Good Girl Guided Masturbation

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Good morning my little pet. It’s unfortunate that I can’t be with you today, but I think we can still have some fun.

Would you like that, pet? Do you want me to give that greedy little body of yours what it so desperately needs?

Of course you do, you beautiful little slut. Are you willing to submit to me completely? To obey every command quickly and thoroughly?

You are? Oh Good Girl!

You love it when I call you a Good Girl, don’t you? Those words resonate in your desperate little cunt. They calm your nerves. You want to be a Good Girl for me. You want to obey and please me. Since I’m not there with you, my pleasure relies entirely on your obedience.

Listen closely and prepare yourself for me. You’ll need to grab a few things.

Grab your favorite substitute for my thick cock, a dildo or vibrator, or any phallic object you could slide into that sloppy wet pussy.

Good Girl.

Now put on your collar. This is a physical symbol of your submission to me and my ownership of you. If you don’t have a collar yet, put on a necklace. Something with heft to remind you that you’re owned.

Good Girl.

Grab your phone, sweetheart. You’ll be photographing your submission to me.

Good Girl.

Now remove your clothes. Do it quickly. Little pets don’t need clothes. Fold your clothes very neatly and put them to the side in a tidy pile. Don’t be a lazy little whore: listen to your Master.

Good Girl.

You’re getting a little wet already, aren’t you? Just following my simple instructions has made your nipples perk up. Don’t touch yourself just yet, little slut. You’ll only do so with my permission, and in the manner I instruct.

Good Girl.

Now, ideally, you’ll kneel for me in front of a full-length mirror so you can fully enjoy watching yourself submit. If that’s impossible, you’ll kneel facing the wall, as if I’m standing in front of you.

Get on your knees right now. Good Girl.

Look at yourself in the mirror, excited, eager, and on your knees for me. Submitting completely. I wouldn’t görükle escort know if you disobeyed me, but you wouldn’t dare. Obeying me makes you feel so good. Debasing yourself for me reminds you of who and what you are. A desperate little cum-slut.

Your body is gorgeous. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of you for long while you knelt in front of me.

Rub your hands gently up and down your torso. Sooo gently, using only the tips of your fingers, drag a hand up from your belly, between your breasts, and to your throat. Caress your soft neck and move your hands back down, across your shoulders, down between your beautiful breasts, and over those sensitive hip bones.

Good Girl.

Keep teasing your body with your fingers. Run them up and down your thighs, getting oh-so-close to that sweet little cunt. But not yet! Do not touch your little slit, my pet.

Let out a nice moan for me as you tease yourself. Now move your hands to those sensitive little nipples. Using the flat palm of your hand, barely touch the tips of your nipples. Move your hands in gentle circles. Ever so gently.

Good Girl.

Now grab them firmly. Squeeze those little nipples until you gasp. Then pull them up toward your face. Tug at them hard while you squeeze. Do not stop until you feel tears welling up in your eyes.

You can do it you little slut. You can take the pain for me, and feel your slutty little hole ache as you do. There you go.

Good Girl.

Drop your nipples. Is your little cunt dripping, my pet? It is, isn’t it. No. Not yet. Don’t touch that needy little slit. Be my Good Girl.

Being my pet makes you feel so good, doesn’t it? No need for thoughts, just obedience and pleasure. Pets don’t have worries or stress, they simply obey their Master and bask in His approval.

Run your fingers up and down around your slit. Don’t sneak in there yet. Caress your mound and feel how hot that little cunt is. Oh. Are you humping your little hand? It’s okay. I know how desperate you are.

But why don’t you görükle escort bayan show us both just how desperate you are, pet. Why don’t you whine for me like a hungry little puppy?

Good Girl! Oh you’re so needy. Whining like a little bitch because you need to come. You’re a filthy little puppy for me, aren’t you? Wag your little tail and pant for me, puppy. Look at yourself in the mirror. Whining and wriggling like a puppy to please me, hoping I’ll finally let you touch that dripping pussy.

Bark for me. Louder. Not just a single bark, I want you to bark like another little puppy is on the other side of the fence. Bark for me.

Oh you Good Girl!

Alright, wiggle your fingers between those pussy lips and feel how wet you are. Oh my, you’re sopping, aren’t you? Dip your two middle fingers into that needy cunt. Just for a second! Get them all wet and slowly drag them up, across and slightly above your clit. Now stroke that wet slit all the way down to your hot little asshole and then back up above your clit. Again. Slowly and gently, rub your little pussy. It’s okay to grind against your hand, you horny pup.

Good Girl.

Now pick up the toy you grabbed when we started. No. With your mouth like a little puppy. Look in the mirror at yourself, on your knees with a fake cock in your mouth. Watch yourself while you take your two middle fingers and rub gentle circles around your clit. Moan and whimper for me, puppy.

Good Girl.

Are you drooling on your toy, my pet? If you aren’t, I want you to drool for me. Let your saliva run down your chin like the messy little bitch you are. When your chin is nice and wet stop rubbing your little clit. Put both of your paws in the air and beg to use your toy. Beg me. With that toy in your mouth say “please Master, please let me fuck my desperate cunt.” Out loud.

Good Girl.

Pick up your phone or camera and take a picture of yourself, on your knees, drooling like a little puppy with your toy in your mouth, your cunt desperate to be filled. You’ll want to remember bursa escort yourself this way.

Good Girl.

Okay my pet, stay on your knees and spread your legs. Slide that toy inside your greedy hole. Thank your Master by wagging your tail.

Good Girl.

Slide your toy in and out slowly. Fuck your horny little cunt nice and slow. Does it feel good to have your little hole filled? I know it does you greedy little puppy.

Now pull it out and hold it perfectly still in one hand. Move your body down into it and then back off. Use your whole body to fuck that stationary toy. It’s okay, pet: puppies love to hump their toys. You like it too, don’t you? Moving up and down on that fake cock reminds you how badly you want that release.

Good Girl.

While you fuck yourself on that toy, start to rub that little clit, too. Oh that feels nice, doesn’t it? Impaling yourself on that fake cock while you tease that sensitive clit. Oh I bet it feels sooo good. I bet you’d really like to come for me.

I’m going to count you down from 5. Please don’t disappoint your Master by coming before He reaches 1. Be a Good Girl for me. Okay?


Keep fucking that toy and rubbing that greedy cunt. Look at yourself in the mirror, naked, obedient, chin covered in drool. What a Good Girl you are!


Move your fingers across that clit a little faster now. Feel the weight of the collar you’re wearing and remember what you are: a desperate little puppy; a filthy cumslut. You’re my Good Girl, aren’t you? Bark for me if you’re my Good Girl. Bark for your Master.


That little clit must be getting so swollen now. Pinch it. Pinch your little clit between your fingers until it hurts just a little. Move your swollen clit in circles between your fingers. Oh you are such a Good Girl!


Keep rubbing yourself for me, my little puppy. Fuck that toy and rub that clit. I know you’re so close now. I need you to show me how desperate you are to come. Look up with big puppy eyes and whine for me. Whine like the desperate little bitch you are. Good Girl.


Oh there you go! Come for me, pet. Let your hips buck and your eyes roll back. Good Girl. Let it go. You’re such a good little puppy for me. Such a Good Girl. Why don’t you curl up on the floor and relax, puppy?

That’s my Good Girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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