Honour Thy Mother Ch. 04

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Note: This is an alternate version of XtinaSmith2017’s story Behind Closed Doors, posted with the author’s permission.


Alex sat at his desk, poring over yesterday’s notes. He had found that letting a day pass and new information come in meant he was actually relearning some details he had forgotten in the meantime, making his time spent studying more efficient. Unfortunately, it had encroached on his Saturdays but it had managed to make Mondays less dreadful, at least.

The sense of normalcy that his coursework gave him felt strange. A week ago his life had been turned on its head when he had not only been dumped but on top of that his ever-supportive mother had revealed to him that she had stolen his girlfriend, she had berated and humiliated him and then, to his utter shock, had revealed an enormous cock and forcibly shoved it down his throat. As he had lain in bed feeling her hot load in his utterly filled stomach he had tried in vain to understand why being belittled and violated by her like that had aroused him so much, had felt right for some part of him.

Then the next day at college everything had been just the same. If it hadn’t been for his sore throat or the way his mother had looked at him that morning when she came down the stairs from her bedroom wearing only a dressing gown showing off a lot of cleavage rather than the business outfits she always wore, he could have thought it had been just a bad dream.

The weekend had dispelled any doubt about whether being so horribly abused by his mother had just been a strange figment of his imagination, though.

On Saturday just after breakfast, Jenna had all but dragged him into her car and gone clothes shopping with him. She had tried on several sundresses, all loose around her legs but cut low enough to put plenty of her generous breasts on display, followed by long, flowing skirts and bikini tops. Next came some wide pants which somehow managed to conceal the monster she had secured against her leg and the heavy balls, too big to comfortably fit into any underwear, hanging free between her legs, so long as she was careful how she moved. They were accompanied by a variety of skin-tight or low-cut tops which emphasized her rack, obviously at least as much of a point of pride as any other part of her body, even more than they normally would due to the contrast with her deceptively conservative lower garment.

Then she modelled in an evening dress that showed mouth-watering cleavage, complimented her stunning figure and teased with a leg slit almost all the way to her hips while flowing loosely enough around the other leg to conceal her secret.

Finally, she made his jaw drop when she pulled back the curtain of her booth to reveal herself in a sports bra and yoga pants, the sexy shape of her hips and butt failing to catch his eye with the outline of her immense balls as clearly visible as her almost knee-length flaccid cock pressed against her thigh. Unable to stop staring at it, he had watched the material stretch thinner as her cock inflated, becoming almost sheer before Jenna remarked that he obviously liked it and retreated back behind the curtain to change back into her old clothes.

With every new outfit, she had struck some poses, adjusted her clothes to properly display her impressive bust and asked for his opinion, though often Alex would be too dumbfounded to comment. Again and again, his mind had drifted into fantasies of getting his hands on those beautiful curves, peeling off those clothes to fully reveal the gorgeous woman who was mercilessly teasing him, feeling her warm, soft skin – before blushing furiously when he suddenly remembered that that woman was his mother. Even as he was thinking about it now, images of Jenna posing for him, her breasts ready to burst out of their confinement, popped into his mind and sent blood rushing to his groin.

When they had returned home, she had barely dropped off her bags before pushing Alex down on his knees in the middle of the hall and forcing her cock into his mouth, unceremoniously taking out her arousal that had built up over the day on him in spite of his impotent protests. Alex distinctly remembered the feeling of his shirt tightening around his belly as she drained her massive orbs directly into his stomach. He had stopped struggling long before that point, pummeled into submission by the unceasing impacts of her hips on his face. He was still ashamed to admit it to himself, but as she fucked his face and force fed him her copious load, caring little about the lack of air making him light-headed, being used like that by her had turned him on so much that just the feeling of his underwear rubbing on his twitching penis had been agonizingly close to triggering his own orgasm. That night he had again laid in bed confused and unbearably horny, hands roaming over his well-stuffed belly as he struggled to fall asleep, prevented Kartal Esmer Escort from giving himself the release he so desperately needed by his mother’s command to never touch himself again that had seared itself into his mind.

