Here is Angela

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It was early one morning when I happened upon Angela. I was bored and browsing an internet dating site when her profile jumped out and bit me on the pecker. “I love hardcore sex,” it said. Now that is a very unusual way for someone to sell herself on what is a supposed tame dating site.

My interest was piqued and without delay I wrote my first mail to her. I realised that she would be inundated with mails of the lascivious type, I also had a suspicion that she was a clever cookie, one that understood that she had a better chance of quick success, by being in your face up front.

I also thought that she probably misjudged the amount of mails she would be getting and how after a short time they would all appear the same. My strategy was simple, be understated, be the contrary to what she was expecting, connect with the person. Within a handful mails I had her personal e-mail address, heck I even had her cell number…maybe not so clever after all I thought, surely not even I am that good.

Of course we shared our photos and at first I didn’t recognise the pull, sure a certain slut appeal in the way her eyes challenged but nothing else. A strong face to be sure and her features were unusual, and I do like unusual and so it stuck in my mind. Whenever I closed my eyes her face seemed to jump into the internal movie I play in my mind. How strange I thought.

We started chatting and by god she was clever and straightforward and soon I realised that I was in trouble. This was just supposed to be a bit of fun, some clever repartee with a stranger, why am I so drawn to her. In a weird dance of seduction we both acknowledged the chemistry, I started feeling like the moth drawn to the flame.

Soon I was in Johannesburg where she lives, ostensible on business, we had an arrangement to meet. Only for coffee or lunch I told myself. Why were we then the stars of the porn movie I was playing in my mind, walker independence izle and a deliciously dirty one at that? We did meet for lunch in this pokey Chinese, not such fine dining establishment, the only one open early enough to serve us lunch.

Time flitted by, I felt totally at ease, an enchanted dreamlike togetherness. We did not touch at all. Coffee was had somewhere else, we travelled with Imperial and on the way back to drop her, our hands touched, it felt so sweet. Just before I closed her door I gave her a kiss goodbye, she looked at me funny as she started the car and drove away.

“Must be losing my touch,” I muttered to myself as got into the rental and drove away. My cell vibrated with a message from her. “Thank you, I had a great time,” it said. I could see her stuck in traffic a few cars ahead of me. I could still feel her lips on mine.

I tried to put her out of my mind as I attended to business, damn I really enjoyed her touch. I get feedback from a mutual chat buddy. I’m supposedly very shy. Me? I’m a gentleman is what I am!

Later just as I’m recovering my senses there is a call, she wants to know if she can come and say goodbye at the hotel. Well now! My momma did not raise a fool so I stopped at Adult World to get supplies, slightly ribbed for her pleasure or chocolate flavour? What the heck I take both.

“I’m on my way to the hotel from my sister,” she says. Soon there is another call, “Come get me I’m downstairs.” I compose myself and force myself not to run down the stairs.

I see her where she is sitting in the lobby and she gets up as I approach her. Our hands touch and our fingers lock as we walk back to the room. We must have spoken but I can’t remember anything that was said.

In the room we don’t waste any time, we embrace and our first kiss lights up the room. It lasts forever. waterloo road izle I look into here eyes, those eyes, her lids are heavy with desire. She starts undressing me, not quite urgently, not slowly either. Then she undresses herself and I get to see her magnificent breasts, the very best I have ever seen, just like I likem, full and heavy with perfectly sized nipples. I just had to taste them and so I did.

She moans slightly when I push her onto the bed and without wasting time I open her legs and bury my head in between her legs, she is cleanly shaven with a hint of stubble that brushes against my tongue as it searches for her clit. Her taste is perfect, very subtle and inviting.

I nibble and suck a bit and when I push my tongue deep inside her, as deep as it would go, she has her first orgasm. I feel her shiver as it pulses through her. Without missing a beat I reach for the condom and mercifully it is on quickly. I turn her over and take her from behind, doggy style like I know she likes it. I ram in hard also like I know she likes it.

She is moaning now, and I wonder what my neighbour is thinking. I enjoy the labour of fucking her and feel the satisfaction when she comes with a shriek. “Now that is what a fuck is supposed to be,” I think to myself.

I slowed my tempo to a gentle rhythm, enjoying the feeling of achievement, two down one to go. She had three orgasms with her Indian boy toy and his callous drug dealer buddy not so long ago, and so one more is the target, and that is non negotiable.

I pull out of her and she moans but stops when I turn her over and enter her without ceremony in the very underrated missionary position, pumping slowly at first, locking my eyes on hers. Is it my imagination or is there softening there, a tender look. Maybe it is just the gentle motion, I increase my tempo, straining a bit achieve the wayne izle right cadence.

It feels good now, I feel at home here, she pulls here legs up to increase her pleasure but her gaze is unwavering. I’m drowning in her eyes. She is starting to moan lightly, I’m not sure where she is, if she can come again so soon. I bend forward and kiss her slowly while coming to a halt.

We kiss for what seems like ages. I drop onto my side pulling her with me. We lie side by side enjoying a quiet moment. I gently stroke her face touching her brow with my thumb. We whisper sweet nothings to each other with music from my laptop softly filling the background. For the first time I know what “sweet nothings” mean.

In time my breathing subsides and I grow soft, not something she seems to be happy with as she takes my cock in her hand. It jumps to attention immediately and becomes almost painfully hard as she takes the entire length into her mouth. She must taste herself as she works her mouth up en down my shaft using her tongue all the while. She is a very skilled at this I realise, must have had enough practise, and that thought alone almost sends me over the edge.

Now I’m going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before, I think as I guide her onto her knees and fuck her doggy again, now I know my neighbour had to be listening and I can imagine him telling the story. I’m in a fucking zone, holding her hips while pulling her into me at the same time ramming my super hard cock into her super wet cunt, as deep as it would go.

She takes it all, she likes it hard, there is no mistaking that, where is help when you need it? She is on her back once more, me still going like a Duracell powered Fuck Bunny. She must have had another I think as I come to an exhausted stop. Later I learn it was a deuce. Go man go!

Her tiny excuse for a phone starts spewing out SMS messages, someone is concerned and needs to know that she is ok. It breaks the spell and reality settles in. We do one more lazy fuck, she rides me cowboy while I nibble and lick those gorgeous nipples. At one point her feet are at my head and I gently kiss the undersides really wanting to ravage them and let her use them until I come all over them, another time I decide…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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