Fun in the Sun

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It all started out with a normal typical day going to the beach. A sexy girl was wearing a two piece bikini, hidden by her top were two perfect breasts and beautiful tan lines. Her bottom barely hid her sexy butt. Little did she know her boyfriend had other plans than letting her simply wear the suit. When they arrived to the new beach the girlfriend looked around and wondered where everyone was, the calm tranquil beach was deserted. Then coming up behind her the boyfriend wrapped his arms around her, kissing her ever so softly on the neck. He then moved his hands down her body exploring his favorite curves in the world.

Then changing from the sexy mood he became playful, and started pulling her top strings, already being relaxed she let her pale breasts shin in the morning sun. Not to be outdone, she turned around and pulled down his swim trunks, revealing two soft balls with a throbbing hard penis between them, she giggled and decided that she should match him in his birthday suit, revealing her perfect pussy lips begging to be tasted. She however would have none of that as she shoved her boyfriend into the sand and started running to the water screaming, “race you”. Right bahis firmaları as she reaches the water, she is tackled from behind feeling the pulsing cock up against her as she tumbles into the waves. She comes up and looks annoyed at his carefree attitude only to be met by a fierce powerful kiss on the lips.

As she melts she feels his fingers against her vagina entering her very slowly, perhaps too slowly as she took his hand and forced both fingers in. As the waves continued to crash against the two of them, the boy started to time his fingers to powerfully pound her g-spot when a wave crashed. As she started to realize this she became obsessed with the waves coming in faster until she felt his hard 7″ cock brush her leg, suddenly brought back to reality she grabbed it and began to stroke it.

Suddenly distracted the boy started fingering her harder before disappearing below the waves. Suddenly the girl felt his mouth wrap around her clit sucking it the salt and sweet nectar mixed together. Letting out a gasp she realized his tongue just went all the way down to her perfect hole. Finally after a full minute of pleasure he came up for air. Only to have her switch places, kaçak iddaa sucking his cock. This went on for about 10 minutes until the boy blew his load into the girls waiting mouth.

When she came to the surface with a look of satisfaction she stuck out her perfect long sexy tongue covered in his warm tasty cum. She then stood up from her knees and kissed him as strong as possible letting them share the salty cum between them. As she did this he picked her up and carried her to the sand where waves crashing at their feet started to play with her clit again, running with tongue all over her perfect sexy vagina he began to pick up the pace while telling her to stay still. He then moved his hands up to her soft nipples. Lying out in the sun he continued to pleasure her.

This time as she began to get closer she had a sudden urge…To have his now soft dick in her mouth again, where it belongs. Telling him this, he instantly flipped to 69. He then went back to serving her while she played with his soft cock. Finally she could feel herself getting close, helped by her satisfaction in getting him hard again. Feeling her excitement He then began to pick up the pace. While telling kaçak bahis her to play with her nipples, the feeling of touching her nipples was magical and in seconds she had her first public orgasm, grabbing her boyfriend’s head and holding it in between her thighs. Finally gasping for air she rolled over letting the hard dick fall from her mouth.

After ten minutes of laying on the beach the girl decided it was her turn to surprise the boy, looking over at his clean smooth ass was just too tempting. She walked over and whispered “are you ready to feel the way I do” with out waiting for answer she pushed a finger into his tight butthole forcing a sexy moan out of his mouth, keeping the finger in she asked “how full do you feel? Are you a thirsty cum slut? Gosh I love being lesbian with you.”

Over and over, suddenly she pauses much to his disappointment. When she came back she carried her bottom of the bikini, slipping it onto him, she purrs that’s better. Looking at her face she can tell that he agrees, even if only until he cums. She then returns to his butt, leading to him orgasm, however before he can finish she stops and shares the cum with him. Telling him to swallow when you cum next. Once again with cum in his mouth, he came, all over her tits, which were promptly forced into his waiting cum hungry mouth. With some encouragement he swallowed. Ending the hour of fun between the two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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