Sunday morning had again been deceptively normal and he had gone to his friend Jim’s house to hang out, have some beers and kill some time, mostly with video games, in hopes of being distracted from the weird turns his life had taken, but all he could think about was how shallow everything they did and talked about throughout the afternoon felt. All games they played quickly turned into one-sided stomps in Alex’s favour as they always had, but he no longer took any pleasure in his victories, suddenly seeing how hollow and meaningless they were. Jim had tried to get him to feel better about being dumped by Sandra, talk of how she had screamed at him on campus having spread like wildfire, but all that accomplished was reminding him of that evening. Alex desperately needed to talk to someone about what his mother had done to him but while he tried to structure the memories whirling in his head so he could share them, he was simply too ashamed of what had happened, his inability to talk about what occupied his mind most creating a growing sense of isolation. To his horror, just thinking back to how his mother had treated him gave him an erection.

Whatever fleeting feeling of a return to his old life the time spent with Jim had managed to build up had come crashing down soon after he had come home. It had been late in the evening so Alex wasn’t surprised to find the house dark, Jenna already having gone to bed. What did surprise him though was finding his usually somewhat chaotic room perfectly clean and tidy, aside from his onahole, which he had bought when a dangerous mix of arousal and desperation had dominated his mind late one night after his first breakup, laying on his bed. It was stretched out to the point of uselessness and absolutely overflowing with cum. Alex assumed it was Jenna’s way of reminding him that he no longer had a use for it anyway. He was sure he had hidden it well so she had either searched his room in his absence or known about it and chosen that day to let him know, either way as he threw away his broken toy, getting her cum all over his hands in the process, got into bed and tried to fall asleep with the smell of her cum pervading his room he had to assume that this violation of his privacy would not be the last, if it wasn’t an outright announcement that his mother would no longer respect it at all.

The unapologetic smirk creeping onto her lips as she greeted him with a casual “Morning, sweetie. Sleep well?” on Monday morning had only widened when he simply blushed and nodded, unable to work up the will to confront her about it.

After an otherwise unremarkable day she had informed him that evening that she would have a bunch of important meetings the next day so she would probably be home late and quite stressed out.

That brought his thoughts back to today. Her tone had quite clearly indicated that she wasn’t preemptively apologizing for possibly snapping at him. Instead, she seemed to expect him to do something about it, which he feared could only mean one thing.

“There you are”, a voice tore Alex out of his rumination. He jerked and whipped his head around to see Jenna walk into his room, an unreadable expression on her face. The fact that she was still wearing one of her usual combinations of a professional blouse and a long skirt hugging the curve of her waist down to her hips but hanging loosely off them and she hadn’t even taken the time to undo her strict bun before she had come looking for him was a warning sign to Alex’s startled mind.

“Uh, hi mom” was all he could utter before she had closed the distance and was standing behind him, her right hand on his left shoulder. “Glad to see you’re taking your studies seriously” she commended as she leant over him to cast a cursory glance at his notes, forcing him to look past her prodigious breasts as he craned his neck to search her face for any signs that she wasn’t going to take out whatever frustrations had accrued over the day on him. His heart sank when he heard her say: “Still, I have to admit I’m disappointed.”

Her eyes stayed on his notes as she elaborated: “I told you today would be stressful, and it really was, thinking you’d get the hint and prepare something for me but apparently you don’t care. God, I would’ve loved to come home and be pampered a little, but what do I find?”

Suddenly, she turned her head and locked eyes with Alex, her steely expression sending a shiver down his spine. “Nothing.”

After a brief but deadly silence, she continued, every meticulously enunciated syllable letting on more of her barely held back anger: “No dinner, no hot bath, not even a glass of wine. For years I’ve worked my ass off to put a roof over your head and food on the table. And now I’m paying Kartal Eve Gelen Escort your way through college because we both know that film degree will never land you a job that would let you pay off a loan. And all that is not even worth the one minute of your time it would have taken to pour me some wine ahead of time, a small gesture to let me know you appreciate everything I do for you.”

