I May Need To Get Another Job

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I may have to get another job!

I hate that they moved you into another building during the reorganization. I miss our chats. I’m pretending to work but I can’t concentrate. I have to tell you what happened today.

You know this has been a crazy week around here. I think management has lost their minds! I know you lost two people from your department, and we lost three in ours. The work has just been piling up everywhere. For the past three days I’ve been taking work home and working until midnight every night so I could catch up, but I’m still way, way behind. How do they expect us all to do the same workload when we were already so busy before!

Then, on Wednesday night, as I’m sitting at my table with a bottle of wine and work piled all over my kitchen table, my dad called. My mom found a lump in her breast last week. They did a bunch of test and the doctors are sure it is nothing, but they won’t get the final results until Monday so, as you can imagine, it is really stressing me out. I’ve been checking my breasts every day just to make sure I don’t have one as well.

Which reminds me, are we still doing that walk for cancer next month? After this week, I really, really want to participate. Can you send me the info again? I want to raise as much money as possible before next month.

On top of all of that, my cat was sick this week so I took her to the vet. Five hundred dollars later, she is fine. So on top of working more, I get to figure out how to pay THAT off. I love how they just dump all this extra shit on us but they aren’t going to give us increases for the next two years. I’m really starting to hate it here.

On top of all THAT, my boyfriend has been acting like a total ass lately. It was a really shitty week and I tried talking to him on the phone the other night but I could tell her was distracted. He had his friends over to his place and they were all playing games. Instead of focusing on me, he just sat there in his living room with all of his friend around and he kept telling me to stop being a baby. My mom may have cancer but I am just being a baby? Seriously?

When I took my cat to the vet, Mr. Asshole didn’t even offer to help me pay the vet bills. His parents are LOADED. They let him live at home for free, they paid for his car, paid for his tuition, and he has some sort of trust fund that he is going to get when he is twenty-five. Whatever money he does make from his job seems to go up in smoke…literally. He sits around smoking pot and gaming with his friends all day. Here I am with two jobs, paying for my apartment, my car, my student loans, along with everything else, and he can’t even help me pay for the vet bill for the cat that HE wanted?

Needless to say, I’ve been getting tired of it. The final straw happened last night. After I finished work at 11:00 pm last night, I sent him a text to see if he was still awake. I was thinking that it would be nice to just sit on the couch and watch some stupid movie, cuddle, and just talk to him about everything that has been going on at work. He called me back and says, “I want to come over and put my sausage in you.” Oh how romantic! I’m such a lucky girl! He couldn’t even get out a ‘Hello’ first! Well, I blew up and I exploded on him. I’ve had the worst week ever and he couldn’t bother to come over and help in any way, but the only way he WILL come over is if he can have some pussy!? I don’t think so!

After screaming into the phone for thirty minutes, I hung up on him. I thought about it for a minute, called him back, and simply said, “We’re finished!” and I hung up on him again. Of course, he hasn’t cared enough to call or text since. What a loser I was to put up with all of his stupidity for so long!

Did you know that if you pour half a bottle of red wine into a half eaten, half gallon container of chocolate ice cream, you can drown your sorrows for about an hour? It’s true.

I woke up this morning with a very bizarre hangover and a huge chocolate and wine stain on my bed. Apparently, I was so exhausted that I passed out before I could finish my chocolate and wine indulgence, and I ended up spilling it all over my white bedspread. I stood there next to the bed, staring at the stain, trying to figure out how I would explain away the huge stain to any future visitor. It looked exactly like I had diarrhea and my period all at the same time. I contemplated just dousing it with gasoline and set my whole apartment on fire to get the stain out, but I resisted the temptation. I was SO close to calling in sick, but I had too many files at home that I knew had to be processed today, and since we can be terminated for taking files home, I knew I needed to get them back into the office.

I dragged my ass out of bed and took a shower. I didn’t care what I wore today and I just reached into the closet and put on the first two things that I pulled out. I put on a white tank, and my floral print maxi skirt. I was glad I had found something loose because I felt Bostancı Ukraynalı Escort like a bloated, sick whale this morning. Two minutes for a pony tail, eye makeup and lipstick and I was out the door. I didn’t give a shit about anyone or anything at that point. I just wanted to get the day over with so I could go home and hide under my shitty, bloody bed spread and hide from the rest of the world.

