Girl’s Night Pt. 01

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Normal Monday, Fisher is sitting at the breakfast table across from Sophie when she sighs heavily, staring at her laptop.

“Whats the matter baby?” he asked, with as much concern as he can muster before the caffeine from his morning coffee has kicked in.

“I need a girls night,” she said simply, looking up at him with her big beautiful brown eyes.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “You’ve been working hard, need to release some of that tension.”

She smiled, glancing back at her laptop for a moment, then turned it so he could see what she was looking at.

“Glad you said that,” she said, her smile growing wider. “Because I meant a girls night… with Candi.”

Fisher almost spat out his coffee. There on her screen was a promotion from Wonderland, a rowdy and lascivious alternative lifestyle club that she had taken him to once before. Quite a night actually, saw her kiss, really kiss, about a half dozen women, or at least they hoped they were, and when they got home, they didn’t get out of bed until the following Tuesday.

But to go there… en femme?!

“Soph… I… I… don’t know…” He was stammering, alternatively turned on and yet terrified.

“C’mon,” she teased. “We talked about this before. You look sooo sexy. Think of the rush. Mmmm… think of the sex.”

“Its been a while…” he said, still unsure.

“Too long,” she added quickly, still staring deep into his eyes. “We can go shopping for a special outfit and everything, I know how much you love that.”

“Baby, please… stop.” His hands were trembling, his mouth dry. The coffee cup shook as he brought it to his lips. Her gaze never left his face as she rose from her chair.

“It’ll be fun,” Sophie said softly, “I promise.”

Walking around the table toward him, she smiled softly. Taking his hand in hers, she turned him and settled in his lap, her fitted khaki skirt sliding up her tanned and toned thighs. She nestled close, her supple ass wriggling ever so slightly on his pounding erection. She took his face in her hands and kissed him softly, parting his lips gently with her tongue.

“I’ve wanted to play for a while,” she whispered, “and I can tell you want to, now be a good girl and just say ‘yes’ Candi.”

He kissed her again, one hand sliding up the front of her blouse, caressing the bottom of her perfectly formed B cup breast, the other pressing into the small of her back.

“Yes,” he managed breathlessly after she broke the kiss. “I’ll be a good girl.”

“No,” she said, “Not this time.”

He watched her as she slid her body between his thighs and sank slowly to the floor, her fingers nimbly pulling at his belt.

“This time, you are going to be a dirty,” she spoke softly now, as he heard the steely whisper of his zipper, and she continued “filthy, little slut.”

He moaned softly as her fingers dug into his boxers, releasing his throbbing shaft, his fingers moving immediately to the sides of her head, quickly becoming entwined in her dark brown hair as her lips grazed over his spongy soft head.

“Won’t you?” she asked as she looked up at him, teasing him with the tip of her tongue.

Fisher nodded as he pulsed under her skilled mouth.

She took him deep, moaning as she pulled back up, stroking him slowly as she smiled

“I want to hear you say it honey…”

“I’m your dirty ohhhh gohhhd!” She took him deep again, his fingers clutching at her head as he moaned.

“Whats the matter slut,” she teased, “don’t you want it?

“I do Miss,” he said breathlessly, “I want to be your slut. Please…”

“Please what?”

“Please make me your dirty whore… Mistress.”

“Ohh…” she cupped his testicles with one hand, stroking him with the other. “I will. And these belong to me now. ” She squeezed gently, letting his sensitive balls roll between her tensing fingers.

“Nooo… I can’t take it.”

“You will whore” Sophie took him deep three more times, in slow, torturous succession. “You will because you love it.”

“I do Mistressss.” he leaned back in his chair, resigned to the week ahead of him and looked up at her as she stood.

“Thank you baby,” she said, leaning down to kiss him, “I knew you would say yes, I already scheduled your appointment at the spa center for this Friday.”

Fisher smiled at her, shaking his head. “Of course you did.”

“Love you baby,” she whispered as she kissed him again. “Now you better put that away and get going, you’re going to be late for work.”

He looked at his watch, and hurriedly stuffed his still bouncing member into his pants, grabbed his laptop and hurried out the door, smiling as she chuckled behind him.


Finally Friday arrived, and it had been a hellish week. All week Sophie had sent Fisher suggestive texts, made him browse clothes she was thinking about dressing him in, and had brought him to the brink of orgasm every night, but without release. Needless to say he was beside himself. So easily distracted, so on edge he got hard at the smallest sexual thought. He was relived to not be going to konak escort work.

