Going Down?

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Author’s note: I wrote this for a sexy young friend of mine who didn’t believe in mature 24-year-olds. Feedback, as always, is appreciated. Particularly good feedback will be forwarded on to her.


Vicki felt like Cinderella on the night of the big ball as she stepped off the elevator on the arms of Antonio: beautiful, well dressed people, beautiful penthouse reception, beautiful, olive-skinned date. She felt like she was stepping into a dream.

The brunette had worked in the same office as Antonio, her date, for nearly three years, but never really got to know him in that time. The young executive—just 28 to her 23—always looked like he was on his way to do something important and Vicki never thought he had given her a second glance. Apparently he had, stopping her in the halls just a few days ago and asking her if she was busy Friday evening. Despite his Italian good-looks and name, Antonio’s confident voice carried no hint of an accent. Looking into those dark eyes, how could she say no?

Vicki had spared no expensive when she went shopping for a dress. She felt that a man with Antonio’s persona demanded elegance mixed with sensuality, and that’s what she purchased: a slinky black number that oozed over her large breasts, slim waist, and full hips. The tight black material hung off her round ass and down her dancer’s legs, a long slit up the right side revealing an eyeful of her shapely, stocking-clad leg.

The party was already in full swing, the room filled with elegantly dressed business men and women from the company, the soft murmur of conversation comforting to her ears. Servers in white tuxedos filtered through the dark suits and beautiful evening gowns. Floor to ceiling windows offering a panoramic view of the nighttime cityscape.

Antonio paused at the elevator as though waiting for someone to announce this attractive couple’s arrival. He smiled at a few people before they made their way to the bar. “What would you like, my dear?” Antonio asked, his deep voice confident and suggestive. The dark gaze that met her hazel eyes flashed with excitement.

“Vodka martini please,” she said, batting her long lashes. “With a twist.” Her heart fluttered and she was forced to look away, pretending to adjust her soft brown hair in the reflection of the window. She’d pinned it up earlier that evening and liked the way it showed off her slender neck. In the reflection, she caught Antonio staring into the deep scoop of her black dress, down into her shadowy cleavage. Her full lips formed a soft smile. Tonight was going to be fun, she knew it.

Receiving her martini, the couple mingled through the room. At one point, they got split up, but Vicki made sure to keep him in sight at all times. How else was she going to tease him properly? When she was sure he was looking, she’d absently run her fingers along the tanned skin of her collar bone, or sip her cocktail suggestively, or pretend to drop something, only to bend at the waist and pick it up.

Antonio wasn’t the only one who had noticed the young minx. Several other men cast furtive looks in her direction. She could feel their eyes on her ass, or caught them talking to her bosom, not her face. Vicki didn’t mind the attention. In fact, she got a quiet thrill from it, but she had already decided that she was going home with the man who had brought her here.

She just hoped that was soon. All the teasing, all the stares, all the booze was getting to her. She felt flushed. She felt wet. By the time she sauntered across the room in her four-inch stiletto heels, she was brimming with sexual tension. She needed release and was suddenly prepared Yozgat Escort to be a little bit more straight-forward to get it.

The brunette ran her fingers softly across Antonio’s shoulders, feigning a yawn as their eyes met and sparkled. “Are you ready to leave, dear?” he asked, finishing his conversation with another couple.

She adjusted the dark lapels of his suit coyly, tightening his tie. He smelled of expensive cologne. She looked up at him shyly and said, “Oh, I’m so ready.” His deep brown eyes smoldered with a lust that had been building all through the evening.

“Let’s say our goodbyes and we’ll be on our way.” Vicki was horny. She wanted to leave now, but she knew that pretenses had to be made. She clung to his arm as he walked around the room, shaking hands and nodding goodbye. Antonio seemed to sense her impatience and was probably shorter with the last few people than was appropriate, but at that moment, Vicki didn’t care, and neither did Antonio.

As soon as the elevator doors were closed, they were all over one another. Vicki plastered her curves against his masculine frame, their lips coming together in a fevered kiss. Tongues dueled for dominance and she felt his hands slid up and down her body, over her hips, over her ass.

She broke the kiss as abruptly as she had started it, looking over at the elevator buttons. There was no way she was going to make it home. She needed this man now. She hit the Emergency Stop button and the elevator shuddered to a halt. Antonio’s confused expression turned into a sly grin.

