Friday Night

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Standing under the hot shower, Sarah washed the days grime from her, admiring the play of the soapy water as it flowed over her young lithe body. Her hands, well soaped worked the scented lather all over. The feel of her slippery hands as they glided over her sent shivers through her. She could smell her own special scent mixing with the strawberry perfumed wash.

Her hands caressed her breasts, gently kneading them, pushing them together, squeezing them tight as she watched. She always loved the deep cleavage they made when pressed firmly together, and fondly remembered the last time they were wrapped around a young studs cock. The way the tip of his cock looked as it appeared, as if by magic as it parted her breasts, and rose majestically towards her watering mouth.

She was flicking her thumbs over her pierced nipples, gently playing with the tiny bars that she wore to work. She wished she could wear some of her other jewellery, but they were too obvious for her staid co-workers.

Her hands drifted down, soaping, cleaning until they reached her delicate folds, folds that had already parted due to her arousal. Her fingers tickled along her labial piercings, gently playing with the small rings that adorned her lips. Again, small, modest, unlikely to be noticed, before flicking over her clit piercing. She could feel the captive bead as it gently pressed on her hard throbbing clit. A constant reminder of just how turned on she was.

It would have been easy, too easy to have given in to the moment and tease herself, toy with herself, and to have a great orgasm under the pounding hot water, but that would have been too easy. Much better to keep that sexual tension, to deny herself with a promise that she’d find someone to make her scream out loud later.

With a shudder, she barely managed to stop herself from giving in to the heat that burned between her thighs, and reluctantly she stepped out of the shower.

Walking naked into her bedroom, the cool air teasing her drying skin, she sat down at her dresser, and stared at her special box. The box in which she kept all her special jewellery. All the wonderful pieces that she couldn’t get away with at work.

Picking up her mobile, she called her best friend, Bonni, and started to make serious plans for the night ahead.

Her nipples were sticking out, dark, hard, and her aureole were crinkled up with lust. She felt soo turned on, becoming even more so as as the phone made the connection.

Bonni, her best friend was the unknowing accomplice in her plans. They chatted before every girls night out, and Sarah had hit upon a great way to spice up her evening’s entertainment.

“Hi Gyrl” Bonni answered, “You getting ready?” she asked, and Sarah could feel a fresh flood from her pussy. It was almost that moment, almost that time when Bonni would make the decision for her.

“I’m almost there, just standing in front of the wardrobe, trying to decide on what to wear” Sarah lied, just a small white lie. She always turned the conversation to what outfits they were going to go out clubbing in, as the choice Bonni made would affect more than her wardrobe.

They had a simple rule, and that was to both show off the same length of leg. They both knew that they had great legs, and a serious shoe collection, so it made sense for them to expose the same amount of flesh.

Bonni ummed and aahhed before finally deciding on something short, mid thigh or higher. Sarah tried to keep her voice light upon hearing Bonni’s decision, but was a little disappointed as she had been thinking about something longer, but her own never spoken rule made Bonni’s choice final.

After the call, Sarah opened up her special box, and started to pick through her jewellery collection, sorting out what she’d need for tonight’s fun and games.

Wistfully she put her horse hair tailed butt plug to one side. Sarah had hoped that Bonni would have chosen a skirt length long enough to cover this, as she loved not only the feel of the plug filling her ass all evening as she danced the night away, but the feel of the horse hair as it stroked and tickled the backs of her thighs, always sent a shiver through her, adding to he güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri already turned on state.

Alongside the butt plug was the labial jewellery that went with it. A set of thirteen bars and stirrups, made out of dull steel, each one completed by a short two inch chain.

The feel of the rings, six to a side, pulling on her labia, the chains hanging fee, with the thirteenth replacing her hood piercing, was absolute heaven. Just walking without slumping into an orgasmic puddle was difficult, very difficult.

She wistfully held on to the chains, remembering her last time wearing a long enough skirt, the combined effect of the horse hair butt plug with the labial chains was absolute heaven. The tug on her lips as the chains moved to and fro, when combined with the feel of the horse hair on her thighs ensured that they were slick with her juices all night.

They also made sure that when she hooked up with a stud for the evening, the only way they’d be able to consummate their lust would be for her to be bent over, her skirt flipped up, exposing the tail she wore. Most of her dates thought this incredibly kinky, and they couldn’t wait to slam their cocks onto her gaping pussy, held that way by the weight of her cunt chains.

As she remembered the last stud and how he slammed into her, she thought of the way the chains would swing, especially the one on her clit hood, banging and rubbing against her throbbing clit. This always gave her a major orgasm, and often several.