Fisher’s appointment wasn’t until 11, but he was starving. That was the trade-off. The spa they found used anesthesia, so no pain waxing, but that also meant no food since midnight last night. He strolled downstairs, the house quiet as Sophie had already left for work, he flipped on the tv to watch some ESPN, but there on the remote was a post-it with a message for him.

“Good morning luv, hope you slept well. Can’t wait to see your sexy body when Candi comes home to me. “

He got hard immediately. It was going to be another long day afterall.


Fisher came out of the anesthesia rather roughly, his eyes sensitive to the bright early afternoon sun peeking through the blinds in the recovery room. He sat up in the bed, reaching for the cup on the table next to him, and proceeded to knock it right on the floor. Still groggy, he looked at his hands. Now that was a surprise. There on the tips of his fingers, extending at least half an inch beyond each digit was a long cotton candy pink nail.

He opened his mouth to speak, his lips feeling swollen, all that came out was a high pitched squeak.

He scrambled for the remote around the bed rail pressing the button for the nurse in a panic.

“Ohhh, so sorry Mr. Leuchten,” the young nurse apologized, “we didn’t expect you to come around for another hour or so.”

“Wha… wh…”

“Please sir…” she placed her hand on Fisher’s arm, reassuringly, “relax, I will explain.”

He whimpered, confused and distraught, pleading with her for answers.

“Your lady friend, she wanted to surprise you.” She smiled softly, looking directly into his eyes. “I think that effect has been achieved. Sorry honey.”

He nodded.

“All the ‘upgrades’ she has chosen will last between 36 to 48 hours, so don’t worry, you’ll be fine by Monday.”

“Up… up grades?!” His voice sounded like a teenage girl.

“Yes. Plumper for your lips. Candy manicure, and pedicure. And our special vocal cord stabilizer which numbs part of your vocal cords to make your pitch higher, that’s why you sound so different. Don’t try to correct it, just speak normally, or you risk having it last longer.”

He nodded again, dumbstruck.¬

“Now, lets get you out of that bed and have a look at you. Go slowly, we’re headed over to that mirror in the corner.”

Fisher let her lead him over, his thin robe feeling odd on his smooth skin. He looked at his matching toes, blinking as they seemed so foreign. Staring in the mirror, his mouth dropped open. He had porn star lips. Perfect. But certainly porn star lips.

“Oh my god,” he gasped.

“I know, its amazing what the docs can do here huh?”

He didn’t answer, just licked his exceptionally soft lips, still not believing they were his own.

“Can you remove your robe please sir?” she asked.

Fisher fumbled with the belt, the nails getting in his way again, the nurse chuckling beside him.

“You’ll get used to that in a few hours sweetie,” she said, reaching around his waist. “but for now, let me.”

She undid the robe, pulling it gently off his shoulders and examined him closely.

“The redness will subside in a few hours, but I think we got everything. Your wife said you prefer the quote unquote landing strip?”

“Yes… I guess I do.”

He looked in the mirror as she turned him, taking in his reflection, now completely devoid of hair from the neck down. He moaned softly.

“Everything alright honey?”

“Yes,” Fisher responded quickly, feeling his face burn as he blushed. “Just fine.”

“More than fine,” she said as a grin spread across her lips.

He looked into her reflection and followed her gaze down, mortified to see his cock slowly begin to swell. He tried to stammer a sufficient excuse, but she pressed a finger to his swollen lips and shushed him.

“Your chart said this might happen honey,” she said softly, “we are very thorough here, and are experienced with all types of naughty behaviors. I’m just glad you’re not the type to put up a fight, hate using those restraints on the side of the bed. But judging by your dainty appearance now, I’ll bet you don’t mind a little rough handling…”

Fisher stood in shocked silence as she handed him back his robe with a wink.

“Now,” she continued, “climb back up on the bed and rest a bit and I can start your discharge work. If you’re feeling up to it, your clothes and other personal effect are in the closet of the bathroom.”

Fisher squeaked out a meek thank you and she was gone, leaving him to scurry under the covers, pulling his robe hastily around his waist. He lay staring out the window until his calm was restored. He licked his lips for the hundredth time not believing Sophie had pushed it this far. His hands felt foreign and he was afraid to talk, but then he remembered his phone would be in the closet. Gathering his wits he tiptoed to the bathroom, ignoring the blur in the mirror and jerking kuşadası escort open the narrow floor to ceiling door. His phone was on a low shelf underneath a dark leather duffel bag that he recognized as Sophie’s and clicked it on fumbling slightly. He finally managed to power it on. 6 missed calls, not returning those, and several texts, two from Sophie.


