He Came in the Night – She Did Too

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She hated staying at her parents place. Unable to think of her as anything but their baby, they always insisted on separate bedrooms for them both. They didn’t want to think of any man being inside their little girl, let alone the possibility of her enjoying it.

Still in the nightie she had worn just for show, but with the panties long gone, she lay in bed, staring at the dark ceiling, listening for the faintest creak of a floor board or the soft sound of a bare foot in the hallway outside her room. Her pussy tingled under the covers in anticipation of him coming to her, sneaking into her room to make love to her. What if he had fallen asleep waiting for her parents to go to bed. She didn’t even want to contemplate that. She needed release and prayed it would be him to give it to her and not her own fingers.

A slight creak outside her door brought he back from her thoughts and she watched as the door to her room slowly opened. Even in the darkness, she could make out his outline, framed in the light of the open doorway. Instantly, her nipples grew hard and her pussy wet between her legs.

She watched his dark shadow move across the room towards her Sakarya Escort and she almost stopped breathing in anticipation. The scent of his aftershave caught in her nostrils and she watched his clothes drop to the floor. She couldn’t see him clearly but imagined him naked, his cock hard and swollen and wanting her. God she was wet…come and fuck me! She thought, her whole body aching with desire for him.

An unseen hand pulled back the covers and naked, he slipped in beside her. Almost at once, his mouth was on hers, kissing her passionately, his breathing deep and excited, he wanted her. She felt a hand slip up under her nightie and onto her breast, the touch of his fingers on her hard excited nipple sending waves of excitement down between her legs.

“Mmmmm” she moaned as his lips slipped from hers and slid to her ear and lightly down her neck. As his mouth trailed down to kiss her erect nipples, she felt his hands pulling up her nightie. She raised her bottom and then her arms as he slid it off, a shiver of excitement coursing through her as he pressed his chest to hers, the hairs on his brushing lightly on her throbbing nipples.

Both Sakarya Escort Bayan squeezed into her single bed and knowing her parents were in the next room, oblivious to the fact that their precious little girl was about to be fucked and fucked hard made it all the more exciting. They were like just like teenagers sneaking in a quickie while the parents were downstairs.

She felt him slide down between her legs, parting them with his hands, waiting with agonizing anticipation for the first touch of his tongue on her wet dripping pussy, waiting for him to make it cum

The first touch of his tongue sent a wave of pleasure right through her and she thrust her hips up crushing her aching pussy against his mouth. Her legs wrapped around his head as he licked at her swollen clit and drenched opening. Over and over he massaged her clit with his tongue till she was bucking uncontrollably, her legs squeezing his head between them and biting her hand trying not to cry out.

He broke free foe her thighs and slid up on top of her. They kissed and she could taste herself, smell her pussy on his lips, turning her on even Escort Sakarya more. Reaching down, she traced her long nails over his hard throbbing cock. His balls felt nice and swollen and ready for release. As she pulled his cock, he slapped her between the legs, making those nice wet lips puffy. They both needed to fuck so bad.

Afraid of the bed noise, she threw a pillow on the floor and quickly joined it, pulling him down onto herself.

“God I want you” she whispered in his ear,

No sooner had she uttered the words, her pussy was stretched open painfully as his hard throbbing cock forced its way inside her. She cried out, partly in pain and partly in pleasure as his swollen hard flesh filled her completely.

Digging her feet into the carpet, she pushed her hips up hard, matching his thrusts into her, fucking him hard, wanting every inch of him inside her.

“Fuck me!!” she almost yelled, forgetting where she was, driving her wet cunt up to meet his cock. “Cum in me, cum in me”.

Grabbing her under the knees, he bent her legs back and drove his cock deep inside her…again and again…fucking that drenched pussy, her excitement driving him on.

About to cum, he reefs his swollen cock from her pussy, just in time to watch it squirt thick strands of cum all over her face and tits.

‘If only they could see their little girl now’ she thinks as she scoops up some cum off her cheek and sucks it off her finger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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