I <3 Japan

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They have everything in Japan. I could tell you some tales that’d – nah, I shouldn’t. You’d think I was bullshit, and I don’t wanna…

Alright, alright, but keep this to yourself, okay.

I was over there, last year I think it was, the company had me doing the rounds at the many, many fast food corporations they have over there. From Yoshinoya to KFC (a whole ‘nother kettle of fish compared to ours, trust me), I’d outline our business model, explain the pros and cons, you know, basically repeating the same shtick at a hundred different places.

Anyway. I was over there, I think it was about a ten days in, and I had the weekend off. The Saturday I spent watching TV, and I could barely believe my eyes. They had this show called.. “Kendoken”, I think it was. Anyway, there was this shark tank, and they had these contestants, these poor fucks – ah shit, I’m going a bit off track here. Okay, so the Saturday I pretty much saw everything that I could ever want to see on TV, and a lot of things that I didn’t. So Sunday afternoon I decided to go out.

They had this shopping mall near the hotel, fairly seedy place to be honest, for Japan anyway, which means brighter lights and darker shadows. I was pretty much doing the whole tourist thing, just walking along the uh, the fairway sort of thing they had in there, it was all underground. Anyway, squeezed between a bar/tattoo parlor and one of the thousands of arcades you have lining the streets here, I see a neon sign pointing into a door leading that, well I just had a feeling about. Looking back, I guess I have a sixth sense about these sort of things, heh. Years and years of…

Anyway, I decide to check it out, so, caution to the wind and all, in I go.

I look around, and see a lot of familiar faces pinned up on the walls, mostly either looking shocked, dazed, content or eager. They have all the classics up there, and I suddenly get hit by, you know, the feeling of home. Like, here’s a connection. And what kinda fate is that, a porno theatre showing all-American bimbos and broads smack bang in the middle of downtown Tokyo.

I figure, hey, I can’t just turn and walk out of here, not after like, destiny or some shit drops it into my lap. Not to mention I had the biggest case of blue balls since junior high. I’d tried to, you know, get some company, but it’s not as easy as these stories ya here. Unless you speak the language, I mean, you think you’re asking for a petite young cheerleader type and they’re giving you like, a set of mint-condition steak knives and a giant barrel of ground nutmeg. I still have the knives at home, I mean, they really do stay sharp, but I’m like, what am I gonna do with a hundred and twenty five pounds of nutmeg?

Alright, heh, so I was in this theatre right, and went and bought a ticket to – well, it was all in Jap, but hey, chances were I’d remember it when I saw it, heh. Walked into the place, sat on one of the freshly washed seats, and settled in amongst the rest of the poor souls. There wasn’t really like, a partition or anything between us, or even an armrest, so I was getting a bit uncomfortable there. Like, if I’m jerkin’ off in a theatre, I don’t wanna have to see any dude’s doin’ the same, even in line of sight, really.

But when the lights dimmed, a sound came from under the floor, which was waxed wood (good Bostancı Grup Escort business thinkin’, heh). Kind of a rumbling noise. And then these like, long, thin hatches opened up in the floor between the seats, the ones that were occupied at least, and out emerges these big partitions, like little glowing walls, seperating each of us poor blue-balled folk into like, our own little private space. I liked that.

So the movie starts, and it really is a classic, these guys know how to pick ’em, no bullshit here. One of the greats, I don’t remember the chick’s name, but she’s in this skin-tight french maid outfit, sexiest bust you ever saw, cleanin’ up around the office for this doddering old man. Anyway, what happens is fairly generic – he offers her a fee for some “special service”, she looks shocked a bit (mouth in a nice O), and, of course accepts. The guy whips out this monster cock, pretty virile for an old dude, and she starts cleaning it for him, heh. Some classy stuff here, they used to know how to make ’em, it was never about that shit, about how close the penetration shots are, about tits bigger than a fuckin’ basketball, shit.

Anyway, it’s hot stuff, and I’ve whipped junior out and started doin’ my thing. Yeah, I’m getting to the good stuff okay, stop looking at me like that. Anyway, I have a closer look at this, this panel next to me, and there are all these dispensers, different buttons under ’em with Jap writing all over them, which I’d be useless with except they had pictures too. This is what a cigarette machine would be, if they had ’em in Heaven. I hadn’t ever tried half of the stuff, and didnt’ know what the other half was, just couldn’t make up my mind. Anyway, right at the end there was a button, only no dispenser over it, which was weird. They all had, y’know, note slots under ’em for yen, and this one had it too, had English numbers thank God. Was the most expensive thing on the board, but still fairly cheap compared to what I was packin’.

Well, you can tell that I was getting curious. I mean, hell, it could just be inactive, ya know, they took the dispenser off or something, Idunno. And while I’m sittin’ here, dick in my hand, the movie’s already halfway through the titfucking, I had missed when she takes it down deep to coat it with saliva… I don’t know what made me do it, but I put the yen in and pressed the button.

Nothing happened for about ten seconds, and I gave up on it after six. I mean, I don’t know what I was expecting. Then, something caught my eye. The panels had armrest things attached to ’em, and now a symbol of a hand, palm down, was flashing on both of ’em, in red. I guessed right, and put my arms on the armrests. A second later, these, like, manacle things, sprung out of the wall, and now my arms were trapped. This was weird.

Couple of seconds later, same things happens to my legs, steel around the calf muscles, I could feel it, cold, through my pant legs. I won’t kid ya, I was getting a little worried. I’m a big guy, especially in Japan, but that’s not much use when you’re immobilized. I remember thinking through all this, looking down at my dong sitting there, shit, now I’m gonna die with blue balls. I’m gonna be in limbo or some shit, in a perpetual state of blue balls, because you can’t jerk off in limbo or hell, the spunk’d get everywhere, Bostancı Manken Escort and the old man would punt you down to hellfire and brimstone.

