worry in it. It was just three people sharing a dessert, with two of them planning to share more than that later.

When Jason, Val, and Melina returned to Val’s two-bedroom apartment, the women sprung their first shock on Jason. It was one that they had planned days before their talk. They took out a bottle of beer for each of them, including the young man. This was why they had not done what he expected and drank at Cavanaugh’s, Jason realized. They wanted to drink with him, in order to treat him as a grown man and include him in the fun.

“Well, honey, I know it’s illegal, but I doubt that you’ll snitch on us,” Val told him, when he reacted to the news as a pleasant surprise.

“Well, I am a grown man knowingly breaking the law, Mom. That’s not the action of a rat,” Jason grinned.

Val and Melina hugged him and winked at each other behind his back. The alcohol and his promise would make resisting his present a lot more difficult, so their scheme had a greater chance of success than before, not that it had only a small one anyway. He already had an apparent interest in Melina and his relationship with his mother was closer than most of classmates’ connections to their parents.

“Val, if we’re going to give Jason his promised present, we might need a few changes in our living situation. I mean, for instance, you could use a roommate to help expenses. Hell, so could I. I could move out of my place and into the other bedroom, if you wish. My lease is almost up, and I would love to live with you guys,” Melina abruptly suggested, once they were all tipsy enough.

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