Guess What…

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Written in about an hour in answer to a special request by a special friend. Please excuse the absence of polish. ~R


“Guess what I’m looking at.”

Dee pondered the sentence in the chat window that had just popped into view.

“I have no idea,” she typed back, “and I almost hate to guess.”

She had almost added “perv” to the end of that statement but didn’t, not wanting to embarrass herself if it was something completely innocent. Knowing Andres, however, it most likely was something sexually oriented. It was pretty much how Andres was wired, and it was very much a part of what attracted her to him in the first place.

Andres was very sexual, but he wasn’t crude about it. He was certainly dirty-minded and had no qualms about whatever he said. Dee wasn’t even sure it was what Andres said, but how he said it. When talking together it wasn’t as openly sexual as when they chatted on line, but God, he could get her juices flowing when he teased her. Her heart jumped a bit as she was startled from her thoughts by the ding of another message.

“I’ll give you a little hint…”, below which was a button asking her if she wanted to accept a file from him. Ooo, what’s this? She clicked to accept the file as she felt her skin flush. Her anticipation gave way to puzzlement as she looked at the postage stamp-sized the exchange izle picture on her screen. At first she thought it was a pinkish upside-down double-u. Then, she saw it. Those look like fingers.

She typed back, “You’re looking at a hand?”

“Not just any hand,” came the reply, again, with a request to accept a file. This time, when the picture came up she gasped. Laid out on her screen was a closeup of her own hand, the immaculately painted nails pressed slightly into the tender flesh of her freshly shaved pussy. The tip of her middle finger was slipped between the large inner lips, seeking the warm moistness of her love canal. She could see that she was wet, her juices collecting at the base of her slit, similar, she could feel, to what was happening in her right now.

Where the fuck did he get that? Then she remembered a time about 4 years ago when she was feeling particularly randy and wanted to do something a bit naughty. She hadn’t heard from Andres in a few weeks and thought she would see if she could get a rise out of him, so to speak. She had taken a few snaps of her pussy, with and without her hand doing things to it, and emailed them to Andres. The whole time all she could think about was what it would feel like to have his hard cock slamming into her. She had had the family pile izle at least a half-dozen orgasms that night. Normally she would go for a long, slow build up to a single, body-numbing gusher and then blissfully fall asleep. That night, she remembered, an animal had awakened in her and she just wanted to be fucked; used, taken, owned.

Dee squeezed her legs together to help alleviate the itch beginning to stir in her groin. Her hands trembling, she typed back, “and what are you doing while looking?” Her heart was pounding now as she waited, anticipating what he would come back with. It took only a few seconds.

“See for yourself.” This time a request to join a video chat popped up. She didn’t have a camera on her computer but she knew he did. She clicked the Accept button as she could feel her juices begin to find their way down the crack of her ass. She loved how slippery she felt when she got this worked up.

Up popped the vid window and there it was. He had his hand wrapped around that glorious eight-inch cock, slowly stroking it. She could see the head glistening with pre-cum. Unconsciously, she licked her lips.

“You like what you see?”

Dee pressed her fingers into the front of her crotch, feeling the dampness that was seeping through her shorts. “OMG the first lady izle baby I’m squishy,” she typed back one-handed (after three attempts) and pressed harder against the material. She shuddered as the seam of her shorts rubbed deliciously across her clit.

The chat client dinged again, “What’re you gonna do about that?”

“I’m going to strip off my shorts and panties.” She could see him begin to stroke faster as she did just that. “Then I am going to rub my clitty til I explode!”

Dee circled her button with her middle finger, much like the picture that was still showing on her screen only partially covered by the vid of Andres pumping himself.

“I wanna see.” He typed back.

“You know I don’t have a webcam.”

“I’m going to have to fix that one of these days.”

“Promises, promises,” she giggled again, then gasped, throwing her head back when her fingernail dragged across her g-spot.

When she looked again at her screen, Andres was gone from the vid window, leaving her a decent view of the bookshelves behind his desk. A few seconds later Dee sensed his presence behind her and a wry smile played across her lips as she slowly pivoted her chair around and spread her legs. He stood in the doorway of her office, naked from the waist down with his rigid cock swaying before him.

“Like what you see?” she asked coyly, her middle finger slowly spreading her nectar over her nether lips.

“Oh my God, baby, I couldn’t be squishy if I wanted to,” Andres quipped.

“What’re you gonna do about that?” Her eyes laughed as she teased him.

“Let me show you.”

That night, Dee got what she wanted. Fucked. Used. Taken. Owned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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