Hot Wax, Hotter Sex

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Anya Olsen

Hands moved over me. The touches are feather soft and sensual. Barely there, as they travel from my fingertips down my arms, spread over my shoulders then move down over my breasts. They stop and mould my breasts then squeeze and pinch my nipples before rolling them between rough fingers.

My body trembles as I arch up, silently demanding more pressure and I whimper as the hands move down, never leaving contact with my skin. Down across my belly, teasing around my belly button and skimming to my sides. Down across my hips and in to brush over my mound before skating down the sides and across to the inside of my widely spread thighs.

Teasing, but not touching, the flesh that is longing to be touched. Then continuing their slow slide down my legs to my feet. I am blindfolded and bound with my hands together above my head and my legs spread wide apart.

The hands leave me, only to be replaced by the multi-strands of floggers. They start at both my hands and feet at the same time. Movements coordinated as the ends tickle across my hands and feet then start to move down my arms and up my legs. My skin pebbles in reaction as the strands of leather trail over me, and follow the same path that the hands had moments before.

The floggers meet in the middle of my body then they start flicking with small licks against my skin. Soft flicks that very gradually pick up speed and strength as they move back over me towards my hands and feet. Then the flicks become harder and turn into slaps as they slowly work their way back up my legs and down my arms. This time the flicks land over my mons and breasts and I shudder as need starts to build inside me. My skin heats and sparks start to zing from where the slap land, zeroing straight to my clit and pussy. Stoking the fire that is beginning to flame inside me.

My body starts to hum with the buzz of sensation as the slaps gradually become harder. My skin is alive and sizzling with the heat that is building with every slap that lands. The floggers start to land with a harder bite as they are concentrated over my breasts and mons, I start to moan with the need that is balling tight in my belly. My nipples are beaded painfully tight and my pussy is running with fluid and still they torment me.

The slaps go hard for several beats as I writhe cihangir escort against my bonds but before my body can tip over they stop and I cry out with the need that is pounding through me. Then the hands are back as they run over me from hands and feet to the centre of me. My skin is so sensitised that their hands feel closer to sandpaper as they move over me and I twist as my body cries out for more. But the hands run over me once and are gone again.

I start and gasp when something hot drips onto my breast and I groan as more drips land on my skin over my other breast. Then as the first drips cool and go hard more is added. I feel the wax being dribbled in a pattern over my breasts and across my abdomen as it is worked down towards my groin. The bite and burn of each drip stings and cools as the wax lands on my sensitised skin.

Drip by drip a pattern is etched across my skin and finally reaches my mound. My hiss turns into a groan as the first drips land and the heat sizzles straight to my clit as the next drip falls. Slowly the pattern is continued across my hairless pubic area. Each bite of heat adding fuel to the flames that keep building higher and higher inside me. I try to concentrate on the pattern they are creating but my body is focused on the sensations and the need that they are feeding and building inside me.

A trickle of hot wax runs down the crease of my legs then another trickle is added along the lips of my vulva. I cry out as the heat hits my sensitive skin and my pussy releases a wash of fluid as the raw need flares wildly through me.

I hear them talk quietly together and then they release my hands and feet and carefully help me to stand and guide me away from the table I’d been tied to. I feel one behind me and my blindfold is removed. I blink my eyes to adjust my vision and find I am in front of the full length mirror.

I gasp at the intricate pattern they have created in dark, nearly black colours of, Blue, green and red and the contrast to my very pale, slightly flushed skin. Hands run down my back and Declan tells me how beautiful I look with their marks on me. They had each selected a symbol and colour and now those symbols and colours are replicated on my skin, across my body. Their ownership boldly mecidiyeköy escort stated in wax.

They lead me away from the mirror and to the bed and help me to lie down without cracking the wax then climb up to join me. My hands are pinned above my head, Colin and Brian go to my sides and start kissing and biting their way down my neck. While Declan moves down between my legs and swipes his tongue along my folds. My body goes into high arousal, already slick and needy from the attention I have already had and my pussy squirts as my erogenous zones are targeted.

The men at my neck find the spots that send me writhing and suck hard as they bite down and Declan works his way up to my clit and suckles strongly at the same time. My body bows up off the bed as an orgasm slams through me hard and fast and as my body shakes and shudders he pushes lubed fingers into my arse. I cry out as the bite of pain sends heat shooting straight to my clit and pussy pushing my orgasm higher.

Again and again they drive me up and over, moving from my neck to my nipples, from my clit to my pussy and arse, never stopping as they play me.

When I start thinking that I can’t take any more they roll me over and onto Colin, position me over his cock and push me down hard. My body arches against the sudden invasion then I am being pushed forward to lie over him.

Declan grips my hips hard and enters my rear in a hard thrust. I cry out as my muscles are stretched impossibly tight and pain shoots through me before turning into a fireball that sizzles through all my nerve endings as he fights his way through my tight muscles. I am shuddering and panting by the time he is seated in as far as he can go and both men stay still and wait until my muscles relax before they start to move.

My hair is caught up in a fist and Brian lifts my head and his cock pushes into my mouth. Eagerly I take him in and start to suck on him as he fits his movements with the other two and starts to fuck down my throat. Together they drive me up and up as they drive into me.

My body starts to tighten but this time they all pull out and change positions. Over and over again they drive me up as they fuck me and every time I get close to cuming they stop and change again.

Time ceases to exist kurtuluş escort as I live in a world of clawing need and the only thing I’m aware of is my body and the three men fucking into me. My body tightens and I am whimpering with the need that is riding me even harder than they are.

I swallow around the cock that is down my throat and my tongue plays along his length as I suck hard on him and am rewarded with a hard spurt of pre-cum as he swells harder. My body clenches tight as they drive me up and up. My pussy and arse clamping tight around the cocks that are ploughing into me. I feel first one, then the other swell and I am stretched even more.

Hands go to my nipples and start to roll them and another hand goes to my clit and rubs as Declan comes down over my back and tells me to cum for them. I feel the three of them swell at the same time as they fuck into me hard and fast. My body hovers on the edge then plunges over.

I scream around the cock in my throat as my body goes painfully tight before exploding into convulsive waves of pleasure as I cum hard. I buck and writhe as my pussy gushes with my release. I feel them fuck hard into me a couple of more times then they, too, start to cum. The one in my mouth pulls my head back even further as he pushes as far down as he can go and he pumps his cum down my throat.

I collapse and start to shudder with exhaustion as my body slowly comes down from the high I’ve been on. They move carefully and roll us all to our sides as they stay buried inside me. They cuddle me between them, their hands running over me to help soothe me down. Colin, the one that had been in my mouth, bends down and kisses me then leaves the bed. I surrender to the exhaustion and my eyes close.

I come to and find myself being snuggled back against Declan in the spa bath. While the other two are using oil to remove the wax from my skin. I sigh in contentment and let myself float.

Declan leans down and nuzzles my neck, “You did well, my Princess.” He whispers in my ear.

“So did you, Master.” I whisper back as I run my hand down behind my back until I cup him and rub as I give him a squeeze.

Contentment shudders through me as the men clean my skin and my body remains boneless as they take care of me. I know it won’t be too long before they want another round and my body starts to stir as I wonder what they will think up for our next play session.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope that you enjoy it. I also appreciate comments and feedback. Unykorn


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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