So anyway, here I am in the middle of downtown Tokyo, no one knows where I am, manacled hand and foot to a chair in a porno theatre. And what happened next was probably the last thing I was expecting.

In between my feet, the floor fell away.

It was like, a trapdoor. No shit. A trapdoor there, about say, a foot and a half square, swung out and disappeared into blackness. And out of it rose an angel, the sexiest Jap chick I had ever seen, dressed and made up to look like the bimbo in the flick. I was shocked and very much aroused. She was chewing gum.

She smiled this sultry smile, and looked down at my cock sitting there, and put both hands on my knees, rubbed them up and down. By now I’d realised what was happening here, gotten over the initial shock, and was starting to enjoy it. I could hear moans and shit from some other seats, and giggling, so I figured I wasn’t alone in trying out the empty button.

I gave her a closer look. She had straight black hair, these beautiful big eyes, long lashes. Cutest little button nose, and the fullest, sexiest pair of lips I’ve ever seen on an Asian chick. Scratch that: ever seen, period. I mean, these were just made for being wrapped around a cock. She seemed to be able to express an entire paragraph through the pursing and unpursing of those luscious red lips.

Down lower, I see she’s definitely got the body for the maid’s outfit. The brassiere pushes her full tits up, with just a hint of light brown nipple poking over the top. Her pale shoulders and neck are completely bare, and the skirt is frilly and very short, so short that for a second I wished we had swapped positions. But then she leaned forward and gave the tip of my cock a light kiss, a brush with her lips, and I quickly changed my mind.

Back on the screen they were getting into it, but I didn’t really care any more. I was focused on this goddess before me. She giggled at my lust, and reached out and firmly grabbed my cock, sending a wave of pleasure through me. She gently lifted it up, and went under to my ballsack, and, kissing it, pressed her wad of gum there, between my balls. Then she extended a small pink tongue, and slowly licked from the bottom of my cock all the way to the tip. Her small hands continued to caress my legs and ballsack as she opened her mouth and, after a little hesitation, managed to get her lips around my cock-head. Her tongue was doing incredible things, softly weaving around the head, tickling the big purple vein underneath the head, licking up and down the slit. Every movement sent shivers through me, and I could hear the rattle of the manacles against my wrists as I shook.

Apparently, she was enjoying herself as well. Every now and then she would give out a little moan that would vibrate all the way down my cock, and I saw her free hand caressing her breasts, passing between them. She lowered her hand down, pressing her palm between her breasts, down her waists, and slipped it under the frilly skirt. I could hear the wet sounds, could feel her shudder on my cock, as her other hand gripped the base and started jacking me off slowly, intently.

I didn’t think I could hold out Bostancı Masöz Escort much longer, staring down at this Japanese goddess sucking on my cock. She became more frenzied in her ministrations to herself, began pumping her fingers in and out of her tight pussy, sweat causing her hair to stick to her face, drops of it forming on her forehead, dripping down between her slanted eyes, falling off her tiny nose onto my – in comparison – monster cock. She brought her hand out from under her skirt and surprised me by pulling her mouth off my cockhead and licking her own juices off her fingers, moaning as she tasted herself. She brought the sticky hand to my cock and began to give me a slippery handjob, lubricated by her lust, pumping her hand up and down my mast, then licking her cum off it. She wrapped both hands around my cock, and they barely reached around, and they pumped me, she moaned louder and louder, sweat flying in droplets from the tendrils of her black, glossy hair…

I exploded. I came like a fire hose, sticky, heavy come, landing all over her face, in her hair, on her soft cheeks. The first spurt landed directly on her forehead, and was dripping down to her nose when the second spurt came, landing on her left cheek, the third, laying a streak of gooey white through her beautiful black hair. I was almost choking, my whole body straining against the restraints. The fourth landed on her open mouth, some of it landing inside, the rest covering her sweet lips in a gelatinous layer.

I just kept coming, the spurts landing on her neck, her shoulder… then she reacted, grabbed my erupting cock, and planted her mouth over it, pulling on it to get as much come as she could. My come filled her small, warm mouth, and she was shuddering from her own orgasm, sucking oxygen in through her nose, not wanting to lose a single drop of it from between her cumsoaked lips. She swallowed my load down as I subsided, still trying to milk that last bit of come from my swollen penis.

I was spent, limp in my manacles. I watched her in awe, as she smiled shyly at me again, then began to lick the cum off her soft lips. The spurts that had landed on her neck were now sliding their way down onto her breasts, making a mess all over the black brassiere, white on black on cream. It ran down in the crevasse between her breasts, her secret place, following a similar route to the one that the cum she had swallowed had taken. Her own cum was running down her leg, and after licking one of her hands clean, she reached down scooped some up and offered it to me.

She tasted like a woman. So strong, so brutally feminine, the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. She leaned her back against my left leg as she continued to clean herself, gathering up the cum that she could and licking it off her hands, exploring what had landed in her hair and giggling as she put her fingers through it.

We had shared something that had changed both of us. For a moment, as we were close to each other, leaning on each other, there was nobody else in the world. It was that special bliss after ecstasy.

And then we heard an old woman bark an order in Japanese, coming from below. We both started. She looked up at me, sad for a moment, then grinned again, gently lifted my limp dick up, and flicked her tongue out to grab her gum from where it had been nestled between my balls. She winked, rolling her eyes as the crone’s harsh voice came again, then disappeared down into the darkness, closing the hatch behind her.

I wandered back to my hotel in a daze, and slept until midday the next day. And that, my friend, is what happened to me in Japan.

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