Heidi’s Way Ch. 03

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Jack woke the next morning to the feel of hands caressing his neck. He stared into the darkness of Heidi’s underwear and shorts that had so completely taken away his sight.


There was no reply, just the constant clinging of the silk and denim that enclosed his head and removed his senses. Heidi’s used clothing was also limiting his air, forcing him to lie still and behave, conserving every last drop of scented air.

The hands were now on his chest, tickling and teasingly him, but with the handcuffs and the confines of the cage, he was totally unable to protect himself. Jack strained to hear bare feet pad away, leaving him once more in his isolated world.


The hands returned and this time they reached for the padlock that was threaded through the belt hoops of the short denim shorts that had held him hostage all night. A small click and the shorts were finally unlocked and the soft damp material removed from around his head. A second later and Heidi’s used panties were also pulled clear, their damp silky fabric peeling away from his face.

“I’ve let you out of my shorts… but I can so easily put you back inside.” There was an edge to Heidi’s voice.

Jack turned his aching body to look through the bars of the small locked cage. Heidi looked different. The slim young woman looked intimidating as she prowled around her bedroom in white tee-shirt and white lacy panties.

“I think it’s time I got out of this cage,” he stuttered, pulling pointlessly at his wrists that were cuffed around the bars of the cage.

“Life isn’t all about what you want Jack.”

She had never stood up to him before and it scared her.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Heidi’s expression was a mix of anger and frustration. “You asked me to lock you up so you could live out some fantasy and now you’re telling me to let you go?” Heidi paced back and forth, towering above his tiny cage, “What about what I want?”

“What do you want?” Jack asked, his pained body desperately trying to unlock this woman’s mind.

He tried to sit up as high as the cage would allow, but even then his head was barely above her knees. With Heidi standing close to the cage, her shapely legs and slim barely clad body soared imposingly above him. It was a terrible position from which to negotiate, made all the worse when Heidi turned and sat down above his head.

Heidi was struggling with her emotions. At first, the kinky request from her ex-boss had intrigued her, but the text messages from another woman that she had just read on Jack’s phone made it clear that these games wouldn’t bring her any closer to the man that she’d fantasised about for so many years. Her wide dreamy eyes were fighting between arousal and anger, and yet again she was feeling used.

What she really wanted was Jack, but if that wasn’t possible then maybe she could take advance of the situation and do something else that had crossed her mind on many a slow day at the office. If he was living out his fantasies then why shouldn’t she?

“What do I want?” she repeated.

Heidi stood up and walked nervously to her underwear drawer to retrieve the key. She could see his beautiful eyes willing her to push the key into the padlock, his total attention reminding her of the power she had over him. If she and the key were to disappear then he was fucked.

She unlocked the padlock and heaved up the heavy steel bars. Jack contorted his body in an attempt to get out, but because his hands were still cuffed to the bars, he could only get his head up through the opening.

“Maybe I want this,” Heidi said as she placed some cushions around the opening to the cage, knelt down on them and sat back on her haunches. Her round butt was now perched just above the cage, her body longing for Jack’s attention before she had to let him go. She looked down at Jack’s head that görükle escort was seemingly dwarfed between her open thighs.

“You want oral sex?” Jack asked.

“Fuck you Jack, why shouldn’t I?” she snapped.

“Hey Heidi…”

“Why can’t I live out my fantasies too?”

Jack was already overcome by the scent and warmth of Heidi’s body, enjoying his first opportunity to kiss her thighs without heavy steel bars separating them. Heidi sat motionless above him, watching impatiently, waiting for him to move deeper between her legs. She shuffled forward a little until Jack’s lips were in kissing distance of her lacy lingerie.

Heidi was embarrassed and she could feel the heat in her face, but still she kept her panties pushed up against his face.

“Why the fuck can a guy do what he wants, but a woman…”

“Hey it’s okay,” his voice was smooth as he interrupted her, “I’ve wanted to do this to you ever since you locked me in here.”

Jack waited to make sure she had finished and then gently kissed her, barely making contact, but already fire was pulsing through Heidi’s body. As the fire reached her mouth she cried out. She was almost shaking as his lips circled her vagina, again with a touch so gentle that there was barely contact. His tongue was venturing deeper, slowly and tenderly and Heidi had to grab his head to hold herself steady.

She climaxed and cried out.

“Fuck,” Heidi breathed in a barely audible husky whisper.

