Fresh Narcissae Pt. 04 – Evolving

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Here is the next instalment of Jola’s history, relayed in the first person, which began with ‘Fresh Narcissae’ and progressed through ‘Narcissae Opening’ and ‘Narcissae Flowering.’ Before this sequence I recorded my two encounters with Jola in ‘Small Recorder’ and ‘Recorder Encore.’


The day after Danka’s departure, when we had free time together, the three of us met to discuss our plans for the future, first pledging ourselves to each other, resolving to live, move and have our being as a Trio, an entity comprised of three beings bonded in love and resolve. We at once plighted our troth in a sexual-spiritual conjoining.

First Zbyszka and Kasza lay on my bed on their back. Zbyszka’s feet were on the floor, and I knelt between her knees to bring our erected cocks together and Kasza enclosed them in her hand. This cock-cock contact was so moving, so delightful we crowed with joy, and Kasza slowly began to milk us. I reached to tuck two fingers into Kasza’s cunt and Zbyszka sought her clitoris. Three hands were now engaged and we spoke our mutual commitment, and I cannot now remember which of us said what, because what was said could have been spoken by any of us. ‘We are holding each other from now on,’ ‘United in desire and fulfilment,’ ‘Coming together in every way,’ ‘Sharing our cumming and growing,’ ‘All things in common,’ ‘Living for each other,’ ‘Living through each other,’ ‘Living in each other.’ ‘Now sealed in our cum,’ ‘Blessed in our cum,’ ‘Blissed in our cum.’

It was Kasza who brought us off. ‘Come, darlings. Spurt me your spirits. Splatter me.’

The stiffening of our cocks against each other was so exhilarating, so paradisal, that we wept in our ecstasy as we fountained our semen, while Kasza writhed and wept under our hands. This was the occasion on which we discovered the supreme satisfaction of two cocks rubbing together, a practice Zbyszka and I often engaged in, with or without Kasza to toss us, for when she was not with us it was our favourite resource, because we loved being able to look into each other’s eyes and watch as her hand or mine moulded our cocks into one organ spouting from two apertures and pooling their spunk.

We crawled into each other’s arms, and simply held each other, gently kissing and caressing, for a long time, until we began to make decisions. Agreeing that Zbyszka would move in with us, sharing one bed or the other, as we felt moved, that we would pool all resources, seek work outside our courses, allocate the responsibilities. For example, Kasza, skilful in money-management, would handle our finances; Zbyszka would look after the wardrobe and laundry, since we dressed alike anyway and took the same sizes, down to the plain white cotton knickers we all wore; and I, who liked cooking, would do the catering, to follow the diet prescribed by Danka. And we would all three embark on her fitness programme.

Without speaking we moved to celebrate and consecrate our resolve. Zbyszka moved to lie on her back, Kasza lay on her back on her and I guided Zbyszka’s revived erection into the receptive vagina. Then I got between both pairs of legs and manoeuvred to bring my cock to bear, and slid it into the cunt, so that the two cocks were again held together. ‘Oh, that’s so wonderful,’ Kasza said. ‘I have you both inside me, both inside me. We are making such love, such love. Move a little, don’t fall out. Yes, like that.’

Zbyszka said, ‘We are truly together. So, so fine to feel cock and cunt at once. I almost don’t want to come, because I just want to go on feeling you both against and around me.’

‘Yes, yes,’ I agreed. ‘This is the ultimate union, isn’t it?’

‘I want you to come now,’ Kasza said, ‘I want you to make it complete. I want to feel your cocks swell. I want to feel you splurging into me.’

Of course, that’s what we did. Zbyszka came first. Feeling her do so sparked me off, so that we pumped ourselves into that perfect haven, and were rewarded by its pulsations as Kasza came, thrusting her bottom to take us to maxicum.

Over the next few days, as we got ourselves organised for our life as a unit, we incorporated into our intercourse all the possibilities we could imagine.

So, I do not forget the first time I came into Zbyszka’s bottom as she came into Kasza’s bottom, or the first time she spermed into me while I poured myself into Kasha’s vagina. And it was not long after that that our bottoms readily opened for each other, as Danka’s had done, so that all forms of entry were easily available, to the point that if time was short we could service each other quickly. For we had to learn to give each other orgasms, answering each other’s needs, without recompense.

