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“I’ll be back tonight baby girl. Have a great day,” he said as he kissed her goodbye and opened the door.

Katie watched him go, her body still tingling from the orgasm he had just given her with his tongue. Her thoughts were so full of images and sounds that she couldn’t even respond, she simply smiled and waved out the door, holding her robe tight around her. She could still see his face, strong and handsome, a few days of stubble scraping against her naked thighs as she awoke this morning. He was already showered and dressed for work, his suit coat laying on the bed next to him as he slowly and expertly drove her to orgasm.

Another shiver ran down her spine as she felt one final aftershock and she breathed deeply as she shut the door. Finally she realized that she had not said goodbye so she retrieved her phone from the bedroom and sent a quick text. “Goodbye Daddy, I’ll be waiting for you.” She sent then smiled at the message. “Daddy,” she whispered. She still wasn’t quite used to calling her lover Daddy, though to be honest it felt so right that she couldn’t imagine using his name anymore. Still smiling she set down her phone and pulled off her robe.

Naked, she walked into the bathroom, catching sight of her reflection in the mirror. Not too long ago she would have grimaced at the image staring back at her. Her eyes still saw the same flaws and imperfections that had once haunted her, but though she still saw them as flaws, she no longer cringed and looked away. He had done that, shown her that her body was beautiful, helped her realize that those “flaws” were part of what made her special. The knowledge that he loved every inch of her helped her to feel better about those inches too.

She sighed as she touched a mark high up on her chest, centered on her left breast, where his teeth had sunk into her flesh a few nights before. The bruise gave her such pride as she touched the fading mark, it spoke of the need he had felt for her that night. She remembered when they first met her entire body seemed to be covered with similar bruises, but now there was only the one. She idly wondered why that was as she turned on the shower and stepped under the warming spray.

Why did she carry less marks than when they first began delving into the life of Domination and submission that she had been so curious about? The first night she had finally managed to get him to release his full passion had gifted her with the most love marks, he had been like a caged beast set free after years of bottling up his fury. Most days she could hardly walk after the pounding he would give her, and she’d always wake up with fresh marks. Part of her missed the ache she’d have for days after he’d take her and use her as much as he needed.

“I know he doesn’t want me any less than he did then.” She thought to herself. He spent all of his free time making sure she was happy, giving her everything she could have ever wanted. They made love constantly, both of them fueled by an insatiable need for each other. He never came until he had given her one mind blowing orgasm after another. She had never met someone so devoted, so caring, so controlled.

And that was exactly the problem, she realized. He was so controlled, always level headed, always happy and at peace. She knew why of course, his promotion had cut his stress level immensely, and their immersion into a D/s relationship had brought him true peace as he learned to accept his natural role as her Daddy. He was so good to her, the perfect Daddy in almost every way. But as she thought about it, she realized that the one thing she missed was being taken and used by him. He was always so focused on her that the only taste of his strength and raw passion she got was when he had been holding off his own özbek escort orgasm long enough to take care of her first. And when he finally gave in to his own urges and started pounding her he was close enough that it didn’t last as long as she would have liked.

All of these thoughts and memories, combined with the unintentional caresses as she washed her body had started a fire in the pit of her stomach and she slid her fingers down to find that her pussy was once again wet and needy. It seemed like she was in a permanent state of arousal ever since she had moved in with Daddy, like something in the air had her constantly horny and needy of attention.

A sigh escaped her as her fingers began to tease and touch her own pussy, gathering her own juices and sliding them over her clit. While she played with herself under the steaming water she thought of ways to get Daddy to lose that control of his. “Maybe if I break the rules he’ll need to punish me,” She thought, a thrill of pleasure shooting through her as she felt an imaginary slap on her ass. “No,” She moaned internally, “Even when he spanks me he’s giving me what I want, and he never loses control when he’s punishing me.” If anything he was in more control when she was in such a position of vulnerability. He’d never do anything to risk actually hurting her.

