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As I opened the door to our house I breathed a deep sigh of relief. It was Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend. All week work had been frustrating, with long hours, and dealing with some of the most brain dead people that ever walked the earth. Walking over to the large recliner I fell back into it. Leaning back I closed my eyes and felt my body relax. Sitting up I looked up at the television an saw a note taped to it. Letting out a groan I walked over and removed it. Looking at it I saw my wife’s writing on it; “Turn on the TV and play the tape.” I turned on the TV and hit the play button on the VCR and stepped back. After a second or two of flickering I saw our bedroom on the screen. I heard music playing, after a second I realized it was “I touch myself.” By the DiVinyls.

My eyes widen when I saw my wife come into view. Her long blonde hair was flowing around her face, wild and loose. Her green eyes seemed to glow at me. She was wearing a black teddy, black garters and stockings and a pair of 6 inch “fuck me” pumps. Her full red lips had the most devilish smile on them as she started to sway with the music. I was unaware of the note slipping from my fingers. I remember slowly walking backwards to the recliner not taking my eyes of the screen.

I fell into the recliner as I watched my wife start to run her hands up and down her body. She cupped her large 40d size breasts pushing them together and bending her head down to lick them. I inhaled and felt my cock get harder. Keeping in sync with the song she ran her hands down between her breasts and across her stomach stopping at the top of her shaved pussy. She started to make little circles around it through the teddy. I shifted uncomfortably on the chair.

Slowly, seductively she took off her teddy. Her hands cupped her large breasts and she tongued her large, hard nipples. She took her Escort bayan teddy and rubbed it on her wet cunt. Looking at me she threw it at the camera. She smiled and I heard her say “Look under the cushion.” Slowly I placed my hand under the seat cushion and felt something soft and silky. Pulling it free I found myself holding her teddy. Bringing it up to my nose I could smell her scent. So wild and musky. I watched as she slipped first one finger then a second into her cunt. My face was buried in her teddy as I watched her on the tape.

After what seemed forever the music faded. She stood there; her hair wildly strewn across her face, an evil impish smile on her face. Looking into the camera she said “Cum to the bedroom.” Without a moment’s hesitation I was up and running.

When I got to the door there was a sign on it. “No Clothes Allowed.” I stripped in record time and walked through the door. The drapes where drawn closed and candles where everywhere illuminating the room. I looked over to the bed and saw her lying on her back, her head hanging off the bed.

“Cum here lover.” She said licking her lips. I walked over to her, my cock swaying. She reached up, grabbed my cock and kissed it on the head. I let out a slight groan. Then, slowly she let her lips encircle it. I watched as she slowly sucked my cock into her mouth. Looking up I saw she had two fingers buried inside her cunt. I almost lost it there. Slowly she sucked my cock in and out of her mouth. Her tongue dancing across my swollen shaft.

I stood there watching my cock sliding in and out from between those full, red lips. She made those sucking noises that you hear in those porn movies. Damn was she good. I was unaware on how long she sucked my cock. Every time I was about to cum she would stop and smile. Finally she released my cock with a slight popping sound from Bayan Escort her hot mouth. Red lip stick left pink streaks down its shaft.

She rolled over on all fours, her beautiful ass and cunt waving seductively in front of me. “Hungry love?” She asked laying her head down on the bed. Kneeling down I spread her ass cheeks apart. Gently I kissed her ass. She whimpered slightly knowing what was to cum. My tongue slipped out over and licked her ass. She froze as it licked across her flesh, swirling and dancing over her. My wife has only one true weakness, her ass.

My tongue slowly made its way to her dark opening as my fingers slipped into her wet, tight cunt. As my tongue slipped into her my fingers found her swollen clit and rolled it around. Moans escaped her as my tongue probed deeper into her tight ass. Deeper…deeper…deeper it slipped. Her cunt was dripping and I took my fingers out and licked them clean. Smiling I began push my tongue in and out of her tight little ass…faster…harder…deeper. She grabbed a hand full of bedding as my tongue fucked her ass. She moaned and whimpered as I worked my magic on her.

Just when she thought she could handle it I would slip my tongue out and lick her cunt. My tongue slipped around her clit and squeezed it. I felt her body shudder as she came. From cunt to ass and back again, my tongue licked her till she lay shuddering on the bed.

“P..please…I need it.” She stammered. ” I need your cock in my ass.”

Standing up I placed my hard cock at the entrance of her ass. It was open and my saliva was dripping from it. Taking two fingers I slipped them in her cunt and the slipped them into her ass. She jerked back moaning. Wiping some of her cum on the tip of my cock I slowly slipped it into her ass. She whimpered and I watched as the head of my cock was sucked into her ass. Slowly Escort inch by inch it slipped deeper into her ass. Looking up at her I saw her eyes were closed and a smile was on her face.

When my cock was buried deep into her ass I felt her squeeze it around my shaft. Holding on to her hips I began to pump in and out of her ass. The sight was enough to make me cum. Concentrating, I steadily increased the motion as her ass loosened up for my cock. In and out. Deeper…faster…harder my cock pumped into her ass. Soon she was shoving her as back against me, taking even more cock up her ass. Reaching up I cupped a tit in each hand, my fingers pinching her hardened nipples.

“F..f..fuck..m..m..me.” She whimpered. “M…m..more…harrr..der.”

I began to fuck my wife’s ass faster…pumping deeper into her tight ass. She tightened her muscles around my cock, she was so tight and hot. Soon we where bucking against each other like mad. My cock hammering in and out of her ass. My swollen balls bouncing against her wet cunt. Deeper….harder….faster.

I felt her cunt quiver and knew she had cum again. Holding tightly to her I began to fuck her ass harder. Soon I felt my balls grow tight, my cock grew bigger and shudders deep within her. Her ass was slamming harder against me. Taking more and more cock up her ass. A deep growl grew in my throat as I felt myself getting ready to explode into her. As she shoved back I shoved my cock deeper into her ass and felt the first wave of hot cum shooting deep inside her.

She pushed against me and stopped as she felt my cock throbbing and cumming into her ass. It felt as if we had become fused together as I pumped more and more cum into her ass. I felt her body going limp from exhaustion. I wrapped my arms around her as we eased down on the bed, my cock still impaled in her ass.

“Mmmmmmm, so goooood.” She said a large smile upon her face.

Holding tightly to her I kissed her head as I watched her falling into a deep sleep. Smiling I lay there, my cock deep within her ass, cum dripping out over us. “I love you.” I whispered as she moaned in her sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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