High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 26

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On the way home I decided to give Kay a call.

Her cell phone rang a couple times then I got her voice mail message. “Hello, I can’t take your call right now but if you’ll leave a message I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”

I waited for the beep then left a message. “Hi Kay, I was just calling to see how your day is going? Give me a call if you get a chance.” I hung up figuring she was most likely with a customer and she’d be calling me back in a few minutes.

My cell phone rang as I shifted into park outside Kurtz House. I check the caller ID then answered. “Hiya Kay.”

“Hello Allen sorry I missed your call, I was with a customer.” Kay replied confirming my suspicion that she was taking care of business earlier.

“So how’s your day going?” I asked.

“It’s going great; I made a big sale earlier including one of the lamps we bought from Kayla.” Kay replied.

“Wow that’s great Kay.” I answered.

Kay paused for a moment before she continued. “I was on the balcony this morning and saw your car pulling out around 8:30, where were you off to that early?”

“My boss called me at quarter after seven and said he needed a proposal we’re presenting early Monday revised, so I had to go to the office this morning.” I answered.

“Really, you’re working after hours again?” She said with a sarcastic tone in her voice.

“Yes, what’s your point Kay?” I replied rather bluntly.

Her tone didn’t change as she said. “I thought maybe you were headed to Ginger’s for an early morning fuck fest.”

Her statement pissed me off a little and I paused for a moment before answering. “And if I was, am I supposed to call you for permission first?”

“Of course not, I just thought it was a little odd that you’d be headed out that early.” Kay answered seeming to realize that she touched a nerve.

I almost told her that I’d called Fran in to work and that I’d fucked the shit outta her in the lunch room, but decided not to reveal that detail about my morning. Instead I asked. “I suppose you haven’t heard from Ginger yet?”

Kay giggled before replying. “That’s a dumb question; if I had heard from Ginger would I be asking if you saw her this morning?”

“I suppose it is Kay. Why don’t you give her a call and find out if we’re still on for tomorrow afternoon?” I suggested, figuring Kay could check on our plans and confirm that I hadn’t been there this morning.

“I’ll do that. So what are you doing with the rest of your day?” Kay asked.

“I’m gonna do some laundry and straighten up my apartment.” I answered.

“And tonight?” Kay asked.

“I have no plans for tonight.” I replied.

“Okay, I’ll give Ginger a call then get back in touch. Maybe we can spend the evening together?” Kay suggested.

“Sounds like a plan hun.” I answered figuring Kay wanted a little one on one time with me before we got together with Ginger.

“Talk to you later.” Kay said.

Before disconnecting I replied. “Look forward to hearing from you.”

I walked into the building and while taking the elevator to my apartment I wondered if Kay’s sarcastic tone of voice was to mask a feeling of jealously. It was a feeling I suppose I could understand, but if that was the case she’d have to deal with it since we had agreed that both of us could see other people.

After gathering up my dirty laundry I headed for the elevator and took it to the basement. Upon exiting, I walked towards the coin operated laundry room noticing that the lights were which meant I’d be sharing the machines with another tenant. As I entered the room Staci looked up from the stack of laundry she was carefully folding.

“Allen, I’m sorry I didn’t call you back last night. I didn’t get the message until very late, but I was planning on calling you later today.” She said while placing a neatly folded stack of panties in her laundry basket.

I smiled as I hoisted my laundry bag on top of one washer then replied. “I promised to call you and I should be the one apologizing since it took so long, but it has been so busy at work lately I haven’t had time to think.”

Her broad sexy smile acknowledged that she was still interested and her answer further confirmed that fact. “I hoped you hadn’t lost my number.”

“No, I have your card safely stored right here.” I answered patting my hip pocket.

Staci lifted the last of her clean laundry into the basket; a couple lacy bras then stepped closer to me as she said. “Gina is out of town this weekend, so if you want to have a couple drinks this evening give me a call.”

“I just might do that.” I said with a smile, as I lied to her since I expected to be spending the night with Kay.

Her brilliant white smile reinforced the invitation as she said. “I usually drink rum and Coke, but I thought I’d try vodka for a change. I just picked up a bottle of Absolute and want to try some Vodka Collins’ so I hope to hear from you later.”