So excited. Getting wet just thinking about all the fun I’m going to have with my dirty little whore.


Text me as soon as you get this. The nurse has explicit instructions to text me when you’re awake so I’ll know if you’re stalling Candi.

Hello Mistress

His breathing was labored as the indicator of her typing popped up immediately.

Hello there Candi. Are you enjoying your surprises?

Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.

You’re quite welcome. Send me a sexy selfie. You have 3 minutes.

He hurried out to his room, disrobing in front of the full length mirror. He felt himself getting hard again as he looked at his reflection, and turned around so he was looking over his shoulder, crossing his ankles he perched himself on his toes and snapped the picture, sending it immediately.

Yummy. Good girl Candi. Send me another one. But this time I want to see how hard that dirty cock is without my permission.

Fisher turned around, humiliated and aroused, snapping quickly and sending.

Such a disobedient whore. Did I give you permission to be hard?

No Mistress. I am a naughty girl and need to be punished.

Yes. You do. Ring your call button Candi. 🙂

He walked over to his bed and rang the call button, fingers trembling. The same young nurse opened the door and smiled coolly.

“What seems to be the problem?” she asked politely.

He texted Sophie

The nurse wants to know what the problem is

Give her your phone

Fisher handed the phone to the nurse who looked at him quizzically and began typing. She laughed and then typed some more, a small grin escaping her lips.

“On your knees Candi”, she said, “Mistress is not pleased with you.”

“But, the door…” He said softly, pointing to the half open entrance.

She glanced at him sideways and typed into his phone. She chuckled and then turned towards the door. He let out a small sigh of relief until she stopped in the doorway and called out.

“Jenny! Connie! Patty!” She turned and looked at Fisher. “I’ve got something in here you have to see…”

A tall black nurse was the first to arrive ‘Jeez Viv, what is … Oh… I knew he’d be fun.”

Next was a short stocky blond, followed by a skinny blonde with glasses.

“Now,” said Viv as he now knew she was called, “are you going to be a good girl and kneel or would you like me to get some of the male techs too?”

Fisher fell to his knees by the side of the bed.

“Oh no,” said Viv, “in front of the mirror Candi.”

They all laughed aloud as he settled in front of the mirror.

“What now?” asked glasses.

“I’m sure we will find out after I said her this picture…”

Fisher swallowed hard, knowing what was coming next. Or so he thought.

“Patty,” Viv said, “go get the bag in her closet. Looks like Mistress expected this.”

They laughed aloud as Fisher hunched over and groaned, his heart racing.

Short and stocky Patty tossed the duffel bag on the bed and unzipped it quickly, she gasped and Fisher strained to see why in the mirror. His eyes grew wide as she turned and she held the pair of red ping pong paddles up for everybody to see.

“Do we really get to use those on him?!” she exclaimed.

“Yes,” answered Viv, “Mistress says HER ass is ours. And not to show our faces when we take pictures.”

“Please, don’t,” Fisher pleaded with them, “not the paddles… Please.”

“What would you rather we use Candi?” asked Viv.

“I, I don’t know,” I squeaked

Patty twirled the paddles in her fists and stepped behind me. “I’m sure you must have some idea in that pretty little head.”

“Mistress said assume the standing position Candi. Now.”

Fisher looked over at Viv as she pointed the phone at him, and stood. He bent over at the waist, locking his knees and wrapped his fingers around the base of his calves. Raising his head Fisher looked straight into his own eyes as they stared fearfully back at him.

Pain seared through his left buttock almost immediately and despite himself he uttered his memorized phrase. “Thank you Miss, I am a bad girl and deserve to be punished.”

“Ho. lee. Fuck.” Glasses was purring, and stepped in behind him. “Look at that, a well trained little bitch. Hit him again… on the other one…”

Fisher didn’t have to look to know what she was excited about. The pimpled layer of rubber on the paddles marked flesh almost immediately and often the redness was multiplied by the indentations on the skin. And as the paddle lit into him on the right side, he knew that short and stocky was muscular and not fat. It hurt badly. foça escort He clenched my teeth and obeyed.

“Thank you Miss, I am a bad girl and deserve to be punished.”

“I cant wait for my turn faggot…” whispered glasses.

“Mmmm,” said the black nurse quietly, “me too.”

