High Rise Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

Every work day for weeks you have watched me get finger fucked and then fucked from behind from the man in the office, the man I don’t even know has a name. Every Monday through Friday. At lunch. Every day you take your cock in your hand and you lean against the glass window and imagine yourself drilling into me from the front. I know that’s what you do. You imagine the man behind me is letting you have a turn. You come so hard and I see that you are angry and frustrated that’s it just you pumping yourself. You want the real thing and you can tell that I want it too. You see me watching you. You see that I only start cumming when you do.

Then one day you get an invitation to come to his office at noon the next day. It’s your chance.

You come into the office and we are waiting for you in our usual spot by the desk. I tell you to come and stand at the window right in front of me. I tell you to unbutton my blouse, take it off, take my bra off.

The man behind me takes my skirt off. I’m not wearing any panties. I see your hard-on bulging in your pants. I tell you to take off your clothes. You do as I say, never taking your eyes off me. You’ve waited for this. So have I.

The man behind me starts masturbating wednesday izle me, slipping his fingers into my wetness and getting my clit all wet and slippery. I moan. The man moves me so I’m leaning back against him as he sits on the desk. I tell you to take your cock in your hand and start pumping. I tell you I want you as hard as you can be. You obey me. The man starts rubbing my clit faster, as fast as you are pumping. I spread my legs wide. I tell you to come over and put your cock just in front of my cunt and keep pumping but don’t enter me. You do it. I feel your cock hitting the lips of my pussy. I angle it so you go inside just a little bit at a time. You’re pumping faster. I want you inside me so bad. I angle some more so you’re inside just a little more and then you start hitting my sweet spot and I yell out. The man is rubbing me so fast now, my clit is so large and swollen and wet and you’re so horny I can see you’re going to cum with me.

I scream as you pound yourself all the way inside me without asking me, but I can’t stop you. I don’t want to. I scream as you fuck me so hard and the man is rubbing me like crazy. I just let go completely. The man is holding me up and weekend family izle I feel how hard he is behind me. And you have your hands on my shoulders, gripping them as you fuck me, and then you start crying out. You’re cumming so hard inside me. You can’t control your pumping. You’re just pumping so hard until there’s nothing left.

I come very hard and fast but my orgasm keeps going. I feel the walls of my vagina gripping your dick as you bury it inside me and leave it there, pushing hard against me, contracting and shooting your load deep into me. I feel your hot breath on my chest as you pant and try to recover yourself and I am moaning now, long and low, and the man behind me has slowed his hand. His fingers are now just languidly massaging my clit. Then I see you looking at me. You are so intent and spent and I see that you are purposely acting as if there is no man behind me, no man rubbing me off as my moaning diminishes.

That’s it, the man behind me whispers in my ear, as if he knows how much you don’t want him there. That’s it, come for me, baby, he soothes.

I see your eyes flash at that and you pull your cock out suddenly. I whimper at the loss, welcome to chippendales izle but the man keeps up his slow and gentle circling of my clit and it feels so good to come down from such an intense orgasm with such a sexy rub. Your hands leave my shoulders. You reach and grab my left tit and palm it and then you give me a cocky smile as you take my nipple and squeeze it playfully. Then you step back and start reaching for your clothes.

The man behind me stands up and turns me around towards the desk, hissing in my ear, Bend over. Now.

I do as I’m told. It’s such a routine. He’s trained me for this, and no matter what just happened and how good it felt, I just do as I’m told. When I’m in this office, I don’t think. I just feel. And I follow his orders.

I bend over. He grabs my hips and I lift my pussy towards him and he slams his way into me. I cry out because even though I know it’s coming, I’m always surprised at the suddenness of his big cock inside of me. He takes me hard, shoving me against the desk, keeping things so frantic I can’t pay attention to what you are doing. By the time we are done, you are gone, and I’m collapsed on the desk with the man panting on top of me, whispering in my ear, That’s it. That’s what you want. And I’ll give it to you every time. No one else.

And it’s true. I do want it. Every time. But something niggles in the back of my dazed mind. I can’t quite catch it, my mind and body are so dazed. But it’s there. Some small niggle. An idea as yet unformed. More. Something more. A possibility of more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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