Harland Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: Again, this is entirely made up. Any likeness is coincidental. Making no money from this website.


“Oh, baby. I’m gonna make sure you never forget me.”

Aligning himself, he began to gently shove himself into my pussy. Although I was wet, I was tight. He had to force an inch at a time, slide back, and push back in a little bit further till he was able to sink to the hilt. His hand smacked my ass gently, his hips rocking. “Fucking fantastic,” he murmured, “Feels better than it tastes.”

He gripped me by my hips and tugged me down, giving one last shove in. I mewled and struggled against him, squirming to attempt to find a position where it didn’t feel like he was in my stomach. I was so full, I didn’t do know what to do. “Harland,” I moaned, not sure how to explain to him that he was filling me up to the brim and I didn’t know if I could take it.

He began to withdraw and slide back in with slow repetition. He gripped my cheeks and spread them as he watched his cock pop in and out of my pussy. His breath hissed as he clapped my ass, “Hot fucking snatch. So good. So good.”

I gripped my sheets and tugged them to my chest. My eyes closed, my hips rocking with his steady rhythm as he stretched me again and again. I was getting used to the sensation and my body was beginning to thrum with the thick sensation of slow pleasure. I began to move with him, my nipples dragging over the bed.

“Oh yeah, baby girl. Work that ass. I knew you’d love this. Come on baby, fuck yourself with my cock. Work your pussy on me.” He stroked my ass encouragingly. “Lemme see you work that ass.” He gave me a tug back with an urge forward and then released me.

I moved with the rhythm he had given me, my body working back and forward. I planted my hands on the bed, knees spreading as I began to gain momentum. I began to shove my body back on his cock and to rock my hips forward as I tugged away. The sensations were beginning to overwhelm me. My elbows were getting weaker, my breath harder to catch.

“Can’t…” My rhythm began to falter. My elbows buckled, my face burying in the sheets. “Can’t…” I panted. It felt like the blood in my body was boiling and moving so slowly. Every inch of me was burning, hot and lined with beads of sweat. The raw feeling of him tearing into me was growing to the point I couldn’t do anything more than just feel.

I felt his hands on my hips. He steadied me. “Got you, baby girl.” His hands smoothed down my back. His hands left cooling trails down my flesh. His fingers tangled in my hair and he tugged. “Come on back up. I’ll get you too deep this time if you’re bent like that. Not ready for that yet.” Tears prickled at my eyes as I pulled myself back to zeytin ağacı izle my hands. My arms shook. “Harland…” I whined. “Just a little more,” he grit out. He wrapped my hair around his hand and kept me on my fingertips. His hips continued the slow rocking motion he began with.

I could feel every last inch of him as he slid in and out of me. It was amazing. Each full shove of his hips felt like the first one — amazing and incredibly deep. The pleasure boiling in my pussy was now battling against the pain of my scalp. It was beginning to burn. I gasped and cried out, “Please!” I could feel it as the pain turned into a tingle, the mixture of the two suddenly so good, it took my breath away.

He released my hair and I collapsed onto the bed. His hands gripped my thighs as he spread them wider over my bed. He pushed forward on my shoulders, my face pressing into the sheets. He gripped me firmly and repositioned himself behind me. “That should do it,” he panted.

Before I could register what he had said, he sunk himself back into me with as much force as he could muster. His hips slammed into my ass, his balls smacking my clit. He pumped himself in and out of me, fucking me as hard as I’d ever been fucked in my life. The impact of his body into mine shook my breasts and literally shoved the air from my lungs. I’d have screamed if I had the air.

Harland closed his eyes tight, his fingertips digging into my hips with bruising force. He angled himself in a way that he reached a depth inside me that had never been touched before. It felt like he awakened something inside me, something hidden. Each hard shove exposed that much more of me. I was trembling, the sensation in my stomach beginning to become an unbearable thing that I had to be rid of; I needed to cum more badly than I ever had felt in my life. “That’s it… Cum on my cock, girl. Cum like you’ve never cum before. Scream for me.” His voice was strangled, raw.

It was like a switch in my body was thrown and the flood gates were released. My head lifted and I howled. My hands tore at the sheets below me and my body arched and shook. My orgasm ripped through me violently. My toes curled so tightly, they hurt. I never knew it could feel like this. It was amazing. Every muscle group in my body took turns spasming, twisting. The pain was exquisite.

I was brought back to myself by Harland tugging me onto my back. He nuzzled between my thighs, tongue lapping over the abused flesh. “Oh, Kelly… you’re dripping.” He laid his tongue flat on my skin and lapped smooth line over my soaked skin. His tongue teased along my slit and he chuckled as my body twitched. “Good?”

I gave him my best drunken the terminal list izle smile.

“Good. Now it’s my turn.”

