Hitching a Ride Ch. 04

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“Deal.” he said, reaching out to squeeze a handful of my tits instead of a handshake. “I own you for the night.”

I moaned softly as he turned the gesture into a breast massage. He was more gentle than before, clearly doing it for my pleasure and not just his. My hips involuntarily began to gyrate as he leaned over and suckled my hard nipple. I was still extremely horny, and my inability to touch myself drove me crazy. As if reading my mind, Logger’s hand drifted down my stomach, coming to rest against the length of my slit. His fingers grazed my clit and probed my wet lips gently. I groaned with pleasure and ground my hips in circles.

“Can you fuck me again?” I asked quietly between ragged breaths.

Logger laughed as he continued to play with me. “Not yet little slut. Even I need some down time after a fuck like that. But don’t worry,” he added “I’ll make sure my whore gets properly serviced.”

I moaned louder in response to his words, but stopped when he suddenly stood and began to dress himself. “What are you doing?” I plead. “I’m so horny!”

“Going to find some dick for my whore!” he reassured me as he pulled on a fresh pair of jeans.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “I want your big cock!” I sulked.

Logger laughed again. “Don’t worry, I’ll be ready to go again soon. In the mean time I’m off to drum up business!”

“What?!?!” I demanded. “You don’t mean…”

“You’re my whore. I own you tonight. Time to make a little extra gas money!” he cackled.

“I don’t know about this…” I began, before being cut off by Logger’s stuffing my own panties into my mouth. They were still wet and I could smell myself on them.

“Better save your strength my little whore. That mouth is going to be put to work shortly.”

With that, he exited the truck, leaving me alone, naked, and handcuffed on the bed. I briefly considered yelling for help, and for a short while fiddled with the cuffs and bracket to see if I could get free. I could not. Resigned to my fate, I pondered my own thoughts, second guessing my earlier agreement. Technically, I had begged to be his whore. Technically, that did imply he would exchange my services for money – albeit there was never an agreement to pimp me out to others. However, my pussy ached to be filled, and for the moment at least, my horniness overpowered my judgement. I wanted cock. I really wanted Logger’s big cock again, but failing that perhaps another would do. I waited quietly, a chill in the air hardening my nipples as I adjusted my position and rested on my side.

Some Marmaris Escort time passed, until suddenly the door opened, and I saw Logger vault into the truck with a huge grin. He gestured for someone to follow and turned on the light.

“Come on up!” he urged. Have a look at her!”

A man’s voice chuckled coarsely. “I can’t wait to see the greasy lot lizard you got to agree to be your whore.” the man laughed. “She better be clean!”

I struggled to control my nerves as a stranger clambered into the truck. He looked to be in his mid-50s, thin as a rail with receding grey hair. He smelled of coffee and gasoline. He took one look at me and froze.

“Holy shit.” he muttered.

“Would I lie to you? Isn’t that the finest piece of tail you’ve seen this year?” Logger asked boisterously.

The newcomer seemed to take in every inch of my body slowly. I lay on my side, staring up and him behind long dark lashes with my arms behind my head where they were attached to the wall. My heavy breasts rested atop one another, and the curve of my hips was accentuated by my pose. He could see a hint of my closely trimmed brown pubic hair, and licked his lips.

“Jesus.” he uttered. “You sure broke her in. Is that cum in her hair?”

Logger laughed. “You want in or not?”

The man cracked a lecherous grin. “Does a bear shit in the woods?”

“Fifty to get your dick sucked. A hundred to fuck her.” Logger stated matter-of-factly.

“Does she give good head?” the man asked, eyeing my full lips.

“Pretty damn fine.” Logger replied. I winked and licked my lips.

The man counted out fifty dollars and handed the bills to Logger. In return, he was handed the keys to my handcuffs. He strode towards me and Logger pulled the curtain to give us a small measure of privacy.

“I’ll be sitting right here.” Logger said. “Remember, its an extra fifty if you want to fuck her.”

“These lips should be just fine.” the man replied.

He walked over and began by caressing my hair and cheek, telling me how beautiful I was. He unlocked the cuffs, and I sat up rubbing my wrists to stimulate blood flow. He began to knead my breasts, and in response I began to undo his belt. He smiled down at me.

“You are an eager one aren’t you? You want to taste this cock?” he said, giving the bulge in his pants a squeeze.

I looked up at him with big brown eyes and nodded yes. “I want to be a good little whore.”

