Hero’s Nude Housecleaner

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This is an entry in the Literotica Nude Day contest. Its relationship to the subject of the contest is rather marginal, but I hope you will consider it as the stroke story it is intended to be.


Daryl Holmes sat in his wheelchair, looking forward to the weekly visit from Chloe, the bosomy nineteen year old who lived next door. She spent the whole day every Friday with him, because that was the time that fit into her schedule at the local state university, where she was a sophomore. If any nosy person asked her, Chloe would say she came to clean the house of the injured war hero, and she did that quite well. However, what Daryl was anticipating the most, as he did every Friday, were the sexual joys she gave him during frequent breaks in her housekeeping chores.

She thought of her visits as being part of her patriotic duty to make life easier and more enjoyable for her wounded neighbor, because she and everybody in town knew about his courageous actions in saving the other members of his infantry squad from the IED in Iraq. From taking the brunt of the explosion and all the shrapnel, Corporal Holmes came close to dying, and did lose both legs above the knees. For his heroic action, he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest award, as well as being discharged with a full disability pension.

He lived in the small house he had inherited from his parents, so his financial requirements were met, and all his appreciative neighbors in that part of the small town, especially Chloe, took care of his other needs. Living in the house was a temporary arrangement. Once the injuries to the muscles in his thighs had healed enough, he would be admitted to a nearby Veterans’ Hospital to be fitted with artificial legs and taught to use them. Daryl could have stayed in the VA hospital throughout the recuperation, but he preferred living in the house where he would be surrounded and admired by people he had known all his life. This was especially so of the girl next door, who had been a cute and blossoming young girl at the time of his induction into the Army, and had truly become a sight to behold by the time he returned home.

At nine o’clock, his face brightened when he did behold her as she entered through the kitchen door, and he applied the brakes to the wheels on his chair. She was expected, and had no need to knock, and he was very happy to see her. Any straight man would have been, because the pretty girl next door had grown into a beautiful and sexy young lady. That day, she was wearing tight, cut off blue jeans in the style sometimes called Daisy Dukes, and they showed off her long, creamy legs and curvaceous ass.

Above the shorts was a tight white t-shirt with no bra, and her big, luscious breasts were clearly visible through the thin fabric. The teenager’s nipples looked as if they were about to punch holes in the cloth that couldn’t even come close to restraining its lovely contents. Her face was pretty too, with a fair complexion and generous, smiling features topped by long, light brown hair which she wore in a ponytail.

Chloe was, indeed, a treat to the eyes of the hero, but an even greater treat was in store for him, visually and in every other way. First, though, since what she would be showing him and doing for him was for his eyes only, the buxom brunette kicked off her sandals and walked barefoot through the house, pulling down all the shades and turning on the lights they would need. With that chore complete, she returned to where Daryl sat in his wheelchair, placed her hands on the arms and leaned forward so they could share a long kiss, with their tongues also saying “Hello.” His hands got busy too, as he reached up under her t-shirt to gently squeeze her succulent breasts and rub his thumbs against her big, dark pink nipples, which were already starting to become erect.

The kissing and fondling continued for several minutes before Chloe backed off and prepared to be undressed. Daryl released her breasts and started to raise his hands and push up the hem of the t-shirt, being careful when he raised it past the gorgeous mounds he had been caressing. When he reached that point, she raised her arms and ducked down so he could pull the garment over her head and all the way off. She took it from his hand and shook her body, further arousing him and letting her hair get back into place. Bare above the waist, she leaned forward again, this time so the man in the chair could hold her breasts in place and start licking her nipples. Chloe’s body swayed slowly in front of him, swinging her bosom from side to side so he could more easily switch his attentions between the lovely twins.

He could never grow bored from what he was already doing, but Daryl knew there were even greater delights available to him, both visually and carnally. Briefly taking his hands off her breasts, he reached out for the buckle of the bead belt, which was strictly decorative, because her shorts were so tight they hugged her lush hips and ass like a second skin. Chloe stepped Malatya Escort closer and, seconds later, the buttons at the waist and down the fly had been unfastened and he was pushing down on the thin denim. She did a shimmy with her hips while the shorts slid down her long legs to the floor, and she kicked them aside.

