Home for the Winter Quarter Break

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SLU (T) U has a unique quarter system that combines Christmas, the winger break, and a local holiday into one super long three week break in late December and early January. I usually stay around campus with the “old whorehouse gag” from Suite 110 in Patterson Hall. This year, however, Mama called me and told me she needed me at home for the break. OK, I guess. It seems that she and our next door neighbor, Miss Shellie, had been involved in a car wreck and both of them were pretty sore and banged up but not hurt badly. Who do I look like; Florence Fucking Nightingale or something?

But she pays the tuition and fees so home I went. Mom is a 42 year old knock out without a doubt. She works as a massage specialist and aerobics instructor at a local high end health club. I used to go to work with her when I was in high school and let the men who worked there take me in back when Mom was busy and teach me all the finer points of sucking cocks. Hell, the women did too later on. Except they taught me pussy licking instead of cock sucking of course. Needless to say, everyone smiled when they saw me coming in the door. Or was it cumming in the door?

And if Mama is a good looking piece of ass, Miss Shellie is a gourmet pussy licker’s wet dream. She is only 33 and divorced. She told me stories of how her ex had used and abused her when they were married. He had made her fuck all of his friends all of the time and even some of their wives. He had made her get her breasts enhanced and her nipples augmented and God had that been a good thing! Mama didn’t know that all of those evenings I used to spend at Miss Shellie’s was usually spent my mouth on her sweet pussy. Hmmm, good; finger fuckin’ lickin’ good!

When I arrived home, I found Mom laying on the couch with a Velcro leg brace on her right leg. It ran from her foot to above her hip with a wide Velcro belt to keep the hip portion in place. She had to wear it 24 hours a day for two weeks or run a risk of very expensive surgery. She could barely walk in it and certainly couldn’t go in and out of the house without two people helping her. Shellie was with her and so help me God, she didn’t look hurt at all.

I parked my Mustang in the driveway and carried my suitcase up the front steps and into the house where I gave both Mom and Miss Shellie a peck on the cheeks and went to my room to put up my clothes. Surprise, surprise, Miss Shellie walked in behind to “help” me put my stuff up. She walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders and began squeezing my braless tits as I leaned my head back on her shoulder and sought out her luscious red lips. While I stood there, she kissed me with a wide open mouth and ran her hands down to my waist where her right hand went under and down and her left hand went under and up. She had me on the cusp of orgasm in less than three minutes. But she had a very bad personal habit, she left me on that cusp and made me grovel like a sex slave before she would let me fall over the edge into bliss.

“Hey, Rook!” Mama called me and broke Shellie and me up. I went back into the living room.

“Will you go and get me a beer out of thefrig, Dear?” she said smiling at me. I nodded and did. While I was getting the beer, I heard Miss Shellie tell Mama she was going home and that she would certainly appreciate it if she would let me come over later to help her out. Yeah, help me right out of my panties; help her right into my pussy; help my tongue right out of my mouth and into her wet pussy; and her out of her horniness.

Mom and I talked for about an hour while we sipped on a couple of brews before Mama told me that Miss Shellie wanted me to come over and help her. I said sure and got up and left. I walked into Miss Shellie’s house without knocking and was a little surprised to see Miss Shellie leaning her now naked body over the arm of her big hide away bed sofa while Mac Easton, one of my high school fuck buddies, pounded his thunder stick in and out of her juicy pussy. She was moaning so loudly that she didn’t even know I’d come in and Mac just looked me in the eye with a much more adult gaze than I’d ever seen in his eyes as he tightened his ass cheeks, drove his gorgeous cock home, and stood motionless while his cock jerked inside Shellie’s now spasming pussy. God damn but he was hot! And the way those smoldering brown eyes locked my eyes onto his the entire time he shot into Miss Shellie’s pussy sent little bolts of electric excitement to my tits and pussy making me feel as hot as he looked. I wanted that dick in me in the worst way.

Remembering his post coitus demands from earlier years, I sauntered over to where he stood, still buried in Miss Shellie’s cunt, and fell to my knees. He slid his still semi-erect dick from her gaping, leaking pussy, and turned it toward my open mouth. As he slowly slipped the slimy smelly shaft deeper into my mouth, I licked and lipped every square centimeter of its surface tasting the memorable taste of his jism and the more than familiar tartness yalova escort of Miss Shellie’s pussy juice. He pushed until his balls were against my chin and then began an equally slow withdrawal as I vacuumed off hid dick. After his cockhead had cleared my lips, I turned my mouth to Miss Shelli’s beckoning pussy.

