Hard To Learn # 101

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Reader Warning

This story has some racial over tones to it just like many of the other interracial stories on this web site. So if that offends you, please move on and don’t read it. This story was written for your enjoyment and entertainment.

It is also complete fantasy so please don’t write me as if it’s a real story and tell me what a SOB I am. But saying that, it does hits home to many folks with regards to the tricks evil men would and are playing on unsuspecting individuals who are working hard to help the world become a better place. Lastly always practice safe sex.

Now on with the story.

Bud was reading sex stories on line like he almost always did while waiting for his lovely wife to finish showering. “There’s another one of those fucking stories that humbles, humiliates, and belittles the poor white husband for his so called “small little cock. These damn stories really piss me off.” Bud said to himself

He didn’t even finish reading it because he knew how it would most likely ended. There would be a big black guy with an even bigger black cock, which would be at lest 8 inches long. But, most like the cock would be even bigger maybe standing out from his body at 11 inches or in some cases maybe more than a foot. It would be as big around as a beer can and the black guy would be able to last for hours and hours fucking the pussy of the pretty little sexy wife in the story, non-stop. And his fucking would drive the extremely beautiful, and always really built young undersexed white wife of the husband wild with lust, and desire. She would worship and fall in love this black cock after just one time of having it in her cunt.

Then she would beg the black man to knock her up and give her a black kid. The woman would willingly do all sorts of unmentionable and obscene sex acts with whore like behavior for the black man just so he would keep on fucking her. She would become a slut whore after only being fucked once but this man. Not being able to do without it, the wife would change completely over night and tell her husband he would have no choice in her decision. He could become a slave to the black man and sometimes both would become slaves. It was either that or the husband could leave her as the black man moved in and took over everything they had.

In the story the poor white husband’s cock would always be less that 5-inches long and not even round as the black man’s middle finger. The husband would be on his knees of course honoring and begging the far “superior” black man to fuck his wife like a whore. The husband learned to love seeing and hearing his little white wife being fucked. She would be screaming and begging for more and more of the black cock. She would have it rammed into her pussy stretching her so wide she wouldn’t even feel the white cock any more. She would be begging the black man too never to stop fucking her and she would offer her ass and her mouth to his cock. In fact she would even have her husband’s mouth to clean the cock after it had cum inside the wife’s pussy for the forth time in an hour.

The cum loads would always be super fertile and of course there would be huge amounts of it so pussy and womb would completely overflow. Oh yes, and because the black man’s cock was so long, the cum would always pump directly into her womb making her pregnant almost immediately. Some cases the woman could feel when all the black sperm fertilized her egg.

Sound familiar? It should. This type of story is all over the Internet. But, as far as Bud was concerned, these stories were written by a bunch of thugs trying to spread the rumor that black men were far better than white men when it came to sex. In some cases some whore or slave wrote it for the benefit of the black man. Some stories were written by a black man himself.

They seemed harmless but, by reading these stories, some women would fall under the spell of this bullshit being fed to her. They would make the women wonder about the myth and maybe decided to try it just once to see how it really was. But when it was over, she would have been fucked and most of the time it would be by an average black cock.

Bud said, “This is just plain BULL SHIT! It’s another one of those damn Old Wives tales, an Urban Legend, a story like the old hook in the door of the car at lover’s lane, about what lives in the attic, or headless horseman. It’s like the story about the old haunted house, vampires and werewolves. This legend was most likely started by the black man for his benefit!”

Bud had been an athlete all his life. He had seen his share of black cocks in the men shower room and knew on average that the black cock was no bigger or thicker than the average white cock.

He had been a Marine too and during his 6 years of serving his country, again he had seen blacks and whites naked. Hell he had seen them colors! He knew the truth! And while it might make for a great fuck story, on the average a black cock and a white cock were equal. Sure, he knew there were exceptions with both Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort races. Some men just had big dicks, while some had medium cocks, and others had small ones. In fact some had very small cocks and they came in both black and white colors.

But he also knew that it was the number of folds of skin a man had around the cock head that would prove how big and long his cock would get when it was hard. Soft cocks were not a good gage to measure because some men had longer soft cocks than other. Blacks seem to be the majority in this category.

So, when a black cock was soft it hung longer on average with less folds of skin around the head than the average white cock. But that being said, the test conducted over he years and great amount of research his company had done on this subject proved that when hard, the cocks of a black man and white man were the same size. It was proven with standard deviation and bell curve mathematics. And, there were many other studies performed over the years that said the same thing. It was proved scientifically. Black and white cocks were the same size, some big, some small, but the average was the same, they were equal!

Now as he had read half of another of these typical stories about big black dicks he was starting to feel for sure that there was an unorganized effort around the country which tried to belittle the white men trying to make them more and more cuckolds these days. It was almost like a trend was developing.

While at the same time it was belittling the white cock, it seemed this effort was praising the black cock for its superior ability. So Bud started out to be one white man to work against this pattern of bull shit. His plan started with getting other white men to work with him. He had connections all over the country and soon his organization was forming research groups and many people were helping with the investigation and research. They would then share their findings with whoever wanted it. The study would be published in every magazine he could get to do it, and there were many offered to him. All of their efforts and work was to show the rumor to be wrong and to fight this trend.