He seemed to shudder and closed his eyes. He continued to squeeze Marmaris Escort Bayan my breasts as I pulled down his pants and boxers to reveal his already erect dick. I looked it over as I fondled his balls, teasing him. He was about average size, maybe a little more, but still nothing like Logger. His hairy balls already hung high in his sack, and twitched as I teased them. I leaned in and licked them as I began to tickle and stroke his shaft lightly. He groaned approval.

I licked up the length of him, swirling my tongue around his head. He stared down at me as I worked, lavishing my tongue up and down both sides of his manhood. I paid particular attention to the rim of his head, flicking and circling it as I felt him stiffen and shake. He seemed to really enjoy that. I held him by the base and began to bob my mouth on him, taking him half way. He stroked my hair and urged me on. I played a bit longer, and then began to take him all the way down. His size meant I could do so without actually entering my throat – my large mouth was enough to accommodate him. None-the-less he loved it, and moaned loudly.

“Told you she was good!” Logger exclaimed.

“Shut up and let me enjoy this.” he replied. “Work the head again baby.” he instructed me.

I stopped bobbing on him and focused my efforts on his head. I stroked his shaft as I licked, sucked, and slapped his head against my tongue. I made a wide O with my lips and jiggled the head around inside it, making a wet sloppy sound. I moaned as I sucked his cock, and my left hand snaked down to tease my clit. I thought of Logger’s huge cock filling me up, recalling how he stretched me to my limits and let that thought drive my passion to suck this stranger’s dick.

I felt him begin to shudder and groan as he approached orgasm. I backed off, licking his head slowly while just holding his cock in place. He gasped as I waited for him to come down from the edge of orgasm, watching intensely as I looked up at him with a mischievous glint in my eyes.

“You really do love this don’t you?” he asked.

My eyes fluttered closed as I pushed myself to orgasm with my hand. I wrapped my lips around his head and moaned, letting the vibrations pleasure him. He took in breaths sharply as he struggled to hold back his cum. I held still while my orgasm subsided, and then backed off him again, stroking him lightly with my moist hand.

“I want you to cum on my face.” I said in sultry tone.

“Can I cum in her mouth?” he asked Logger, ignoring me.

“No Escort Marmaris I said…” I began before Logger gave him an affirmative answer. My words were cut off as the stranger stuffed himself into my mouth, grabbing my head and pulling me deep onto him again. “Mmmmmphhh!” I protested.

Without warning, he came. Blast after powerful blast went directly down my throat, causing me to gag slightly. This merely forced me to taste his bitter cum, making me gag more. He held me tight to his pelvis as I coughed cum around the edges of his shaft. My nostrils flared as I breathed between breaths. Eventually he finished, and pulled himself from my mouth, wiping his sticky cock on my forehead.

“Good whores swallow.” he said to me in explanation for his behaviour when he met my aggrieved stare. He stroked my cheek with his cock. Without a word, he zipped up and pulled the curtain aside, speaking to Logger as he did so.

“That’s one hell of a whore you have there!” he praised.

“Damn right.” Logger replied. “Feel free to spread the word. We’ll be here all night.”

I stayed silent as the man left. When he had, Logger turned to me and said “I think you’re in for a busy night!”

I wanted to berate Logger for offering my mouth so cheaply to strangers, especially multiple men in one night. My jaw ached, and my stomach gurgled for something other than cum. I was damp, tired, and cold. Instead, however, I told him to come fuck me. The only thing I wanted at that moment was Logger’s cock. My fingers hadn’t satisfied me, and my pussy needed to feel his girth again.

And fuck me he did. First he took my mouth, forcing his half-erect cock between my lips, stuffing my face with his meat. Before long he was hard once again, gagging me and getting his cock well-lubricated for what came next. He hardly needed the extra moisture, because I was sopping wet for him. He began by fucking me missionary style, standing at the edge of the bed while I lay on my back with my legs wrapped around him. I rubbed my clit furiously while he pumped himself deep into my guts, bringing me to climax several times before my clit couldn’t take anymore. He roughly played with my tits while to rammed me, sending me into a semi-conscious sex-drunken state of bliss.

Eventually he ordered me to roll over, and took me from behind once more. My face jammed into the mattress to stifle my screams of pleasure, I took his entire length again and again, marveling at his size and how fully it stretched me to my limits. He lasted a long time, longer than any lover I’d had before while pounding me hard. I was more or less senseless by the time he rolled me on my side, walked around to the side of the bunk and stroked his latest deposit of cum into my slack mouth. I swallowed it as a matter of duty for the high quality dicking he had just given me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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