But unfortunately, that wasn’t going to be the case tonight.

Instead, her fingers sought out the six sets of studs, along with the matching Allen key. These studs were gold, each end shaped like a rose.

With deft fingers, she removed the bars currently in her labia, and with a last fond, stroke she teased her clit for the last time tonight. Still denying herself a last orgasm, that would have been too easy, almost cheating herself. Instead she’d have to suffer for her pleasure. After she fitted the studs, her poor aching clit would be trapped by the press of her thick labia.

Her fingers’ still slick with her juices, she slid the first pair of studs into the last pair of labial piercings, pressing them together. With a twist of the Allen key, she could feel the “click” as they locked, pressing her labia tight together.

As she worked her way along her lips, the rapidly growing row of studs closed up her pussy. The studs were only just long enough to pass fully through her thick, engorged lips. As they closed, the pressed her lips tight together.

when she was finished, the effect of the studs could be seen. Her lips were pressed tight together, and instead on coming together naturally, they were pressed so tight together that they formed a raised ridge, instead of her natural smoothness.

Sarah couldn’t resist pausing to toy with herself again, she was so hot, so turned on. The feel of her fingertips as they traced along her trapped lips, was electric. her labia felt soo sensitive, so soft, she could stroke them all night, but no matter just how great this felt, she knew from past experience that this touch wouldn’t be enough to enable her to make it.

She tried to slip a finger between the piercings, to try and play with her aching clit, but the piercings were too close together, and the studs too short to enable even that small pleasure.

With a low groan, she stood, and slowly walked over to her wardrobe, to choose her outfit for the evening. The sway of her hips, the way her labia were pulled and stretched just added to her excitement.

Sorting through her clothes, Sarah finally decided on her choice for tonight. She decided that she’d go old school, with a tight short skirt, one that barely covered her ass cheeks, and a loose top which plunged both front and back. To complete the ensemble, she finally settled on her scarlet heels, the ones with the too tall heels and the straps that wrapped themselves up around her calves.

Posing in front of the mirror, Sarah knew she looked hot, the skirt only just making her decent, the deep revealing cleavage, the way her hair, now put into a ponytail brushed against güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he exposed skin on her back.

There was just the one final step to take, so she made her way back to her special box, and gently set aside what she called her mega bar. Pulling her top down, so that her breasts popped out over the neckline, a look she always thought look damned hot, she removed the current nipple piercings, and replaced them with the special bar.

This was oversized in length, and was in fact long enough to stretch from one nipple to the other. As she finished tightening up the retaining balls, she paused to look at the effect. “Damn kinky, girl!” was her thought as she traced her fingers along the bar from nipple to nipple. Her breasts were being slightly pulled together as the bar was a little short, but the look of the steel connecting one nipple to the other was exotic and she thought, damn sexy.

After letting her top recover her breasts, a final check in the mirror and she was ready. The bar was clearly visible, the v of the top was transected by the bar, disappearing off to each side. An experimental wriggle reassured Sarah that the top was going to shift and rub against her nipples all night.

The taxi ride got the evening off to the right start, he could barely keep his eyes on the road, they were glued to the mirror, watching her, staring at her breasts, and the intriguing bar that connected her nipples, with only the occasional dart down to see if he could see up her tight skirt.

Bonni was already there, looking pretty damn hot too, her raven hair loose and wild. Her very shapely figure was shown off to its best effect by the impossibly tight dress she was wearing. Sarah just knew that the dress was all that she was wearing, as any underwear would have left visible lines.

Linking arms they headed into the club, two girls out on the prowl.

Even though the club was packed, it didn’t take them long to attract the right sort of attention. Bonni was all sexy curves and languid moves as she danced, and Sarah couldn’t help but admit that she was the better dancer of the two.

Although they may have initially been attracted by Bonni’s dance moves, once they were close enough to see her, Sarah knew that they were attracted to her hard nipples, poking through her top, and were fascinated by the connecting bar.

As she danced in time to the music, her shifting top continued to rub her nipples, nipples that were so sensitive due to her being incredibly aroused. The weight of the bars that were stapling her pussy shut tugged and pulled on her, sending continuous waves of pleasure through her as she danced the night away.

She could feel her trapped clit, throbbing behind her bars, begging for some sort of touch, but she knew from experience that she’d ahve to wait before she could do anything about that.

It didn’t take too long for Sarah to make her choice, and grabbing one of the guys dancing with them, she grabbed his hand and pulled him off towards the toilets.

