Four F Girl Ch. 03

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I followed William to his mechanic and after transferring my possessions to William’s car we headed off to lunch. There was no real conversation during this time other then remarking about how little I had brought with me. William and I ate lunch in a nice restaurant and he ordered for both of us. He explained as we entered the restaurant that I was only to respond to questions and should minimize initiating any conversation. If I needed to ask him a question I would have to preface it with.


William indicated that it would be his decision to allow me to go forward at that point or to ignore my request. He explained that this was the beginning of my training to be submissive and that it would seem extreme in the beginning that I might not agree with everything and that was to be understood. He reminded me that until I was properly trained he expected some degree of failure on my part.

The he asked me.

“Alexandra tell me what you felt this morning with Dr. Andrews? Please remember to address me properly when responding.”

I sat quiet for a few minutes trying to absorb everything that transpired since the night I ended up in Williams house. I began

“Sir, I felt a bit confused when I arrived. It had not occurred to me that such a check up was necessary. When I heard mention of possible STDs and AIDs I understood your desire that I be ‘clean’. I assume that if I am not then this will not proceed.”

“Alexandra, the appointment was to determine your physical health. Your relationship with me will be dependent on your ability to adapt to your submissive role, to take the necessary discipline. Any possible disease can be placated. Of course your ability to conceive is pertinent as well, but not in and of itself a deal breaker. Now tell me how you felt.”

“Sir, that fact that you remained during the exam initially humiliated me. I wasn’t prepared to be observed by anyone but the medical staff while so completely exposed. However, when the medical student showed up I was relieved that you were there, though I was humiliated at how he seemed to treat me like I was less than a person. Maybe he was embarrassed to be in that situation or maybe he has yet to develop a bedside manner. Overall I am glad the ordeal is over.”

“Alexandra, such exposure can be part of a submissive’s life. Feeling humiliated by that would indicate a lack of trust that your Master can care for you. When you have accepted the idea that you now live to please and serve me, then you will not be so affected by such events.”

“Now Alexandra! If you are finished with lunch we need to pick out come clothing appropriate to a submissive living in my house. I need not remind you that I will make the selections.”

“Yes William, Sir!”

William took me to a number of stores in town that I am not sure I knew existed. He selected items that I tried on for him and when he was satisfied that something looked right on me he set it aside for purchase. A number of the items were erotic in nature, panties that hid nothing, bras that lifted my B cup tits but did not cover them. He selected skirts that were very short, blouses that were very sheer. Williams picked up a couple of dresses that revealed a good portion of my tits and were barely long enough to cover my ass. As then at one store he selected a set of sweats. To say I was confused about the eclectic mix of clothing would be an understatement.

Arriving back at Williams home he and I carried the packages to the room where I woke up the first time.

“Alexandra, this will be your room. When you have achieved a level of accomplishment sufficient to earn a reward I will allow you in my bed. As of now you are a nothing. Each day you must work to become something, you must add to the nothing you are now. The dresses we purchased will be used only when I elect to take you out. The standard dress for you each day will be a pair of panties and a bra. In this outfit you will accomplish your chores as I work. We will review the daily schedule in a little while.”

I was trying to absorb everything and found myself with many questions that I wisely elected not to voice. I was convinced already that William would tell me what I needed to know. If I had questions, I would see if I could ask.

“Alexandra, you’re having elected to reside with me pleases me. However, there are many hours in the day where I will be at work, here in the house and you must stay busy. So lets look at your schedule for the initial period of your training. We will start your day at six in the gym that I will show you later. That is what the sweats are for. You’ve let your body go, and I intend to have you reclaim it. Not for my satisfaction but as a part of you wanting to present me with your best and to instill some self-confidence. Then after showering we will eat breakfast and I will inform you of anything specific I want you to do. Around eleven you will prepare lunch for us and after lunch you will observe me at work and attempt to learn my business. I do not suffer a freeloader, bomonti escort nor do I take advantage of skills available to me. So as you learn more about my work and become productive and helpful to me there, you will be paid.”

