Holidaying, With A School Friend

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It was the last day of the summer term and I was full of the holiday spirit. In less than a weeks time parents and I were off to the Caribbean for a two-week break. For the last few days I have been talking about nothing else. Friend in my form must of getting fed up with me; I am sure Cora was and told me as much

“Anna you might think the holiday sounds great, but you could have as much fun on an English beach.”

Jealous or what

The bombshell was dropped during one of our rare family supper’s; it was mum that said it

“Anna, we have had to cancel the holiday, money is very tight and your dad and I need to put more time into our magazine.”

If they thought I was going to whinge they were mistaken. I was going to set my personal best for a mega sulk.

Dad then managed to twist the knife

” We don’t want you to have a boring time so we have arranged with the parents of one of you friend that you go on holiday with them.”

At this my drink went all over the table

“Not Jane, please tell me it is not with the Simpson’s”

“No it is with Cora’s family.”

The silly cow she knew and had not told me

Mum chirped in

“You like Cora don’t you, and I am sure you could get on with her brother.”

Like him, he is super fit, definitely on my rape list.

“Alright then, suppose it might be fun”

I said now sounding a little peeved.

Three days later I was in car with Cora, Alex and their parents. We were making our way to their house in Blackpool.

The car was not fun, Anadolu Yakası Escort Cora and Alex argued all the way and their parents were real bores.

We arrived late, had a take away, watched a film then made our way to bed.

I found it difficult a noise was coming from Alex’s room, I was sure that he was having a wank. I would have loved to be a fly on his wall.

The next day Cora, Alex and myself made our way to the beach. It was a chance to try out my new bikini, a sexy little number.

We stripped down to our swimming costume and I was laying out my towel when Anna said

“A lot of girls are going topless, we might as well join them.”

At this she took off her bikini top, I really had no choice but to do the same

Alex just stared at my tits and said

“Very nice Anna!”

He offered to put apply my sun screen for me: I refused no way was he going to grab a feel in front of Cora.

On the way home we popped into an arcade, when Alex and I was alone he kissed me, this I did not refuse, when he tried to go further I stopped him.

“Alex you are not getting inside my knickers.”

This drew some laughs from a group of passing lads. Alex just glared at me.

After Lunch, Cora and the rest of the family went out shopping, leaving me on my own. I could not resist the temptation to explore Alex’s bedroom.

I was just looking at his underwear when he walked in, I stepped back knocking his ipod of the top of the chest of draws.

” What the hell do you think you Kadıköy Escort are doing”

he spat out as he picked his ipod up.

“Great, it’s broken”

“I will make it up to you, Alex”

“Can you afford to buy me a new one?”

“No I said, I am really sorry”

“Sorry does not cut it with me, I am going to have to punish you”

“Alex! What do you mean”?

“I mean punish you like naughty girls should be punished, a caning”

“No way, Alex, it is not going to happen”

“Oh, then I will have to tell my parents, maybe I can get you sent home”

I did not want that

“Ok Alex, but not that hard”

“Alright, then I will start with a warm up spanking, to make it easier on you”

I doubted that, but I was not going to back out now.

“Jeans off,”

I gave him the look but obliged him.

“Over my knee”

Once in place, he quickly slipped my knickers off me, I could not get up as he was holding onto me. I was so embarrassed. Then the slaps fell on one cheek then the other, they were not playful. Sharp smacks followed one after the other until my bottoms was ablaze with pain,

“Now, I cane you Anna, I think twelve would be the appropriate number.”

I was not going to refuse. At this stage I was just wearing my tee shirt. He told me to take it off.

“Alex, I am not wearing anything underneath”

“So what, if you were, you would have had to remove it anyway.”

So there I was standing naked in front of him

“Bend over and put you hands Ataşehir Escort on the chest of draws.”

I did what he asked

“Legs apart”

“Further apart”

“Count for me”

The first blow landed, I never dreamed it would hurt so much I had already had enough.



The second and third blows came in quick succession they stung like hell

“Two, three”

Two more landed hard and fast

“Four, five”

Then he planted five more blows in such a way the blurred into each other

“Six, seven, eight, nine, ten”

“Just two more Anna, you should see your backside, it is a real picture.”

The bastard the eleventh stroke was at full force and cut the other ten.

I have had enough, I was just about to get up when the twelfth stroke landed, all the others paled into insignificance, and I felt like I had been cut in two.

I turned to face him and to tell him what I thought of him. However, before I could say a word he kissed me, a very deep kiss. Now I was on fire in more ways than one.

Our tongues met and salvia mingled, when we had finished had had managed to strip himself naked.

I never realised his cock was that big, he had me take it in my mouth and as my head bobbed up and down I could taste his pre cum.

He then sat me on the drawers spread my legs and inserted his cock deep into me. He then began to thrust slowly at first then faster and faster. It hurt, but there was no way I was going to let on that I was a virgin.

He was not a gentle lover, but I give him this, he was determined that we both were going to cum.

When I finally came it was one of the most intense experiences of my life.

Later that evening I saw him sitting down listening to his ipod. I going to have my revenge that I promise you.

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