I stuck my nose as far into it as I could and exhaled slowly feeling the bubbles my breath made in her sopping cave. Then I sent my tongue, supported by my lips and sucking mouth on a quest to cleanse her cunt from his white semen.

Fifteen minutes later, I sat, now naked also, between Miss Shellie and Mac on the same sofa he’d just fucked her on. My arms were on the back of the couch, one around Mac’s shoulders and the other around Miss Shellie’s. They were noisily engaged in slurping at my overly erotic ears, taking turns raping my willing mouth with their voracious tongues and lips, and simultaneously finger-fucking me into oblivion. It was really horrible. I thought I’d give them two or three hours to stop it or I’d go home and tell Mommy about the big bad sex fiends next door.

Then Mac pulled back from my mouth and asked Miss Shellie, “Has she ever told you how I used to drive her crazy enough to do anything I wanted when we dated in high school?”

Shellie gave him an interested smile and said, “No. Why don’t you tell me now?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” he laughed evilly. “I would take her out to the barn behind my house. My family never used it anymore and it was far enough away from the house no one would hear anything we did. I’d open the door and pull my car inside and light an old oil lamp we kept there. After we’d been making out for an hour or so and she’d given me either a hand job or a blow job, I’d start teasing her. While I fingered her wet pussy and pulled on her sensitive nipples, I’d tell her stories abut what I was going to do to her. At first, I told her I was going to strip her naked and tie her to a pole in the barn. Then I was going to get my belt and whip her ass until it was blistered and she begged me to stop. I’d make her tell me if I’d stop she’d ream my ass hole, let me fuck her ass, and clean my dick off after it came out of her ass.”

Shellie pulled her mouth from my left nipple and asked, “Did that make her hot?”

“Oh, yeah,” he chuckled low in his throat. “By the time I finished the story, teasing the shit out of her tits and pussy all the while, she’d beg me to let her do what I’d said. She would strip naked and lay on a blanket beside my truck. I’d squat over her face while she raised her face to my ass and fucked my ass hole with her tongue until it was slick and wet with her spit and my dick was jerking in anticipation of that mouth.

Then I taught her a trick. I made her sit on the blanket with her back against an old keg so she couldn’t lean more than her head backwards. I’d make her lean her head back and rest it on the keg. After that, I’d lean over her face with my arms against my truck so I could keep my balance. In that position, I could look her directly in her eyes as I slowly lowered my dick into her mouth and on past the back of her tongue and slid it right down her throat. She didn’t even gag the first time is slid all the way down her throat. I’d slide it slowly out and then slowly back in. When I got ready to come, I slid it down to its roots and told her to start swallowing. It took her several dips before she got the swallowing part right, but when she did the muscles of her throat massaged my dick and when I pulled out so she could breathe her tongue and lips worshipped it. She learned to judge when I was about to shoot so she could take a really big breath ’cause I didn’t pull out while I came.”

“Later on I changed the stories. In one, I told her I was going to tie her over a sawhorse and let the whole football team come to the barn for a keg party. While we all got drunk and told football stories and ‘how we fucked the girl’ stories, we could take turns walking up behind her and fucking either her pussy or ass or sticking our dicks down her throat. She’d even start asking questions about how many times the guys would come in her pussy or ass, whether I’d catch the jism leaking from her pussy and ass in a bowl and make her drink it in front of the whole team, and so on. Hell, she’s the one who taught me women’s minds were at least as dirty and perverted as men’s minds were.”

“She was one really twisted bitch in high school, wasn’t she?” Shellie eyed Mac knowing that he only knew some of the truth to that.