Maybe she could pick a fight with him? Another jolt of pleasure as she thought of rough hard makeup sex with Daddy. But that would mean doing something to hurt him, and she didn’t want to do that. What she needed was for him to have a bad day at work. She remembered the last time he came home after a stressful day. She happened to be wearing a new outfit he had gotten for her, and as soon as he saw her he had literally ripped the outfit from her body and took her then and there, not even bothering to take off his tie as he bent her over and shoved his insistent member deep into her willing cunt.

As the memory washed over her she felt her legs turning to jelly and her vision turned hazy. The clenching fire in her stomach suddenly exploded and lightning seemed to travel through every inch of her body as she slid down the wall, unable to stay on her feet. She rubbed her clit and moaned loudly as she came, right there in the corner of the shower. When she could finally stand again she calmly finished her shower then turned off the water and went to get dressed. Already she was trying to think of ways to help Daddy have a bad day at work.

The first obstacle would be Nicole. Daddy hadn’t had a bad day at work since she became his secretary. She was just too damn good at keeping things running smoothly. Luckily she and Nicole had become friends and she had her cell number saved. As soon as she was back in the bathroom she called her.

“Hey Nicole?” she said when the older girl answered. “This is Katie… Yeah everything is great! Listen, I need you to do me a favor. Can you take the day off? Call in sick or something? … It’s hard to explain really, but how about we get lunch tomorrow and I’ll try to explain then ok? … Oh come on even you have to take a day off sometimes! He’s always saying that you work too damn hard anyway…. Ok great. Lunch tomorrow yeah? See you then…”

Katie hung up, a big smile on her face. That should be a start, Daddy would go crazy without Nicole there to keep his schedule straight. Speaking of schedule… Katie hurried to the computer, still naked and damp from her shower and booted it up. Logging into Daddy’s schedule app she looked at his plans for the day. Mostly meetings, with an interview before lunch, a free hour after lunch, and a couple of other entries that didn’t really make sense to her. A smirk crossed her lips as she moved the interview from azeri escort the morning to the free hour he had after lunch. Logging off of the computer she went to get dressed for the day.

She called Daddy twice during the day, and both times she could hear the increasing frustration in his voice. At lunch he told her about Nicole calling in sick and how his schedule seemed to be off, and then his lunch wasn’t even delivered on time. “I just really can’t wait to come home to you baby girl,” he had said with a sigh. She hung up with a huge smile on her face, thinking that she was going to get exactly what she wanted when he got home at 5:30 that night.

A couple of hours later she called again and left a message telling him that she had gone shopping and hoped he liked what she picked out. Then she texted him a picture of herself in the dressing room as she tried on exactly what she had picked out, a deep blue corset with white designs that accentuated her delicious figure, matching panties, and a white garter belt and stockings.

“There,” she thought to herself. “Now he’ll put all that frustration into fucking me silly tonight.” She hurried home to clean up and make dinner for Daddy, her nipples growing hard each time she looked at the clock and thought about what would happen when he walked through the door. It was still early afternoon when she started vacuuming, dressed in a tank top and a pair of daddy’s boxers. She’d wait until later to get ready for him.

She ran the vacuum over the living room carpet, softly whistling along with the song playing in her head and didn’t notice the door opening behind her. Suddenly her arms were wrenched backwards, the vacuum falling to the floor. A deep voice growled in her ear, sending a shiver running down her spine and straight to her core, fueling the fire already smoldering within her. “The floor can wait, little girl. But I can’t.”

A sigh escaped her as she was pulled back against a large, firm body. “Daddy…” she breathed, feeling his need bulging through his pants and against her ass. A moan soon followed as his free hand wrenched down on the tank top and released her firm heavy tits, which quickly filled his hands as he grabbed them. His breath came hard and fast against her neck almost a growl as he released her arms to free his other hand.

That hand descended to the boxer shorts and slipped inside, his finger parting her lips to see how wet she was. A growl of arousal filled her ear as her moisture coated his finger and her hungry pussy seemed to suck on his finger. Suddenly she remembered the corset, still upstairs on the bed waiting for her. “Wait Daddy I’m not ready!” she gasped, a moan breaking her wards as he grabbed her neck firmly.

