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“OK, enough of this rubbish, lets play a game… spin the bottle anyone?”

All at once the girls groaned and bungled on top of Ned, covering him in playful punches and kisses.

“OK, OK, no spin the bottle then, spoil sports,” Ned laughs.

“Actually…” Says Maria as the girls finally let Ned go.

“Actually?” Asks Julie.

“Why not, we are all adults, its just a bit of fun right?” Chips in Seb.

“Seriously aren’t we all just too old for this?”

“Come on Jules, you are never too old for drinking games,” replies Maria, “and I wasn’t thinking spin the bottle but how about, I never had!”

A slightly concerned look comes over Julie’s face and she looks at Seb, who smiles back at her and nods, so they both agree. Ned shrugs his shoulders, adding spin the bottle would be more fun but that he was game.

Maria jumps up and heads to the kitchen to grab a bottle for the shots, Julie follows after her.

“What are up to now?”

“Me?” Maria replies faking shock and horror in her face.

“Yes you!”

“It’s just a bit of fun and it wasn’t even my idea, but could be fun right.”


“Julie!” Mimics Maria, handing her an almost full bottle of vodka, “Lets just have some fun, see what happens,” she adds and starts to walk back out the room.

“What makes you think something is going to happen?”

“Nothing but you never know right.”

Once back in the lounge room they all settle themselves down and Maria pours them all a shot of vodka. The first few rounds are light hearted and fun, mostly things they had all done and so the bottle was quickly emptying.

“OK my turn!” Calls Seb.

“You had the last go!”

“So.. I come up with the best ones!”

“What like?” Asks Ned.

“I don’t know but all the good ones have been mine.”

“OK you two, enough, let him go .” Cuts in Julie.

“Never, ever, had I …. Not kissed a girl!”

Ned and Seb take a drink and turn to look at their girlfriends, who are both sat glancing towards each other. Julie is twisting the glass in her fingers and as their eyes meet again, Maria smiles, then slowly draws her glass up, saluting Julie and bringing the drink to her lips, as she downs the shot.

Ned and Seb opened mouthed as Maria smacks her glass down and turns to look at the boys.

“No Way!” Call Ned and Seb together.

“Way!” Teases Maria.

“Who, When?” Asks Ned.

There a short silence in which Maria turns to Julie and winks and in return Julie glares hard at her best friend, giving her a be very careful warning look.

“Well Julie of course.”


“How on earth do you think she learnt to kiss so well Seb!”

The others burst out laughing and Maria just shrugs her shoulders and smiles.

“That isn’t exactly true!” Cries Julie in a vain attempt to cover up how badly she is now blushing.

“yes it is I’ve kissed you a million times…”

“Not like that!”

“No one said it had to be like that!.. It was just never kissed a girl and I have and you therefore you should drink up too, so..”

“That doesn’t count, the pair of you are lying, forfeit time!” Calls Ned.

“No way!”

“Yes way!” He replies laughing.

“Damn! But it needs to be a fitting one,” Maria says as she smirks at the guys.

“OK then! You need a forfeit to fit the crime….” He says, rubbing his chin as if to make out he is in deep thought, “Kiss each other now!”

“Hell yeah!” Adds Seb.

With that Maria moves forwards towards Julie, she places her hands on Julie’s shoulders and looks into her eyes, her heart is already beating fast. Maybe she imagined something like this but never expected it to really happen. She never believed the boys would suggest them to really kiss and now here she was leaning in towards Julie, looking at her soft lips.

She couldn’t help but remember how it felt the first time. The way they had kissed, firstly innocently and then not so innocently. She had known Julie had history with girls and after a few drinks to many that night she had encouraged Julie and flirted with her. However the moment when Julie had finally kissed her had taken her by surprise. As Julie’s soft lips touched hers, she had found herself kissing her back and as Julie gently teased her tongue along Maria’s bottom lip, she had parted her lips. Welcoming her friend’s tongue and feeling it probe and explored, as they kissed deeper and more passionately. Maria couldn’t lie to herself, it was the best kiss she could ever remember and although it had stopped then with that one kiss, Maria had found herself drawn more and more to her best friend, stealing any possible moment to be alone with her.