During the brief pause that followed, Alex mired in the guilt welling up inside him, it almost felt like the time he had gotten caught looking for his Christmas presents in Jenna’s closet. She had always had a way of making him feel horrible about himself whenever he displeased her.

“I really thought you were better than this” he heard her almost sigh, the anger vanished from her voice. That sentence set his mind racing for a way to appease her, just like it always had.

“How about a massage?” Alex suggested. “You know, a leg massage after a day in heels?” He cringed as he inadvertently reminded himself of what had happened after she had told him about how great those felt.

“Too little too late, sweetie. I think I deserve an apology”, she chided him, pulling on his shoulder to spin his chair around so he was facing her.

“You’re right. I’m sorry” Alex whispered and lowered his eyes, unable to keep up eye contact, blushing when he realized he was staring at her chest instead.

“That’s not a bad start”, she smirked as she let go of his shoulder and stepped back, one hand moving to the zip at the side of her skirt and the other pointing to the floor in front of her.

As Alex’s fears came to pass he surrendered himself to his fate and wordlessly slipped off his chair to kneel in front of his drawers, a deer ceasing its struggles as it feels the cougar’s jaws close around its neck. He found himself face to face with Jenna’s crotch just in time to watch her slowly undo the zip at the side of her skirt and let it ride down the flare of her hips, gradually revealing her flawless skin, which in turn betrayed her lack of underwear. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as it slipped over the crest of the curve to her thighs and eventually caught on something that had been hidden by the loosely flowing cloth. He consciously knew what it was but, as if his mind was trying to deny it, he had been expecting the smooth flesh that came into view above the edge of her skirt to continue its inwards curve until a no doubt equally perfect pussy would appear. Instead, as Jenna hooked her thumbs through her skirt on either side and pushed it down, Alex’s eyes were drawn to the root of a massive shaft and followed its arc toward Jenna’s right thigh as her skirt descended and exposed the strangely smooth skin of her sack. The way the tightly stretched material squeezed her cock as it slipped down along it emphasized that despite its already intimidating size, it was completely soft.

Shortly after, Alex saw a pair of sizable bulges appear between Jenna’s thighs. He heard her breath catch in her throat when the line of taut cloth, just past the widest point of her thighs but still squeezing her fat shaft, reached those twin masses. A grunt forced itself from her lips, conveying a mix of effort and pleasure as she slowly pushed her skirt further toward the floor, its fabric forced to stretch even more as it slid over Jenna’s bloated balls. She let out a sigh of relief once she had freed the top half of her orbs from the concealing garment and the tension in its material assisted gravity in pulling the skirt further along the narrowing outline of her stocking-clad thighs until it went slack and pooled around her feet. During the brief moment that she just stood there, Alex took in the obscene sight of her balls, each had to be at least the size of his fist, and the almost elegant curve of her huge cock from its base to her right stocking and it almost immediately dawned on him that her lack of underwear was probably not born of boldness or something she had done ahead of time intending to show off, but simply necessitated by the size of her distinctly male organs leaving her with very few, if any, options for underwear that wouldn’t look even more out of place on her amazingly feminine hourglass figure.

Alex’s eyes followed the sway of her hips when the succubus who was about to slake her thirst on him took a graceful measured step toward him, breaking the protective circle of cloth around her, and wrapped the thumb and index finger of her left hand as far around the base of her cock as they could reach and while the other slid up along it as she pulled it out of its impromptu prison, the fat bulge on the inside of her right stocking receding until her glans finally came free and she released her grip, letting it drop in front of her.

Alex’s eyes automatically ran along her shaft from her fingers still wrapped around its base down to the tip hanging close to her knees. Incredulity gave way to fear as the inevitability of what Jenna was about to make Kartal Evi Olan Escort him do reasserted itself in his mind. Everything from her outfit to her unveiling the enormous cock and balls only hidden behind her skirt to the way she pulled her cock free was eerily reminiscent of that evening not even a week ago, and there was no doubt in Alex’s mind that this was not coincidental. Thankfully, this time he was too far away for her to have dropped her meaty cock directly on his face, though that would certainly change soon.

