Hot Tub

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Let me start off by saying that I’ve always liked black women and since we moved up to the Northwest I have not had the opportunity to meet very many black women. That changed when I met Bill. He was a black guy who I met while taking the bus to work. Him and me hit it off right away. I am Mexican-American, and when I lived in California I was able to meet lots black women. I even had a black girlfriend for a while. Up here unless you live in Tacoma you don’t get a chance to meet many black women north of Seattle. We got to be real good friends, he even took me to his home and I met his other half. Her name was Darlene, she happened to have the most incredible set of guns I had ever seen. But she belonged to Bill so it was hands off for me. It was through them that I got to meet black women. Darlene introduced me to one her name was Sandy.

Sandy was staying with Bill and Darlene for a while. Sandy was about 36 years old; I am in my late 40’s we were about 11 years apart. When we met it was like we had known each other all our lives. I asked her to go out with me just for an ice cream, as it was summer time and a little warm. We went to DQ and got a couple of frozen yogurts. As we drove home she giggled to herself. I asked her why; it seemed that the last time she had frozen yogurt her partner did not eat it in the normal way. He put scoops of it on her pussy and licked it off. That surprised me but didn’t shock me. We talked on and made a date to go out Friday night.

On Friday I went to Bill’s to pick her up. She came out wearing a blouse and pants, not fancy but nice. I wasn’t sure where to take her so we just played by ear for a while. I had packed a bottle of wine Bostancı Türbanlı Escort and a couple of glasses. I open the bottle and poured her a glass; I was driving so I didn’t drink. We drove around for a while and made our way to north Seattle. We stopped at a well-known fish restaurant got a meal and ate on the patio. I got a chance to drink some wine and she had another couple of glasses. We were hitting it off real well and together finished off the bottle. I still wasn’t sure what to do the rest of the night when I remembered a hot tub place not to far from where we were. We made our way there after we got another bottle of wine.

I was able to rent a private hot tub room by the hour. We went inside and found a hot tub, sauna, and a shower. There was a cassette player where I put on some love songs I had brought; the place was really set up nice. Sandy was the first to get undressed, I thought she would strip down to her underwear. She did and posed a bit for me to see she had on a matching set of underwear. When I looked at her she reached around and slipped her bra off, then stepped out of her panties. She turned toward me and let me see her nakedness. Now Sandy was a well-built woman of about thirty-eight years old. Her breasts hung a little low but were not bad to look at. She had good set of nipples; her hips were wide with not a great big ass. She went into the hot tub and motion for me to get undress and get in. I wasted no time in removing my clothes and almost jumping in the tub.

As we sat in the tub we kissed, her tongue fought with mine as my hands wandered over her body. Her kisses were wet, hot and hurried. I sucked hard on Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort her lips as she rolled over mine. We parted and both of us had another glass on wine, I think she was getting a buzz on. As we sat and cuddled the bubbles came up around us. I don’t know why but she stood up and sat on the edge of the pool. Her legs were spread open so I moved to her and started to go down on her.

I kind of like the way a woman tastes and found out that a hot tub can clean those flavors away. It didn’t matter; she certainly enjoyed my actions. My tongue circled around her clit. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue as she arched and pushed her pelvis to my working mouth. My fingers worked her pussy too. They massaged both her clit and made there way inside to her “G” spot. When it comes to giving head I know what I am doing. With her hands she held my head and pushed it down. I knew then, she was really getting into it. My hands moved to hold her ass and pull her to me. Her moaning was starting to get loud too. I could feel her on the verge of climaxing. She held my head and ground her pussy into my face. With a very loud moan she climaxed, she lifted her hips and bounced up and down against my face. Her pussy became wetter than when she was in the tub. I must have been giving her head for a longer time than I thought, because a voice came over the intercom telling us we had only 15 minutes left.

That broke the spell we were under, Sandy got up and went to the shower, I followed her. We washed each other off, as we dried off I sat on a bench that was in the room. Sandy came over to me and pushed me down on my back. She got her towel and Bostancı Ucuz Escort dried my penis and balls. Then with a quick move she inhaled my penis, this caught me off guard. I did not have an erection and my limp penis had just been sucked into her mouth. I did not expect this because I was happy just to please her.

With her mouthing my penis it began to grow hard. She held my penis in her hands and pulled my foreskin down over the head of my penis. She then used her tongue to probe the eye of my penis she and licked and sucked on the end. She slowly moved up and down, sucking and licking as she went. Her hands moved up and down in motion with her head. It didn’t take to long before I became hard as ever. Damn I was feeling no pain. My hands went to her head and rested on it while it moved up and down. I could feel her tongue and her teeth as she moved up and down my penis. Her hands gripped my penis and moved in rhythm with her mouth.

It was my turn to raise my hips in anticipation. I knew it would it not be long before I would climax. She could feel this too and intensified her actions. With her hands moving, her mouth working I was almost ready. A few minutes and I started to convulse with a powerful orgasm. I shot my load into her mouth and she drank it down greedily. With the towel see wiped up what she couldn’t swallow. I was more relax now than ever. All of a sudden we heard on the intercom, “your time is up, please prepare to leave”. With that we both jumped up and got quickly dressed and left the hot tub area laughing.

The drive home was uneventful. I had not made love that night to Sandy, but still felt a great contentment. I’m sure she felt the same way, we only made small talk on the way home. We both sat there in a relaxed state of mind. When I dropped her off we both agreed that going to the hot tubs had been a good idea and we should do it again soon. I walked her to the door and kissed her goodnight. I smiled to myself as I watched her enter her home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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