So I also remember Zbyszka coming into the room originally mine alone, her eyes pleading for her easement, and my bending over, her pulling down my knickers to get at my anus and driving into me, coming at once, pausing a moment, withdrawing, pulling my knickers up again and heading out of the room and the canlı bahis building, leaving me with a wet gusset and a happy feeling of having been able to serve my lover with my now dripping bottom.

There was also the night when Kasza and I were sharing a bed and I woke with a hard and, since were folded her back to my front, I jabbed between her cheeks, seeking her slit, and she woke enough to murmur, ‘It’s bit dry,’ and I was able to use my first emission to soap the slipway and thrust home to finish my spillage.

¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬There were difficulties, such as explaining our aspirations to Kasza’s parents and letting them know why Zbyszka would be living with us. They were shocked at first, but realised that our welfare and happiness were the issue and bravely accepted the situation. Telling my parents that I was adapting my gender was harder, they being more traditionally-minded, but they acknowledged that they had wondered about the apparent limitations of my development and finally, reluctantly at first, accepted that I should follow my own path, partly because they understood it was a shared path.

There followed hard work, at the university, at the casual employments were able to secure from time to time, while we ran, exercised, swam, ate sparingly, and made love in a fever of sexual hunger for each other. Few days passed without several couplings of all kinds. Zbyszka and I seemed inexhaustible in our capacity to make and pump generous gushing of sperm into each other and into Kasza, cunt and bum. We sucked each other off. We one-handed our joined cocks. We double-penetrated both Kasza’s openings. And we accumulated the funds to book one of us into Danka’s recommended clinic for the necessary series of appointments..

Zbyszka and I were firm that Kasza should go first. I think we had the idea that her womanhood had been in some way partially inhibited, and that her need to enter into her full female flowering was paramount. Our evolution would be more complex, since it would involve transition rather than progression within the original gender. So, we fucked her again and again in every possible way, and off she went to Germany.

Norma Jane now. I’m going to edit Jola’s reminiscences, selecting the incidents I think Literotica readers will find the most engaging. Suffice it to say that the Three Sexydears stuck to their programme, so that they graduated, completed doctorates in their chosen languages, learned each other’s languages, and meanwhile visited the clinic, evolving steadily into the kinds of gendered beings they had longed to become. Jola continues, then.

What amazement and satisfaction we rejoiced in with the growth of our breasts! Zbyszka’s and my little nipply cones sprouted, and slowly expanded, plumped up, spread their areolas around pleasingly prominent teats. We constantly stripped to admire our own and each other’s, marking the days we acquired larger bras for our proud bosoms. The hours the three of us spent sucking, licking, hefting, squeezing those magnificent mammaries. We came between them, worked nipples up Kasza’s cunt and all three bottoms. And Kasza’s breasts were spectacular, as if they had been pent up behind those jutting nips for a decade, and could now swell into their destined splendour. Even when housed in a tight bra they swayed and bounced when she walked, and their jouncing and prancing when she ran were a sight to behold. Even Zbyszka’s cock could be easily enfolded in the cleavage, its cum trapped but for oozing out below.

Well before her breasts reached their maximum, however, Kasza had her first period. It took us by surprise, since its first occurrence was that when Zbyszka withdrew from her vagina and the outflow was bloody. For a moment we feared that one of them had somehow suffered an injury, but then we understood, and were awestruck for a moment before wildly cheering. Kasza had entered into full womanhood.

This raised the question of whether or not she could not be impregnated. The period indicated she had not been, but what now? Fortunately, Zbyszka and I had been declared infertile by the clinic, one of its many tests being of our ejaculate. How that was obtained was interesting, I recall vividly. The middle-aged nurse, speaking good English, told me a sample was required and offered me videos of whatever kind might be helpful for me to provide the necessary. But she was so attractive I asked her whether she would oblige. Evidently this was not a novel event for her, and she gave me a smile and said she could do that, so long as I understood there would be no further sexual contact and that she would remain fully dressed.