Do you believe in karma? I only ask because I did something out of the ordinary for me. I went to buy a coffee this morning and as I was waiting for the person in front of me, I took a look behind me and there was a line of people behind me and they all looked as miserable as I did. I figured, if I couldn’t smile, maybe I could give some smiles out today. When it was my turn at the register, I handed the woman $40 and I quietly told her that I wanted her to use the money to pay for all the people behind me until there was no more. You should have seen the look on her face!

Grabbing my coffee, I quietly walked out. I figured, at least SOMEONE would get to start their day on a good note with a free coffee.

So I get to my desk and carefully sneak the files back into the pile that was on my desk, and as I was drinking my coffee, Mr. Asshole sends me a text, telling me that he hopes we can get together tonight. No apology or anything, he just wants to come over and “cuddle”. Basically he was still just asking for pussy.

I lost it. I started to cry right there at my desk. That stupid idiot could care less about me. I had given him so much over the past two years, and all he could think about was his tiny dick. (I know I said he was big before, but I lied because I didn’t want everyone to know how frustrated I was. It is small. Too small.)

As I sat there, sniffling, I get an instant message from my new team leader, Jamal. I’ll copy and paste it.

JAMAL S: You ok?


JAMAL S: Are you sure?

JAIME Q: Yes, I’m fine. I’ve just had a really bad week.

JAMAL S: I understand. It hasn’t been easy to lay off all those people either. Want to talk about it?

JAIME Q: Sick mom, sick cat, scared of losing job, too much work, no sleep, stupid boyfriend, broke up with stupid boyfriend.

JAMAL S: You win. You had the worst week. By the way, thank you for the coffee.

JAIME Q: What do you mean?

JAMAL S: I was behind you in line this morning. I tried to say hello but you rushed out. The free coffee was a pleasant surprise. Thank you.

JAIME Q: You’re welcome. I hope it brought a smile to your face.

JAMAL S: It did. Now how do we bring a smile to your face?

JAIME Q: Honestly, I just need a hug.

I became a little nervous when Jamal didn’t respond. I assumed I had just crossed a line. I wasn’t sure if he was married, or dating, or if I had broken some sort of company rule but I was just being honest. I just needed a hug in the worst way.

A few minutes later, Jamal walked over to my desk.

He leaned forward. “Here is the form you asked for. Just fill out the top part and I can help you with the rest.”

On the form was a sticky note that read: Hug. Stairwell. In 2 min.

I pulled the note off and crumpled it up and put it in my purse. Jamal obviously did’t want anyone to know, and I respected that so I made sure not to leave the note on my desk. I shoved the form under some paperwork as I didn’t even know what it was for, and I stared at my clock. I wrote a quick email, anxiously counting down the seconds until I could leave and go to the stairwell.

After I clicked Send on the email, I sat there for a moment, thinking. I couldn’t remember the last time my boyfriend had just hugged me. When he comes over he just plops down on the sofa. He might give me a kiss, but sometimes he doesn’t even do that. I started to realize how much I craved intimacy.

Time was up so I put away a few things and tried to walk to the stairwell as nonchalantly as possible. I opened the door and it made a loud KACHUNK sound. Jamal wasn’t there. I started to walk down the stairs and that is when I saw him. He was standing on the landing below, pretending to tie his shoelace. When he saw me, his face lit up with a huge smile. I walked down to the landing where he was standing.

He stood up and opened up his arms, inviting me to hug him. I walked up and put my arms around his waist as he put his strong arms around me. He gave me the tightest hug, and then he slowly started to rub my back. I slowly closed my eyes and just enjoyed his warmth.

I just realized you’ve probably never seen Jamal. I believe he was moved to our department after you were moved to the other building.

Jamal is a little taller than I am. He’s black, has light eyes, and a beautiful smile. He is really cute, but I appreciate his intelligence more. I’ve heard rumors that he is a Rhodes Scholar. The man is brilliant, but still very humble. I’ve always respected how he has Bostancı Üniversiteli Escort handled the transition in the office. Even the people that were let go made nothing but positive comments about Jamal.