While I sat listening to Mac tell Miss Shellie about my educational teen aged misbehavior, their fingers were tantalizing my twat, clit, and ass hole and making me squirm in escalating anticipation of being fucked and licked off at the same time by these two experts. Then Miss Shellie did the cruelest thing she could do with me that hot and wanting. She removed the big nipple rings from my pierced nipples and ran the end edirne escort of a long smooth gold jewelry chain through first the hole in my right nipple and then the hole in my left nipple. She’d had this chain made especially for my tits and knew just how crazy tormenting my piercings with it would make me. It didn’t exactly hurt when she pulled the chain back and forth through both holes at the same time. The stimulation to my nipples was so sharp and intense that what must have been painful friction within my large nubs transformed into the most sexually excruciating sensation that could be imagined. In time, she knew I’d begin screaming in passionate need and talking so dirty it would almost embarrass her.

She and Mac pushed my unresisting body to the floor where I knelt so Mac could lean over my face and demonstrate how he had trained me to be his deep throat cum bucket. I loved the old memories it brought back to me. I did not notice Miss Shellie’s momentary absence as she turned on two digital camcorders she had pre-positioned just for this grand performance. She returned to stand behind my twisting working head and pushed her pussy against the back of my head and took the chain from Mac’s hands. He grasped my head and really began pounding the back of my throat. The friction within my nipples was mind boggling as Miss Shellie ran it back and forth and forth and back tormenting my nipples with the excruciating arousal of the sexually damned. Within minutes, Mac spewed so deeply down my throat I didn’t even need to swallow for his cum to slide down my esophagus into my stomach.

After he finished using my mouth, Miss Shellie pulled the chains to my ankles pulling my chest backwards into a painful and awkward position. She secured the chain there and produced the two cameras. I watched in horror as Mac held one camera and Shellie the other during the fifteen minute replay of my so willing mouth rape. Even in my sex stupefied mind I knew that my days frolicking and fucking around with the girls from the whorehouse in suite 110 would be over for me and the days of my residence in the real whorehouse downtown on Scenic Highway would begin if Mama ever saw me being that slutty.

“What do you say Mac, should we show these vids to Rook’s mother?” Miss Shellie asked looking at me with a cruel glint in her eyes.

He was sitting on the couch enjoying my painful position as he toyed with my nipples and that damned chain. “I like the idea,” he said grinning at me. “But I always liked hurting her some, didn’t I Rook?” he asked as he grasped the taut chain between my nipples and began jerking on it and pulling it forward stretching my nipples even more. “Answer me, Bitch!” he said in a forceful voice.

He didn’t know it, but he’d never been the most forceful, controlling, or sadistic boy I’d dated in high school. That title went to Hector Inzina, a Hispanic pimp, yes a real pimp with two whores. But Hector was one old fuck buddy I’d just as soon not see again. So I said, “Yes, Mac. You always enjoyed hurting me during sex. But I also enjoyed it.”

They let me up from the floor although Miss Shellie unhooked the chain clasp that connected its ends and moved it up around my neck where it wrapped around several times and re-fastened it. I didn’t like this because it meant she was going to leave it on me with that one loop passing through my nipples.

“You’d better get back to your mother, Rook,” Miss Shellie said. “But I want you to do something for me.” She handed me a brown prescription bottle filled with some liquid. “I want you to get a teaspoon full of this down your mother’s throat every four hours. Her next dose is at six pm.”

“What are you doing to my mother?” I asked accusingly. “I will not be a party to doing anything to hurt her.”

Shellie’s eyes softened surprisingly as she answered me. “You stupid little whore,” she said softly. “You’ve never understood that I love your mother in a very real way. She won’t have anything to do with me sexually because she is disgusted with lesbian sex. Lord knows I’ve tried everything to get into the pussy of hers and nothing has worked. This is a mixture of very safe and non-addicting drugs that will do several things to her: First, it will help raise her libido or keep her horny as you probably say. Second, it will lower her inhibitions through a reaction similar to being a little drunk, nothing worse. Third, it will make her mind a little fuzzy so she will be a little disoriented in addition to having lower inhibitions. After two days of this, you and I will very gently and lovingly show her by example and then her personal experience how nice lesbian sex can be.

“Oh, my God,” I thought silently, “She’s going to use some kind of date rape concoction to get my mother into bed with her!” I sat silently for a few minutes just looking at the obvious love in Shellie’s eyes as I grew accustomed to the idea. Mom was not very sexually active as far as I knew and rarely erzurum escort dated. I did know about her secret stash of sex toys in her nightstand and had borrowed them occasionally over the last several years when she was not around and I was horny. Maybe a loving girlfriend would do her ego and sex-life a lot of good. I made my decision, “OK I said. But if I find you treating her bad you won’t like me. I will hurt you badly.”