“How many more do I get?” asked Patty.

“We all get 10 each,” responded Viv. “So eight more, then we will let Jenny go before she cums in her panties. “

They all laughed as Patty smacked him eight more times, Fisher repeating his mantra after each one. His ass was on fire when she had finished and he was not looking forward to my next 10.

What happened next scared and aroused him. Little mousy Jenny, squatted down next to him and cupped his chin in her hand, speaking through her teeth in just above a whisper.

“I’ve dealt with a little sissy bitch like you before Candi, and I’ve missed beating her ass. You will address me as Domme Jennifer and you will call yourself a dirty little sissy bitch when you thank me. Do you fucking understand me faggot?”

“Yes Domme Jennifer, I understand.”

She slapped Fisher across the face, and grinned. “I knew you would bitch.”

Domme Jennifer punished him badly, each strike landing on the same spot. She struck him over and over again in the middle of his ass right where it curved to meet his thighs, ensuring he would feel it when he sat down. She spat on his ass when she was finished, her thick saliva slipping down between his cheeks and pooling on his clenched anus. Her finger found it a moment later and a high pitched gasp made her laugh as her finger penetrated him slightly.

“Shut up you pussy,” she quipped, smiling at Fisher in the mirror. “You fucking like it. Next!”

The tall black nurse appeared behind him, rubbing his ass with the tips of her fingers, feeling each raised welt. “I’m so turned on right now, I really wish I could take more time with you…”

“I think you two should go together, really give this little fucking sissy what she has coming to her, said Jenny coldly.

He heard Viv walk across the floor toward me “That would be fun… and you are full of surprises Jenny…”

“If you only knew girls,” she said. “Look at me sissy bitch.”

Fisher turned his head obediently.

“I’m leaving, but if you give either of these two any trouble you’ll be going to headed out of here with one of those paddle handles crammed up your ass. And you know I’ll do it don’t you faggot?”

“Yes Domme Jennifer, I’ll be a good girl.”

“I know you will.” She turned her gaze to the two women behind him. “Spank her right where I did, right on the spot where her cute little ass curves into her leg. She will feel it all day.”

She flashed one more malicious grin at Fisher and spun on her heel out of the room.

“Is that true?” Viv asked him, “does it hurt more there?”

“Yes Miss its true.”

“Good,” she said shortly and began paddling him. Connie went right after her, and they continued alternating until they both reached ten.

Fisher was a quivering, gasping mess and his ass was on fire. He whimpered a final thank you and fell to his knees as fingernails cut into his flesh.

“Awww, poor baby,” Connie teased as she stepped over him, “you really are a bitch.”

She laughed and left the room as Viv snapped one more picture and began typing. She smiled as the response came back.

“On your back on the bed, Mistress has one more surprise for you, but I’m going to ask Jenny to come back in. I think she’ll enjoy this.”

Jenny returned shortly and Fisher knew what was coming next, and as he lay on the bed wincing in pain he quietly accepted the lube on his ass and the graduated anal beads that soon followed.

One by one she slid them inside him expertly, rotating the string in order to increase his pleasure and humiliation. She handed Fisher his phone after she stripped off her latex gloves, smiling softly. “Quite a performance you put on there Candi.”

He lowered his eyes not sure what to say.

“Do you need help getting dressed? Looks like some fancy getup in there. I could ask the other ladies to come back in…”

“Please no… no more humiliation..”

She laughed, “I was kidding hun, relax… I can help you. I kinda want to actually”

“Thank you Mis, sorry, Domme Jennifer…”

“Good girl. But if you don’t behave, I will bring the others back in here. And maybe a male nurse.”

“I’ll be a good little whore Domme Jennifer, I promise.”

“I know Candi, now sit up…”

Fisher sat up and winced again, watching curiously as Jenny began pulling articles from the bag. Nude stockings, white lace panties, matching white lace bustier, black 5 inch pumps, a make up bag, a maid’s uniform and a matching headpiece.

“Looks like you have a job to get to hun,” she quipped.

Fisher shuddered.

He stood as she pulled him to his feet and slid the panties up his legs, giggling as he sighed and began to grow. She maneuvered them deftly around his growing member, guiding him through the slit (of course Mistress had chosen crotchless). He felt the thong disappear between his wounded and filled cheeks, the ring between them pressed to his skin. She grasped Fisher’s hips and forced him to spin, eliciting another groan as the beads worked around inside of him and his cock throbbed.

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