The voluptuous young woman was wearing only bikini panties, but the man in the wheelchair was a genuine war hero, and entitled to a better show than she had given him to that point. With the shorts out of the way, she moved in close again, and Daryl hooked his fingers in the waistband and pulled the wisp of fabric down to just above her knees. He released them and they slithered the rest of the way down her smooth legs, to be picked up with her Daisy Dukes and dropped onto the same chair as her t-shirt. Completely naked, the sexy young woman slowly twirled around, showing off the body that was his to use, in whatever way he pleased, for the rest of the day.

The first part to be used was actually her mouth. Daryl slid forward on his chair as Chloe sank to her knees and treated his belt and pants and jockey shorts as he had done to hers, and piled them on top of her own discarded clothing. His cock was fully erect and avid for what he knew was about to happen. The naked housecleaner gently took his shaft in her fingers and bent forward to start licking the head. Besides liking the knowledge she was doing something for a real war hero, she very much enjoyed the velvety texture where she was licking.

She licked in concentric circles, slowly lowering her face until the head had been engulfed by her mouth and her tongue was caressing the ridge. Still lower she moved her face, taking pleasure in the way Daryl’s thick cock spread her lips apart, but her tongue was idle for the next few seconds. When she felt the head press against the back of her throat, Chloe started licking all along the shaft, relishing the feel of the smooth skin stretched over the hard roundness.

After a few seconds of having his cock filling her mouth, she slowly raised her head, continuing to lick the shaft, until just the head was nestled between her lips. Chloe stayed in that position for a minute or so, her tongue caressing the head of the hero’s cock while her eyes looked adoringly at his face, delighting at the way pleasure flickered across his visage, before starting to envelop the hard shaft again. As she had done before, she lowered her face until the head of his cock was pressed against the back of her mouth but, this time, she opened her throat and was able to take its entire length into her warm, wet cavern of pleasure.

Daryl was already squirming in his chair from what the teenager was doing, loving the feel of her lips and tongue on his cock and the sight of her beautiful green eyes as they gazed at him. Another visual delight was watching his shaft slowly sliding in and out of her creamy white face. He looked forward to these weekly visits from Chloe, and he knew the fun had just begun.

“Mmmmmm, Chloe, I really love that. I love what you’re doing.”

Being a well-brought up young lady, she did not talk with her mouth full, but she did wink at the man sitting in the wheelchair and continued sucking his cock. After a few minutes of slowly stroking with her lips, she did more than that. She took his cock out of her mouth and held it gently in the fingers of one hand while she cupped her other hand under one of her magnificent breasts. Leaning forward, she caressed his hard shaft with the nipple, which was fully erect, because Chloe took sexual pleasure from her visits too. After a few light strokes, she turned her face to the young hero and smiled at him.

“I hope you like this too, Daryl. I enjoy my visits here, maybe as much as you do, and I like to show my appreciation for what you did in the war.”

Not being much of a talker anyhow, and eager to resume sucking him off, she once again enveloped his entire cock in her mouth and gently caressed him between her lips. When the head pressed against the back of her mouth, she resumed giving him deep throat and watched his face for the signs of joy she loved to see. With every stroke, her tongue wrapped around the hard shaft being engulfed by her mouth and laved its entire length.

She intended to spend all day with Daryl, so Chloe was in no hurry to get to the cleaning, and sex with him was more fun. For a long time, she used her mouth to give him the most pleasure she could, until she felt his cock starting to throb inside that place of joy. Knowing he was close to cumming, she quit giving him deep throat and kept her tongue under the head of his cock so she would be able to catch his semen when it spurted. She also tightened her lips, so none of his juices would dribble out, and started sucking faster.

“Ahhhh. Oh, god, yeah,” Daryl moaned, just before climaxing and shooting his cum into his sexy neighbor’s mouth.

