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Big Tits


As I came into the house I immediately noticed a small “post-it” note on the wall. It read “go to the bedroom quietly”. Sounded good to me so I obeyed. On the bedroom door was another note…”strip ,then go to the basement door”. I was already getting excited! I did as ordered. Another note greeted me at the door to the basement. ”Put on the blindfold at your feet, come downstairs and get on all fours. Then wait for instructions”. Well…who was I to argue? I saw little point in cheating so I made sure the blindfold was on properly.

At the base of the stairs I completed the instructions and got on all fours. I was grateful someone had turned the heat up, although, frankly, I was radiating enough heat in my excitement.

I felt hands putting a collar around my neck as hands caressed my broad shoulders and back. There were more than one pair of hands but I couldn’t quite tell how many.

Suddenly I felt a sharp slap on my ass. I gasped in surprise as it was followed by several more ,hard and fast. I began to wonder who was doing it but dared not ask.

After a moment of silence I heard giggles. Two, no, three distinct giggles. I heard more than felt something being attached to the collar .I assumed it was some sort of leash. A tug urged me forward. As I bumped into a cushion I was pulled up. I started to stand but was pushed down, shoulders to the cushion. Hands again caressed me.. back, legs thighs, ass. The gentle hands were replaced by nails roaming over me scratching but not uncomfortably.

I felt a firm grip take hold of my member as it was encased in a set of rings and weights. Again I felt a sting as something slapped my ass. A rapid succession of hands and ,I think it was a yard stick, crossed my now reddening and burning bottom.

Again a soft caress and whispers about what a lovely shade of pink I was showing. When I heard giggling I started to get nervous. Suddenly there was a hot stinging on my back. I could smell the candle burning as more drops found my back. The pain was still quite tolerable, bordering on pleasurable. It was not knowing what was coming next that provided the real thrill.

I felt a cold tingle on my ass followed by running cold water as ice was applied to my rosy cheeks. It was a shock at first but then quite nice. It would have continued Betist to be so had it not been followed by several quick swishes and smacks with the yardstick.

It was a strange sensation when a latex hand began to tease my cock again, squeezing out some pre-cum. Warm fingers picked it up. I wasn’t sure what was next but it didn’t take long. That warm finger was brought to my lips.

“You like that?” a voice cooed.

“I have something else for you to taste, slut”

With that I found myself breathing in her musky scent.

“Let’s see just how good you are with that tongue. Eat me scum! And make it good.”

She grabbed my head and pushed my face into her moistness. At the same time I felt something being smeared on my anus. It started out cold but then really turned hot, like a burning sensation. I smelled the distinct odor of camphor and knew it was tiger balm. I was writhing with the changing feelings, or maybe it was the eating that was going on.

“You can do better than that slut, can’t you? I said Eat me!”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Who gave you permission to speak you worm?! Your mouth should be too busy, Here.” With that I was smothered again with her pussy.

More spanking as my ass switched from hot to cold. Someone started to pump my cock, then just teasing the now wet head. I munched eagerly at the pussy, lapping at first with a soft full tongue up and down the slit. Then I flicked my tongue from side to side as I went up and down. I settled near the top ,making my tongue hard and flicking her clit. Her moans told me I was doing well. I closed my lips on it and began sucking it in and out of my mouth, taking time once in a while to bathe it again. By now she too was writhing. It seems I did quite well because I felt my hair being pulled up ,my face taken away from her. She switched places and I was given a new snatch to please.

At the other end the balm was beginning to wear off. This was accomplished partly by the water from the ice that was applied to my ass. The others encouraged both me and each other saying things like .

“Come on slut eat her well. You better do a good job. “

“That’s it…ride his face.”

“You love this don’t you, you little slut.” This was usually accented with a hard slap to my ass.

Nipple Betist Giriş clamps were applied to me as I again felt something cold smeared on my ass. I braced for the alternate sensations of heat and cold but they never came. With the pumping and teasing of my cock, however, I did.