The prospect had already erected me, and I had only to slip off my panties and lie on the examination couch, while she took me in her protectively gloved hand. I knew I should ask nothing more, but I was so excited I blurted out a request to slide my hand up her skirt and hold her bottom. This was clearly against the rules, but, after a bahis siteleri moment and a frown, she consented. So, as she slid my foreskin back and forth with one hand and held the sterile test-tube ready with the other I reached up her skirt and rested my palm of the back of her thigh, fingers lodged in her deep gluteal crease. And as they crept under the hem of her knickers she jerked and said, ‘Not inside!’ But she could also see that I was about to come and didn’t want to lose my ejaculate, and I thrust my hand inside the panties and clasped a cheek as my cum spurted and she caught most of it, backed away so that my hand was pulled out of her panties, and stored the test-tube in a rack. Then she turned and said, ‘You should not have done that, and I want your promise to tell no-one what happened.’

I agreed, of course, but had to add that I was especially excited by bottoms and that she had a specially lovely bottom. She made no response to this, passed me tissues to wipe myself and ordered me to put on my underwear and go back to the waiting-room.

And ‘waiting-room’ brings vividly to mind an experience at a check-up some time later, for the waiting-room was one place you were likely to meet others making use of the clinic. There were only two of us in there on this occasion. The other patient was a bulky individual with a large sagging bosom, who was of a distinctly Russian-Asian appearance, perhaps Mongolian or Kazakh, from one of the newly independent -stans. The complexion was dark yellowish-brown, the pouched, dark brown eyes slightly slanted, the lips thick. The impression was of great strength and ruthlessness, though as I reached that conclusion I wondered if I wasn’t guilty of stereotyping.

She was staring at me intently, even fiercely, running her eyes all over me, but always coming back to staring into my eyes. I was a little disconcerted, but determined not to be abashed and stared back. This resulted first in her running her tongue over those dark, reddish-brown lips and then in her standing and walking over to sit next to me. Which meant that as she turned to sit down I had a good view of her massive bottom. I even had a suspicion she was deliberately showing it to me. The short, sack-like, garment she was wearing was held up at the back over those impressive buttocks.

Then she turned and took my arm above the elbow, and spoke in a deep, husky, accented voice. ‘English, you speak?’ And when I nodded, she said, ‘You go with me?’

I said, ‘Well, maybe, after we’ve seen the doctor.’

‘Please, I want,’ she said, ‘You helping me?’

I was wondering, of course, whether she was a woman or transwoman, and, as if to answer this and add to her request to ‘help’ her, she ran her hand down my arm, picked up my hand and pressed it into her lap. Any doubt was banished. Under my fingers there was a large, erect cock, which she was actually visibly flexing under the thick, felty-looking fabric, presumably to inflame me the more.

‘Please,’ she said, her voice now shaking, ‘You helping?’

‘What sort of helping?’ I asked, to gain time, though I was becoming interested.

‘All kind,’ she said. ‘You woman?’

‘No,’ I said. ‘So maybe I can’t help?’

‘You can helping,’ she said, ‘Please?’ The tone was now near pleading, and one should never usually leave someone in great need of sexual release. After all, I could toss her off at least, and the idea of doing so was beginning to excite me.

And she could sense this was so, for she let out a throaty chuckle and said, ‘We can do good way, after doctor. You have big one, too?’

‘No,’ I said, ‘Very small.’

‘Is good, too,’ she said. ‘It make?’

‘Oh, yes,’ I said, ‘It make, a lot.’

She chuckled again. ‘I like, I like. I make big, too, you see.’

At that point I was summoned to my consultation, the doctor paying no attention to my subsiding erection but proceeding with the examination, blood test and the rest of the routine.

Back in the waiting-room, after the Asiatic propositioner had gone for her appointment, I considered leaving, dubious about engaging in sexual activity with a rather scary stranger. But that would be cowardly, unadventurous, and I was highly curious, not to say still aroused. When the formidable lady emerged from the consulting room, she seized my hand and dragged me out of the door, along the lower corridor and out into the grounds, heading for one of the chalets which constituted the patient accommodation. Arrived, she pulled me in through the door and threw her arms round me, squeezing the breath out of me while she herself began to pant, as if having run 400 metres. She then dropped her had and fastened her mouth over mine with a limpet-like grip and thrust a long, hot tongue between my teeth. For a moment I thought she would choke me, but she began to swirl that powerful organ round my teeth and palate, now gasping through her nose.

At the same time she ran her hands down my back and gathered up my short skirt bahis şirketleri so that she could slide her finger down into my panties and grasp my cheeks. As previously indicated, my bottom is not small, but she was able to contain it in her grip and palpate it vigorously. Rather to my surprise a curious, languorous feeling of surrender came over me.

