HypnoSissy: Cum Cravings

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Summary: Videos entrench his hunger for cock and cum.

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the story idea and the intriguing revelation that hypno sissy videos exist.

Note 2: Of course, all participants are at least 18-years-old.

Note 3: Thanks to TexBeethoven, Robert, and Wayne for editing this chapter.

Apology: This part was originally announced as being either about cross dressing or pegging… but as I began writing the chapter, Rose (the mentoring character in the story) pointed out to me that Brian was in need of more training before he would become the PERFECT cock sucker, and that she had already prepared the syllabus for him… so before he delves into the more advanced kinks of pegging or cross dressing… here is one final chapter on how to become a cock sucker (and for all you curious boys out there… be warned… this chapter may make you more than just curious)….


-This is a hypnosis story with potential influential subliminal messages within it.

-The story contains hypnosis video scenes within it.

Note 4: This story will make more sense if you read the first three parts first. But in case you don’t have time, or you read them a while ago and need a refresher:

HypnoSissy 1: Becoming a Cocksucker

Cocky and athletic 18-year-old Brian, a high school senior, tries to seduce pretty college girl Rose, but instead is seduced by her. Rose, after allowing him to go down on her a couple of times, gives him a USB with a dozen videos that he is to watch (unknown to him they are hypno-sissy videos) and under their influence he gradually becomes more and more curious about sucking cock and eating cum. After watching all twelve, Brian is summoned to Rose’s college dorm, and under her tutelage, before the night is done he sucks his first cock and swallows his first load of cum.

HypnoSissy 2: Becoming a Cum Slut

Brian, having sucked his first cock, is given a second set of videos to watch by the beautiful, mysterious, persuasive Rose. As he watches the second set of videos, his hunger for more cock builds until he meets a stranger for lunch in a van (the menu should be obvious), and then is taken to a gloryhole by Rose, where to further his training, he anonymously sucks on five very dissimilar cocks, including one from a nerd he recognizes, who he has bullied for years.

HypnoSissy 3: Big Nerd Cock

Brian spends the day after the gloryhole visit desperately trying to avoid the nerd he’d sucked. Of course by now, conditioned by the videos and his recent cock sucking experiences, his hunger for cock and cum control his very being, and in the end the nerd from the night before identifies him, humiliates him and turns the tables on him, and he succumbs and willingly sucks cock. After sucking and swallowing the nerd’s big cock he learns a shocking secret… the guy is Rose’s brother. The chapter ends with Brian receiving a new USB assignment from Rose.

And now Part 4 of HypnoSissy: Cum Cravings

The minute I got home, I went directly to my room to see what was on the newest USB.

Unfortunately, Mom was just finishing preparing dinner, so I slipped the USB into my jeans pocket. We had dinner, talked about school, work and the weather… forty-five minutes of normality, something I hadn’t had much of since I’d first met Rose.

While I was helping Mom with the dishes she asked, “Are you okay, honey?”

“What? I’m fine,” I said, surprised by the question, although maybe she was still concerned about catching me masturbating.

“It’s just you’ve been gone a lot lately, or staying in your room,” she said.

“Oh, I’ve just been studying a lot,” I said, which was true in a twisted sort of way. I added, “the SAT’s are coming up soon.”

“Oh, okay,” she nodded. “Just don’t forget to spend some time with your dear ol’ mother.”

“Always,” I said, moving in and giving her a big hug. I realized then that Rose and her videos had consumed me, and I needed to regain a bit of my life.

So although I could feel the USB burning a hole in my pocket, I ignored it and went and watched Wheel of Fortune with Dad.

I then ended up watching an episode of Castle with Mom and Dad, before heading upstairs and doing what by now I desperately needed to do… the need to watch these videos having become part of my DNA.

When I opened the relevant folder I found four videos… and a Word document named ‘readme’.

I clicked on the word document and opened it:


I’m so proud of you! You’ve become a good cock sucker.

Now however, it’s time you became a great one.

Watch these videos and focus on improving your technique… and on understanding there are different karabağlar escort types of blow jobs from slow and sensual, to getting strongly face fucked… and all that lie between.