Staci picked up her basket and slid by me holding it low Malatya Escort enough so I could catch a glimpse of her petite tits perfectly outlined under the tight green tee shirt she was wearing. Her brilliant white smile and sparkling gray green eyes confirming that if I did take her up on the invitation she’d make it worth my while.

I turned toward the door and watched Staci as she walked toward the elevator. Even in sneakers her long legs looked very sexy, and the tight cut off denim shorts she was wearing showed off her perfect petite ass. I was still smiling as she entered the elevator and turned around. She returned my smile knowing that I was checking out her awesome body the entire time.

I loaded two machines with my dirty laundry and fed them a stack of quarters, figuring I could use the time while they ran to straighten up my apartment. I finished the kitchen then went back down to switch my laundry to a couple of dryers, then back up to my apartment to tackle the living room.

It was after five o’clock when I made the last trip down to finish in the laundry and almost a quarter of six by the time I rode the elevator up with my clean shirts hung on hangers and everything else stuffed back in the laundry bag.

I hung my dress shirts in the closet and dumped the bag on my bed. “Aw shit!” I said out loud as I realized I’d forgotten to strip the bed. I folded my other things and put them away then stripped the bed in case Kay wanted to visit my place later. A fresh set of sheets is always a good thing when a sexy lady is stretched out on your bed waiting to be fucked.

“This housework shit is for the birds.” I thought as I walked onto my balcony to enjoy a smoke but knew I’d need an increase in my salary before I could afford to hire a maid to come in once a week or so.

The sun had set an hour ago since we’d already made the change back to standard time and as the last light of day faded the city began twinkling with lights from countless windows. I glanced down at Kay’s apartment which was still dark. It was after six and I was a little surprised she hadn’t called me yet. I finished my cigarette and snuffed it out on the railing then dropped the butt into a coffee can I kept out there to avoid the smell of smoke inside. My stomach reminded me that I hadn’t eaten anything since early today, but when I checked the frig there was nothing interesting there. I shrugged my shoulders figuring I’d grab a bite of something later or order pizza for Kay and me.

My cell phone finally rang about twenty after six, it was Kay calling. “Hey sexy.” I answered hoping to start our conversation off on a good note.

“Hi Allen, sorry I didn’t call earlier, but when I called Ginger I got her voice mail and she just called me back a couple minutes ago.” Kay explained.

“No problem, I’ve been busy doing laundry and housework all afternoon.” I replied.

As we talked I walked out on the balcony again and noticed that Kay’s apartment was still dark. “So what did Ginger say about tomorrow?” I asked.

Kay giggled then answered. “Well besides the fact that she can’t wait to have you fuck her ass while I eat her pussy, she suggested we get together a little after noon.” In the background I could hear music and other voices.

“That works for me.” I answered knowing Kay and I could spend the night together and sleep late in the morning.

“Good that’s what I told Ginger.” Kay answered.

“So are we on for tonight?” I asked expecting Kay to jump at the chance to spend the evening alone with me.

Kay hesitated for a moment then said. “I just got home Allen and I have an awful headache, I think I’m gonna take some aspirin and go to bed.”

From the muffled voices I’d heard and the music in the background I knew she was lying. “Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well.” I said then added. “I didn’t see any lights on in your apartment so I thought you were still out somewhere.

Kay had forgotten that I could see her apartment from my balcony, and compounded her lie by saying. “The lights make my head pound, so I didn’t turn any on when I got home.”

“Oh okay, some aspirin and a good night’s sleep should help. Why don’t you give me a call when you get up and we’ll figure out when to leave for Ginger’s place?” I said knowing it was best not to call her bluff on the headache excuse since she was an important part in my plans for our first get together with Ginger.

“Thanks so much for understanding Allen. I’m sure I’ll feel much better in the morning.” Kay replied.

“I hope so and I’ll talk to you then.” I answered before disconnecting the call.

I closed the sliding door to my balcony and as I turned the handle to close the vertical blinds I thought about our conversation. “So much for being totally open and honest, just like I had lied to her earlier in the week about working late, Kay was now lying to me about having a headache.” The admission she’d made about seeing other men since we met came to mind and I envisioned Malatya Escort Bayan her sucking and fucking some other guy tonight. I wasn’t about to let jealously creep into our relationship, and just shrugged my shoulders knowing I had another option for the evening.

