Geena’s Life Ch. 03

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Big Tits

I had graduated from Nursing School only a few days before I started work at the Hospital. My Daddy had made a couple trips with me to Chicago, the last to get me in my new apartment- one that was a disorganized array of boxes at the moment. This was a far cry from the small town in Vermont where I went to college, but I was feeling pretty good about myself for making the transition.

I ran into Kevin on my very first day at the Hospital. He was a big guy and a little overweight, though fairly well dressed. He was kind of the type who could be really hot if he would exercise once in a while. He had a goatee, which didn’t really work for him and showed a little gray that would soon show itself in his scraggily combed hair. I just thought it was an odd mixture, like on some things he tried and on others he just let it go.

Kevin was the facilities manager. I observed right away that he was a little arrogant, maybe sexist, but still had enough personality to pull it all off. I couldn’t make up my mind whether I was going to like this guy or not. Because of his position though, I knew it made sense to get along.

His office was located pretty much by itself at the end of a hallway which was mostly storage rooms or utility rooms of some type I imagined. The door was closed, so I assumed he wasn’t in, but went ahead and knocked anyway.

“Yeah, come in”, I heard behind the door.

I opened the door to see a much disorganized room. His desk was at the far end, and I could barely make out his features the room was so dim. Reminded me of a cave.

“Are you the one I see about the broken desk in the peds nursing station?” I asked.

“No,” he answered rather curtly.

“OK, um, who would I see then?”

“You the new nurse in pediatrics?” he asked.

“Yes…Geena”, I offered and made my way to his desk, hand outreached to greet him.

He didn’t get up, but waited until I had crossed the room. He sat there and stared for a few seconds before finally reaching up to take my hand. He just nodded and sat back down and began rifling through his desk. After a moment, he apparently found what he was looking for. He grabbed a sheet of paper, a memo of some sort, and handed it in my general direction.

“That document was the smartest thing I ever did. It tells you who to contact for just about anything you could need. You only come see me when you can’t reach anyone on that list- and that won’t happen,” He said smiling.

‘That is a good thing,’ I thought, ‘at least for me’. I imagine that he’d had the job a while and pretty much figured out how to stay under the radar. He probably did very little and was paid well enough for it. Well, I was never one to begrudge anyone their good fortune. He was at least ambitious and smart enough to set himself up right. Besides, I apparently wouldn’t need to deal with him. The only thing I couldn’t figure out at the time that day was why I was sent down to see him. I just assumed it was what they did to the new girl on the block and put it out of my mind.

I have reflected on that first encounter many times. My first impression of him was that he was just a bit rough around the edges for me, but someone I could tolerate if I had too. Besides there are some people in an organization, that it pays to be on good terms with and my gut told me he was one. I would run into Kevin only occasionally after that first encounter, usually in the lunchroom, şişli travesti or passing by in the hallway. He was always polite though, and seemed to be on top of everything that was going on with me at work. I thought it a bit disconcerting until I realized that he seemed to be that way with everyone. ‘Maybe that’s just what he does all day,’ I thought.

I saw him much less once I started the 3-11 pm shift, but he had become much more flirtatious by then. I still wasn’t really attracted to him, but with the new job, new apartment, new city, I kind of enjoyed the attention and wasn’t interested in starting a real relationship anyway. So I had begun to look forward to seeing him at the beginning of my shift.

We had gradually become friendly and he even came over the apartment a couple times, usually late at night after I got off work, mostly on the pretense of helping me with something there. I never liked going to bed after shift anyway, so I would enjoy the company. Sometimes we would bring food over and watch a movie or just sit around and talk.

On one such evening, out of the blue, he turned to me as said: “Hey Geena, I was wondering, you wanna fuck?”

I was not some demure debutante who had never heard the words before. Besides, I was pretty used to the crude way Kevin could be, so I wasn’t in shock or anything. We were just an odd pair of friends, and it occurred to me that neither of us had had sex in a while- at least I hadn’t. It was like it reinforced the fact that this would not be a romantic thing, just two friends relieving some long awaited carnal need. I was sure I could handle that.

“Why not?” I answered, as I walked toward my bedroom, “Sounds like a good idea.”

In my mind, I expected him to grab my arm at that moment and take me right there, in some crude and forceful way. I walked away in silence and entered my room and walked over to the bed. I turned around to see him standing in the doorway, leaning to one side of the doorframe, arms crossed, with a slight smile of admiration on his face.

‘He didn’t think I was serious, huh’, I thought.

Without saying a word, I stared him in the eyes, while I slowly undressed. If he wasn’t serious, I would be making a fool of myself. I continued to strip to my panties and bra and tried to show no expression as I continued to stare him down. He rolled his eyes in admiration, and I appreciated that. I reached up to my shoulder and slid down first one bra strap and then the second. I hesitated only a second, before letting it fall to the floor. I was actually getting turned on by this, but tried not to show it for some reason. He continued to watch in silence, so I reached to the sides of my panties and slid them down, until they fell to the floor. I tilted my head toward the bed, pulled back the covers and slid inside.

If he had turned and left at that moment, I would have been disgraced. For a brief second, I wondered if he would do just that. Facing him at work after that, would be embarrassing. So in mind, I am laying here, almost praying that this guy I was not really that attracted to, would, in his words, ‘fuck me’.

Kevin did. It was great sex, but like none I had experienced before. We talked during sex, he would ask questions, give directions, and I found myself comfortable enough to do the same. It was like two people, scratching each others bakırköy travesti backs and it felt great.