The grin on his face let her know that he knew exactly where they were going and why.

She lead him into the unisex toilets, and luckily there was a stall unoccupied. Glancing around she could see the guys and girls taking notice of the pair of them as they closed the door behind them.

With comments like “Lucky guy” and “cheap slut” ringing around the room, she pressed him down onto the seat and expertly unzipped him.

Sarah was very pleased to notice that he was already pretty hard, and even better, circumcised. She much preferred the feel of a cut cock in her mouth.

Kneeling, deliberately letting her heels slip under the door, so that everyone who entered the bathroom knew exactly what was going on in that particular stall. The thrill of knowing that others would be talking about her, and what she was doing, was just the sort of extra thrill that she needed.

He let out a low groan as her hot, eager mouth enclosed the tip of his cock, her tongue flicking over the tip. He started to try and thrust his hips, trying to get her to take more of his cock into her mouth, but her hands on his thighs stopped the güvenilir bahis şirketleri movement.

Slowly swirling her tongue around the head, she lowered her head further down onto him, letting his cock press against her tongue, holding him tight.

The sluttly way she was acting just added to her own arousal, he didn’t need to do anything, which was lucky as judging by the sounds he was making he’d not be much use.

She could feel her trapped clit throb, pressing hard against her hood piercing, and the slight pain that caused just added to the intense feelings running through her.

She could taste the sweet pre cum that was leaking from his stiff cock, and knew by the way he was twitching that he was almost about to make it.

Although she loved the feel of a pumping cock as it spent it’s load into her mouth, that wasn’t what she was after tonight.

She stood and pulled him to his feet, before bending over the seat. Bracing her arms against the wall, she wriggled her ass at him, and he quickly got the message.

She could feel his fingers as they traced along the backs of her thighs, slowly, teasingly moving from knee to ass, slowly lifting hr short skirt up.

They then slipped around her hips, aiming for her hot little box, but were thwarted by her chastity.

“Just ass fuck me” Sarah begged, her voice low and husky, and luckily she’d chosen right, he didn’t need to be asked twice.

She could feel his hands part her cheeks, and she knew he was admiring her tight little rosebud, perched above he closed up pussy.

She could feel him step closer, pressing the tip of his hard member against her tight opening. She’d done a great job, blowing him, and his saliva slicked cock easily slid into her.

Sarah let out a moan, as she felt her ass open, taking him into her. He wasn’t the largest she’d ever taken, but he was large enough.

She took the initiative and pressed back, forcing his cock into her, filling her. “God that feels good” she said, as she felt his hips meet hers.

Her head lowered, adjusting the angle of his penetration, trying to find the right angle so that his cock would fuck her as she so desperately needed.

He took it slowly at first, gently sliding to and fro, almost pulling completely out, before sliding back in, deep. THIS was what Sarah needed, a good ass fuck, a stiff cock in her ass, using her.

She was so turned on, every nerve was on fire, and she was close, very close to making it, but with her clit trapped, unable to be touched, and her pussy closed tight, her G spot unable to be thrust against, she new that she may get very close to making it, but wouldn’t.

As her body moved in time to his thrusts, she could feel her tits swaying in time, the connecting bar twisting her nipples as her breasts swung in slightly different ways. The added hint of pain was exquisite, making her cry out in a heady mix of pleasure and pain.

“Harder, deeper, just fuck me like a slut” she begged, her voice cracking with the waves of lust that swept through her.

Taking her at her word, he was soon pulling her hips back onto his cock, hard, each of his thrusts slammed deep into her, his balls were banging against her trapped labia, adding to her need.

It seemed to her that he was trying to force his cock all the way through her, trying to drive in all the way in, so it would eventually erupt from her throat.

With a strangled cry, he drove his cock into her one final time, buried it deep into her ass as he started to cum. She could feel it throbbing, twitching as he pumped load after load deep into her.

She could feel his hot spunk being pumped deep into her ass, flooding her insides with his thick seed as he cried out, whether in pleasure or pain, she couldn’t say, and didn’t care, as her needs were what was important.

Finally he was spent, and she felt his cock soften and slowly slip out of her well used ass. “Christ, you’re good” Sarah managed to tell him, as she slowly straighten up.

He moved in for a kiss then, but she’d already lost interest in him, he’d shot his load, and was of no further use to her, not until he recovered anyway.

She pressed her fingers against his lips to shush him, and opening the door she rushed him out, before closing it behind him.

A couple of minutes to clean up, and she was ready to go back to the dance floor, ready to hunt for another.

Smiling, she wondered just how many ass fucks she could manage tonight.

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