As I dialed her number I hoped Staci hadn’t made plans for the night. It was 6:30 and she very well may have figured I wasn’t going to call her again.

Staci answered my call with a cheery “Hello”.

“Hiya Staci, its Allen.” I answered.

“Allen, I’m so glad you called.” She answered her voice sounding even more excited.

“Is that invitation still good for tonight?” I asked.

“It sure is because I hate drinking alone.” Staci said.

From the sound of her voice I assumed she had already started drinking. “Can I bring anything?” I asked.

“Nope I have everything I need, except some interesting company.” Staci answered.

“Fantastic, I can be there in half an hour Staci.” I suggested anxious to be with her.

“Give me 45 minutes. I wanna change into something more appropriate.” Staci said.

“Okay I’ll see you around quarter after seven.” I answered.

Staci giggled and replied. “I’m looking forward to seeing you again.”

“I’m looking forward to being with you too, it’s 923 correct?” I asked.

Giggling again, Staci said. “You remembered my apartment number, I like that.”

“Hopefully I’ll be able to make your evening a little more interesting.” I said.

“I’m certain of that Allen and I’ll see you in a little while.” She said before disconnecting her cell phone.

I had time to take a shower to wash off the smell of sex with Fran. I loved Staci’s request for a little more time so she could change her clothes, especially since she wanted to wear something more appropriate.

I figured I’d follow her lead and slipped on an appropriate pair of black silk boxers hoping her sexy fingers would be sliding over them later. A pair of khaki slacks and a dark blue sports shirt seemed okay for a casual evening of drinks. I skipped socks and slipped into a pair of Docksiders, finished by brushing my hair and teeth and splashed on some of my favorite cologne.

At exactly 7:15 I headed for the elevator figuring a couple minutes late would be better than a few early, not wanting to appear too anxious to spend the evening with such a sexy young woman.

The elevator door glided open and I was greeted by Frank and Pauline Fitzsimmons from the 14th floor. “Evening folks.” I said as I entered the car.

“Going out tonight?” I asked wanting to appear friendly to this elderly couple.

Pauline smiled and answered. “We’re celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary tonight.”

“Well congratulations!” I exclaimed as I pressed the button for the ninth floor.

“Thanks, it has been a hell of a ride.” Frank said as he hugged his wife.

The elevator slowed to a stop at the ninth floor and as the doors opened I said. “Enjoy your night.”

“You too.” Frank replied as I stepped out into the hall.

As the doors closed I heard Pauline exclaim. “Frank stop!” Then she giggled as her husband was apparently fondling her ass the entire time we were descending from my floor.

I found apartment 923 and knocked lightly on the door. From outside I heard the dead bolt unlock then Staci slowly opened the door. “Good evening Allen.” She seductively welcomed me to her home.

Staci stepped back and held her arm out inviting me inside. “Good evening to you Staci.” I replied as I stepped inside then stopped and turned to face her. She closed the door and without glancing toward it reached up and turned the dead bolt.

She looked absolutely incredible; her long blonde hair was in a tight bun above her head with the exception of the bangs that covered her forehead. Her twinkling gray green eyes were accentuated by the darker eye shadow and liner she had expertly applied. Her eyelashes appeared longer and fuller than I’d ever noticed before; her brilliant white teeth were surrounded by a rich red shade of lip gloss. Her complexion seemed to glow in the dim light at the entry to her home. As incredible as she looked from the neck up, the appropriate clothing she had changed into simply floored me. Every curve and dainty nuance of her petite form was emphasized by the tight black cocktail dress she was wearing. “Wow.” I exclaimed as my eyes followed her sexy form down to the hem line of her dress.

“Do you like my dress?” Staci asked the obvious silly question.

Below the hem her sleek shapely legs were exposed from mid-thigh and she wore an incredible pair of black open back heels that featured a thin strap buckled tightly around her ankle and dark stockings. I forced my eyes back up to her lovely face and replied. “Like is the understatement of the century.”

She stepped toward me with her hands resting comfortably at her sides and said. “I’ve been saving this dress for a special occasion.”

