His Sexetary

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I work for my boyfriend. He owns a small business. It’s still new, but quickly starting to pick up. I’m his secretary, or – as he likes to joke – his sexetary.

We were having a particularly busy day. I was in and out of his office every few minutes, bringing new notes and messages. By late morning I was getting very hot from all the running around. I wasn’t wearing an awful lot as it was, but still needed less.

I undid a couple more buttons on my blouse. This left only 2 actually done up. My D cup tits were on the brink of bursting the remaining buttons, but at least they were getting a bit more air, as was my belly. I also rolled up my skirt. It was very tight and so was a difficult task, but I managed to get it so at least my ass was still covered. I was only wearing a small thong, so plenty of air was getting through and I felt much better. My neck was feeling itchy though, so I put my hair up into a loose bun.

I put my glasses on and sat back down at my desk. After a minute or so, I looked up into the big mirror across the room. From the mirror, I could see into Jed’s office. He was sat at his desk too, looking straight at me. He beckoned for me to come into his office.

I slowly stepped into the doorway, but he wasn’t at his desk anymore. I quickly looked around the room, but was frozen in my footsteps when I felt the familiar touch of those strong warm hands on my hips and hot breath on my neck.

He started softly kissing my neck and down across my shoulder. He then held my arm and kissed along it, stopping at my hand to give a long tender kiss.

I began to get weak at the knees. Whether güvenilir bahis it was his power over me, or the growing heat in the room. He held me and guided me to his desk. I leant against it, cooling myself down as he walked around the desk and got a box out from the bottom drawer. I don’t know exactly what he keeps in that box, but I’ve met a few of it’s contents many a time.

He simply put it on the desk and smiled. He then came back and put his arms around me, kissing me softly on the lips. One of his hands snaked round to my chest, pulling one of my tits from the blouse and stroking the nipple. The other hand went down to cup my ass, gently kneading it and moving lower, in between my legs.

He pulled at the thong so it brushed my clit, which sent a shock wave of pleasure through my body. I felt even weaker, so he sat me on this desk. We kept kissing, slowly carrassing each other. He had spread my legs and was standing between them, gently brushing his leg against my thigh, moving ever closer to the centre.

Before reaching the centre, he slid down onto his knees so his head was level with it. He kisses the front of my thong, then moved it aside with his tongue so he also flicked my clit. Again, I felt another shock wave through me.

Once the thong was out the way, he started tracing small circles around my slit with his fingers. Occasionally, one would enter my pussy and he’d push it all the way, wiggle it slightly them pull out and continue circling it. All the while, he deliberately avoided my clit.

I was surprised when he suddenly brought his mouth over my clit and started sucking.

All türkçe bahis the while he was using his fingers, I was slowly getting more and more aroused, but when he started sucking my clit it immediately threw me over the edge and I started to shake with my orgasm.

Once I’d calmed down and cleared my head, I noticed he was no longer in front of me. I swivelled round on the desk and saw him smiling at me from the other side of it. In his hand were some lengths of rope. I reached over and pulled my head down gently but firmly, so my body fully turned and was flat down against the desk. I grabbed my arms and tied them to the desk legs. He then went round the other side of the desk and pulled my legs off it and onto the ground. He didn’t tie them, but spread them and ground against me as he checked the ties on my arms were secure.

I could feel the huge bulge against my pussy, and became even more arouse – if that was even possible.

He pulled away from me, and I heard a zipper and the dropping of clothes. Suddenly, though, everything went quiet. The only sound I could hear was my own breathing and heart beat gradually getting faster.

Without warning, I felt my pussy being filled. I screamed out at first, but this quickly turned into loud moans. He was making quiet grunting sounds too.

He pulled in and out of me quickly, and for what seemed like an eternity. I was getting closer and closer to my climax, and wondered how close he really was as his movements didn’t seem to alter at all.

Again, without warning, he pulled out and it all went silent again.

My pussy was twitching in güvenilir bahis siteleri desperation of an orgasm, having been brought so close. I started to try grind it against the desk some how, but with my arms so tightly restrained, there was no hope.

It felt like I was never going to get the relief I needed. The silence was driving me crazy. It seemed to go on for hours and hours! But then, I felt something soft, yet hard, pressing against my ass hole. I also felt a fingers on my clit. Not rubbing or flicking – just holding it.

Then all of a sudden he was pinching and rubbing it, while his dick was slowly pushing further and further into my ass.

I felt his balls finally press against my ass as he held still for a moment.

I feared it would be another long silence like before, but thankfully he started to slowly pull out and back in, gradually picking up pace, still pinching and rubbing my clit.

Again I was getting incredibly close to a climax. This time, I could feel he was too. His thrusts were getting shorter and more rapid, and I could feel a slight swell inside me.

He let go of my clit and grabbed my hips. He pulled out almost completely, then shoved back in forcefully and I felt a shot load of hot liquid burst in my ass. This started my own orgasm off.

He kept his dick inside my ass, but inserted a couple of fingers into my pussy. It was still convulsing and clutched into them. He pulled them out and I heard a slight lip smacking sound as he obviously tasted them. He moaned softly, and finally pulled his now deflated dick out of me.

He untied me, pulled me up so I was sittin on the desk again and we kissed.

Unfortunately, the phone rang and we both snapped back to business.

I wasn’t really complaining about the heat anymore, though. The rest of the day felt quite cool compared to that hot sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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