Heatwave in Spokane

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It was so hot. How could September be so friggin hot? In Spokane none the less?! I striped down to my panties and bra and yet the cool night air eluded me. The hotel pool was still open, but I did not want to splash around and wake everyone up. The phone rang. I shot up to get it. So as not to wake my roomies.

“Hello?” I whispered.

“Are you as hot as I am?” Your voice asked.

“That depends. How much have you got on?”

“Boxers and a tee shirt.”

“I win.” Your laugh echoed over the phone line.

“Why? What have you got on?” I moved to the common room so there was no one to disturb the conversation.

“Well… I’m in my hot pink panties and my black lacy bra.”

“Ohhh… What I would not give to be over there to see that.” I smiled.

“So umm… You busy?” I asked in my most seductive voice.

“Don’t you have class in the morning?”

“Nope. canlı bahis No class.”

“So umm… You want to do something with me in the office? I have a hard… project that needs to be taken care of… With some help of course.”

“I think I can help. I’ll be there in a few.”

I had been to your office once before. So I knew where it was… I knocked on the door and I heard you moan… I opened the door with candles to light the way. I saw you in the dimly lit room laid out on a couch, stroking your hard on. You saw me and your eyes danced with delight. I took off my long black duster to reveal my naked body.

“Baby you are beautiful.” You breathed

My pussy was drenched with the thought of you. You beckoned me to sit by you. I sat. Your hands wandered down my back and your fingers danced across my arms down my hips and on my legs. “Show me what you bahis siteleri want” You whispered into my ear.

“I think I can do this.” I said as I placed your hand on my heart. I softly guided your hand to the top of my breast and back to my heart again. I kissed and sucked on the hand and fingers of the other. I kissed your mouth with heated passion. My tongue danced with yours. I pulled away briefly to whisper in your ear.

“Lick me from tip to tail” You smiled brightly all too happy to oblige. I gasped with pleasure as you licked lazy circles around my nipples. You probed my belly button with your hard wet tongue. You moved down wards and laid me back as you sucked my clit and gently grazed it with your teeth.I felt your tongue lap back up as you whispered

“Turn over” I lay on my stomach and felt your tongue lap at my puckered anus. That sensation alone nearly drove bahis şirketleri me to orgasm. I cried out in utter pleasure. I felt your hands spread the wetness of my pussy to the tightest hole… I felt with shear joy as your finger slid into my rectum. I moaned loudly. I heard you struggle not to cum all at once…

“Please put your cock there” I heard my self moan. I felt your hard cock move to my pussy and get nice and slick then with out warning I felt your hot dick plunge into my only virgin hole. I yelped. There was some pain but at the same time, I had never felt so full all at once. Your hands were on my hips and were controlling the movements I was rocking with your hips rising to meet your thrusts I felt your cock grow and swell as sweet release came to your body. Wave after wave of hot cum poured into my ass. Oh it felt so good. I screamed your name as you came knowing that I would soon be there with you. You fingered my rock hard clit and my release was there with you. You pulled out slowly and turned me over. You lay next to me spent. I snuggled next to you laying there in the bliss of the moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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