I mewled up at him, his body climbing on top of mine. His forehead rested against mine as he pressed himself to my groin. My body jerked, the sensations of my clit wracking me with literal shakes. He pressed his lips to mine, tongue slowly slipping over my lower lip before delving into my eager mouth. He kissed me thoroughly, sharing the tangy flavor of my ecstasy.

He pulled back, his teeth dragging over my lower lip. “Now… to make sure you can’t walk.” He smirked and kneeled between my legs. Gripping his cock, he smacked the head of it on my clit. My whole body jerked and a strangled cry tore from my throat. He smacked it again and again, his smirk darkening as I twisted in his grasp. He gripped my thighs, tugging them apart each time I tried to close my legs.

“Keep that sweet cunt open for me.” He smacked his cock down again, my body shuddering. “Beautiful pussy.” He lowered himself above me again, his mouth hovering over mine. I squirmed, panting beneath him while I felt jabs of pleasure shoot through my spine and fingertips. “Tell me you’re mine,” he breathed.

I stared up at him, my mouth not working as quickly as he wanted.

One of his hands twisted in my hair and tugged, forcing my head back into my bed. “Tell me you’re mine, Kelly.”

I let loose a soft cry, hands gripping his shoulders, “I’m yours! I’m yours!”

His grip loosened, body sinking against me as his cock slid back within my still twitching pussy. “Mine,” he breathed into my ear as he began to pump slowly in and out. His other hand came up and collected both of my wrists. He moved his weight forward enough to effectively pin both of my hands above my head.

My phone began to ring. I chose to ignore it. My phone was the last thing I was interested in right now. But Harland paused and reached for it. He leaned up, still buried inside me and answered my phone while I stared at him open mouthed, “Hello? This is Kelly’s phone!” He smiled down at me, “Just a second…” He brought the phone to my ear. “Say hello. It’s Amber.”

My voice was shaken and I tried my best to swallow it, “Hey Amber! What’s up?” Harland began to move again. He slipped his cock completely out of me and teased my clit with it. “Shopping? The mall? Sure.” I heard my voice climb and turned a shade of red I didn’t know was possible. He eased back inside me and withdrew again. “Oh…” I coughed, “When?”

I fanned my hand at him. He pushed back inside me harder this time. I gave a small gasp. “Sorry. Just sore. Been working out.” I squirmed, but his grip on me the traitors izle did not relent. He continued to pull out completely and shove back inside me.

“You had better hurry up… or I’ll fuck you till you scream on the phone,” Harland’s face broke out in a dark smirk. My mouth dropped open again while I gave him disbelieving eyes. He leaned down, his mouth dragging over my nipples and throat, “Hurry… I can’t wait any longer…” He bit my neck firmly and gave me a low growl.

“Sure, sure. I’ll see you in thirty.” I made sure my phone had disconnected before tossing it across the room, hoping to keep it from anyone answering it again for the short foreseeable future. “You ass!” I hissed.

“Shhhh…” He collected my wrists again, his body settling against me. He moved inside me, pushing back and forth with slow, steady strokes. He dragged his lips over my cheek from my ear and kissed me gently. “Oh, Kelly… so amazing.” Nuzzling into me, he raised himself up and quickened his pace. “Tell me you love it,” he growled, his breath beginning to deepen.

I went back to not using my head and only feeling, because the feeling was becoming overwhelming again. “I love it!” I gasped. Each inch tugged and pulled as he withdrew, and stretched and filled with every thrust. I felt amazing, hot, and needy all at once. “Oh god, I fucking love it!”

Harland’s smiled face briefly before his mouth hardened with determination. He was quickening his pace and moving more forcefully. Our skin sounded with a slap as we connected, my body moving with the impact. He gripped my hip with one hand, the back of my neck with another. He stared down at me intensely.

I was concentrating on not exploding. My lips and fingertips were burning, tingling. My abdomen felt like it was hotter than it had ever been. “Harlaaaand,” I whined before twisting in his grasp, my climax peaking, my spine bowing, and my limbs locking.

He held onto me tightly, his body continuing to hunch into me. “Oh, oh! Fuck!” he growled as he shoved erratically, his orgasm washing over him. He slumped on top of me, his body moving with his breath as he slowly calmed down.

I was coming down from my high and my legs were beginning to ache. My stomach felt uncomfortable. My groin tingling. I’d never been fucked like that in my life. I was sure I was going to feel that later. I pushed on his shoulders and he lifted his head.

“Mmm, baby girl. That was great.” He eased off me slowly, stretching his legs as he lay next to me. “Got you. Twice.” He gave me a wet kiss and brushed a hand through my hair. “Maybe I can get three next time.” He climbed to his feet, moving a bit unsteadily.

“Next time?” I laughed, sitting up, a little unsure if I approved of his plans.

“Oh, Kelly… I’ve got plans for you, girl. I am far from done.” He gave me a wink. “Get dressed and meet up with Amber. I’ve got to get some errands done.”

He left me in my room feeling sticky, a little nervous, a little guilty and a lot excited.

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