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It was a late summer night, the kind where any effort to move had better be worth while due to all of the willpower put behind it. The windows, as well as the door, to my room were open, allowing a cool breeze to blow over my bed. My eyes were half open, half closed, and I lay lifeless on the over-sized, soft bed, clad in nothing but a very light-weight baby pink camisole. The wind-chimes which hang in sundry places around my room — On the ceiling, off of bookshelves, off of my grand mirror — would sound once in awhile, but only lightly. One, two chimes at the most, and all sound would disappear. My thoughts immediately turned to you as my wandering eyes fell upon your picture on my dresser. I wondered where you were, and what you were up to; and soon was falling asleep with thoughts of you in my head.

A noise brought me out of my light slumber. It sounded like a cough, or a gasp almost. My eyes fluttered a little, and the shadowed form of someone standing over me soon registered in my mind. “W..Who are you..?” I sleepily asked, trying to make the fear less obvious.

“I’m sorry that I’m late, I was held up..” Your familiar voice sounded. I breathed a sigh of relief as you leaned bahis firmaları down to kiss me and stroke my hair. My arms wrap themselves around your neck to pull you closer to me — A very worthwhile effort — And you hover even closer above me, with one hand resting on my waist, and the other stroking my cheek. “How was your day, babe?”

“Hot..” I smiled and laughed a little. You chuckled with me, and then suddenly grew very serious.

“Well, if you’re so hot…” Your hand slid down from my waist to the hem of the short camisole. “Then why are you wearing this?” I arched my back slightly as you pulled the thin fabric up my frame, and then lifted my arms so that you could slip it off of me completely. You gave out a little nervous laugh as you realized that was all I was wearing. “Good choice of underwear..”

I smiled and kissed you again. My hands wandered down to the zipper and button on your pants, and swiftly un-fastened both. Before I could finish, you stood up and stripped, peeling your shirt from your hot body, your pants, and finally your boxers. I sighed as you lay back down ontop of me, your erection brushing against my own aroused skin, your hands already working my small kaçak iddaa breasts. I could feel your heartbeat grow nearly as fast as mine, and I began to tremble. Even after having known you so many times, I still get butterflies in my stomach, especially when I feel your fingers slip inbetween my legs and slowly begin to circle my now swollen clit. I bit my lip and softly moaned, unable to move, whether it is from the heat or the incredible sensation, which your touch always produces in my body.

“Aaron…” I softly whisper, barely audible over your breathing and the sound of blood rushing through my head. The room seemed to disappear, and all that was left were you and I, lying in a soft bed, completely naked, with your mouth locked to one small breast, gently sucking and massaging it. A hand strokes your head, “Aaron…” Your fingers move faster in and out of me, causing chills to be sent violently down my spine. Within no time at all, my body begins to convulse and I cum hard, my eyes shut completely, and mouth shaping a permanent, “Oh..” And yet, no sound escapes.

Your mouth returns to my own, pushing your tongue inside of my mouth, on which I contently suck and kiss. We roll over kaçak bahis slightly so that I now straddle your waist, your erection touching my ass slightly, and I can feel the damp pre-cum that has since oozed out. I lean down to lick around your right nipple, and then the left, as you guide your penis to my vaginal opening with one hand. Staring into your eyes, I slowly allow you to penetrate me; a ritual done many times, yet it still feels like the very first time to me. Pushing down a little more forcefully, I let out a sigh and close my eyes. Your hands move to my waist again and help me to move up and down over your erectness at an increasing speed. I was so caught up in the intense procedure that I nearly forgot about the heat. Stars danced before my closed eyes, the world went away in one single explosion of orgasmic pleasure; and I finally know what it means to be one with a person. You and I; I and you, together. Souring leaps of ecstasy take over my body as I cum again, and I become limp.

Your grip tightens around my waist, you pump furiously away; and I experience a new rush of energy. Once more the universe shows itself to me as your erupt, causing my moans to grow louder. Tired, sweaty, and over-heated, I collapse into your arms. Snuggling close, you kiss my nose and brush the hair away from my face. The universe shrinks, and I am back in my bedroom, safe with you.

Found by you, yet again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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