“Look what you did!” someone shouted.

“No one gave you permission to cum.”
Whoever was on my face moved away.

“Lick this plate clean like a good puppy” A plate was put in front of my face. I thought I knew what to expect. Again I was mistaken. I tasted…honey. I lapped at it when the plate was turned and I tasted something new…my own cum!

As I licked the plate clean I was rewarded with soft caresses over my body. I thought the session had ended until I felt a finger slide into my well lubricated ass. I moaned as another joined it, and another. Someone was bringing my cock back to life. I’m not sure if it was the anal activity or the lips being applied to my now hardening member.

More slaps on my ass. Nails raking across my back. Another pussy to eat. I repeated my performance as well as I could. By now my tongue was tiring.

“Well if you can’t eat me properly, you’ll have to please me another way , slut!”

I was pulled up on my knees and heard movement around me. I felt someone work their way in front of my cock which was angled down to penetrate.

“Fuck me ,toyboy. I want to feel you inside me.”

As I began to rock forward and backward into her, I felt a new pressure at my asshole . As the dildo entered my ass I thrust back on it taking it in. We worked out a wonderful rhythm.

They must have been playing with each other because I knew I wasn’t causing all the moans , groans, and cries of pleasure.

The clamps were taken off and someone pushed on my pinched nipples. I don’t know which is more painful, having them put on , taking them off , or someone pushing on a freshly released nipple. I yelped with the pain and was rewarded with a smack on the ass.

“Quiet toyboy! Just fuck me and take in that dildo. Fuck him like he’s fucking me. Faster! Harder! Come on slut!”

I could barely concentrate on everything going on. I was in heaven but didn’t know how long I could last. I could feel her hands rubbing her clit as I pounded into her. She was thrashing under me and I knew she was about to cum. A squeal of delight, a shudder and a long moan confirmed it. She pulled away and I felt the dildo rammed into me.

“Let’s see how much you can take, slut. Can you take more” She cooed.

I didn’t think I could. It was beginning to hurt.

“No, no more, please. It’s sooo deep!”

“But I thought you liked it deep” she teased.

“Maybe you need something bigger.”

With that the dildo was removed and a bigger one took it’s place. It felt huge but so satisfying . Again I felt the tug of the leash. I was pulled to a squatting position onto the dildo.

You’ve pleased us, boy. Now you’ll entertain us. Ride that dildo! Up and down, that’s it.

Up higher and down hard. Don’t touch your cock!’


Hot was dripped on my back. I arched as it stung.

“Ride it slut! Faster!. I want to see you bounce on it!”

I thought I might cum even without touching my cock.

The cockring was removed and someone massaged my balls. Hands grabbed my cock and teased it.

“Now jerk off for us. Don’t forget to ride the pony!”

I started to pump my cock.

“Faster, slut! We don’t have all day. Pump it hard and fast!”

I was about to cum when my hand was grabbed away.

“Changed my mind. You don’t get to cum yet.”

I felt cuffs being put on my hands as I was pulled to standing. The dildo was yanked out of me and replaced by a plug. My hands were raised above my head and I was held in place. Then things got very quiet. I stood there , helpless, cuffed, blindfolded, with a buttplug up my ass. I heard steps as the women went upstairs. The door opened and closed. I was alone.

I have no idea how long it was until, finally. I heard footsteps . With no clue who it was I started to get nervous. Whoever it was, they came closer. I could hear the feet on the carpet. A warm mouth engulfed my cock , reviving it once more. Hands stroked my body all over, resting on my ass cheeks. The plug was pushed and pulled. The mouth stopped and I could feel a body pressed against mine. My cock was guided into a hot wet pussy as her body writhed against mine. Her tongue teased my nipples as she humped me, pulling me into her by grabbing my ass. Her lips found mine as she kissed me deeply.

My hands were released and I brought my arms around her returning the passion. She broke the kiss long enough to say “Happy birthday hon”. Mmmmmmmm. It’s one I’ll never forget!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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