Nothing so far was giving me any reason to doubt this new life, especially as it seems it came with a paying job.

“When our workday is over we will then go to the discipline room. Initially, I will discipline you in a number of ways so that you know what each type of discipline is. I will learn to some degree what type of discipline advances your training and what doesn’t. Then as we proceed you will receive some level of discipline each afternoon, based on how well you have learned.”

The unknown has always been scary for me. The whole concept of discipline was my major hang up after the research I’d done. I admitted that I trusted William so I was determined to continue. In fact I was getting somewhat excited about the whole thing.

“After dinner then we will begin to teach you about sex. I know you think that having fucked so many men over the past ten years that this might be unnecessary but I can assure you that it is not. I will teach you how to have a satisfying orgasm and how to control that orgasm at my command. I will teach you how to pleasure me and at some point down the road I will teach you how to properly fuck. Do you have any questions?”

“Sir, I probably do have questions, but I would prefer, if you approve, to allow me to experience this life and let the experience teach me. If I remain with questions I will see if you are still agreeable to answer them.”

“Ok, the last item is the most critical. As your Dom, it is my job to build you into the best submissive that I can, to allow you to experience all the pleasure being a submissive can have. As I said there are all sorts of discipline and situations that might scare or humiliate you. It is necessary for me to know when we come to a point where your fear is overtaking you. Consequently we need to have a word or phrase to know to cease what we are doing. Some couples use a simple green means go and red means stop. That or they simply pick a word that would not normally be a part of any sexual adventure, for example the city or town they born. So by tomorrow morning when we begin, you will need to tell me your safe word.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Now tonight is free in the sense that there is no training or discipline. I would like you to settle your room and of course show you the rest of the house, the gym etc. We will have dinner and then you will be free to watch TV or go to your room to prepare for tomorrow.”

I carefully unpacked my things and the clothing William had bought me that day. I elected to put my stuff in a bottom drawer or in the back of the closet as I concluded that my attire would consist of the clothing William had bought. Once done, I headed into the bathroom to shower. I placed the clothes I’d been wearing in the hamper and then took a look at myself. I could see each and every area of my five foot eight inch body that had collected either fat or lost muscle tone. Fortunately by B cup tits remained perky, though my thighs, especially close to my pussy were fatty and repulsed me. My waist had filled out to almost equal the width of my ass. My hair, usually colored blonde was showing significant dark roots of the natural brunette I was. Yes, I believed that blondes had more fun.

I stepped into the shower and thoroughly cleaned every inch of my somewhat decimated body. William had left some very good hair products and I used them but by the time I had dried off and used the hair dryer my hair remained dull and lifeless. I wondered what William would want done with that head of hair. Would he want me blonde, would he care how dull and lifeless it looked? In this life I had chosen I realized it was foolish of me to care, that if I trusted as I was supposed to then it would be taken care of. One last look at the needs of my body made me adamant that I would work hard in William’s gym. While he indicated it would restore my self-confidence, I wanted my body back in shape for him.

I contemplated what to wear and decided that the bra and panty sets William had said would be my ‘uniform’ was what I felt I should wear even if my official training didn’t start until the next morning. Nervous and I stood in this completely revealing outfit I understood the phrase that spoke about how a person could actually look more naked with the right clothes then without any. My body did no justice to the outfit, but I was determined to change that and I was determined to use that as an incentive to get myself back into shape.

As I came to the living room I noticed William reading some papers and then looking up at me I saw a question in his eyes. Then he said.

“Alexandra, your training starts in the morning. You need not dress this way tonight.”


“Yes Alexandra!”

“Sir, I committed to this life, to you, before today. I cihangir escort committed to being in your house and to being trained properly to submit to your needs and desires. It is important to me that I start immediately, at least by wearing my daily uniform. I know my body looks bad and that this outfit does not flatter me, but I need that incentive to help me push myself. If you do not object, that is Sir!”