So watch these… only one per day… I don’t want you to overdose on submission (LOL), and you need to understand you’re on a lengthy journey of sexual discovery that is ONLY just beginning.

Have fun… but to help enable the complete transformation that lies ahead, you must obey one simple command from me… no coming for a week… and when these four videos are done, you will come to me and….(!)

Kisses, Rose

Fuck, she was a tease.

Fuck, she knew exactly how to push my buttons.

And oddly, I wanted to be a better cock sucker for her… strange of course, since she didn’t even have a cock.

I also was curious about her stressing this was only the beginning.

Truth be told, talking to my parents and just hanging out had made me realize how completely consumed I’d become by cock sucking… I’d never been this consumed even about getting laid… so the limit of one a day seemed like a good idea, to maintain my balance of friends, family, school, and Rose.

The first video was called Cock sucking Philosophy. I shook my head at the idea that there were philosophical principles to sucking cock… had Socrates or Plato had anything to say about it? So, my curiosity aroused, I clicked on it.

Philosophy One… (On an all-black background in pink lettering)

All cock is good (as dozens of pictures of cocks of all sizes, all girths and all colours flashed briefly into view, all while the four-word phrase kept flashing in different screen locations)

Philosophy Two… (The letters still and always in pink on a black background)

A good cock sucker is always on his or her knees unless otherwise instructed (a couple of dozen girls on their knees, eagerly waiting for cock, all of them with their mouths wide open)

Philosophy Three…

It’s not about you… it’s about the cock (pictures of girls gagging on big cocks, but continuing to suck)

Philosophy Four…

Treat the balls with extra care; after all, that’s where your treat is stored (pictures of girls sucking on balls or cupping them in their hands)

Philosophy Five… (This one had the following words bolded underneath: REPEAT WITH EACH PICTURE): Cock suckers are bimbos… don’t think, just suck. (Girls furiously bobbing on cock)

Of course, like I always did when watching these kinky manipulation videos I obeyed, each time reciting the words ‘Cock suckers are bimbos… don’t think, just suck’.

Philosophy Six…

If you want your treat, you must work for it (Pictures of girls getting roughly face fucked)

Philosophy Seven… (This one also had the words REPEAT WITH EACH PICTURE bolded underneath): Smother yourself in masculinity… I’m not a man, I’m a cock sucker. (Girls stroking big cocks, licking the shafts of big cocks while gazing at them with the admiration of someone in love with cock)

I hesitated at this one a moment. Sucking cock didn’t make me feel like less of a man… okay, it somewhat did… but I felt that Rose still saw me as a man… potentially her man… and thus I was both a man and a cock sucker. Yet, since Rose had given me this video and wanted me to obey it, I said the words… focusing on the pictures of the cocks being stroked, licked and worshipped.

Philosophy Eight…

Devote your life to cock (Girls sucking cock in a variety of places… in a movie theatre, in a church confessional (there being a small, discrete glory hole for the priest), under a teacher’s desk, in a bathroom, on an airplane, in the back of a taxi, on a crowded bus, in a hot tub, at a party while others watched, in a library, on a baseball diamond, in a phone booth, on the hood of a cop car, on a park bench at night, under a tiny table at a bar, on an office desk, in a kitchen with an oblivious mother across the counter talking to her son, on a hospital bed, and oddly, in a funeral home on the carpet near an open casket)

I’m not going to lie, each of these five-to-ten second scenes had my already hard cock ready to burst and if it weren’t for the requirement for a week-long celibacy, I likely wouldn’t have made it to the end of the video. Truthfully, I wanted to find the extended version of each of these videos and see how the girl had ended up sucking cock in public… those scenes always turned me on.

Philosophy Nine…

Always Suck karaburun escort Until He is Done With You (Girls bobbing on cocks with cum already visible all over their faces)

Philosophy Ten… (For a third time it had the words REPEAT WITH EACH PICTURE bolded underneath): I’m Thankful For Cock and Cum (Girls getting facials)

Like the first two, I repeated the sentence over and over again… and meant it.

I was thankful for cock.

I was thankful for cum.

And I craved it.

