Handle Pressure

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I love reading stories about women who are slaves, since I have been one myself for the past two years.

I am a 30 year old woman. I am also a teacher at our local college. The pressure of my job caused me to lose many friends and divorce my husband. I talked to my friend Claire, who is two years older than me. She is also a teacher at my college. I asked her how she handles the pressure. She told me to come home with her the following Friday. She told me that I must not tell anyone about what I would see or what would be done, and I had to do anything I was told to do.

When we got to Claire’s house we went to the master bedroom, where I was told by Claire to strip down to my bra and knickers. Claire did the same. Then we headed for the living room, where we waited for Claire’s husband, Jason, to come home from work. I asked Claire what was going to happen, but she told me not to ask any questions. When Jason finally arrived he told Claire to remove her knickers and bra and lie across the coffee table. Then he pulled out a long strap from the sideboard and gave her 25 whacks with it as I watched. Her bum was turning crimson red as she cried out, twisting and jerking under each blow.

When he had finished with Claire, görükle escort Jason turned to me and told me to remove my knickers and bra, which I did. Then I lay down across his knee and he gave me 15 whacks. In my case he used the flat of his hand, since it was my first spanking. He told me that as the weeks went by, I would be spanked in the same manner as Claire. After the spanking, Jason took our bras and knickers with him upstairs, and told us they would not be returned until we stopped crying.

After a couple of months of this treatment I was invited to live with Claire and Jason. I eventually told them that I would, but not until I had mulled the idea over in my mind for a couple of weeks. I decided that the idea excited me. That’s how I became Jason and Claire’s personal slave

The relationship dictates that I must obey all the rules they set for me. I must not speak unless I am spoken to first. I must address Jason as “Sir” or “Master” and Claire as “Mistress” when we are at home. Before I go to work on Mondays, Jason uses a studded strap on me so that I can’t sit down properly for two days. He also bought a special bra for me. This bra is made with metal wire, so if my tits become hard görükle escort bayan the wire juts into my nipples. It can become very painful. I must wear knickers that have the day of the week printed on them. If I wear the wrong knickers I am given a quick, hard spanking and I am not allowed to wear any knickers for the rest of the day.

Since I am not allowed to have any pubic hair, I must keep my pussy clean shaven at all times. Jason can check at any time, so I make sure I’m prepared. Jason likes me to keep a dildo up my pussy while I work. During our lunch break, Claire and I go into the staff toilet. I lift up my skirt so that she can check that the dildo is still in place. She is allowed to remove it and fondle me is she wants to, and most of the time she does.

After work, I must take a shower with Claire. Jason orders me to masturbate as Claire feels my tits. Then I must masturbate Claire. The only sex I am allowed to have is with Claire or other women. When I have sex with another woman, Jason and Claire watch. When Jason and Claire are having sex, I must watch. While I watch them I masturbate, and then I must lick Claire’s pussy. After she is satisfied I am tied spreadeagled to the bed. bursa escort Claire straps on a dildo and enters my pussy. When she has come, I am turned over on my stomach. She then slowly enters my arsehole, thrusting back and forth until I cry out in both pain and pleasure.

Jason has an extensive collecton of porn DVD’s. I must watch them with him and masturbate openly for Claire and Jason. Claire made up a game that I play with her. She makes me dress up in nappy’s and rubber knickers while she pretends to be my nanny. She tells me I am a bad little girl and she must spank me to make me mind my manners. I lie across her knees and she pulls down my rubber knickers and nappy. Then she promptly gives me a spanking with a hairbrush. As she is spanking me I must cry out.

“Please nanny I will be a good girl” after I am disciplined, Claire takes off her dress and knickers and orders me to stop crying and lick her pussy. If I break any of her rules I am punished. And when I am punished by Claire, she gives me a bare bottomed spanking with a hard wooden paddle.

When I am punished by Jason he takes me into the cellar, where I am tied up, wrist together, and hooked to a chain that hangs from the ceiling. He puts clothes pegs on my nipples and pussy. Then he takes a whip to my arse. Afterwards he removes the pegs from my pussy and gives me ten whacks with a wooden ruler.

Even though I am a slave to Jason and Claire, it is clear that I am able to leave at any time. But I choose to stay.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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