“SHHH” he growled softly then pushed his soaked finger between her lips. “You are more than ready my naughty little slut.” Katie moaned in delight, sucking eagerly on his offered finger, loving how she tasted on him, her fire now raging out of control as she melted in his arms. The finger was pulled away and she moaned in disappointment until she felt his hand grabbing a handful of her hair. She gasped as he pulled on her hair, moving her, practically throwing her across the room to the couch where he bent her over, her breasts swinging under her. She tried to look back, to see his face, his body, but his firm grip kept her face down against the couch.

She heard the rasp of his belt and then felt the boxers being shoved down her legs, her now bare ass shoved into the air as he slid his hand back up her legs and shoved two fingers in to her pussy. “Such a naughty wet cunt.” His voice came again, the deep growly tone making her shiver in delight, the words making her burn even deeper. “You love kazank escort being my little slut don’t you baby girl. You love when I take what is mine.”

Katie moaned loudly as an orgasm rushed through her, his fingers and his words pushing her over the edge faster than she’d ever cum before. “Daddy!!” She wailed as her pussy clenched around his probing fingers, begging for more.

“Did you just cum little slut?” He growled, a mixture of surprise and lust thick in his voice as he pulled his fingers from her. SMACK! His hand came down on her ass hard and fast, making her yelp with pain as another gush of cum flowed from her.

“Unnnffff Yes Daddy!” she wailed, her legs still shaking slightly. He didn’t answer right away but she felt him moving behind her. A scream tore from her as his thick cock speared deep into her pussy, his weight and power shoving her down onto the couch. His growls reached her ears as he began thrusting, each pounding impact bringing a gasp from her. Again and again he pounded her, his cock hard and thick and insistent as he claimed her.

She knew she came but had no idea how many times, it rolled on and on, a continuous wave of pleasure that drove the breath from her lungs as his cock pushed her higher and higher, farther than ever before. Just as she began to wonder if he would keep pounding her until he came she felt her head being wrenched backwards, lifting her up until she could again rest on her arms in front of him. She got her first look at her Daddy when he turned her around, his eyes filled with a fire she had never before seen. His shirt and tie were still on, his pants around his ankles and his thick hard shaft throbbing and covered with her cum.

He sat on the couch and pulled her top him lifting her effortlessly to straddle him, her pussy sinking back onto his pulsing erection. His hands left her hips momentarily to pull the tank top up and off of her body, her tits bouncing as he threw it aside. She had just reached for his tie when he pulled her to him and his teeth sank into the flesh of her right breast, just above the nipple and he sucked hard. His hands returned to her hips guiding her up and down as he feasted on his favorite part of her body.

Pain flashed through her as he bit her again and again, the pain quickly turning to pleasure as she reached down to rub her clit. Her head flew back as she came again on his big cock, his big hands using her body to stroke his length. She knew he was close when his growls began to turn to grunts, his eyes closing and his hands turning to claws on her skin.

“Please Daddy, Please give me your cum,” she whimpered as yet another orgasm threatened to overtake her. “Please I need your cum so bad Daddy… I’ve waited all day for your cum to fill me.”

He roared under her and she felt herself again moving through the air as he threw her to the couch on her hands and knees. His hands grabbed her shoulders as he mounted her, his aching cock drilling back into her depths as he fucked her. DADDDY!!!!” she screamed aloud, her pussy clenching down on his beautiful thrusting cock, milking it as his hips shoved against her, driving his cock deep, burying it inside her.

A roar exploded from his chest as he came, his cock swelling before giving a huge pulse and she felt the first splash of cum against her walls. He came and came, his teeth again sinking into her shoulder as the writhed together. Finally he allowed her to collapse and she fell to the couch, whimpering and trembling as aftershocks chased their way through her body. She felt him sit next to her and he lifted her head into his lap, his fingers tracing over the numerous bite marks he had left on her smooth skin.

Her breathing finally calmed and she turned her head to look up at him. “Rough Day Daddy?” she said with a small smile, taking a deep breath as one last tremor flew through her. Her pussy ached and she felt the stinking from his bites all over her breasts and neck, but as she closed her eyes in his lap she felt more calm and peaceful than she ever had before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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