Hot Encounter In The Streets

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One cool night while I was outside feeling a little frisky. I was feeling the need to be with a man. I was walking down the street in some short shorts like the old gym shorts from back in school many years ago. I was new to this random anonymous style of meeting men, but there was this urge inside me that was driving me intensely to make this happen.

So I started checking out the scene on a Hookup App. As luck would have it, I had an interested guy. He sent me some pictures of his cock, and they were amazing. It was almost as wide as it was long. I could hardly contain myself from anticipating this wonderful specimen of cock if I was to be so lucky to have his cock for the night. I let him know the area I was around to add to the erotic nature that I was feeling. Then I sent him a picture of me on all fours ready to be taken and owned. He replied very quickly and I could see he was getting closer since the app lets you know how close you are to each other. His reply was heightening my anticipation of meeting this anonymous guy who was expressing his desire to own my ass and fill me with his delicious looking cock. So I pulled my shorts up a little higher to make sure my cheeks were exposed to the cool night air adding to the eroticism that was pulsating through my body.

My heart skipped when I seen headlights come up from behind me. I am on a street in a college town with houses ever so closely and random people going about. Was it him or was it just some innocent person driving by. He sends me a message saying pull up your shorts higher. I quickly do as he has commanded. I pull them so far up that half my ass is now exposed and my balls and cock are now hanging out fully exposed. I like that he is being dominant with his commands. He then tells me to keep walking. So as I am walking in front of his truck with his headlights shining brightly on me I can feel them getting closer by the warmth from the lights and his truck. I keep walking till we reach a park. I hear the truck shift Malatya Escort to park. Then I got another message from my mysterious man. He commands me to take 10 steps forwards and stop and bend over and grab my ankles. This is getting very erotic. I do as he commands. There I am ass up bent over holding my ankles in front of truck in a public park doing things that are totally outside my comfort zone. He opens his door and it sends shivers down my body. I hear his feet hit the ground and I am shaking now from the cool air making my nipples hard. My cock is hard and what am I about to experience.

He starts walking towards me. I can see his truck is blue and he has on some sandals, and he has some strong looking legs. As he walks up behind me totally exposed and at his command he gently rubs my exposed bottom making me shiver, but I press against him more signaling I want more. Then he takes his hand off me and steps back. Has he lost interest, does he see someone. I mean we are in a public park getting freaky. What has happened, and then he slaps my right cheek, then my left. Yes, I like to be spanked give me some more please I tell him. As he spanks me I can feel my ass burning, tingling, and begging for more.

He tells me stand up. As I stand up I feel his body embrace me from behind. I feel his cock bulge as he presses into me. I can feel my body getting looser and more ready for what he has to give me. He wraps his arms around me and starts to grind on me sending waves of euphoria through my body. He then walks me in front of his truck and places my hands on his grill and pulls me back so I am now bent over holding on to his truck. Then I hear his belt start to rustle loose. He starts to grind on me again increasing my desire to be taken. I start to grind back on his cock still tucked away in his shorts. I want this cock, I need his cock. Then I feel my shorts now being pulled down to my ankles and I am fully exposed. I hear his shorts fall and the familiar Malatya Escort Bayan sound of elastic popping like a cock is now out. And it is out. He starts to flop his cock between my cheeks every so lightly teasing my hole. He starts to spank me again driving me crazy. He starts to caress my back while slowly grinding on me while his cock is pushing on my balls that are swollen. The he caresses me with his whole body. As he reaches in with his face I feel his beard scratch the back of my neck and sent me into a fully body convulsion. He grabbed me tighter and whispered in my left ear “turn around and suck my cock”.

Finally I will get my first taste of his cock. So now he is leaned back on his truck and I stepped back and squatted down and grabbed his cock and it was as girth as I thought. I started stroking his cock pushing it upward while I licked on his balls and shaft getting it nice and wet so I could try to take his cock. As I started sucking the head of this amazing cock I swirled my touch around the head making him grunt in pleasure all the while making it wet and going further in my mouth and stretching my mouth very wide to attempt to swallow his cock. I start running my tongue down his shaft as I take it further into my mouth and I can feel his cock pulse in my mouth and his groans are getting more and more. He pushes me away and shakes his cock at me dripping in my saliva. He pulls me up and pushes me against his truck as I was before and I now feel his beard now scratching my bare ass as both of his hands start to rub and tugs at my crack my exposing my hole to his warm breath with the cool night air and his beard now tickling my hole.

I know he can feel my hole pulsating as he starts to lick my hole and making it wet. He then really spreads me open and starts darting his tongue in my hole, and he has a long tongue. He pulls his tongue out and spits in my hole getting me ready for his cock that I want so badly now. I start stroking Escort Malatya my cock and he feels my doing so he slaps my hand away and says I can’t cum yet. I love his dominance. Then he gives me a couple more slaps on the ass and I feel his hands grab my hips and his hard cock right behind me. He takes his legs and adjusts my legs so he can take me. He gives one final spit on my hole and starts to enter me.

While he starts to enter me, he pauses to give me time to stretch around his hot and amazing feeling cock. It is a wonderful feeling cock. He starts to stroke ever so gently going deeper giving me time to envelop his girthy cock. Now that he is fully inside me I reach back and grab his balls as they slap my balls as he is now in full stride in and out my hole. Each thrust stretches me with feelings of exhilaration and joy. I can hear his breathing getting heavier and he has worked up a sweat as I feel his sweat adding to the wetness on my ass. He takes a pause while still in me with his throbbing cock sends waves of euphoria through me. He pulls out and teases my hole with cock once again as I feel my hole begging for his cock. He licks my hole getting it wetter and spits on his dick and pushed inside me this time with purpose and sent me to a pushed me to a higher place for a moment. He started pounding my hole with a more ferocious attitude as he was definitely owning my ass and I was more than happy to let him.

As I felt him with both hands grab my shoulders and really start to thrust harder and harder in me I knew he was close to giving me that sweet cum. He grabbed me even tighter with his hands as he exploded deep in me filling with his warmth from his huge load of cum. I started jacking my cock while he pumped his load in me as my ass squeezes every drop out of his cock and soon I busted all over the front of his truck while he was still in me with his throbbing dick. I started to wiggle my ass on his cock feeling it still swollen and pulsing in my hole. He pulled out and I could feel that my hole had been definitely stretched since his load quickly ran out and down my leg. He massaged my ass a little more and give it one last spanking before thanking me and I him for a truly great time. And yes I walked home with his load still running down my leg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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