Geoff , Renee Ch. 01

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Geoff and Renee – part 1

He was ready to do something just for himself. Geoff had been pleasing others for a while now. He pleased them at his mom’s house or he pleased them at work, now he needed to take care of his own needs. This weekend whatever everyone needed they had better do it themselves cause Geoff did not give a shit and sure as hell wasn’t going to be available to them.

He rented a room at the Shutters hotel in Santa Monica, from Friday to Sunday. He told his boss he was going out of town so he would not be called in over the weekend. He told his mother and sisters his job was sending him down to San Diego so they wouldn’t bother him either. Geoff packed a bag, threw it in the trunk of his Dodge Magnum and drove away. Geoff just wanted so piece and quiet and maybe a little romance.

Renee was in turmoil as she walked along the sands of Venice beach. After her classes in East L.A., she had hopped into her Toyota Matrix and drove down to the place she felt the most free. Renee loved the ocean and had spent many a joyful day sunning herself on any stretch of beach from Dockweiler to Malibu. Sometimes she and her sister Janet would join with friends and spend the day at Venice, where the buff guys walked around with or with tops or enjoy the carnival like atmosphere of the Santa Monica Pier. However, today was not one of those days. Renee was emotional over how her romantic life was going with guys who just wanted to hit it and split. They always played her and she was tired of it.

Her mom said that she was too trusting and needed to develop a harder shell. Janet would tell her that with her exotic looks, coupled with a innocence she had yet to lose, she looked vulnerable to men and told them too much too soon about her. “Shit!” she thought, “I’m 21 and my love life is already fucked up.”

Renee fought back tears, wondering if any man would measure up to her standards. “Fuck it, and fuck men too!” her mind screamed. She continued walking the beach not seeing the people or attractions of the Venice boardwalk.

Geoff had changed clothes as soon as he was settled in his room. After pulling a medium gray muscle t-shirt over his muscular chest, he adjusted it so that it would fall and cover his package. He wore a paid of Lycra bike shorts that came all the way down to the tops of his knees. Though he was slim, he had what girls told him was a killer ass and thighs. His tights were black because he knew if he wore the gray ones, people would stare at his groin all day. He was a closet exhibitionists and he knew it. He loved the way chicks looked at him when he was running. His sunglasses hid his eyes so he was free to look into their faces and follow their eyes. If enough women looked at his crouch, he sometimes ran with an erection. That’s why he had the light gray shorts. They we his way of feeling erotic when he ran and he only wore them when doing trail runs. Less traffic on the trails, that way and he could run with his dick hard all day. The pain of his hardness was exquisite!

Making sure his running shoes were well laced, he slipped the little id pack and room key into the hidden pouch in the back of his shorts and left the room. He headed toward the hotel’s gym to get the blood flowing before his run. He had planned to run down to near Marina Del Rey and back a distance of about 8 miles round trip. He hoped it was not too crowded when he started to run. He decided that running the beach instead of the sidewalks would be his best choice.

“Wow!” Geoff exclaimed as he set off running south on the beach outside his hotel. A Malibu Barbie was coming toward him in a yellow two-piece that struggled to contain her. Her bronze skin glowed with the sheen of moisture and he Zonguldak Escort immediately felt his nature rise. “Down boy.” He said to himself. “We have along way to go.” She smiled as he approached and he smiled back. Both knowing that she had peeked his rising package. He shook his head and kept going knowing that if he stopped they both would end up in a compromising position.

The sweat was starting to run freely as he approached the pier near Washington Boulevard. Up ahead she noticed this young woman walking with her head down, shoes in her hands, just taking her time. She was a little thing; no more than five foot two in her bare feet. Slim, her jeans seemed like they were painted on her body. He slowed a bit so he could study her more. There weren’t too many people in the area so he didn’t feel like he was being conspicuous in checking her out.

Geoff looked intensely at her back as he approached. She couldn’t weigh more than a buck o’seven he mused. That little tiny ass would fit perfectly in his big strong hands. He felt is dick getting hard again and press against the silky materiel. Geoff only hoped her front looked as good as her back as he closed the distance.

Renee had resolved to concentrate on her studies at Cal State L.A. and forget about boys for a while. The semester was coming to a close and she wanted to make sure she passed all her classes. Therefore she would not give the men she talked to the time of day let alone let them talk her into doing a horizontal mambo. Sex would have to wait.