Perhaps my feminisation had brought me this readiness to give myself into the hands, literally, of someone eager to make sexual use of me. But was this semi-elective passivity a female trait, or was it my own response to the sheer power and insistent demand of this fellow human-being? It was surely still partly curiosity. What would follow if I submitted to this desperate need for orgasm? I assumed it was orgasm that she was avid for.

I think she sensed my compliance, for she released me and efficiently stripped me, chuckling again, amidst the panting, as she took the panties off my erection. After which she lifted me onto the bed and stepped back to undress herself. She pulled the sack-dress over her head and stood in a large, slightly grubby, pink bra and all-enveloping knickers. Well, they were not enveloping all, because from the left leg there protruded her rampant penis. It was not unduly long, not as long as Danka’s, but it was much thicker and without foreskin, so that its bare head was prominent. She grasped it, shook it, looked at me, and said, ‘It is ready.’

It was so ready that I chuckled myself, as she reached back to unhook the bra, releasing her heavy, heavy breasts, which flopped downwards, their rough-looking nipples stiffening from the great, irregular areolas. She put her hands under the breasts and jigged them up and down. Then she tucked the penis back into the knickers, so that she could rip them down and off, and turn to show me that huge bottom. Its massive cheeks sagged a little onto the thigh-tops, but it was, to a bottomist like me, enthralling. She palmed the cheeks and dragged them apart, revealing the deep, deep cleavage.

As she did so I realised all my senses were in play. She tasted of something spicy, like cinnamon. Her breasts smelled cheesy and her opened bottom released a salty, sweaty, feral scent which went straight into my nervous system, still further depriving me of volition. I wondered if her barrage of odours had some semi-anaesthetic effect.

She closed her cleft, fetched her buttocks a resounding smack and turned to advance upon me, till she leaned over me, lifted my chin and jammed a nipple onto my lips, which opened to take in as much of the breast as could be crammed into my mouth, till the nipple was poking my soft palate. She kept forcing more flesh at me, so that I was near-drowning in bosom as it occluded my nose. Meanwhile, to the gasping she added a rhythmic grunting in her throat and her whole body began to perform, evidently without conscious choice, that mating movement known as pelvic thrusts, so that her penis was stabbing my side and thigh and skidding across my stomach.

Abruptly, she wrenched the breast out of my maw and bent down to engulf my genitals in hers. She took in cock and balls and fumbled them with her tongue, as if they were sweets. Then she applied huge suction, and, whether I wanted it or not, I felt my orgasm gathering at the root of my cock, within my balls. And, of course, she knew, and she sucked even harder, as if keen to suck out every last drop of my seminal fluids. She was making an urgent ‘mmh, mmh, mmh’ sound, urging me to yield up all the sperm in my testicles, all the secretions in my prostrate. And I was content, letting the climax arrive as it would, so that, almost as if I was not quite aware what was happening, the spunk poured into her mouth, more as a continuous gush than the usual separate spurts. She gulped to swallow some, but I could feel that she was holding some in her mouth.

Suddenly she released me, taking care not to spill all she had retained. Then she flipped me over, with the ease of a woman tossing a pancake, so that I was face down on the bed, and before I could do anything, supposing I had wanted to, she had thrown herself behind me, dragged my hips up so that I was head down, bottom up, spat the mouthful of my cum into her hand and wiped it into my crack and brought to bear on my entrance that great club of a cock.

Of course, of course, I opened for her, though the opening was able only to admit the forepart of the glans. Where she paused a moment, the gasping reaching a crescendo, before plunging into me with a snorting ‘oooch!’ and deep within, quivering with the shock, I felt that mighty organ spasm again and again as it erupted great gouts of hot jism.

She was cupping my cheeks in her palms, gently smoothing them with her thumbs, murmuring to me, ‘Good, good, good.’ And I was absolutely full of her, in ever way. I felt both as if I had survived a volcano inside me and as if I had fulfilled my function.

Eventually, still half-erect, she pulled out, with some difficulty, and I let out a little moan of regret at losing her, though a good deal of soreness was now evident. The steady oozing of her special sperm actually soothed the hurt as she lowered my hips and I came to rest, temporarily spent.

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