Hunting the D.

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The second man I loved was, K.

He wasn’t like other men. He was a dangerous obsession and I knew this from the moment we met.

K was a couple of years older than me and when we met I was charmed by his big, warm smile and athletic body. He had kind eyes, was tall, well dressed and always smelt nice. I loved his checked shirts, his big, manly hands and slightly rugged look. So many things about him turned me on.

Most importantly, he was smart and articulate and knew a lot about a lot. In the back of my mind, I somehow knew he would turn out to be a liar and a cheat, he made no secrets about the fact that his ex girlfriend was both a dancer and a model. He was a player… no doubt about it. I hated him and loved him in equal measures.

He was studying for a PHD and jokingly stated that it stands for ‘pretty huge dick’.

K was so arrogant, he seemed so out of reach. At the same time, I wanted him so badly. He knew how to play the game and was a master of it. Girls wanted him and in many ways he was a prick, but I loved him and what he could do to me.

“I’ve never asked a girl out before,” he said.

I had to make the first move. He made sure that this was not a date, we were just hanging out.

I knew he was a player and he was bad for me, but I couldn’t help but want more of his body and mind. He was mysterious and experienced and captured my interest. He would introduce me to so many new things, but he wasn’t interested in me at all. I felt inferior. He was hard work, he wouldn’t ask questions but somehow managed to talk about so many interesting things and I would chase him. I was obsessed. I wasn’t even sure how, but, K managed to pin me down and get in my head so easily. For the first time ever, I had felt a strong need to submit myself to a man completely.

I longed for his company, his knowledge and advice on things too. I wanted him to be my teacher, my mentor and I wanted him to introduce me to a darker world of sex. When we went out, I used to stare at the bulge between his legs and wonder what kind of snake he had hidden. I wondered if it was as big as he had hinted. He enjoyed teasing me, he was like a cat playing with a toy. He saw me blush and loved it.

He would hint about some kinky interests from time to time too, I think he was testing the water.

Now I look back, I realize bebek escort that in a way he was grooming me. He knew I would fall for him.

Conversationally, I’m sure he was dropping ideas into my head, using words like ‘collared’, ‘tied up’ and ‘dominated’… But would always deny it. One day we were out and I questioned him on it. I knew that this was wind in his sails.

He would call me, filth and point out that all these girls who want that kind of sex are sluts and that I should be ashamed of myself. I enjoyed hearing that. It was a strange dynamic. I grew to love the humiliation of those words. I craved them. He made me want to get a reaction more and more.

“I bet you love the big ones,” he would say, from time to time.

He was tempting me into his trap, day by day. I knew this, but I was hooked.

We could kiss at the end of our ‘dates’ and he would put his hand around my head and clench my hair tightly. It wasn’t romantic, it was like an animal going in for the kill. Holding for a while, just long enough. This turned me on to no end. He would sometimes slip his hand between my legs, just lightly brushing my lips and as soon as I would get horny he would kick me out of his car.

“Go home, little one,” he’d say.

This was just a game to, K and as soon as I got home I would masturbate furiously as I fantasied about all of the things I wanted him to do to me.

This routine continued for a while, until we finally arranged to go to London for New Years to stay in a hotel. I knew this was our chance to take things further. I boldly made it explicit that I wanted him to go further whilst we were away. I used to dream about being on my knees, sucking him, feeling his big dick piercing my insides…

He had a big Cheshire cat grin when I gave him this proposition him for sex.

“You wouldn’t be able to handle me, sweetie… I’m rather a big boy,” he said. “How will you ever have any other man once you’ve had me?”

He loved not giving me an answer. He would make me wait for everything. He would disappear for a while and then pounce. But I loved the uncertainty, the challenge… The arrogance. For anyone else, I wouldn’t have tolerated it.

In many ways, his gentlemanly ways would disguise his true nature. He was a total gentleman, he was generous, mecidiyeköy escort caring and giving. He looked after me.

We got to the hotel to drop our things off and I wanted him right there and then.