No words were spoken as Vicki slid to her knees, running her fingers over the outside of his expensive trousers. She felt him beneath, hard and throbbing. She needed to see it. She needed to hold it. Looking up at him with her large, hazel eyes, she wordlessly unbuckled his pants, freeing his beautiful cock from his silk boxers. She played with it, marveling at how soft the skin was as she smeared the clear precum over its length. She loved to play with a guy before taking it into her mouth. She loved to tease.

“You have a beautiful cock,” she said huskily. Her smile was anything but innocent, and before he could say another word, she closed her mouth around it.

Antonio leaned up against the golden handrail of the elevator, watching as his date sucked the head of his erection into her mouth, swirling it expertly with her tongue. She kept her hazel eyes on his, watching as he shifted focus from her eyes, to his cock sliding in and out of her wet mouth, to the deep cleavage that her slinky black dress was offering him.

Vicki loved giving head. She loved watching the guy’s face as he slowly gave in to the warmth of her mouth. She loved to please and could feel her own quivering sex grow wet. But right now, she needed him. She didn’t stop the elevator just for her date. She needed to feel him in her and she needed it now.

When he was swollen to fullness, she pulled her mouth from him with a loud slurp and stood up, making sure to rub her tight body against his saliva-slick member. Her lips inches from his, she whispered urgently, “I need you,” before slamming her mouth against his.

They made out like animals as they gyrated and jockeyed for position in the stopped elevator. Antonio slid his hand up the slit of her dress, pulling it higher along her legs. He wasn’t surprised when he felt the tops of her stockings, discovered the garters that she wore. A creature of this much sexuality wouldn’t wear anything less. His fingers came in contact with the soaked gusset of her panties and she moaned loudly into his mouth.

She Yozgat Escort Bayan spread her legs as his fingers pulled the thin silk from her sticky lips. “Oh God!” she moaned, “fuck me!”

Quickly obliging the heavily sexed woman before him, he twisted her dress so the slit was in front. She lifted her leg to the hand rail, hooking the stiletto heel behind it to ensure she was wide open for him. She pulled her tiny black g-string to the side, exposing the shaved lips of her sex to Antonio for the first time. The Italian man ran his cock along the smooth and swollen folds before pushing into her. “Uhh!” Vicki grunted. He took her hips in his hands and pushed all the way into her. “Yes!” she groaned as the elevator shook with their coupling, filled with the sounds of slapping skin and her panting.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Vicki moaned with each thrust. She had been waiting all night for this. She was close. She could feel it. She could feel herself rising as his gorgeous man slammed his cock in and out of her pussy. “Uh, UH!” she groaned. She felt her g-string snap under her trembling fingers but didn’t care. She could see the edge. Her orgasm in sight, she bucked her hips with a renewed fever.

And then, suddenly, a detached voice crackled over an intercom and asked, “Do you need assistance?”

“UH! UH! OH! FUCK ME! HARDER!” Vicki moaned, just on the verge.

“Um…” the detached voice stammered. “Miss, I’m afraid I’m going to need to reactivate the elevator.”

“OH, FUCK! YES!” she screamed as her orgasm finally washed over her. Her pussy clenched the beautiful man’s throbbing cock as her body burned with passion, the fire of her pussy spreading fast along her body, through her hair, and down the tips of her fingers. She clawed at his back, she bit her lip as she gasped for air.

When she came down from her orgasmic high, the elevator was moving, making its slow decent down the shaft. By the time they got to the parking garage, they had readjusted their clothing and looked somewhat presentable. Vicki watched as Antonio positioned his aching erection back into his pants. She ran her fingers over it as she pressed her warm body into his. “We’ll take care of that, don’t worry,” she promised.

They walked quickly to Antonio’s shiny black Jag, Vicki’s heels clicking urgently along the concrete floor. Antonio kept his hand on her ass or along the roll of her hip, urgently prodding her along. The sound of his alarm turning off echoed through the empty garage. Level 3 was practically empty, Antonio’s Jaguar sitting in the corner under a glaring lamp.

“I can’t wait for home,” he whispered urgently in her ear. “I think I’d crash the fucking car!”