I could visualize Eugene’s big cock and how he treated me like a slut… how that turned me on… how I’d agreed to suck his dick anytime he wanted… and how I wished I could have gotten permission to text him and beg for his cock.

Fuck… I really was losing control.

God, I needed to come and regain my senses… an ejaculation often helping me think clearly again… yet I wasn’t going to disobey Rose.

So I shut my computer down and went to bed… Eugene’s cock the last image that faded from my head.

I was nervous all the next day.

Every friend I talked to, I wondered if they were a cock sucker too.

Every male teacher I saw, I wondered if they were cum buckets for Eugene, too.

I expected Eugene to text me to suck his cock.

Of course, this filled me with trepidation.

Of course, this also filled me with excitement.

Yet, it wasn’t Eugene who required my services… but Camry… who I knew was a pussy munching pet of Rose’s. She walked up to me during a morning break and whispered, “Meet me in the cheerleader’s dressing room at lunch.”

Before I could respond, she walked away.

I stood there in the middle of the hallway, dazed, until Barry walked by and asked, “You okay Brian?”

“Um, yeah, sure,” I nodded, shaking my head and trying to regain my normal persona.

“Are you coming to work out after school?” he asked.

“I’m not sure,” I shrugged, before adding, explaining my sudden lack of attendance in the workout room, “I pulled my groin last week and it still doesn’t feel right.”

“That’s what the cheerleaders are for,” Barry joked.

“Yeah,” I laughed awkwardly, seeing cheerleaders in a new light. They were no more sluts than I was… sex was fun and part of who we were, and I no longer wanted to be encouraging the stereotype I had once believed. “I mean no, Barry, cheerleaders deserve more respect than that.”

“What?” Barry asked, looking at me, confused by such a strange idea.

“Should I let them know what you said?” I asked, knowing that the cheerleaders may be ‘sluts’ according to the stereotype, but if they were ‘sluts’, then so were all the guys that willingly fucked them because they were jocks… a double standard I couldn’t accept anymore.

“What? No!” he objected, realizing I was serious. “I was just kidding, man.”

“Yeah, sorry,” I apologized, “I’m getting sensitive in my old age.”

“Yeah, once you’re eighteen it’s all downhill,” he joked tentatively, unsure what to say to me after my stepping out of character with that brief tirade.

“Maybe I’ll see you in the gym,” I said, although I was hoping to be in Room 412 with a cock in my mouth.

“Yeah, sure,” he nodded, and headed away.

I shook my head and headed to class, wondering what Camry wanted with me. I was certain she didn’t have a cock, and I assumed Rose wouldn’t be happy with either of us if she had me fuck her.

An hour later, when I had become completely anxious to know what Camry wanted, I headed to meet her.

I got to the entrance and paused, unsure what to do. I couldn’t just walk in there.

As I pondered this, she walked up behind me and whispered in my ear, “On time… good cock sucker.”

My eyes went wide as she took my hand and led me into the cheerleader’s locker room… a place I’d fantasized going into many times… but not escorted by a girl.

Once in the room, she locked the door, led me to a wall with a hole in it and ordered, “Knees, cock sucker.”

“Please don’t call me that,” I requested. Being called that by Rose, Eugene, or even an anonymous cock was okay and actually turned me on, but being called that by a girl was awkward.

“What?” she refused, rather matter-of-factly. “You suck cock, thus you’re a cock sucker. Am I saying anything that isn’t true?”

“No, I guess not,” I shook my head, humiliation coursing through me.

“Rose said you would need a cum fix, and I figured that here was a great place to get one secretly,” she said.

“What’s on the other side?” I asked.

“Coach’s bathroom,” she answered, as she flicked a switch.

“What does that do?” I asked.

“It’s a signal that there’s a mouth waiting for cock,” she answered.

“Oh my God!” I cried (quietly), shocked that the high school had a gloryhole for students to suck teachers’ cock. karşıyaka escort Most gloryholes are ragged affairs; this one had obviously been built into the wall by a skilled carpenter.

We waited about a minute before I heard a door close and a few seconds later a cock popped through.

No words were spoken by him or by me as I stared at a seven inch cock.