So I wrapped my arms around him and held on tight. (And I noticed he works out.) He smelled amazing and It felt so good to just be held. He started to slowly and softly rub my back…and I started to breathe heavier. I rested my head against his chest and nuzzled my nose into his neck. It felt so good to feel safe and secure. I could have stayed right there all day. I slowly opened my eyes and realized we were swaying back and forth. I slowly started smi-


Oh shit! Someone was coming down the stairs! Jamal and I let go and we quickly walked down to the door that led out to the floor below. Before I opened the door, he held my arm and we both paused and listed.

The stairwell is an internal stairwell that goes all the way from the first floor up to the tenth floor. We could hear the clicks of high heels echo as they walked down the concrete steps, but they sounded far away.


We waited in silence as the door closed with a CLICK, and listened closely for another few seconds. Whoever it was, they exited the stairwell on a floor above us, and the coast was clear once again.

“That’s why I wasn’t waiting right by the door,” he whispered.

“Good thinking,” I whispered in return as we both smiled.

He once again opened his arms and we embraced. He rubbed my back with both of his hands…and then his hands went down to my hips. I closed my eyes again as his warms hands rubbed my waist and my hips.

Do you know how there are times when you just “fit” with someone? This was one of those times. I loved having his hands on me and I loved how he felt in my arms. I wanted him to touch me more and I wanted to touch him more.

Slowly, I turned until my back was against his strong chest. I leaned my head back and rested it on his right shoulder. His arms were hovering over me, allowing me to move as I pleased. I grabbed his wrists and pulled his arms around me, around my stomach. I slid my hands over his and started to rub my stomach back and forth, my hands guiding his as to where they should go. I then moved his hands over my hips and thighs.

He exhaled heavily when he hands slid over my hips. With one hand on each hip, he slowly started to pull up my skirt with his fingertips. I put my hands over his and he stopped.

He whispered softly, “I’m not going to do anything. I just want to touch your skin.”

Without saying a word, I took my hands off of his, and I started to help him slide my skirt up on the sides. His large warm hands slid over the skin on my hips and thighs. He moved them slowly up and down my thighs, and around my hips, carefully avoiding my ass.

It felt so good to be touched so sensually. My stupid boyfriend’s idea of rubbing me softly was to grab my boobs. That was it. Jamal touched me. He caressed me in a way I have never been touched before. His large hands felt so warm and comforting.

I reached back and put both my hands on his hips and slowly leaned back until my ass was touching him. We then started to move together in a dance without music. It was…sensual and symbiotic. I could hear his breathing in my ear and we moved together perfectly. His hands found the places were I wanted to be touched, and his soul began to move with mine.

Grabbing his left hand, I pulled it out from under my skirt and I lifted the bottom of my tank top and placed his hand on my stomach. I moaned softly as his warm hand pressed against my flesh. He moved his hand down to my waistline and he pulled my back as he slowly thrust his hips from behind. I could feel his quickly growing cock rub against my ass.

It was my turn to exhale heavily.

Each move was so slow, so deliberate, so sensual. I arched my back so I could lift my ass, and then as he slowly thrust forward, I slid my ass down. We did that slowly, four of five times and each time I could feel his cock getting bigger and bigger.

I moved his left hand from my stomach, to my right breast, over my bra. He squeezed my breast as the tip of his cock rubbed against my ass again.

“Don’t move,” he whispered in my ear. He pulled both hands out from under my clothing and I felt him adjust himself. Instead of going straight out, his put his cock going straight up in his pants. He then put his hands on my hips and he pulled me back until his cock was in between my ass cheeks. It felt so good. I exhaled again.

He is thick and big. I could feel my cheeks start to blush as he slowly slid his cock between my ass as we started to grind against one another.

At that moment, I hated my clothes. I hated the barriers between us. I wanted to feel his hot chest against my back. I wanted to feel his hands on my naked hips. I wanted to feel his thick cock slowly sliding into me.