Heidi’s legs snapped shut, her thighs tightening around his neck. Her trembling body had locked him in a vicelike grip making it difficult to breathe. With his air running low, she finally opened her legs, her perspiring skin peeling away from his face.

Jack’s lips retreated to her clit, licking and breathing warm air against her trembling body.

“I think this may be both of our fantasies,” he panted.

Heidi looked down and smiled.

“You just had to ask.”

Heidi climbed off the cage and swung the heavy barred door down until it rested on Jack’s head. The feel and taste of Heidi’s body had had kept him on edge, prolonging an incredible sexual feeling that pulsed through him, even though his body was in agony, unable to stretch and relieve his aching muscles.

“If you don’t lower your head I’ll sit on the lid,” Heidi whispered hoarsely.

Jack swallowed on his dry throat. He didn’t want to ruin Heidi’s moment and so crumpled his aching body back inside the cage. He was desperate to make love to her, but that now seemed an impossibility as the cage door clanged into place above him and Heidi sat on top of it.

He wanted to ask her to make love, but remembered what she had said about taking advantage. He twisted his body so that he could kiss her bottom in the vague hope that she might change her mind. She didn’t. He was still kissing along her panty line, trying to get closer to her clit, when Heidi locked the padlock.

“Was that what you wanted?” Jack asked hopefully, looking up at her lacy butt.

Heidi didn’t answer but instead pushed her feet through the bars and closed them around Jack’s erect cock. She curled her toes and squeezed. Jack’s chained hands and aching body were powerless to stop her as she ran her soles back and forth, rolling his helpless penis between them. She felt the cage vibrate as he climaxed in his cruelly restrictive cell.

She stood up and stretched her arms above her, arching her back and standing on tiptoes. That had been fantastic, but it really didn’t change anything. She stretched down to pick up Jack’s phone and dropped it in reach of his manacled hands.

“You’d better reply to Lisa,” she sighed.

Jack could read the disappointment in Heidi’s expression, her downturned pout and eyes that were glistening with moisture. Without even reading his messages, he tossed the phone across the bedroom görükle escort bayan and out of his reach.

Heidi used her bare feet to kick the phone back towards the cage.

“It’s okay, I’ll still unlock you,” she sighed.

Jack was annoyed with himself; he hadn’t intended this little kinky game to lead Heidi on. He hated to see her hurting. He had always used his position in the company to look out for her and now she was almost in tears. He was also surprised by how much he loved being in her cage. Heidi looked so fucking sexy.

“She wants to see you tonight,” Heidi persisted, kicking his phone back in reach.

“You can stop me,” Jack replied breathlessly.

“Don’t think I can rely on a cage to keep a man.”

Heidi perched on the edge of the cage and looked down at the crazy guy locked up beneath her. He was gazing up at her and still seemed intent on kissing her butt.

“Think you could shrink me and put me in your pants?” Jack smiled, now totally besotted with the woman sitting above him.

“You’re crazy!” she replied, although the very thought caused a smile to break out on her lips.

“Well then it’s just as well you have me locked up.”

Heidi giggled.

“You really sure?” he asked again.

Heidi paused and played with her hair as she thought, “What would you do in my panties?”

“Mmm… I’m guessing I’d be in there for a while,” Jack breathed, totally lost in the moment.

“There’d be no escape!”

“Okay… In there for life…”

Heidi shuffled back and opened her legs to get a better look at the guy who was now trying to push his face up through the bars, with steel running across his cheeks.

“Well I’m sure I could please you,” Jack continued.

“Your life would depend on it…”

Heidi was now stroking herself strangely at ease masturbating in front of her ex-boss. Her touch felt nice, but could only take her so far. Jack meanwhile was again struggling against the cuffs; trying anything he could to get closer to her trembling body.

“I’m going to shower,” she said simply as she stretched her keyed up body and bounced away to the shower.

When she had finished showering, Heidi returned to her bedroom still completely naked. A combination of arousal and resentment meant that she no longer cared what Jack thought of her. She dressed in a pale flowery summer dress that she hadn’t worn for years. It was too short and too tight and required more self confidence than Heidi had ever had.

She paired it with tight yellow tartan panties with lace top and bottom. Underwear designed for show as it was high cut around her buttocks and was shaped to disappear deep between her cheeks. With the material nestling in its place, she perched on the edge of Jack cage and slowly brushed her long damp hair.

“I probably need a shower too,” Jack’s deep voice seemed to resonate beneath her.