Her subtle Escort Malatya perfume wafted into my nostrils, an exhilarating blend of aromas that reminded me of the smell of a spring rain shower. “Your perfume is amazing.” I said inhaling deeply to savor the intoxicating fragrance.

She smiled while moving even closer, her petite breasts nearly touching my chest, and said. “It’s called Spring Fling.”

I moved my head beside hers, inhaling deeply again before saying. “I absolutely love it.”

When I leaned closer my chest touched hers and as I savored her lovely fragrance she shuddered slightly. It took every ounce of my will power to keep from scooping her up and carrying her to the nearest bedroom.

Staci lifted her hands and placed them flat against my chest, her perfectly manicured nails a natural color highlighted by clear gloss. Her eyes sparkled and I watched her lovely red lips move as she said. “Let me show you around my home.”

“Please do.” I answered knowing a tour would give me time to get my senses under control.

As Staci sidestepped me and walked into the living room my sense of sight was again floored. From behind, her perfect ass moved sensually as she walked, and to my visual delight her dark silk stockings were seamed adding to the incredible sight. The seams ran perfectly straight up her sexy long legs.

“This obviously is the living room.” Staci explained as she turned to face me again.

I had already noticed that her apartment had the same floor plan as mine, but unlike my place hers was impeccably decorated. What appeared to be original oil paintings decorated the walls and there were stunning pieces of glass work everywhere. The furniture was high quality. An L-shaped dark brown sectional sofa was situated on the bias in front of the fireplace, which had a beautiful arrangement of artificial flowers inside. Between the fireplace and the sofa was a huge coffee table that featured a heavy oak frame and a thick glass top, the edges beveled and slightly frosted.

“This place is amazing.” I commented returning my attention to her more amazing body.

“The kitchen’s over there.” Staci mentioned waving a hand toward the small kitchen.

I gave her a devilish grin and pointed toward the hall before I said. “And the bedrooms are that way.”

She smiled and began walking toward the hall. I happily followed wanting to get a look at her bedroom.

“This is Gina’s room.” Staci said stopping in the hall and reaching to close the door. Before she did I caught a glimpse of her roommate’s bedroom. It was totally cluttered, clothing thrown about covering the bed and most of the floor. As she pulled the door closed Staci commented. “She’s such a pig.”

As I followed Staci toward the closed door at the end of the hall we passed the bathroom. I only glanced inside but I could tell that she kept it sparkling clean and a soft night-light cast a warm glow to the room.

“This is my room.” Staci said as she reached for the doorknob.

I followed her into the bedroom carefully studying her incredible ass as she walked across the room. She bent over and turned on a small table lamp beside the bed, straightened up and turned to face me. “When I was a little girl my daddy called me his princess, when I graduated from Boston College this was his graduation present.” She said pointing to the queen size four corner post bed. The bed was placed with the headboard across the corner of the room and a large potted palm tree filled the open space behind.

“I added the lace canopy when I moved to Kurtz House.” Staci explained.

“It’s an amazing bed.” I commented not moving my eyes from her. The remainder of her bedroom was nicely decorated, but it was obvious the bed was the centerpiece of the room.

As I walked toward her Staci told me something that surprised me a little. “Beside daddy, you’re only the second man who’s ever stepped through that door.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“I look at this room as my private sanctuary, a place where my dreams can come true.” Staci answered.

“And the other man who you allowed to enter your sanctuary was?” I asked.

“Someone I thought I could trust, but that’s ancient history. I keep that as a reminder to be very careful who I trust.” Staci remarked as she pointed to a framed photo on the wall.

I turned and walked to the photo, it was a picture of Staci reclined on her stomach with her elbows on either side of a massive polar bear head her chin gently cupped in both hands. The pure white fur of the bear hid her breasts but her naked shoulders and back were clearly visible, what struck me about the photo was the two sets of eyes the camera lens had captured. The bear’s cold and black, and just above Staci’s gray green eyes sparkling like jewels. “It’s an incredible photograph.” I commented.

Staci walked across the room and stopped behind me then continued her story. “He took the photo and titled it Beauty and the Beast.”

An appropriate title I thought even if it were stolen from the Disney story of the same name.

“He took other photos of me most much more explicit than this one. He said they were for his pleasure only, but I later discovered that he had posted them on the internet.” Staci explained.

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