Bud was sure more each day that there was a group, maybe more than one, responsible for this over abundance of stories. He also knew that TV shows and ads as well as movies were showing white women with black men more and more. The entertainment business was moving with the new trend. It was very apparent to him. He could see that there was a large increase in the fathering of the many mixed children with no father you see around the country. This was now sucking the welfare system dry and hurting many other organizations. The funding to assist mother and children was needed even more desperately these days with all the Federal budget cuts. He would also try to prove that a gang or some criminal organization was conducting this act and they would be found out. Bud worked find something to prove that there was a group of blacks conducting this type of propaganda.

With that background, here is one such story about a ring, gang, organization, whatever you wish to call it, that was partly responsible for the many mixed children in his immediate area of the country. After this operation was discovered in Bud’s home state, more and more of these gangs, were found to be operating all over the country. Many of the black men were ex-cons and petty criminals who were working for a organization ran by a man name Jerome. Their main goal was to make the idea that black was better and bigger to the white women. Secondly, their goal was to impregnate as many white woman as possible or to make whores out of them. These whores were the ones you saw on the various Internet sites. They made you believe that they were just average white women who had found a greater sexual satisfaction of a black man. In some cases they would even be gang banged by a group of blacks. The site made you believe that these average white women loved it!

When the news of these gangs and their plan was discovered, both the black and white races called for action and there was a general uprising conducted to put these gangsters behind bars. There were many, many charges made against these men but mostly the charges consisted of rape, dealing of drugs and the risking these women lives, kidnapping and sexual assault and treason to the country in general.

The actual discovery happened by accident and the results were an even bigger divisions between black and white men. It was the women of both races that had the calmer brains and worked towards unison. The women insisted on pressing charges and so the Federal Government had no choice but to step in. They arrest and put these men on trial and jailed them to the fullest extent of the law. Now many of the criminals were or soon will be behind bars in jails for the rest of their lives. Soon they would be the ones with dicks in their mouths and up their ass. Soon these men would be begging for mercy as a line Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort of men formed behind them to fuck them. The other prisoners would see to that and the guards would turn their heads to the pleads.

Bud looked back on what had happened over the past months. That first week in this period started out like most other ones. Work, work, work was all we seemed to be doing lately. If he wasn’t working late his wife of 7 years was. Their professional lives seemed to be taking more and more of both their times. When they got home they were usually beat down and tired. So the routine would be Lisa cooked Bud cleaned up and they then either passed out in the living room or in bed. Sex became a once maybe twice a week thing where before it was every dam night and twice on Saturday and Sunday.

Now before you the reader start saying, “Oh shit here we go, the sweet little wife needs it and the old husband can’t perform as needed.” I have to tell you it wasn’t either of their faults. But, rather both of them who were too tired for it. They were equal and pretty much even as to who told the other they were too tired. The year rolled on and from maybe September until March their lives were just like that, work and not much else.

Besides her normal school classes with 4th graders, Lisa had volunteered or actually been chorused into help hard to learn children after school 2 days a week. Lisa loved her job as a schoolteacher at the Elementary school. It had been her life’s ambition and she was good with kids, especially little ones. As of yet she haven’t had any of her own. She now went into school 45 minutes early to work on her after school plan and on Tuesday and Thursday Lisa stayed after school until 4:30PM or 5PM working with these hard to learn children. She sometimes worked with their parents too so that they could learn what to do at home with their child.

It was just as well since Bud used this time to work on his job and the many financial projects he had in the works at present. Financial consulting was a dog-eat-dog job, which required you to give a great deal to what the customer wanted when they wanted it. They had been making a great living over the past three years and had promised each other that when school ended in June this year, Lisa and Bud would take one great vacation in the Caribbean for 3 weeks. They both looked forward to staying at the small and out of the way resort where they would be alone just the two of them for the first two weeks. Then the third would be spent on a chartered 40-foot sailboat where they would learning to sail. They had even talked about starting a family again and were planning to try as much as possible while on vacation to accomplish that goal.

The year went on and Lisa was awarded teacher of the year at her school for the program she worked in after school. There was a banquet at the end of the school year for these kids, parents and for all the volunteers and husbands, and boyfriends were invited to attend. It was publicized as a way of showing appreciation for the women’s efforts. Members from the Hard To Learn (HTL) organization that hosted the program were there along with many large corporate sponsors who had provided funds for the kids were in attendance.

The HTL” program was larger than expected, with maybe 150 people in attendance at the banquet. When Bud and Lisa arrived they found their table. It was to have 4 other couples seated together, as they were all awarded teacher of the year winners in HTL. However, there were only Molly and Brad from the fifth grade class, and Bud and Lisa from the 4th grade. The third grade teacher was single and she were told Molly she had a very ill mother and couldn’t attend this evening.

