Her Morning Rules

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He kneels at the side of my bed, naked except for his collar, hard, waiting, wanting, salivating as he watches my sleeping form. My eyes flutter open and he spasms upward, perking up like a waiting puppy for my attention. I moan as I roll to my side. I know he’s there but I do not look at him directly. Just out of the corner of my eye as the dimness of the morning filters through the mini blinds on the window. I smile softly, closing my eyes, moaning softly as I yawn, “Good morning, my slutty whore bitch.”

His voice is soft with an edge of hoarseness, he doesn’t dare clear his throat, fearful that he may interrupt the serenity of the morning I have lifted my lids to greet. “Good morning, my Goddess …” I cut him off as he was about to whisper my name.

“Climb in next to me, pet. I’m cold. Rub my body.” His expression is one that I purposely open my eyes to see. I see surprise and elation spread quickly across his face as he wastes no time in sliding himself under the blanket, wrapping himself around me with one arm and with his palm rubs down my arms and my legs. He is careful not to touch my intimate areas, knowing fully that he would be punished for touching.

“Pet, rub my breasts also.” And he does obediently. He can tell as my nipples harden that he is having an effect on me. His touch is kind, admiring, gently and soft. As if he is caressing a delicate flower, gently stroking, kneading, massaging my chest, yet not forgetting about my arms and legs as well. I smile secretly and mischievously, knowing that I am tempting the fates.

His hands gently massage down my legs, his naughty fingers, moving closer and closer to my wetness. The back of his fingers catch a bit as he pulls away kuşadası escort and instinctively he sucks his fingers, his eyes closing as he tastes it.

His eyes spring open rapidly as the thuddy whap comes from the leather tails of my flogger sprawling across his back, two more of the same sounds echo off the walls as his head lowers in submission, whispering softly, “I’m sorry, my Goddess.”

“Get up!” I order softly but firmly, My body moving to release him from his hold around me. He moves to sit on his legs, kneeling beside me, staring off into space at nothing in particular. “Lean down, you know what to do.”

He nods, with a sad look in his eye. His face hovers over my pussy. His hands are behind his back. One hand clutching the other wrist. I hear his muffled voice, “Goddess…please…”

“No.” I say harshly as I slip my fingers in the space between his face and my clit, rubbing slightly, moaning little by little at each swipe. “You want to taste don’t you, pet?” I moan again.

“Yes, Goddess, please let me!” He says desperately, pleadingly. Another thud at his back as my flogger comes down to meet his flesh. He moans loudly, trying not to move. Another thrash, another moan of his and I feel my wetness start to drip down my lips. He’s breathing hard, his hot breath on my clit.

My body reacts to this, my back arching and my hips rising till my pussy and clit are grinding against his nose. I feel his tongue and I slap the flogger down again on his back. “No.” I demand, though I know he will do it again. The grinding of my body against his face begins to slow when I know my juices cover his cheeks, nose, lips, and chin. His mouth opens and before he kuşadası escort bayan can do anything I lift my clit into his mouth. “Suck it…ONCE!” I grin at this then feel his mouth tighten around me. “Harder.” I demand, and he does so.

I moan as I listen to him slurping until I feel his tongue again. This time I let him lap at me a few times before I beat him with the flogger across his back an equal amount of lashings. He moans then begs, “Goddess, let me please you, let me lick you, suckle and nibble you. Please, I’m begging you…”

When I do not answer he leans in, sucking and licking at my clit, to which my flogger equally gives him back as many lashes as he has given licks. I purse my lips together as he looks up at me, his tongue hanging out, licking my clit slowly. He knows he’s defying me. He knows what he’s taking without permission. “Get off my bed.” I demand. He winces, gets up and moves back to the side of my bed. “Kneel.” I am pointing at the floor. He does so with a pained look in his eyes. I shake my head, “OH no, turn around.”

My pet groans, knowing he will not be watching me. I lash him again for the outburst, he should be grateful to be in my room. His back is to me, close enough for me to whip with my flogger from time to time. Now the thuddy sting is not as pleasurable as before for him. Each shriek of breath and pain, his whimpering and shuddering at the leather on his back and the whispers of “More, please, Goddess!” he thinks I cannot hear him say drive my pleasure ever closer as each muffled moan of mine lingers on my lips. My other hand goes to work on myself, moans billowing from my lips. He whines, whispering, “Goddess please…I want escort kuşadası to taste you cum all over my face. I want to know I’ve pleased you.”

“You naughty, dirty, little slut whore, it’s too late for that. You know the rules.” It’s so clear that I am enjoying his frustration and my pleasure. My lips mutter things, “You don’t deserve to even listen to me. Beg for another, dirty bitch.” as my fingers massage, play, penetrate, and bring me closer to ecstasy. The rule is simply that he is not to touch me in any way without permission or direction.

Another slap of the flogger hits his back as he cries out, “More, Goddess, please!!”

Another thrash of his back cascades its leather strands against his back before my demanding words reach his ears, “Get up here now.” He moves swiftly knowing what I want. My hands reach out to the table beside the bed, pulling out a face harness with a dildo attached to it. He begs and pleads He wants to be the reason I cum. He wants to satisfy me but he is denied. My back is turned to him, ass in his face as I lower myself down onto it, moaning loudly as the flexible yet hard cock enters me and fills me up.

I move quickly forward pinching his nipples hard as I bounce up and down on his face. As I reach the edge, I slide off him and finish myself off as I lay beside him. He only is given the right to have my cum if I give it to him and he fucked that up. I reach up wiping my cum on his face, “That’s’ all you fucking deserve.” My hand reaches up, unlatching the dildo and shoving it into his mouth. “You’re as good as a fuck toy and a towel.”

He whimpers again, his cock is still throbbing. “Don’t fucking lick me again without permission.” I slap his cock hard with my flogger and smirk, “Now, go buy me something.” He whimpers as he gets up and goes to sit down at the computer. I see the familiar flash of Amazon and grin deeply as my fingers begin to play again.

“As you wish, my Goddess.” Is all I hear after a gulping swallow.

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