Heidi didn’t reply, hoping to delay the inevitable time when she released him and watched him run off to Lisa or whoever was next.

He pushed up at the locked cage door which was now being held closed by both the padlock and Heidi’s bottom. His fingers pushed through the bars, gently massaging the back of her thighs.

Ever so slowly, Heidi stood up and retrieved the single padlock key. She popped open the lock and watched despondently as Jack climbed out and hobbled to the bathroom. He showered and dressed and was sending a text as Heidi returned.

Feeling like a small boy who had been caught misbehaving, Jack immediately stopped typing and hid the phone behind his back.

Heidi’s heart sank as any slight chance that he didn’t want Lisa evaporated in an instant. In a strange way she also felt angry that he had violated her body, even though she had as good as forced him to go down on her. The bastard was now checking his hair in bursa escort the mirror.

“Get back in the cage,” Heidi snapped, resentment welling up inside.

“What?” Jack stood in shock.

“I’ve changed my mind,” she tried to sound confident, but she was shaking, “And I assume you don’t want the world to see the pictures I took?”

Jack held his hands up in surrender, but was too shocked to move.

“Now!” Heidi cried.

“Okay,” he whispered as he started to undress.

Why was he doing that? She hadn’t asked him to strip. The gorgeous guy was now completely naked again and climbing back inside the cage. Heidi was shaking, false imprisonment was a crime and blackmail was a dangerous game to play. Again she was confused, his obedience and the look in his big brown eyes had once more stripped away her anger.

She felt hot and was grateful for the moisture from her damp hair that was seeping into her dress. She had to follow through. Heidi slammed down the cage lid and locked it once more with the padlock. Jack’s freedom had lasted less than ten minutes.

“Why did you take your clothes off,” she shouted, “I’m not sleeping with you!”

“I’m sorry, I thought that’s what you wanted.”

“I want you locked in the cage!”

“I am…”

Heidi was taken aback by his reaction, his gently spoken words and his adoring eyes. Why wasn’t he shouting back or threatening her? The padlock key was between her fingers, but she seemed at a loss as to what to do with it.

“Put it away,” Jack whispered, looking at the key, “I don’t want it.”

Heidi opened her wide painted lips to shout at him, but then stopped. When she finally spoke it was in a bemused whisper, “Where are you taking Lisa?”

Jack used his eyes to give her permission to check his phone.

She sat down on her bed, sniffing back the tears as she read his texts. Jack had turned Lisa down, a decision that Lisa hadn’t taken well, especially when he’d told Lisa that he was with ‘Heidi’. Lisa had been dumped for Heidi! She turned off the phone and placed it carefully on Jack’s jacket.

“I’m sorry,” she sniffed.

“I’m not,” he smiled, “Would you like to have dinner tonight?”

“Maybe,” she replied, a nervous smile on her lips.

Jack turned to watch the woman who was once again sitting on top of the cage and he cried out in pain as he knocked himself yet again against the unforgiving bars.

“You must think I’m crazy,” Heidi said nervously, a false smile on her face.

“I love crazy.”

“Oh my god, I’d better let you out,” Heidi suddenly exclaimed.

“No rush… the restaurant won’t be open until this evening.”

“You wanna stay in there?” Heidi exclaimed, nervously hooking her hair back over one ear.

“Can I have ‘pissed’ Heidi for a little longer?”

“She’s gone,” Heidi smiled, “But regular Heidi can keep you locked up for as long as you like.”

Heidi had shuffled backwards on the cage, her short dress had ridden up and she was looking at him through her open thighs. Her fingers were inadvertently brushing against her thighs that were teasingly perched on the opening, intimidating and immovable.

“I think you want me to stay in here too,” Jack replied, trying to reach what he could of her body.

“That would be mean and cruel,” Heidi giggled.


She smiled and nodded slowly as she stood up to leave. Her short pale dress fell back into place, but from Jack position it hid nothing from view.

“The label on your underwear is showing,” Jack observed, lying back and enjoying the sight of his barely dressed jailer.

Heidi’s underwear had also ridden up even further between her cheeks and she stepped closer so that Jack could reach through the bars. He pushed the small label back inside and then straightened the lingerie on her hips.

The feeling of power as her ex-boss lovingly smoothed her underwear and then her dress was almost indescribable and she just waited, enjoying his touch.

“Thank you,” she said with glistening eyes as she stepped into some heels and left for a much needed coffee and catch up with her girlfriends.

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