Friday Office Fuck

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Message: Good.

Reply: Good? What’s good?

Message: You. In that dress…

And with these words, it began.

Brad joined my company a few years ago. I was instantly attracted to him and he was to me. Every time we met in the corridors, or in meetings, he would kiss me on the lips and hug me hello. I was taken aback at first, thinking his behaviour was a little odd and out of place in the workplace, but I figured he was just a very friendly guy. Brad was tall, had dark brown hair and an incredibly sexy, masculine chiseled face. I would often find his dark eyes, filled with a mischievous glint, staring at me from across boardroom tables. The most attractive part of him had to be his large, bulging biceps. I think he noticed me checking them out one day because he started locking his hands behind the back of his head to make the bulge even more noticeable. And god did I notice. I started to really struggle to concentrate in those meetings. I kept imagining his huge arms wrapped around my naked waist, then grabbing my ass and holding me up against a rough wall. I wanted to feel the cement digging into my back as the weight of his body pushed against mine.

Besides the hello hugs and kisses, we didn’t really have much interaction for nearly two-years. Then, as if someone had turned the lights on, Brad started flirting with me, beginning with a few light-hearted compliments through our online office chat. He would tell me I looked good that day, or that he liked the way I had recently styled my hair into a short blonde bob. He started inviting me to his office for coffee sessions during which we would discuss a few work things. As soon as I got back to my desk, I would get a message from him saying how much he enjoyed seeing me. I started to enjoy his attention, and started some mild role-play fantasies where he would follow me down into the basement at the end of the work day, put his hand up my skirt, rip my panties off and start kissing and sucking my wet pussy before ramming his huge cock into me.

Then on one very hot day, during an unnaturally warm Summer, our chats took on a new, sexy tone…

What colour are your panties? White?

So you like school girls?

Who güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri doesn’t?

I’m not comfortable answering that on a work chat…

Are you going to meet me for lunch tomorrow?

I don’t know, is that an official invite? 😉

Yes.. And since it’s breast cancer awareness month, you had better wear something pink.

Deal, so long as you do too!


I was so excited getting dressed the next morning, knowing that I would have Brad’s undivided attention at lunch that day. I chose to wear my matching pink panties and bra with a black top that had a lacy back, teamed with some skinny jeans. When I moved around slightly you could get a glimpse of my sexy pink lingerie through the lace. I was hoping he would get my suggestion or even ask me where I was wearing my pink…

Brad wore a soft pink shirt. I was pleased he had followed my instructions and had obviously been thinking of me when he got dressed that morning. Our conversation ranged from work topics to slightly more personal ones, like whether I was on the pill and the fact that he had had a vasectomy, putting my mind at ease that if we did fuck, it would be wet, slippery, hot skin-on-skin action without any worries.

After lunch, I got another message:

Hi pinky, nice straps :p

You noticed…

It’s incredibly sexy…

Thank you

What size bra are you?

Why, are you going to be buying me lingerie?

No…I’m going to be tearing it off you.

Well then, you don’t need to know.

Just the thought of Brad grabbing my firm breasts with his strong hands made my clit start to throb… I wanted more of this.

So are you coming to the out of town strategy session next week?

I’m not sure, are you?

Yes. I will make it worth your while if you do come…

How so?

I think a little sneak preview is in order. Are you sitting comfortably at your desk in your office?


I move into a corner meeting room so as not to give my fellow work colleagues a free porn show.

Okay, I want you to start unbuckling your belt…

Okay, it’s undone. What next?

I want you to start rubbing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri your long, hard cock for me. Slowly… Now turn on your video cam so I can make sure you are doing it right…

Brad turned his cam on and I was greeted with the largest cock I have ever seen. Its pink, fleshy head and beautiful blue veins were pulsating, with each heartbeat I could see it growing firmer. My mouth opened a little and I instantly started salivating, thinking about driving that huge cock into my warm, moist mouth. He was clearly hard and stroking himself well before I gave him the instruction to.

I wanted to watch and see how Brad touched his cock. How hard, how fast and if he worked his whole member, or just rubbed the bulging head. I wanted to learn so I could pleasure him when the opportunity presented itself. But after a few moments of watching my personal porn show at work, I couldn’t hold back:

I’m coming down to your office now.

Walking down to his office felt like an eternity. My heart was pounding, my wet, hot pussy had drenched my panties and my nipples were hard and needed Brad’s strong hands to unleash them and his tongue to lick and tease them.

I stopped off at the bathroom to take my panties off and scrunched them up into a tight ball in my hand.

I knocked on his office door and waited until I heard him say, “come in”. I slipped into his office and closed the door behind me, making sure I locked it. Brad’s office has thick frosted glass that you couldn’t see through, unless you focused your eyes for some time. As it was after lunch on a hot Friday afternoon, not many people were around, which was a very good thing. Not that it mattered. I was going to fuck Brad in his office, even if our CEO was sitting in the office next door.

As I locked the door I looked at Brad. He was leaning against his desk, firmly stroking his large cock. He had taken his shirt off and I finally got to see his bulging biceps in all their glory. Each stroke of his cock sent a ripple along his arm muscles, as well as my sodden pussy.

I sat down in his chair and opened my long legs so he could get a glimpse of my wet pussy. This made him moan güvenilir bahis şirketleri and he positioned himself in front of me. I took his hard cock, licked my lips and opened my mouth. I pulled him from the base of his cock, deep into my wet mouth. I have always been great at deep throating and taking his huge cock into my mouth wasn’t difficult. I sucked the end of his beautiful fleshy head and let it hit the back of my throat again and again while at the same time massaging and stroking his tight balls. I could tell he was really enjoying me sucking his cock, but I wanted him inside me so badly.

I stood up and hitched my dress up to reveal my soft, tanned skin, tight waist, ass and pussy. He lifted me up, his strength having such a powerful effect on me. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he moved us to the far wall of his office. My back was against the cool cement as he leaned against me and drove his warm tongue into my mouth, offering a long, hard passionate kiss. He started kissing and licking my neck which sent shivers right down to my throbbing pussy. I had to have him inside me.

I took my wet panties and shoved them in Brad’s mouth to drown out some of the moaning I knew he was going to be making in a few moments. I turned around and put my hands against the wall, arching my back and spreading my legs, I told him to put his cock inside me. He did as he was told. His giant, rock hard cock entered my tight, wet pussy and hit me right in the centre of my pleasure spot. He moved slowly at first so we could find our rhythm and to give me a chance to feel how full my pussy was with him inside me. While grabbing my hips he started moving faster, pounding and watching as our flesh merged and rippled together over and over again. I bent over further, pushing my tight cheeks further into his groin and reached between my legs to tug at his balls.

This was Brad’s tipping point. I felt his entire body tighten as he released his hot, sticky cum into my pussy. He pulled his cock out of me and spread his seed all over my hips and ass, massaging me with his strong hands. He removed my panties from his mouth. He knew I had not come yet, so he ordered me to go down on all fours on top of his desk. He took my panties and shoved them into my wet mouth then bent down to lick his cum out of my pussy. I pushed him down onto his chair and sat in front of him and guided his fingers to my clit. His expert finger-fucking sent me over the edge and I moaned loudly as I came, glad for my panty-gag to drown out my lusty moans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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