Julie holds her breath, she is expecting Seb to put a stop to this any moment, but part of her is hoping he doesn’t. She had seen Maria glancing at her all night and had even started to wish they could be alone. She knew the kiss between them had been wrong, but if it was why did it feel so right, why couldn’t she stop thinking Zonguldak Escort of Maria and why did she find herself having to fight the urge to kiss her again, every time they were alone. So as Maria moves closer and Julie looks deep into her eyes she can’t help but smile as she sees the nervousness in her friend. The feel of Maria’s hands on her shoulders are almost burning into her skin, before she knows it, she has closed the gap between them and their lips meet. She feels the uncertainly in Maria’s kiss, not an innocence exactly as it might be appearing to be to their boyfriends, but more a confirmation she is also nervous about what she has started here.

Maria feels Julie’s lips and closes her eyes, they kiss softly, almost childishly and she feels a change in Julie. Her hand moves up and cups Maria’s face and her tongue slides over her bottom lip, Maria can’t help but respond and let out a soft moan. She parts her lips and sucks on Julie’s tip, bringing a moan from within her friend, then their tongues meet and they begin to kiss more passionately.

Ned is sat opened mouthed watching his girlfriend kiss another girl and all he can think is its the hottest thing he’s ever seen. He feels his cock twitch in his pants and looks across at Seb, half expecting him to look horrified. But instead he is watching intently and he suddenly realises its turning him on as well. Seb catches his eye and they both smirk, before darting their eyes back to the girls. He can’t help but feel the slight bulge now forming in his pants and a very naughty thought runs through his mind.

Maria pulls back a little breathless, she wanted to keep kissing Julie, she wants her to touch her, to feel her touch on her skin. She knows its crazy to feel this way, but there was something happening and it had been happening for a while now. She shakes her head and scolds herself for thinking such things and moves away from Julie. Yet she can’t deny the tingling between her legs and the way she can feel herself becoming wet and turned on.

“Wow!” Exclaimed Ned.

“Don’t be such a guy Ned!”

“Then I’m a guy too!” Adds Seb laughing.

“Seb!” Cry Julia and Maria at the same time.

“What? That was really hot to watch,” he giggles.

All four look at each other and start to laugh, but Julie keeps her eyes that little longer on Maria, as the guys both appear to be adjusting themselves within their pants.

“My turn!”

“Your turn to what Ned… Kiss Seb?”

“Ha ha very funny Jules, he couldn’t handle a kiss from these magically lips,” he jokingly replies. “Right! Never ever have I watched two girls passionately kiss.”

The girls groan and watch at the guys lift their drinks to lips and down the contents.

The game continues for a few more rounds until all are struggling to come up with things and comes to a natural end. The guys head out for a smoke and Maria heads to the kitchen to refresh everyone’s drink. Julie now alone in the lounge, can’t help but let her mind wander into a daydream, something she has noticed she has been doing a lot just lately.

Ever since that kiss with Maria she has found herself imagining and fantasying what it would be like to make love with her friend. She knew it was crazy to think this way but far to often over the last few weeks she couldn’t stop herself imagine the feel of Maria’s soft skin. Now alone she let herself imagine the feel as her hand would slip up her inner thigh, the way Maria would automatically parted her legs for her, the feel of Maria’s warm breath on her neck as she would kiss and encourage her to touch her more. She continued to fantasise until finally her fingers would push deep inside Maria and she could feel how wet her friend was and she could feel her own wetness building. The moans escaping Maria’s lips would push her on and twisting and turning her fingers inside her, she would make sure to touch and explore all of her tightness. She knew she had to stop thinking this way, she could feel how turned on she was getting and how wet she was becoming, she needed to stop torturing herself in this way.

Her thoughts were thankfully interrupted with the return of the guys and then Maria with a tray of shot glasses containing some weird and wacky concoction. Balancing precariously on the edge was an empty bottle.

“Spin the bottle anyone?” Maria laughed as she placed the tray down.

Now fuelled with extra alcohol the guys were all for it and Julie reluctantly agrees too. All four sit in a circle on the floor and gripping the bottle Ned gives it a hard spin. All eyes are on it as it slowly begins to slow down and finally stopped in front of Julie.

“Woohooo!” Exclaims Ned, “OK Jules, truth, dare or kiss?”

“Urmmm.. Dare!”

The others look at each other and form a little huddle, finally Maria breaks free and smiles a wicked smile towards Julie.

“I dare you to show Ned your breasts,” she says.

“What! That’s not what we agreed.”

“You complaining Neddy boy?” Laughs Maria.

