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The next morning I felt different, as doubts started to plague me, while I admit to having enjoyed what had happened to me yet it also scared me, I had butter flies in my stomach as it occupied my mind as I sat there trying to eat some breakfast. Mother told me she had some errands she wanted me to do for her and in a way I felt relieved.

It gave me a chance to get out of the house and as I went about the errands all I could think about was how I felt, alone, scared, was I a queer? I knew what had happened wasn’t right, wasn’t natural as we were supposed to fall in love with a man and here I was. In the last 4 months or so I had left home, lost my virginity and not only that had sex with my friend, was now back home and the one woman who I’d always looked up to wanted me to make love to her.

My letters to her had apparently triggered what had happened, she had read between the lines and correctly guess what had happened between Jennifer and I, and I had been too stupid and scared to deny it. I took my time shopping for mother as these thoughts were going through my head, but after I got back home mother reminded me I should get going to help Emma.

By the time I got there It was mid morning and once inside she gave me a big hug and kiss asking what kept me, so told her I had to do some errands for mother. Since I’d left the evening before and my arrival she had finished stripping the old wall paper off, patched some holes with paste, and was now starting to apply the new wall paper to one wall. All she had on was a chemise, bloomers and slippers, and it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra or her girdle.

It was a relief in a way to me that she wanted to continue papering to finish the one wall. I helped her lay it out and cut it to length, then after she brushed some paste on the wall climbed up on a stool to start hanging it from the top, while I knelt and held the bottom in line with the edge of the previous one. She then brushed it to squeeze any air bubbles out and smooth it down, then we repeated with the next piece.

Once we got the first wall done she stopped and said, “lets take a break and have some fun” and taking me by my hand led me into her bedroom. As before I was too timid to say anything and just meekly followed her where she again started to undo my blouse and take it off me followed by my bra. Next she unzipped my skirt and had me step out of it, and looking at me smiled as she ran her hands over my body.

She told me how beautiful I looked and how I was all she could think of, and that she loved me very much and did I love her too? Of course I said, “yes” at which she smiled at me and said, “show me dear,” I want you to love me very much. During this I saw her excitement rise and noticed her breathing change as she laid back on the bed pulling me too her and placed my hand on her tit as she kissed me on my mouth, her tongue probing into mine.

I was aware of her nipple under the light material of her chemise and began to caress it, reminding me about what she liked me to do to her. My own arousal was starting to grow in me so I didn’t need much urging as my fingers began caressing her tits, first one then the other. I loved their feel, so soft and big, her breathing was changing as she whispered instructions to me, “grip it dearie, don’t be shy I love it when you do, rub it harder it feels so good” and so on.

She had me on top of her and managed to get her legs around mine holding me in a scissor bursa escort like way as I squeezed, licked and sucked her tits, her moans exciting me till with a cry she had her climax. I now relaxed but she still held onto me, and I felt her body quieten from her pleasure, and now kissing me again took my hand and pushed it down between her legs. She was gasping now, “give Soosie a rub dear” as she rubbed my hand over her crotch. I was fully aroused myself by now and was happy to oblige her by feeling her pussy through her bloomers, or her Soosie as she called it, pushing the material into the crevice and feeling her clitoris. Soon she was gasping and moving her arse in time to my hand rubbing her till she again let out a cry and gripping me tight held onto me as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

Unlocking her legs she moved me onto my back as she leaned over French kissing me, her tongue deep into my mouth then told me how beautiful it was. She took a moment to remove her chemise to let her tits swing free, then she began licking and kissing my tits, I felt her hand at my hips pushing my knickers down, down below my knees. I was on the verge, close to an orgasm as she started kissing her way down to my belly, tonging my belly button for a minute before moving down to kiss me in my pubic hair.

I was gasping by this time, more like whimpers really it felt so good, incredible feelings flooding through my body when she got up and off the bed to push my legs apart and next thing I knew she was kissing my pussy. Well this had never happened to me before, and it only took a few moments before I spread my legs wide for her and pulled my knees up close to my tits, raising my hips to accommodate her. I had the most powerful orgasm explode inside me, making me scream with delight. I was bucking with the magnitude of it, but Emma had a good hold on me round my hips, hands on my belly pressing her face into my cunt.

She wasn’t finished, covering my pussy with her mouth she kept probing and licking me with her tongue and soon I was on the crest or another orgasm as beautiful as before, then on to give me yet another till exhausted, all I could do was lie there and let her have her way with me. She slipped her bloomers off and climbed up beside me and we held each other tight for a few minutes. It took me a long time to come down, and I wasn’t really aware of anything for a few minutes. I lay there panting as she slid her body up to mine and we kissed long and slow, as she expressing her feelings for me.

I tasted my own juices round her mouth as she kissed me, I didn’t find it offensive at all, if anything a little bitter but that was all and enjoyed the experience vary much.

Soon she began petting me again, her hands exploring my body, then lying on her back pulled me on top and I brought my pubic arch to hump her. Slowly at first, then increasing the pace one bit at a time, she opened her legs wide to feel me and she raised her hips up to meet my thrusts. Her tits were swinging up and down like jello to my strokes. The look on her face was awesome, eyes partially closed, her lips in an ‘o’ the sounds she was emitting was more than just a groan. “Grip them dearie, harder, harder” she commanded, I squeezed them as hard as I could, my thrusts getting more vigorous then we cried out in unison as we both climaxed and I collapsed on top of her.