Looking up Renee saw two women coming towards her and talking. One of the girls leaned close to the other and said something. The other girl nodded her head and smiled. Both had on swimsuits and for some reason Renee notices their nipples harden. “They can’t be talking about me and acting like that.” She thought. She turned around and saw this brother with caramel skin walking toward her. His arms and face were running with sweat, he was checking his watch and she couldn’t see his eyes behind the wrap around mirrored shades he wore. Her nipples got hard as she stared.

Geoff was pleased to no end to see the effect he had on these three women. The two in the swimsuits were abreast of him and each said hi. Geoff replied to the casually but kept walking. The girl in the jeans had stopped and was looking at him. She was beautiful. Brown skin, hair braided in some places, loose in others. Thin upper lip and a full lower one that begged to be sucked. Nice tits too he thought. They were not too big, definitely not small either. Palm sized with some left over. He notices her flat stomach and pants that pulled in thigh enough to show a small but lovely camel toe. His dick was about to break in his pants.

Renee was breathless as the man approached. He looked good! She noticed the sexy shoulders and just wanted to bite him where they met his neck. Her vagina clenched as she looked at those strong arms with their veins standing out. Nevertheless, the prize she looked for was looking for; trying hard to peek at what was hidden by the length of his t-shirt. “Damn.”

At less than five feet away from her, Geoff took a moment to glance at his watch and lift his shirt up to wipe down the sweat of his face. Exposing his black clad prick to her hungry eyes.

“Fuck,” she said aloud. “Oh! I’m sorry mister. I didn’t mean to say that!” Her embarrassment rose to darken her face.

“No problem with me sweetie. I’m sure you just we startled by something or remembered something you had to do.” His smile revealed an even row of white teeth. He stuck out his hand and said, “My name is Geoff.”

“Renee” she replied and took his hand in hers. The both felt the spark Zonguldak Escort Bayan electricity. He glanced down at her hardened nipples, twin pebbles denting the front of her tank top. She glanced at his chest and inwardly laughed at the sight of his nipples hard against the light gray top. The middle of his shirt was darkened by sweat and rivers ran down his arms, face and neck, but to Renee, he did not smell bad. Her nostrils flared as she assimilated his scent and filed it away.

End of part one.

Geoff and Renee – part 2

“I didn’t mean to interrupt your run.” Renee said as she looked up into his face.

“Naw, babe. It’s cool. I was getting hungry anyway,” he replied smoothly. “How about you? Are you hungry too?

All Renee could see was her reflection in the mirrors that were shielding his eyes from her. She knew that sometimes when people wore glasses they looked good only to have such ugly eyes when they took them off. She wished he would take his off so she could see what his eyes looked like. But yes she was hungry. Her lust was kicking in again and she silently shushed the part of her that said, “Hey! Didn’t we just swear off men?”

“Yeah, Kinda,” was her answer. The left side of her brain mentally kicked her ass.

“Cool. There’s a Cajun place in walking distance I want to check out. You game?” Let her answer be yes his mind shouted. I like this girl with her braids and almond eyes. I want to get close enough to suck on that fat bottom lip. Come on say yes.

“Do they have fish there?”

“I believe so.”

“Then let’s go.”

A half an hour later, Geoff and Renee were talking as if they were old friends. This time she didn’t bitch about the men in her young life and Geoff was good at telling he the antidotes of life in the computer world. They ate Cajun spiced rice and fried catfish at Uncle Darrow’s restaurant on Washington and Lincoln Boulevard in Marina Del Rey. They both laughed and joked with each other while revealing little tidbits about their lives.

“So, your girl must love your body with all those muscles huh?” Renee said to fill one of the few silent moments they had. She wanted to see if he had somebody or if she was wasting her time. This felt too good to be true.

“Who has time for a girlfriend?” was his reply. ” I love my moms and sisters, but between their demands and my job, a girlfriend takes a back seat. How about you, you must be beating the boys off with a stick?”

” I just swore off men today.”


“Yeah, all the guys I’ve been with lately are just users and I’m through with them.” Her eyes flashed angrily and her tone became hard.