The semen landed right where Chloe wanted it, on her tongue, where it pleased her Malatya Escort Bayan taste buds. She kept sucking, and another burst of cum spurted onto the same place, to be followed a few seconds later by another, but she continued avidly stroking with her mouth until she knew no more would be forthcoming. After removing his cock and holding it in her fingers with the head pointed upright so nothing would dribble out, she swirled the semen in her mouth, reveling in the taste and texture, before swallowing it all.

She knew there was more, and she wanted it. Chloe licked the outside of the cock in her fingers, as a child might lick a Popsicle, until she had cleaned off all the semen, before placing her fingers on the shaft in front of his scrotum with her fingers on the opposite side. She drew her hand toward her mouth, with her tongue once again catching all the cum being squeezed out, until her fingers reached her lips. This mouthful of Daryl’s cum was relished as the first had been, until she let it slide down her throat and got to her feet, still smiling down at him.

“I hope you liked that. I know I sure did, but it’s time for me to get to work. I’ll have some lunch for you in a little while.”

Chloe left then, and went to his bedroom to start with the house cleaning. A few minutes after she left, Daryl unlocked the brake on his chair and wheeled over to the door to watch her lush naked body as she moved about in the room. He smiled at the sight of her dusting, her hips doing an erotic bump and grind as she moved. She knew what he liked and, as she bent over to pick up his soiled clothing, she made sure he had a good view of her voluptuous ass. The last thing she did in that room was to strip all the bedding from the bed.

She was well aware he was watching, and smiled and waved affectionately, glad to be giving the heroic young man as much pleasure, in every way, as she could. After gathering up the sheets and his clothing and taking them out to the utility porch to sort and begin to launder them, Chloe returned and started making the bed. She put a clean bottom sheet in place and changed the pillow cases before coming over to where he was sitting and eagerly watching.

“Are you ready for lunch, Daryl?” she asked him. “Do you want something to eat?”

From the lascivious grin on her face, he was well aware of what the teenaged hotsy meant, and he very much wanted to feast on what she was offering. “I sure do. And you know what I want to eat.”

Chloe got behind Daryl, wheeled him to the side of the bed and applied the brakes again as he raised himself with his hands and arms and lay on his side. She joined him, lying next to him on her back with her head nestled in a pillow, and he reached out and began licking exactly what he wanted to eat, starting with caressing her nearest nipple with his tongue. From Chloe’s arousal at what she had been doing and what she would be doing that day, the adorable pink nubbin was erect, and grew even stiffer as he stroked with his tongue.

The young woman who came to clean his house every Friday had the most luscious breasts in his experience, and Daryl could never get tired of paying oral homage to them. Holding one of the twin treasures gently in either hand, his tongue alternated between them, until both nipples were so hard he could feel the individual ridges when he licked them, and even the pebbly texture of the surrounding areolas. Chloe loved it too, and her upper body was squirming on the bed, thrusting her breasts up against him until he opened his mouth and drew one inside.

With his lips forming a seal, Daryl sucked on the delectable mouthful while his tongue caressed the nipple and areola. He sucked and licked one breast for a minute, before transferring his attentions to its lovely mate, his mouth treating this one the same way. The erotic movements of Chloe’s body under him grew much more pronounced, and she cooed in joy from what was happening to her. He loved her gorgeous breasts so much, and she loved what he was doing so much that he continued, until the delectable fragrance emanating from her pussy was too enticing to ignore. He withdrew his mouth from where it was pleasuring them both and began licking down her sexily plump belly, starting with the channel between her breasts.

He took his time about the journey of his mouth to her pussy, even stopping to swirl his tongue in her navel. Chloe giggled and pushed against his shoulders, because she knew where Daryl’s tongue was going, and wanted him to reach that destination as much as he did. When his attentions reached her sparse, light brown pubic hair, she swung one leg over him and moved her body to the side, bringing her pillow with her so he would not have to move. When she was in the position they wanted, Daryl was lying face down, with her legs resting on his shoulders and his arms hugging her sturdy thighs.

He pulled himself in closer and gazed raptly at the lovely pussy he was about to start eating. Everything about Chloe’s face and Escort Malatya body was delightful, but her pussy may have been more beautiful than any other part, especially when she was in a high state of sexual excitement as she was then. Her pubic hair was a slightly lighter shade of brown than her ponytail, and sparsely covered her creamy skin, which contrasted with her swollen inner lips. Besides being so engorged with her arousal, the lips were a lovely rosy pink and had blossomed through her slit.