Although he didn’t see Jenna’s face with his eyes transfixed on her crotch, he knew that there had to be a smirk on her lips when she took the time to put her right hand on her hip and cock it to one side. Alex watched the tip of her sleeping python sway for a second before she moved her left hand up along her shaft, lifting it up so her drooping tip was level with his face, and she shifted forward slightly until he felt her spongy flesh touch his lips. He resisted for just a moment before he obeyed the unspoken command and opened his mouth just enough for the very tip of her member to slip between his lips.

When he saw Jenna’s hand leave her hip and move to the top of his head he braced for a painfully tight grip, but instead he felt a soft caress before she took hold of his head firmly but gently. Puzzled, Alex finally managed to tear his eyes off the still shocking sight of her cock, even more so now that its tip had vanished between his lips where the rest of it would certainly follow soon, and turned his head up to look at her. That she allowed him to do so even though, as Alex knew all too well, she could have easily held his head in place along with the pleased smirk on her face as she clearly enjoyed the sight of him on his knees, insecurity written all over his face as he kissed her cock, confirmed Alex’s suspicions that she had noticed how easily he had surrendered himself to her and was going easier on him as a reward.

The small spark of hope within Alex that just this act of submission was enough to appease her was extinguished almost as soon as it appeared when Jenna began to slowly feed more of her cock into his mouth. With her mesmerizing eyes drilling into his, he made no attempt to resist and simply relaxed his jaw.

As her head slipped between his lips, they peeled back her foreskin and her bare glans landed directly on top of his tongue. The intense tangy taste that flooded his mouth was becoming more familiar far more quickly than it was becoming less unpleasant and kicked his saliva production into overdrive. He grimaced and tried to get his tongue away from it but all that accomplished was making Jenna laugh and licking all over her smooth flesh as more and more of it filled his mouth until his tongue was forced back to the floor of his mouth, its sensitive nerves beginning to feel her pulse through her cock as it slowly filled with blood.

Once all of Jenna’s glans was inside Alex’s warm and increasingly wet mouth, she stopped for a second, seemingly taking another moment to bask in her easy victory before Alex felt a light tug on his head and Jenna began to pull it off her cock. His lips were pulled outward and his eyes dropped to see her glans reemerge, now glistening with a thin sheen of his saliva, until he once again only held her very tip between his lips, except it had now emerged from its hood and the hand steadying her shaft was closer to being level with his mouth as the monster between Jenna’s legs roused and gravity’s hold on it weakened.

Alex offered just as little resistance when she held his head in place and used her hips and hand to push her cock back into his mouth, though he could feel that his lips already had to spread a bit wider around her slowly inflating cock and she squeezed an inch of her shaft into his mouth along with her glans before she stopped.

“This isn’t much of an apology if you’re just going to sit there, sweetie”, she reprimanded him.

Alex blinked and looked up at her questioningly, unsure what else she could want. He was relieved to see that she seemed amused rather than displeased.

“You’re supposed to suck on it, remember?” she reminded him. The tone of her voice was exactly the same as when she used to send him back to the bathroom knowing seemingly miraculously that he hadn’t brushed his teeth.

Alex felt his face heat up and looked back down to the thick meaty rod in front of him, his eyes running from the point where it emerged from his mother’s hips along its length until a tiny part of it was obscured by his nose and it vanished between his lips, though the sensations on his tongue clearly confirmed that it extended beyond that point. He swallowed the saliva flowing ever more freely with more of her cock spreading its sour taste in his mouth and did what was expected of him. As his cheeks hollowed he felt ashamed and closed his eyes to try and shut out what it was that he sucked on, though that only intensified the sensations in his mouth.

The sheer perversion of the situation he found himself in made it impossible to push it out of his mind, especially once Jenna again withdrew her hardening rod, which was accompanied by an incredibly lewd slurping sound coming from Alex’s lips and an approving moan from Jenna’s.

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