“Rook, I will not hurt your mother at all other than more or less forcing her to become more sexually active. I have loved her from afar for several years and now I want to love her up close and personally.”

I took the bottle and went home.

Mom was still lying on the couch just as I’d left her over an hour earlier. She looked at me a little crossly as I entered the house and walked toward her.

“You certainly took your time coming home,” she said still cross with me. “I’m about to pee my panties and no one was here to help me to the bathroom.”

“Um, sorry, Mom,” I answered, “but you didn’t say anything about when I should come home.”

“I guess not,” she said more congenially. “But help me to the toilet, will you?”

Once we got to the bathroom, Mom took off the terry cloth robe she’d been wearing and sat naked on the toilet with me standing beside her more than a little embarrassed. The Velcro splint forced her to sit with her legs widely splayed and her pussy very open and exposed. As her pee started to trickle and then rush from her pussy, my eyes examined her body. She was entirely beautiful. I could see why Miss Shellie wanted her as a lover. Any man would give his right nut, so to speak, for a crack at her lovely body. Her tits were respectably large, probably C cups, and topped with large brown aureoles and thick long brown nipples. Despite myself, I wanted to wrap my lips around those big nubs and feel them grow hard beneath my tongue. Her shoulders, arms, and stomach were smooth, taut, and just slightly muscular due to her aerobic teaching and work out regiment. Her legs, at least the one I could see, were more muscular with confirmation any woman would envy. Oh, yes, my mother was a really hot number!

She finished pissing, wiped her pussy, and reached up with both arms for me to help her stand. As she stood, she lost her balance and fell into me in what ended up being a tight hugging embrace. As she caught her balance and stood back, she had a very strange, bewildered look on her face.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” I asked.

“Pull your shirt up and let me see that whole necklace,” she said suspiciously in her no nonsense tone of voice. She must’ve felt the chain between my breasts and wondered just what was holding it up and away from my body.

My first instinct was to step away from her and just say no. My mind worked furiously and quickly and I changed my mind. I did not know how long Miss Shellie had been giving Mom the sex drug, but…

“Mom, are you telling me that you want to see my tits?” I asked coyly. “Isn’t that a little kinky for a mother and daughter?” I said this for the express purpose of adding a touch of sexuality to her suspicious mind. I could tell from the brief flicker of uncertainty that showed in her eyes that the move had been successful. Now, when I raised my shirt, she would look at my pierced and decorated nipples with more than just a mother’s judgmental attitude.

I raised my shirt slowly tantalizingly as if I were teasing a boyfriend instead of my mother. When my nipples with the gold chain passing through and between them came into sight, Mom sucked in her breath in surprise and, something else. In her eyes I saw the expected condemnation, but also a subtle glint of excited interest. She just stared at my tits for a long silent moment.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” she finally said curiosity and excitement winning out over condemnation in her mental battle for the moment.

“Sometimes,” I said in a syrupy voice as if I was seducing a boy, “but it is always sexually exciting.”

As if hypnotized by the sight of the pierced nipples and chain, her mother whispered, “Sexually exciting? How can that be sexually exciting?”

“The piercings made them much more sensitive and any nipple jewelry I wear in them keeps them hard and excited. It’s really wonderful.” I thought for a moment and added, “And the look in a man’s eyes when he sees them for the first time is priceless.”

She seemed to snap back to herself and her eyes rose to mine, “Just how sexually active are you, Rook?” she demanded.

“Mother, I’m a junior in college and 20 years old. First, you don’t have the right to demand that information from me, and second, I love sex and I am very active.”

The double barrel answer kept Mother off balance a little as she digested both the right to deny information and the voluntary giving of that information. She accepted both quietly after a moment. As if returning to her shocked trance of a moment before, she reached out tentatively and touched my left nipple with a fingertip. It rose instantly to full erect attention under the gentle touch.

I noticed with some pleasure, that Mom took in a deep gasp of air but did not move her finger. In fact, she pressed harder into my now turgid nipple and moved it around a little as if testing to see if it still worked.

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