Geoff took her hands in his and solemnly said, “I wont’ use you. I need a friend. And a cute friend is hard to find.” He felt his dick starting to stretch down the right side of his pants as he caressed her hands.

Renee was smitten all over again. Geoff removed his glasses and looked into her eyes and she creamed her pants big time, shuddering with a small orgasm. She didn’t know this as possible without have sex or touching herself, but his soft grey eyes won her over.

“Whew!” She exhaled. “You’re kinda of intense huh?”

He smiled and relaxed. Stroking her forearms he said. “I’ve not had this feeling for a girl in a loooong time. You just seem special and I don’t want to fuck it up before we have a chance to explore.”

” I have to go home now.” She said and Geoff’s face broke. ” No silly.” It was her turn to grab his hands. “I have a chore to do and we can meet up and finish our conversation. Do you live in L.A.?”

Geoff was brought back from the brink by her words and told her; “I rented a room at Shutters Escort Zonguldak for the weekend.”

“By yourself?” She was incredulous at this statement.

“yeah a room for just me.”

“Let’s go there right now!”

A fifteen-minute cab ride later and Geoff was opening the door to his plush surrounding for two days. Both grabbed at each other and he picked her up and squeezed her to his body. Lips moving overtime and tongue mashing against each other.

Renee wrapped her legs around Geoff’s waist and dry humped her pussy against him. Her jeans were restricting and she left her self down.

“Hold on” she said and wiggled out of her jeans. Geoff used the break to rush his top and shoes and footies off. He left his shorts on to give her something to do.

‘Ummmm, umm , umm.” He moaned as he looked at her in the red thong. He turned her around and ran his had appreciatively over her small buns, Grasping and squeezing them. He pulled at the hem of her top and raised it over her head. Small brown areolas held nice thick nipples.

Heated lust was upon Renee and she moved in close to Geoff and traced circles around his stiff nipples. Her hands roamed at the contours of his rock hard ass and she wish she was taller to rub her groin against his.

Geoff was feeling his lust as he ran his hands up and down her back and the finally into her hair where her grabbed a handful and pulled it back tilting her face up to his. His grey eyes locked onto that bottom lips and he licked it, getting it-wet with his spit and sucked it into his mouth.

In the meanwhile Renee hands had slipped into the back of his shorts and she leveraged them down at the same time moving her hands around the front to stroke his cock. Feeling the hardness, she quickly pushed the pants the rest of the way down and followed them herself.

The mushroom head hit the back of her throat as she just shoved her mouth onto him. “Fuck” she thought, “He’s thick too!” Her tongue went to work making spit so she could slide off and onto the him more easily. The more saliva she put on his dick the deeper he went. She wanted her nose to touch his haven pubes, but she would choke for sure if she couldn’t open her small throat. Just the she felt his hand on the back of her head and his pelvis pushed forward. Her eyes opened wide as he entered the burning throat.

“Suck that dick for me! Suck my big dick baby. Relax your throat and eat my cock!.”

Tears welled in her eyes as she looked up at him, but his were filled with lust. He released her head and she stared at him, mad at the challenge he gave her and how she was failing. She would choke on that black monster if it killed her and when he came – no, she would not let him come that way, she decided she would tease him to the brink and squeeze hill balls to make him not come. Not yet and not that way.

Renee doubled her efforts sucking Geoff’s dick lick an all day sucker. He used her hands to milk him back and forth. Sometimes she would tease the underside of his head where the foreskin was attached and sometimes she would pull the fore skin back over the head and run her tongue in around it. She was getting use to the girth and length and was breathing through her nose to get it back into her throat. She fought the gag reflex and won and soon was pushing down hard taking six of his eight inches.

Geoffs eyes were rolling in the back of their sockets as she sucked him he wanted to grab her head and just fuck her mouth but he had accomplished what he wanted and that was getting excellent head without raping her face. “Ok fuck!” he cried. “I’m am so close”

Hearing this Renee grabbed his ball sack and squeezed his gonads. The pain to the two nuts pushed together cause him to gasp and the she sucked hard on his dick and pulled off. ‘Damn’ girl. Why did you do that?”

“Because I can and I want to fuck you all nite!!!! No blown loads yet.” She smiled a wicked smile and Geoff steeled himself for the upcoming fuck battle.

End of part 2

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