Without Zonguldak Escort Bayan another word Julie moves in front of Ned and slowly starts to lift her top over her head. Throwing it across the room, she gives Maria a game on look as she unhooks her bra and lets it fall free. She moves her hands to cup each breast and squeezes them together, lifting them slightly.

The moan that escapes Ned’s lips is soft but deep and his eyes are glued to the way she is touching herself. It takes all his effort to not reach over and touch her, but the warning look Seb is giving him stops him.

Julie moves back into her place in the circle but makes no attempt to cover herself up, she reaches forwards, making a point to let her breast hang down and as she spins the bottle they jingle sweetly. A movement not lost on both Seb and Ned.

The bottle spins and spins and lands on Seb, he chooses kiss and is rewarded by having to kiss his friends girlfriend, Its a clumsy kiss and over very quickly.

The game continues and with each spin they all become more braver, Ned chooses dare and is dared to undress down to his boxers. Maria choose kiss and has to kiss Seb, which she did, keeping her eyes on Ned the whole time. Gradually they found themselves almost undressed and as more drinks flowed the more daring they became.

“Ohhhh … that one is in between both Jules and Maria.”

“Re-spin then,” calls Julie.

“No lets make it a double one, both have to choose,” decides Ned.

“Fine!” they both reply and giggling shout at the same time, “Dare!”

Ned doesn’t even wait for Seb to say anything, straight away he smiles ever so innocently at the girls.

“I dare you both to make out in front of us.”

“Woohoooo!” Cries Seb, clapping his hands, “Nice one Ned,”

“Seriously?” Asks Julie

“You really want to watch us make out?” Add Maria.

“Yes and Yes,” replies Ned.

“What?.. We do?” Cries Seb looking alarmingly at Ned.

Ned winks at Seb and nods, “Hell yeah we do buddy, so what do you say girls?”

“OK lets do it!”


“Oh come on Julie, you want to please the men right,” Maria teases.

“Well OK, But what are the rules?” Asks a stunned Julie.

“Hang on a minute, are you being serious?” Asks an even more stunned Seb.

Maria slowly moves over to Julie on her hands and knees, she is naked apart from her panties. Once in front of her she lifts herself up and drapes her arms around her neck, pushing her breasts almost into her face.

“Are you saying you don’t want us to Seb?” She asks.

“Well of course I’m not saying that..”

“Good, so the rules are, no rules, only want happens here tonight stays here tonight,” She replies as she leans in to kiss Julie’s lips again.

“Agreed!” Replies Ned and an open mouthed Seb just reluctantly nods.

Julie looks across at her boyfriend, was this taking things too far, but then if they all agreed it stayed here and were all game what really was the harm. Seeing the way Ned has his arm around Seb’s neck and is whispering in his ear she knows he isn’t convinced but then he laughs and slaps Ned on the back, so she turns her attention to Maria and shyly smiles.

Maria is watching her intently, she smiles back softly and takes her hand in hers, turning it and lightly kissing her palm. Its exactly how Julie herself had made the first move with Maria, it had been her way to say its OK, you are safe with me. Slowly Maria kisses her way up Julie’s forearm, before finally leaning in and kissing her friends lips, a soft kiss that fast becomes more passionate. She slides her hands around Julie’s neck and arches her back so their breasts press against each other, then continues to push against her, causing Julie to fall backwards. Maria quickly cradles her head and controls the fall back, until she is laying on top of Julie, making sure not to break their kiss.

“This is crazy,” Whispers Julie when they finally break their kiss.

“I know.. But…” Replies Maria.

“Fuck! This is so dangerous…”

“You want me to stop?”

In reply Julie wraps her legs around Maria’s waist and pulls her tight against her. “Don’t you fucking dare!”

At the touch of their mounds both Julie and Maria lets out a soft moan which grabs the attention of both Ned and Seb. They sit bolt upright watching as their girlfriends slowly begin to grind against each other, both unsure what to do with the growing bulges in their shorts. Ned is the first to react, he stands up and moves away from Seb, sitting in the armchair just to the side. In turn Seb says on the floor, his eyes glued to the way his girlfriend is moving underneath Maria, his mind screams this is all wrong but they look so hot and he is can feel himself getting uncomfortably hard in the confides of his shorts. He quickly looks over to Ned and is shocked to see he has his dick in his hand.

Neither Julie or Maria are taking any notice of the guys, they are beginning to get lost Escort Zonguldak in each other, their hands and mouths are exploring each other as their mounds continue to grind together.

“Go down on her!” Calls Ned.