I made some sexual comment about how big his cock looked in those jeans and tried to cover my embarrassment by saying,

“Should we head out?”

That evil Cheshire cat smile came out again and he laughed. He approached me and gripped my hair.

“Go and get your coat,” he says, holding me to the spot.

I could feel myself getting wet. I was stuck in his grip. His hands wrapped around my throat and he slipped a hand up my skirt. I felt his finger go deep in my pussy.

“Do you want to go out?” he asked.

“No,” I shook my head. I felt a strange mixture of embarrassment and deep arousal.

“Go and get your coat,” he said again, hooking his finger inside me and clawing at my G spot. It felt so good. I had chased him so long and now, finally, I had become the hunted one.

He circled me like I was his prey. I was just blinded, stuck to the spot. He took out his two fingers and made me taste myself. I rubbed his hard cock through his trousers, he knew how long I had waited for this. I could feel how hard he was, he was bursting out. I get down on my knees and he helps me unzip his jeans to reveal this huge bulge beneath his boxers and puts one hand down them.

“Would you like to see it?” he says.

I nod and I smile. I have never seen a cock quite like, K’s!

He pulls down his boxers and reveals this huge, hard dick, which just bobs between his legs. He is About 9 and a half inches, thick and long, hanging heavy. He is shaved too, which makes him look even bigger.

I am hypnotized and desperate to feel his huge weapon inside me.

I lick his huge dick. My mind is aflame with lust. He grabs a fistful of my hair and guides me towards it. I can feel my underwear getting wetter and wetter. He gently guides my mouth into his cock, which barely fits and wants me to take it all the way. I gaze into his eyes and start to gag a little on his big, throbbing dick, taking it deep and slow. It fills me up, he is forcing me to take every inch of his long shaft, fucking my face and making me choke.

K is right. What a slut I am. Taking it so naturally and wanting it so bad. florya escort But he tastes so good, his cock is so perfect.

“Where did you learn to suck dick so well?” he asks.

“Porn.” I respond.

Intending to finish the job, my hands wander to my underwear and I start to rub my clit in a circular motion. I can’t help it. He is driving me crazy. I moan a little and he watches as I deep throat him and finger myself. My makeup runs down my face and he pulls me from his cock. I’m still fully clothed at this point and he stops me.

“Take your clothes off and go and bend over on the bed,” he says.

I immediately obey. I bend over, naked, exposed to him. He strokes my ass cheeks and spanks me hard, slowly at first, making me moan a little. My ass is red and sore, it stings. He knows what he is doing.

He starts to eat my pussy from behind and I feel myself about to cum already. He traces is tongue all the way from my clit up to my ass, taking the time to stop and explore my holes with his finger and tongue like they were his little toys.

“Oh god,” I say, struggling to control myself. I’ve never taken it up the ass before. I am so desperate to feel his cock inside me now. I’m about to cum in a strange mixture of pleasure and pain.

But he is cruel. He teases me with it. Rubbing it up and down my pussy, up and down up and down, gripping my hair, calling me a little slut. “You want me, don’t you.”

I can tell he wants me to beg, he is a cruel man, he wants to tease me. I turn around and watch him guide his cock up and down. I am on the verge of an orgasm, gushing and desperate for him to let me go over the edge. I have been waiting for so long.

Finally, inch by inch, he edges himself into me, doggie style. I can feel him moving all my insides. I can barely fit him in my tight pussy. He grips my hair and fucks me hard from behind until my head goes dizzy. Not only is he huge, but he knows how to work it too.

I have never been able to cum from sex before, but this just takes me over the edge in a knee-clenching orgasm that lasts for what feels like a lifetime.

I can feel my tight pussy stretched and his cock pounding deep inside me. I grab the sheets and gasp for air. I can’t take it anymore.

I lie, panting for breath, totally unable to move from the most incredible orgasm that I have waited so long for.

His dick was so powerful that I lay my face on the bed and beg him to stop for a break.

“Please stop” I say, as he finally stops drilling me. My pussy ached. I lay naked, in a puddle of my own juices.

“You have 3 minutes,” he says.

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