I felt no shame at this time, if anything the opposite as I was pleased of my ability to give her bursa escort bayan much pleasure too. To hear her moans and other sounds as her arousal grew was awesome. She asked me how I liked her kissing my Soosie, as I learned she call a pussy, of course I said yes which was true, although I always agreed with anything she said anyway. I knew where she was leading with her questioning as I realized anything she had done to me she encouraged me to reciprocate by doing it to her.

Lying there so close and talking about it, almost whispering saying she had wanted to do that to me for a long time, how wonderful it felt and did I enjoy it too. She kept on about it and like I said above, I always agreed with whatever she said anyway, so it was not really a surprise when she invited me to kiss her Soosie too. So it’s not like she made me go down on her, more like she persuaded me to try it, and if I don’t like doing that then that’s OK but at least I’d tried it.

She sat on the edge of the bed and had me kneel on the floor between her legs, I admit to being scared, my heart was thumping with my anxiety yet in a way I felt excited too. She opened herself up with both hands so I saw close up how wet and intimidating her pussy was. Surrounded by her jet black hair, the innards so wet and pink and her clit like a little tit sticking out. I could smell her sex, frightening as she kept talking to me encouraging me to kiss it, and leaning forward touched her nether lips with my tongue. Now with a hand on my head and her other holding herself open let me take my time as I repeated giving a small kiss in her lips. Now with the flat of my tongue I ran it up her slit to her clit, I heard her moan but I know that was just for my benefit as I was encouraged to do it again.

I did not find the taste unpleasant, just a lot stronger than I expected so I started licking her again. Now she let herself go and held my head in her hands as I probed a little deeper with my tongue to lick her innards, then flicking the tip over her clit. I looked up at her over her hairy bush to see her concentrating on what I was doing, smiling at me then she leaned back to leave me on my own. Her cries now more reflective of the pleasure I was inducing in her cunt. She was extremely wet, her juices mixing with my saliva as I was now enjoying what I was doing to her. Suddenly she stiffened for a moment then twitched a few times calling out as she had an orgasm, I stopped to watch amazed by what I’d done to her but she mumbled, “no no don’t stop” and again I repeated what I had done till she twitched again calling out telling me how beautiful it felt.

finally I sat back on my heels and looked at her as she sat up, holding out her hand invited me up onto the bed where she could now kiss me, tasting her own juices of me.

Getting up she made us some sandwiches and tea for lunch, then we got started with the wall paper. As we worked she began telling me about how she got started having sex with a lady friend in University too. They lived together for quite a few years and also socialized with other lesbians. I began to realize there were lots of other women like us who preferred other women for their sexual gratification, and that a lot of them were married too. I never heard the term bisexual used, it seemed that a woman who ever had sex with another would be considered a queer and that was it.

That night when I was home I lay in bed thinking about she had told me, and escort bursa had me do to her, in those days it would be considered dirty, if not kinky or perverted, what some people might call taboo. I didn’t care as she had given me so much pleasure, and thrilled I could please her too, as she had pleasured me, and by this time I was accepting what she was, and what I had become.

Over the next few days I went to help her we would spend at least a couples of hours having sex, and that included lots of kissing and sucking on each others Soosie. She obviously saw I was enjoying the sex more and more as I was now quite happy to participate, and encouraged me to enjoy her more. There was one more surprise for me before we finished the wall papering.

One afternoon we had retired to make love and I was resting in her arms, she whispered to me, I want you to meet Robbie, I was puzzled by this and she got up and went into her closet and removed something. It was a black rubber thing with leather straps hanging from it, and I watched as she sorted the straps out then strapped the thing round her waist so the base of it was snug against her pussy. I realized what it was supposed to be as she approached me holding it up like a cock.

She had me lie back on the bed and hold my legs up and apart and she approached me holding the thing like it was a real cock and brought it to my nether lips. She rubbed it up and down the crevice between the lips and against my clitoris letting me feel the length of it. The rubbing excited me as I watched and soon felt her place the tip into my pussy. Just a little bit, maybe just half an inch or so at first then take it all the way out, and back in again very slowly. She was looking at me as she did this to gage my reaction and each time went a little deeper. I was beginning to respond to the feeling, although it was not as nice as Derek’s cock still it felt good.

Once she had it all the way home I could feel it against my cervix, then she slowly started to fuck me with it. She was leaning over me smiling and moving her arse around to let me feel it against the roof of my vagina, sometimes plunging it into me then with drawing it all the way out, and repeating. I watched her do this, her tits swinging in front of my face from her effort.

After we finished the wall papering we painted the trim round the windows and doors that really brightened up the room. Emma invited us, mother and my aunt and me to join her and some other friends for a New Years dinner at her house. There were lots of nice comments on the job we did to freshen it up with the new wall paper and paint job.

We all pitched in to help with the meal and had a lovely evening, and as midnight approached we all sang ‘Auld Land Syne,’ then at midnight wished each other a Happy Hogmany and hugged one another.

I was to leave the next day to go back to University and Emma offered to drive me to the Station to Catch my Train. We left a little early so we could have some time together to have a cup of Tea and last minute chat. She held my wrist and told me how much she’d enjoyed my company over the holidays, and said she hoped we could do ‘it’ again sometime, smiling at me as she said this. I agreed with her and meant it, and she asked me to keep in touch about my love life. I knew what she was hinting at, she wanted me to give her the details of my relationships.

Finally leaving to board the train she slipped some money into my hand again reminding me she knew how little pocket money I could afford. Then after a hurried kiss I boarded the train just as it was ready to leave, and from the window watched her standing on the platform waving goodbye as the Train left the station.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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