So the relationship turned sexual, though we didn’t really “date” per se. We would meet to have dinner or something at either my place or his. More often than not though, it was a prelude to sex. The sex was good and I enjoyed the uncommitted nature of the relationship. He was also a very good teacher. I hadn’t expected that.

This went on for several weeks until he found a real girlfriend. We stayed friends, and still flirted a lot, but we had to stop our little rendezvous. Now the only time we spent alone was in his office for a brief chat now and then. We had become close enough friends and he shared much about his new relationship. I’m sure he wasn’t as open with her about sexual issues and we were with each other. I wasn’t in any relationship and it left me a little frustrated.

Sooner or later the inevitable happened and we resumed our sexual relationship. It started with him just pleasing me and I thought that very gallant. I soon returned the favor. With him I began to enjoy oral sex and was apparently very good at it. He enjoyed this element that his girlfriend would not give him. I knew it was wrong, but somehow justified it to myself by rationalizing that we were only friends, and I was only doing things she didn’t want to do. I continued it even as I began to date other guys.

It wasn’t just oral sex. Gradually we rationalized anything besides vanilla sex was justified. That sex we reserved for our respective boyfriends/girlfriends. For us it gravitated to BDSM, which I enjoyed so much, but which scared most of my boyfriends. We got creative in his office where I always had to wear a gag to keep the noise as low as possible. It was crazy, but I loved it. The humiliation if we ever got caught, not to mention the loss of my job, brought a high level of risk that I savored.

Like most things, however, I began to think our relationship had run its cycle. I wanted a real lover who could give me everything I wanted and I knew I would never find it while continuing this relationship. I decided that it had to end and set up a meeting with Kevin to accomplish just that.

He sat attentively while I nervously explained. When I had finished, he continued to stare at me with an expressionless face.

“No,” He said quietly but very resolutely.

“No? What do you mean ‘no’?” I asked.

“Just No”

“Kevin, I’m serious, please listen to me,” I explained.


“Well fine, I’m leaving then, I thought we could be mature about this,” I replied.

“Geena, your not going anywhere yet,” He said very matter of factly.

“Kevin, that game is over now, when you realize that, we can continue our friendship. I would really value that, but in the meantime, you will just have to understand.”

“Geena, I’m disappointed. I don’t appreciate the attitude either,” he stated, raising his voice just a bit, but continuing that cold stare.

I stared back at him, still at arms length. He reached out his arm, palm face up and grabbed my chin. At that moment, I no longer felt equal: I felt my resolve starting to slip.

He raised his arm so that my head was forced upward toward the ceiling and I lost view of his face. His other hand grabbed the hair behind my neck and he forcefully pulled me down to istanbul travestileri my knees. His grip on my chin was still strong enough to prevent me from speaking, but I could know see his face as he bent over.

“No,” he said quietly, “I said no.”

I felt tears well up in my eyes and hated how quickly it betrayed my emotions. I couldn’t speak, even when he released my chin. He stood up, but the look on his face convinced me to stay down, this wasn’t over.

“Now then,” Kevin began. “Are you ready?”

“Ready?” I whimpered.

“Stand up Geena”

I slowly stood up.

“Put you hands on my desk,” he instructed.

I watched myself comply when there was no logical reason for it.

“You have been very unruly Geena, haven’t you?” He asked.

“Yes Kevin,” I heard myself answer. Was I even controlling myself?

I felt him pull down my pants, panties included. In one motion they were at my ankles and I stood bare assed in front of his desk.

He walked around to his desk, opened the draw and pulled out a batan cane I had never seen.

Still in front of my view, he raised the cane to my chin and forced my head upward. Then, very slowly he made his way around behind me.

“What do you want me to do Geena?” He asked.

‘Kevin, we are friends’, I thought. ‘Please don’t do this to me’

“Geena!” he said, raising his voice enough to melt whatever resolve I had.

“Spank me,” I whispered, in disgust with myself.

“What Geena?” he responded.

“Spank me”, I said, a little louder and with more affirmation.

“Why,” he asked.

“Because I was very unruly………. Master,” I answered as we did when we played, not sure if we were playing anymore.

I felt him reach down and grab my pants and panties from around my ankles. ‘Was the door locked,’ I thought. He grabbed my hair from behind to force my head back upward and slowly stuffed my panties in my mouth. I braced.

The first sting of the cane was sharp and much more painful that anything I had every experienced. I muffled a scream, but managed to keep my hands on the desk. My right ass cheek was still burning when the second blow came and the shock was just as great as the first. I was shaking and sobbing as loud as I could. He paused and I had a ray of hope he would stop at two, but the third blow came and reawakened the burning pain I felt on my bottom.

When he paused again, he grabbed my hair to pull me up to a standing position. It was over, but I was still burning and still sobbing. He had never brought that much pain to me when we played and I wasn’t sure what to make of my situation.

He pulled my panties out of my mouth and held my cheek gently with his hand. He kissed me and I kissed him back, tears still coming down my cheek. It wasn’t over.

He gently brought me back down to my knees and as he did, I felt the pain in my butt cheeks as the skin stretched over the welts. It hurt when they rested on my heels. His hand was still on my cheek and he said nothing.

Instinctively I reached in front and unbuckled his belt. It was like I was watching someone else do this and couldn’t understand why she was doing it. But it was me, and I proceeded to service him without instruction. It didn’t last long.

When it was over, Kevin was very matter of fact, but still somehow caring. We had been professional peers, then friends, then lovers of a sort, and now, very suddenly, I was something else entirely. I was his submissive. Strangely this went on for some time. Even when we each had lovers, I was still his in secret. He could comfort me, even protect me, he could be a good friend, but he was my Dominate. And so this lasted until I finally transferred to a new hospital in a new city.

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