She smiled over her shoulder, reaching up and releasing her long, brown hair. It fell in waves, catching the light of the garage like a halo. “We wouldn’t want that,” she said. Her fingers played with the spaghetti straps of her dress before she pushed them off her tanned shoulders.

Antonio licked his lips, his heart racing. He couldn’t believe this woman, or what she was doing to him! He watched as she pulled the tight dress down along the curves of her body, slowly unveiling the graceful line of her naked back. He could see the swells of her large breasts, the dimples of her lower back, the lacy garter belt cinched around her slender waist. The dress pooled at her feet, leaving her in nothing but heels, stockings and a garter belt.

Looking over her shoulder, she said, “Well, what are you waiting for?” She began to slink towards the car, rolling her hips as she walked. When she got to the car, she put a leg up on the Escort Yozgat bumper, her firm buttocks tightening with the movement, and removed one of her strappy stilettos. Straightening up, her lean body stretching upwards, she smashed the glaring light above his car.

Suddenly, the two stood in the much softer light that seeped in from streets below, from the full moon, and from the more remote lamps of the garage. She turned at last and sat up on the car. “Well, what are you waiting for?” Her full breasts were illuminated like satin in the soft lighting, lightly tanned like the rest of her body, with light brown nipples hard and high.

She spread her legs on the car and Antonio’s eyes traveled down her flat stomach, over her silver belly ring, right down to the moist juncture between her legs. As he’d briefly noted before plowing into her in the elevator, she’d shaved herself bare but for a little landing strip of trimmed dark hair above her blossoming folds. With her legs spread, she ran her hand down over her breasts, along her stomach, and across her sex. She traced her middle finger over her hood and down into her slit, pushing it in briefly before pulling out, slick with her excitement.

“Well?” she said, raising her eyebrow.

Antonio was discarding his expensive suit as he rushed towards her. She laughed as he fumbled like a child and jumped off the hood. “Would you like me on my back, or from behind?”

Not waiting for an answer, she turned her back to him and bent over the hood of the car, her legs spread enough for her plump pussy lips to peak out invitingly. He reached her, pushing her harder against the car. The act of sudden aggression sent a thrill through Vicki and she actually purred. Not wasting any time, he buried himself deep into her velvet sheath.

“Ohhh, fuck that feels g—good!” she moaned as he began to pump her, his hands almost painful on her hips. He took her hard, harder than she was used to, and loved it. She loved the way his expensive car shook with each thrust, or the way her sweaty tits smeared across the shiny black paint. “Harder! Fuck me harder!” she begged.

His hands traced up her body, groping at her tits and pulling her up against him. The act of standing up tightened her pussy along his pistoning shaft, filling her up even more. “OH!” she groaned as his hands began to roughly squeeze and need her DDs. “FUCKFUCKFUCK!!” she cried out. He fucked her harder, his hips slapping against her full butt cheeks. His fingers pinched her nipples, merciless.

When she felt his teeth graze across her shoulders, across her neck, she knew that her orgasm was going to be intense. “You like this?” he hissed into her ear, running his tongue across the lobe. She shuddered and his teeth nibbled down her neck. “Oh, HARDER!” she urged, her whole body crying out. Her breathing was shallow, ratcheting through the warm air of the parking garage. His teeth bit down on her shoulder, white pain flashing through her body.

That was it. Her vision flashed like paparazzi as her body exploded.

Vicki was going crazy, thrashing her hair around wildly as she came hard. Her cunt rippled and clenched at Antonio’s cock. “Oh God!” he yelled as he felt his own balls clench. “Hang on, baby!” he croaked as his seed spilled into the depths of her pussy.

As she felt the hot liquid explode into her womb, she was racked with another orgasm, barely on the heels of the last. “Uh! Oh God! Ohgodohgod!!!”

When the smoke cleared, Antonio’s sweaty body lay collapsed on top of her, each trying desperately to regain their breath.

“Wow,” Vicki said, turning her head and kissing him tenderly. “That was the best fuck of my young life.” She could feel his come slowly seep from her hairless pussy lips.

“Well, the night is young,” Antonio whispered, promise in his voice. They groaned as he pulled his limp member out of her. “And you haven’t felt anything yet…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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