Daryl gently spread the edges, looked into the shiny pink aperture and breathed deeply of the delectable fragrance which arose. Some small drops were trickling out, and he licked them from her crotch, finding them to be as delicious as he knew they would be. More of her nectar had dripped down to her inner thighs, and his tongue sluiced that into his mouth too, while Chloe was cooing happily and starting to moan from the intense pleasure she was receiving. Those sounds of joy were music to Daryl’s ears, and he cleaned off all the juices from her legs and crotch and started on one of her outer lips.

All his senses were being pleased as he ate the alluring teenager’s pussy, but the one most gratified was that of touch. The outer lip where he started was soft and smooth, with the fluffy hair contributing to his tactile delight. Daryl thoroughly relished what he was doing and took a long time doing it. He spent ten minutes licking the few inches of flesh, his mouth meandering all the way to her soft Mount of Venus. He kissed her there before raising his head and observing the results of his ministrations on the neighbor’s daughter.

They were just what he wanted to see. Her body was writhing and her head was rolling back and forth on the pillow with her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted in a grimace of pleasure. One of the best of the many things he loved about eating a pussy was the joyful response of the woman involved, and Chloe was reacting just as he wanted. Smiling to himself, his mouth returned to just below her dripping pink hole, where he devoured all the juices she had just produced before starting to lick the other outer lip.

He treated this one the same way, taking his time and licking the same places many times over. He had all day, and nothing he had to do, and he knew the sexy young woman would be there until that evening and actually enjoyed the housecleaning as well as the great sex they would share many times before she left. When he finally finished the second outer lip and kissed her mons, Chloe’s movements were even more erratic, and her pussy was starting to fuck up into his face. He smiled at the sight of her swollen clit, which resembled a lovely pink pearl and had pushed most of the way out from its protective hood. Daryl gently stroked his tongue over her clit hood, and was rewarded by a new moan of bliss and the aroma of more fresh nectar.

“I love that, Daryl. I love what you’re doing,” she murmured.

“I’m glad, because I love it too,” he replied. For the first two weeks Chloe came over to clean his house and share his and her bodies, she had addressed him by his military rank, until he had persuaded her he preferred being on a first name basis with someone as sweet and charming as she was, especially when in such a personal relationship as they were.

After devouring all the fresh nectar, which was plentiful, his tongue started caressing Chloe between an inner and an outer lip. The tactile sensations were even more fabulous here than they had been earlier, especially when he thrust his tongue into the seam between the labia. The outer lip was smooth and slick from her delicious juices and the inner one was spongy from its engorgement. Moving his face slightly to be sure to cover all areas, he licked until he reached her clit again. This time, he delicately flicked the sweet morsel with the tip of his tongue, smiling at the way Chloe’s movements became even wilder.

Once again, Daryl started below the lovely pink hole of the sexy housecleaner and, this time, after relishing all the freshest juices, he started licking the smooth area between the other pair of labia. After stroking that very sensitive place, he proceeded upward again, his tongue meandering its way between the lips all the way to her clit again. When he raised his face to observe the pink pearl this time, he saw it was completely free of its protective hood and Chloe’s thigh muscles had turned out, presenting her pussy even more completely to his mouth. He knew she was ready to cum and, if he hadn’t, she was telling him of her state.

“Make me cum, Daryl! Suck my clit,” she urged him.

Knowing the time had arrived, he did what she wanted, opening his mouth and drawing in the swollen little cutie. With his lips forming a seal, he sucked, as his tongue caressed the sides and top. After less than a minute of this erotic treatment, Chloe uttered a joyous cry and started cumming. Her legs clamped onto the sides of Daryl’s head and she buried her hands in his hair to press his face against her. As she continued cumming, the hotsy bounced up and down, ramming her pussy against him, while her body thrashed from side to side on the bed. He kept his arms around her thighs and his mouth clamped onto the succulent mouthful and enjoyed the ride.

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