“Get sucking,” Camry ordered after I hesitated, too loud for my comfort.

But like always, my brain shut off when cock was in front of me. I took it in my hand, opened my mouth and began sucking.

“Good boy,” she purred, informing Coach that it was a guy, not a girl doing the sucking.

“One of mine?” a male voice asked. The voice belonged to Coach.

“Yep, you have another cock sucker on the team,” she said, as I bobbed, feeling so awkward to have my coach’s cock in my mouth.

I was an athlete.

I was relatively popular, and respected by my coach and teammates.

And now I was also a cock sucker.

It was surreal.

It was wrong.

And yet… it felt so right… nothing had ever felt as good as a hard dick in my mouth.

I loved the hardness between my lips

I loved the motion of bobbing back and forth.

I loved the power I wielded when I served a cock (ironic, but true).

I also loved the contrary humiliation that encompassed the taboo reality of being a cock sucker.

And lastly, I loved the thrill of sucking a cock to completion and draining the balls until every drop had travelled to my belly.

So I ignored the fact that he was my coach, I ignored that Camry was watching, and just bobbed, focusing on pleasing the cock in my mouth, and earning the treat I had become addicted to.

“Shit, you’re really going to town,” Camry complimented me, impressed, as I bobbed furiously on almost the entirety of this seven inch shaft… determined to be a great cock sucker.

“Yeah, he’s a go-getter,” Coach groaned, and I could tell he was close.

Another minute, and Coach grunted, “Here it comes, cock sucker.”

I kept bobbing, not at all fazed by the reality my coach had just called me ‘cock sucker’, so focused was I on finishing the play… running the yardage and getting my cum-down (I know that sounds silly, but the sports metaphor somehow made me feel less gay).

And then I got my treat, a full, warm, gooey load of cum oozing deliberately into my mouth, which allowed me to savour the cum before swallowing.

I kept bobbing, more slowly, trying to extract every drop of Coach’s cum.

When he pulled out, he complimented, “Good job, cock sucker. I expect to use that mouth more often now.”

“I’m sure he will be more than willing to accommodate you, sir,” Camry answered for me.

“Thanks Ms. White,” coach said, and then he was gone.

I got off my knees and told her, “I can’t believe I just sucked off Coach.”

“Whenever you get a craving, let me know,” Camry said. “Almost every male teacher here uses this glory hole, so you’ll be able to find a cock pretty much any time of the day.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” she nodded, “I’ve sucked Mr. Peterson’s dick when he gave me a nod in class, and then we came here and he fed me his ten inch black cock while a film was showing in his classroom.”

“No way,” I gasped.

“Yes, way,” she nodded, before warning, “be careful, though. Besides being long and thick, he likes to face fuck you, and he comes in buckets.”

“Wow!” was all I could say, Mr. Peterson my history teacher, and easily in his fifties.

“Oh and he takes a long time to come,” she added.

“Good to know,” I laughed, as we headed out, still in awe of everything, and how my life had changed so much because of one meeting with a pretty college girl.


That night, Coach’s cock still vivid in my head, although Mr. Peterson’s ten inch dick was also lingering just below my consciousness, I watched video two.

The video began with the heading, Intermediate Cock Sucking Tips!

Then words scrolled down the screen:

You have likely mastered the basics of cock sucking by now.

If you are a cock sucking virgin, this video is not for you.

If you have a few cocks figuratively under your belt and a few loads of cum literally, then this video is for you.

Then I watched a lengthy clip (like 45 seconds, which is long for these types of videos) as a title was displayed, and then a sultry feminine voice spoke over the video.

One: Get the cock completely wet

A pretty brunette licked up and down a long shaft with excessive saliva cascading down it in wavelets before taking the head in her mouth and bobbing away.

She spoke: The key to an amazing blow job is lubrication. A pussy exudes natural lubrication, an ass requires professional lube, and for a blow job you can create your own. Lick the shaft, inundating it with wetness. Take the head in your mouth and accumulate a large reservoir of saliva. Make your mouth into a cunt awash with welcoming liquid… the body part you wish you had.

Two: Ball Play 1: Play with the balls while you Blow

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