“Alexandra, you are too hard on yourself. Yes you are a little out of shape but you are still beautiful. Yes, we will work together in the gym and in developing a proper diet, but this is something I want for you. If you want to begin tonight then we shall do so. Come with me.”

I followed William to the basement. The room was divided in half, one side was fitted out with exercise equipment and the other was hidden behind a wall with a locked door. William went to the door and unlocked it, but before opening it he asked.

“Alexandra, have you decided on a ‘safe’ word?”

The mention of a safe word made me realize that what was behind that door was something that I’d read about but never experienced. Some sort of discipline room containing whips, chains, as well a numerous other unknown implements. I gulped and felt a nervous flitter in my stomach.

“Sir, I think the easier it is the better. For now I’d like the simple red/green.”

“Very good Alexandra. When enter this room you will do as I ask when I ask. If you feel the need then say red and we will discuss. From time to time I may ask what color you feel and this is when you will tell me either red or green. Again if red we will discuss if green I will continue.”

I nodded my understanding as my stomach was doing flips over the unknown.

“Now tonight for our first visit to the room, I will use various means of discipline on you. The intent is not to prolong any particular discipline but to make you aware of the variations and to allow me to see the effect so I can better use them as needed. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

When the door opened I gasped as what I saw. William gave me some time to look, to see the whips, leather belts, the restraints hand and ankle cuffs. I saw a table that had places to cuff my ankles and arms that would force my legs wide and my arms above my head. I could see myself strapped on that table my pussy spread wide and my arms forcing my tits to jut out. William opened a cabinet and I saw butt plugs in various lengths and widths, a number of nipple and clit clamps and a good supply of lubricants. In the corner stood a giant X shaped device that I noted also had restraints for arms and legs and I could see how a body would be restrained while standing. In the very center of the room, in the ceiling were a set of hooks that I learned could be used to suspend me. Lastly, I saw what looked like a simple sawhorse except that its top was padded and there were also places to secure arms and legs.

William allowed me time to look and understand and then he took me to the sawhorse and had me bend over the padded bar. He secured my legs spread to the side and then my wrists were secured and pulled so that I could not move. I felt my pussy opening and closing and a dampness on my upper thighs as William selected a leather belt that he showed to me.

“Now Alexandra this is the basic strap that will be used on you for most discipline. I will give you only a few lashes now to allow you to understand the level of pain they can cause. I assure you that nothing I will ever do will rupture your skin or draw blood.”

“Yes, Sir! I am prepared.”

Yeah right. I was scared yet anxious but I was not prepared and when that first lash landed on my left ass cheek I howled. Meaning, I am sure to give me comfort William asked.

“Alexandra what color?”

The pain was now ebbing and I felt OK so I said.

“I am Green Sir.”

He used the belt on me again ultimately giving me four lashes, two on each cheek. Then he placed the belt back on the wall and selected a long thin wooden looking object.

“This Alexandra is called a cane and it is flexible as is the leather but it provides a different, more intense pain and it is used when you have committed more serious issues. Are we still green?”

“Yes Sir, please show me.”

The cane was so much more intense then the belt and the shock of the first blow was so disconcerting that I again screamed. Before William could ask I said.

“Green Sir, please more.”

I really didn’t want more but I wanted to learn and I took two lashes to each cheek and the pain coursed through me and I bit my lip to stifle any more screams. My pussy was now full on wet as so were my thighs. I never knew the sexuality behind the spanking in fact I scoffed at it in the stories I’d read.

“Alexandra. Tell me what you think.”

I wanted this to come out right, I wanted no confusion, no misunderstanding.

“Sir, The leather belt was painful and the cane more so. Yet, I found myself able to kurtuluş escort withstand the little bit you tested me with. I am wet my pussy is enjoying this, so I imagine I am too. Is this what you meant by discipline that is enjoyed and therefore not effective?”