Maria looks down on Julie and smiles, “My pleasure,” she replies.

Julie attempts to object but is silenced by another passionate kiss from Maria.

“Shhhittt!” Exclaims Seb as he watches Maria begin to kiss her way down his girlfriends body, only to receive a warning look from Ned who is most definitely not having a problem watching the girls together.

“Come on man, this is so fucking hot, its every guy’s dream right.”

“I .. I guess so, just this is a little surreal don’t you think?”

Looking from the girls to Ned, he quickly reverts his eyes again seeing Ned has slid down in the chair slowly jerking himself off. He can’t deny he is turned on but at the same time he isn’t comfortable with what is happening, slowly he gets up and walks out the room, only to turn at the doorway and stand leaning against the frame. From this position he still has a good view of the girls but no longer of Ned, he catches Julie’s eye and they hold their gaze for a few seconds before she closes her eyes and lets out a deep moan. The look on her face is a picture she looks so beautiful and watching as she begins to squirm underneath Maria he can’t stop watching. Slowly he walks back in the room, taking a seat in the other armchair and can feel his cock twitch and harden even more.

Maria slivers her way down Julie’s body, kissing and licking until her head is hovering above her mound. Slowly she slides Julie’s panties down with the help of Julie lifting her hips and then quickly removes her own. Looking up into Julie’s eyes once more she hesitates suddenly, its not like she has ever done this before and is gripped by uncertainty. As if reading her mind Julie gently grabs her by the arms and lifts her back up, kissing her softly. At the same time she pushes her back so she lays on her back and she is now on top.

Taking one last look towards her boyfriend, knowing that what happens next could possibly change everything between the four of them, she is surprised to see his hand pushing inside his shorts. Seeing this as her signal to continue she turns her attention back to Maria.

“Stop stalling and lets get to the action!” Calls Ned, shifting himself in the seat in a impatient way. Seb shoots him a look and he just shrugs his shoulders adding, “what like you aren’t enjoying this?”

Julia chooses to ignore Ned and takes her time exploring Maria’s body with her lips, working her way downwards. Using her tongue to trail up or down, heightening Maria’s senses more and more, until she finally reaches Maria’s soft smooth mound. Grabbing her legs, spreading them wide, she pushes her thighs back against her chest. Maria’s hands go automatically to Julie’s hair and she pulls her head hard against her. Julia willing lets her pull her to her waiting pussy and dives her tongue into her friends wetness, licking her slowly and deeply.

Ned almost shoots his load as he watches his girlfriend being eaten out by Julia, he’s living his every dream seeing two girls make out and the fact it’s Maria and Julie is turning him on even more. He continues to try and give Julie advice on the best way to eat his girlfriend out, unaware of the fact that Julie needs no help at all. Seb on the other hand is only too well aware how much at ease his girlfriend appears and knowing her history and the way Maria is wriggling and squirming beneath her, it continues to fill him with mixed feelings. Yet he can’t help but release his own cock and begin to pleasure himself.

Maria can feel her orgasm building and she knows Julie can feel it too, she grabs her tight by the hair and grinds her hips.

“Oh fuckkkkk…” She cries out.

Julie continues to lick and tease her, using a mix of slow and fast licks, hard and soft, she is quick to begin to understand Maria’s body, with each lick, kiss and tease she learns what works and what doesn’t. Suddenly she grabs Maria’s clit between her lips and sucks hard and deep on it.


Maria’s hips buck, she grinds harder against Julie’s face. Her body explodes around her, lights flash in front of her eyes as her orgasm hits her hard. She pulls Julie harder to her grinding like crazy, her whole body tensing up and going into an uncontrollable spasm.

“Holy fuck…” Cries Ned as he shoots his load over his hand.

Finally Maria is able to catch her breath again and she pushes Julie away, moving her own body so she is now on top. She kisses her friend passionately, tasting herself on her lips, Julie returns the kiss with as much passion.

“OMG!” Maria whispers.

“Definitely OMG!” Replies Julie smiling, pulling Maria into another deep passionate kiss.

“Fucking hot right?” Exclaims Ned.

“More so that I expected,” agrees Seb, who has also cum hard and is still breathing heavily.

Slowly the girls untangle themselves from each other and turn to face the guys, who are both quickly trying to pull up their shorts, suddenly feeling a little uncomfortable and embarrassed. Maria begins to giggle, looking from Ned to Seb and back to Ned, she winks at Julie and approaches her boyfriend on her hands and knees.

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