Then there was Leela and Eugene a black couple who were from HTL organization and another man who was the speaker for the dinner. His name was Jerome and he was a black man of maybe 35, fairly tall and dressed like a businessman. He introduced himself to everyone and said that his wife couldn’t make it tonight due to a sick child too. He shook hands with both the men and women. It seemed he held Lisa’s and Molly’s hands just a second or two longer than he did the men and Leela’s. Maybe it was just Bud’s imagination, but it sure looked like that was what happened.

They all started to eat and soon Jerome was heading to the stage to make his speech. He thanked everyone for coming and talked about how the many under privilege children had been helped greatly by everyone in the room. He explained that many of the children, 95% actually, were black or mixed color and had only had one parent, in most cases it was the mother. He then talked about how these children had been breaded by a black father. But it was now the husbands of the women to take responsibility for the children even if they were not the father. It was their responsibility to ensure the child developed into a creditable human being.

Bud didn’t think the word “bread” was a proper word for Jerome to be Ataşehir Ucuz Escort using but let it roll. Then he heard Jerome us it again as he talked. Bud was thinking it made the man sound like he was saying women were like farm animals and were here on earth just to be fucked and bread to have children, sort of like lambs or sheep or other farm animals. Bud didn’t say anything then, but it upset him a little to think a president of such a large organization like this one could think so little of women. The people in the audience listen and when Jerome was done they clapped, he didn’t. Jerome then began to give out awards for the special teachers of the program.

When it got to the fourth and fifth grade winners, his wife and Molly both won. They went up on stage to accept their awards and plaques. Jerome handed it to them and kissed their cheeks. He did the same to every woman that won. There were twelve of them. They all stood on stage along with Jerome and pictures were taken for the newspapers and school papers.

As they stood there Bud couldn’t help but notice that each woman who won was in her mid to late 20s or early 30s, none were older. Each was at least pretty, more than half were what he would classified as beautiful and each was built more like a athletic than an old school teacher like the ones he had in school. And, it looked like each woman was married with her rings on. There were no middle age woman or ugly or fat ladies up on stage. Bud considered that strange for a group of teachers since many of them are over weight and middle age. It’s just a fact of life. He again wondered if it was just he, or was he imagining it. Bud bent over and whisper to Brad, “Is it me or are all those women young and beautiful?”

Brad smiled and said; “Yea, I was thinking the same thing Bud and they’re all white too. There were no Orientals or Mexicans or blacks on stage. Every winner was white. It looked like reverse racism up there!” We both laughed.

Brad was still smiling but I wasn’t now. Brad was right, they were all white, young and very lovely and they were all involved with black children who had single parents. That worried Bud a little but he couldn’t put his finger on why.

Then Jerome came back to the microphone and said, “Each of these wonderful ladies are now going to work part time for HTL as trainers. That means husbands and boyfriends and other friends and family, these ladies will be earning an extra $7,000 a year, and be trained to teach other individuals how to work with hard to learn children. During the rest of this school year and next, these lovely ladies will be awarded a trip to New Orleans for a week of very specialized train the trainer classes. Isn’t that great! The trip is paid for by our corporate sponsors and we thank them one and all.”

There was clapping and cheering. He held up his hands and continued, “Then next year, these women will spend one pleasant evening a week for three months meeting with other members of this organization to continue their education.”

Again everyone clapped again and all the ladies returned to their tables. Lisa and Molly were delighted and giggling. She showed Bud the award and kissed him saying, “Isn’t this great! I’m so excited Bud! And a trip to New Orleans. WOW!”

Jerome was standing by the table watching them and listening and said, “Well Lisa, you will have very little time I afraid to spend sightseeing New Orleans. This will be a working trip with classes all-day and then homework at night. You will be grade.”

He smiled a little and then said, “But, you will have a couple of days to relax afterwards and what you do with them is up to you.”

He smiled bigger at Brad and Bud but Bud could tell it was very fake smile. He looked at Jerome and asked, “And when exactly is this class?”

Jerome said, “It starts on Saturday, June 15, about a week after school ends why?”

Bud said, “Well we have a scheduling conflict Jerome. We’ll be away on vacation.”

Jerome looked at Lisa and simply said, “Reschedule your vacation. This is very important to your wife and her carrier Bud. Is it Lisa?”

Bud said, “Yes I understand that, but we can’t reschedule we have paid for it and worked hard all year and have been planning to go for over a year.”

Lisa said, “We could try Bud. I mean it wouldn’t hurt anything to ask if they can change the weeks. I really would like to go to these classes.”

Jerome said, “Well the class is held once a year Lisa, so if you miss it you may never get to attend.”

She looked at Bud like a sick puppy. He sighed and told her it would require a lot of changes but he would try.

The night ended by Jerome kissing each woman again on the cheek and they left. Lisa was bubbling all over herself. When they got home Bud saw the excitement finally hit his wife and as she lay on the bed she was asleep before he could get his shoes off. Bud helped her undressed and she passed out.

The next day was Saturday and Bud spent 3 hours on the phone trying to coordinate the change in the trip dates. Finally he was told he couldn’t and if he didn’t go now he would drop 50 % of the deposit at this late date. When Bud told Lisa she was really upset. She wanted to go to both the vacation and the classes. She said, “I guess asking you to wait until next year would be to much to ask?”

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