Her Choice

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“Best piece of DIY you ever did. ” Mimi sat on the edge of the bed and stuck her foot out, poking Sven’s thigh. “That ring in the doorframe.”

There was a little moan from behind the gag, a wink. Mimi laughed, stood again. Squared in front of him, like a scientist with a prize winning specimen, her hands running over his chest as she centred herself. “You’re a little ticklish, aren’t you?” she said, her fingers skittering over his sides, making him struggle. There were more moans and Mimi’s face lit up, pure delight. “Look at you!” she laughed, “Wriggling away. Not able to escape my heinous clutches.”

Sven shook his head from side to side and struggled harder. Laughter tangled up with desire in his gut, making him pull a little more against the ropes. He grunted.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.” Ever the coquette, Mimi grinned and twisted the caught flesh between her fingers. “You’re going to have to speak up.”

Sven moaned louder, the smooth ropes tense above his head. He leant forward and tried to nuzzle her neck.

“Oh, you’re so cute.” She rubbed kuşadası escort his cheek and he snuffled against her hand, ” So sweet.”

Behind the gag, Sven blushed crimson. He knew it shouldn’t matter anymore, but he still got it; that heady mix of shame and pride and arousal that made his head swim and his stomach feel like it was full of broken mirrors. He liked being a good boy or, more specifically, Mimi’s good boy. And oh, how confused that made him.

“Hmm. You’re blushing again.” Mimi let out a soft moan and ran her hand over his chest, planting kisses over his torso, down his sides. She pinched and licked and prodded until he was stretching and mewling like a happy cat.

Aside from watching him thrash and wriggle against the ropes, this was Mimi’s favourite part; that moment when everything started to slip away and he began to sink happily into subspace. It made her heart beat faster, made her slightly light headed the way he gave everything over to her, trusted her enough to let her devour him. In Mimi’s eyes, there was nothing kuşadası escort bayan more beautiful.

“Isn’t that nice?” she said, “Don’t you like it when I play with you?” her voice was strung out, dreamlike. Sven nodded. “Yes.” Mimi whispered, planting more soft kisses over his chest. She reached up and pulled the knot of fabric loose, letting it fall to the floor. Sven exhaled loudly, a groan of pleasure escaping his lips. He broke into a grin.

“Kiss.” Mimi stretched up toward him and he had to bend awkwardly to meet her, his body pressed against hers. “What’s that?” she asked. Her hand was running down his torso now, curled between his legs. “Hmm?”

Sven nuzzled her again, purring happily. “What?” Mimi pressed him, her fingers pushing harder into his flesh. ‘I can’t understand a word you’re saying today, sweetie.”

“My cock.” Sven said, as if the words were an admission of guilt, an acceptance of defeat, his yielding flesh betraying him.

“It is.” Mimi pressed her lips against his chest again, her fingers sliding between escort kuşadası the thin fabric of his boxers and his hot flesh. “And it seems like he wants to play too.” Her voice was sing-song, one lip tucked under tiny, white teeth.

“Yes.” Sven laughed, grinding himself into her palm, “Oh please, oh please.” He begged, “More.”

“More?” she asked, tugging at his erection gently. “Like this?”

Sven nodded. “Hm. Yeah. Like that — oh!”

Mimi sped up. “Good?” she asked, “You like that?” Her other arm was curled around his waist, hugging him close.

He let out another moan of appreciation and ground against Mimi’s hand, the ache in his shoulders ignored now.

Mimi ran her thumb over him, urging more clear droplets from his cock and then, stopped a low giggle emanating from her.

“Oh.” Another gasp and Sven found himself struggling again, shifting from foot to foot like a restless animal. “Ohh, please.” He asked, “Please.”

Mimi said nothing, just laughed a little, her hand running over his belly. “No.” she said, ” I’m just going to let you float…a little bit.”

And so, he moaned again and twisted his eyes shut, pulling against the ropes, trying to will away the awful crackle in his gut. He moaned and pulled and curled his toes and Mimi grinned, sure of one thing. It is the best decision she has ever made.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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