I Bostancı Vip Escort spread my legs slightly and then I reached up and pulled my bra up over my breasts, letting them hang freely under my top. I grabbed his right hand and slid it up under my top and put his hand on my left breast. I noticed my hard nipple sliding over the palm of his hand. Once again, he squeezed my breast and then repositioned his hand and slid my hard nipple between his fingers. As he would squeeze my breast, he was able to pinch my nipple at the same time. His left hand stayed on my left hip, guiding me as he thrust his cock against me.

Leaning forward at the waist, I put my hands on the opposite wall and held myself up as I pushed back harder against him. I leaned over far enough for my pussy to rub against his erect shaft, and I whimpered.

“Shhhhh,” he reminded me.

I bit my lip as I slid myself up and down his shaft again. I was aching to have that huge cock inside of me. I wanted to throw him down and ride him hard and fast until I left my creamy white cum all over his hard, black shaft.

My craving intensified when he grabbed the back of my dress, pulled it all the way up and put it on my back so he could see my ass, and then grabbed both of my hips and started to pound me from behind. We may have had all of our clothes on, but having him want me so bad that he had to thrust into me and slam his cock against me made me extremely wet.

I grabbed my right breast as it bounced with the force of his thrusts, and then he pulled me back hard onto him and stopped thrusting. I peeked over my right shoulder and he was standing there with his eyes closed and his head back. I’m not sure, but it looked like he was trying to hold back his cum.

I rotated my hips for a moment, secretly eager to have him cum in his pants, and then I pushed myself off of the wall and once again put my back on his chest. I pulled both of his hands up from my hips, under my blouse, and put both hands on my breasts. He squeezed them and played with them as I reached up behind me and put my hands behind his neck. I ground my ass against his shaft a little harder and faster. It didn’t matter where we were at that moment, I just wanted to satisfy him.

His right hand slowly let go of my right breast and he slid it down my stomach, down over my waist, and then he stopped. I grabbed his right hand, opened the front of my skirt, and shoved his hand down until it was over my pussy.

“Under,” I whispered. I noticed my voice was trembling.

“What?” he replied, breathlessly.

“Under my panties.”

His hand searched for the top of my boyshorts and then he slowly slid his hand lower and lower until he found my hot, wet pussy lips.

I gasped.

His left hand moved across my chest to my right breast and he leaned forward a little so he could reach my pussy. I slowly tried to slide up and down his shaft against as his fingertips started to explore my soaking wet pussy. He shoved his middle finger slid between my pussy lips until they parted. He wiggled his finger between my lips to get it wet, and then slowly dragged it it up, parting my lips as his finger made its way up to my throbbing clit. The second he touched my clit, I let out a sensual moan. I couldn’t help it.

“Shhhhhh,” he reminded me again.

Are you kidding me? This was the most erotic thing I had done in YEARS, and he wanted me to be quiet?

We then started to get into this rhythm. As my ass would slide up and down, his clothed shaft sliding between my ass cheeks, he would press and flick my clit as I went down. My legs would twitch and I would go back up. It was all very slow and intentional.

I started to feel an orgasm build within me and I started to grind against him harder and faster. Moans started to escape more often, and I grabbed my left breast over my top with my left hand as my right hand reached back to grab his ass and steady myself as I slid up and down.

He pulled his hand out from under my top and covered my mouth with his left hand as the fingers on his right hand masterfully played with my clit. I moaned more freely, knowing his hand would muffle the sound as I closed my eyes and completely let go, allowing my orgasm to take over. I moved faster and he pressed harder until the intense orgasm crashed into me.

I tried my best to keep my screams under control as the orgasm rushed through my body. Jamal held me up as best as he could as my legs went weak and my muscles went out of control. I had never had an orgasm standing up before and I was amazed at how wild my body became with every wave of my orgasm.

When I gasped for breath, Jamal moved his hand away from my face so I could take in as much oxygen as possible. I breathed in deep and heavy. Trying to be quiet while cumming was not easy, and doing it all while we were standing made it even more of a physical challenge. It felt like I had run a mile so I leaned back on him as I tried to regain control.

As soon as I was able I turned around and as I faced him, my left arm reached around and hugged him, and my right hand slid down the front of his pants. My fingers slowly wrapped around that hot, thick, shaft and I slowly tried to stroke him within the confines of his pants. I looked up into his eyes and he closed his eyes and-

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