“To some degree yes. However, most submissive men and women do become sexually aroused, some because they find a means of using the pain and some because they see the freedom in not having a choice. Now, I would like to move you to the table.”

I was released and stretched and noticed how firm my nipples were. I lay on the table and William shackled my arms and legs just as I had imagined. My arms were far enough back to be a little uncomfortable and the result was that my tits were accented on my chest. My legs were stretched to the side and my pussy was gaping open my labia pulled out from behind the flimsy material of my panty.

“Now on this device we can use belts and riding crops to flay your tits and nipples or your clit. I think for tonight we have demonstrated enough of the pain and it may be better for you to try to imagine the feeling of a riding crop then to demonstrate. This table is also used for sexual training and sexual discipline.”

I waited on William to begin and he hesitated and I became agitated at his idleness. I started to squirm and then William said.

“Sexually you will need to learn that your body is mine to use. I will now use my fingers and perhaps some toys to stimulate you toward, but not to orgasm. Feel free to react in any way you need to.”

That scared me but when his hands lightly stroked my nipples I relaxed in the sheer pleasure of his first touch. He used his hands and tongue in various places, though never my lips or pussy. He always came near but never touched me between my spread legs. I was becoming more and more turned on by his gentle touch, the comparison with the pain of the belt and cane made me more aware of the sensitivity of his touch. My thighs were being coated with my pussy juices yet he had never touched me there.

He then put my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pinched them before twisting them slightly at first then more severely. I was building towards and orgasm and it felt like it would hit me with force when William stopped everything and I cried out in anguish at the lost opportunity. Leaving me panting for a while he then said.

“Your orgasms also belong to me. You will learn that you may cum only when I allow it, when you have earned that right.”

I nodded as he started to once again play with my body. He found ways to bring me to the edge and then stop. I was losing control as he performed this tease over and over before asking me.

“Who are you Alexandra?”

“Sir, I am you submissive,”

I hoped that was what he wanted to hear but I was so lost in my own needs that I rally didn’t care if I was wrong.

“Do you want to cum Alexandra?”

“Oh god! Yes Sir.”

He looked at me with sad eyes and said.

“You are my submissive and you have no wants. You want for nothing other then to please me. Now I ask again, do you want to cum?”

“Sir, I want whatever you please. If my cuming pleases you then yes, if my frustration in not cuming pleases you then that is what I desire most to please you.”

“Alexandra you are learning, however you are too slow so for tonight there will be no release for you. I trust that you will obey my command and not masturbate tonight, I will know and the belt will sting tomorrow if it needs to. Do you understand my dear, my precious submissive?”

“Yes Sir, I will try to obey you.”

He freed me from the table and I have to admit I was sad that the teasing was over. I had hoped he would go too far and make me cum. As he ushered me to my room I realized that William would never err and that it would be up to me, to prove myself, to as he says ‘earn’ my release.

I was not strong enough yet to be as obedient as I am now and after an hour or so of tossing and turning in bed I found my fingers plunging into my cunt and rubbing my clit till I came. The orgasm was so intense. If he could put me in this state without even touching my pussy I began to wonder what that orgasm would be like when he took access of every part of me.

We met in the gym the next morning both of us in sweats and William outlined a work out for me. It was a vigorous workout and I was sweating profusely by the time I was done. When I finished my last push up William had me strip off my sweats and stand against the wall. He took out a camera and after posing me, legs spread and arms out to the side he took a photo. Then he had me shower and dress before meeting him in the kitchen for breakfast.

Over a bowl of fruit William said.

“Alexandra, obedience is a hard trait to master and I know you failed me last night so expect to be disciplined later. Follow your list of chores and I will see you at lunch.”

That afternoon, I was disciplined with twenty lashes of his leather belt and I was taught to count those lashes aloud and to thank him after each lash. I read about this so I was aware and I managed to suffer only one additional lash as I forgot to thank him after the first lash. Then it was on to the table where once again William brought me close to climax a dozen times before sending me to bed.

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