I See You

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As soon as I turn the key and open the door, I am greeted by an earth-chilling silence. After a long and hard day at work all I look for, is your presence in the house. But all I come across is darkness and a chilling wind blowing through the windows. I close the door, drop the keys on the coffee table and shrug out of my coat.

I close the window and switch on the light and the entire room is engulfed in brightness. I find food for me on the table with a note in which you have scribbled hastily, ‘Sorry. I couldn’t stay up anymore’. Regretting my mistake of not informing you that I would be late, I look into the dishes and find that you have cooked my favorite food. You are always a blessing in disguise for me. I put the food in the microwave and set the timer to heat the dinner.

I make way into the bedroom and in the dim light of the bed lamp, I see you… You are sleeping happily, unaware of the world around you, your chest rising and falling with each breath of yours … I can make out the outline of your body beneath the covers. I keep ogling at you for what seemed like an eternity. You are smiling in your sleep and I only presume that it might be a really happy dream that you are dreaming. I badly want to crawl into the bed, cozy up with you, feel your body against mine, kiss you crazy and make love to you. But I am tired and my stomach wants its fill. After the long hours at work, I badly need a shower to relieve some of my stress. I drop my clothes into the hamper and step into the shower. The first drops of water hit me and a chill runs down my spine. I set the temperature of the water and take a leisure shower, all the time wishing that you could join me in the shower. I badly want to touch myself but know that whatever I do can never quench my thirst for your body.

I turn off the water and come out of the shower, naked, water dripping on the carpet as I make way to the wardrobe. I look at you and you are still asleep. How I wish I could sleep that peacefully? I step closer to the bed and press a kiss on your forehead.

‘I missed you,’ I whisper but you are so lost in your dream that you don’t hear me.

You just shift a little and the covers dip further down exposing more of your delectable body. I press a kiss on your cheek and go to my wardrobe and slip on a robe.

I go to the kitchen and sit down on the table for a lonely dinner with myself. I wish you could join me for dinner. I take the first bite and I can’t help but relish the Escort bayan delicious food that you have prepared. I am very fortunate that I have you in my life and that you are the only one with whom I can share everything and anything. I gulp down the food as my stomach growls for more. It’s been 7 hours since I had eaten anything. After a sumptuous dinner, I take the dishes and load them into the dishwasher.

I switch off the light and enter the bedroom. You are sprawled on the middle of the bed, as if you own it. You have kicked back the covers from the bed and I can’t stop staring at you. You are lying on your back and your cock is half-erect. I don’t know what you are dreaming about. But I bet it might be something sexy and erotic. I remove my robe and settle down beside you. I press a kiss on your lips and stroke your jaw. You mumble something unintelligible and move away from my touch. I graze my fingers across your five o’ clock shadow. I kiss you this time a little forcefully and nibble at your lower lip.

You groan your approval and I place feather light kisses along your neck and travel down. I nibble at your shoulders and tug at your nipples. You shift in your sleep, giving me more access to your body. I pull at your nipples, eliciting a groan from you. I look at you and see that you are still sleeping. I drag my fingers through your chest hair and nibble at your abs. I then move down and see that your cock is growing hard. I take your cock into my hand and stroke it. You grow more and I am amazed at how good you feel in my hand. I lightly rub my 36C breasts across your chest. My nipples are hard and are begging for your attention. But you are fast asleep.

I settle down between your legs and blow a small puff of air on your cock and you groan. I then take you into my mouth and enjoy the velvety feel of your dick. My hair forms a veil and hides my actions. You drag your fingers through my hair and tuck the strands behind my ear as you wake up.

‘Mmm… What are you doing, baby?’ you ask me and rise on your elbows and look at me with sleep laden eyes.

‘What do you think I am doing?’ I ask coyly and go back to my exploration of your body.

‘Baby, come over here,’ you whisper as you take my hand into yours and tug at my hands.

‘Later,’ I say and take you into my hands, cup your sac and run my tongue over your balls. You hold and position my head and thrust into my mouth. I lick at the underside of your cock and rotate Bayan Escort my tongue around your dick. I grab your ass a couple of times and press a soft kiss at the head of your cock and do the same along the entire length of your shaft.

‘Don’t tease me, honey,’ you grumble as you guide yourself into your mouth. I start sucking you with an increased fervor. I gag a little but again take you into my mouth and allow you to fuck my mouth. You hold my head and keep thrusting. I am wet with arousal as I keep sucking your cock and I graze your cock with my teeth. You groan and try to pull away. But I don’t let you go.

‘I won’t last,’ you murmur but I shrug my shoulders and keep sucking your cock. In a few minutes, I feel your cock swell and you shoot your hot and tasty cum down my throat. I keep swallowing and after milking you dry, I give a kiss to your cock. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and climb up your body. I kiss your lips and ask huskily,

‘Did you enjoy it?’

‘Hmm… It was awesome…’ you say as you stroke my hair and bring my face closer to yours for a scorching kiss. You push me onto my back and stretch on top of me.

‘Had dinner?’ you ask as you press soft kisses on my face.

‘Yeah and I am sorry that I was late,’ I apologize as I kiss your lips.

‘It’s alright, baby,’ you murmur against my lips and press a string of kisses along my jaw and proceed downward. You kiss my neck and suckle at the most sensitive point of my body — at the point where my shoulder and neck meet. I moan as you press and nibble at the hollow of my collarbone. You take my breasts into your hands and pump them. You take a nipple into your warm mouth and suckle at it like a baby. You don’t stop tugging and I can’t suppress my moans. You then shift your attention to the other nipple and give it the same treatment. You then proceed down south and nibble at my stomach. You dip your tongue into my navel and stimulate the bundle of nerves. I launch off the bed but you restrain with your arm draped across me. I writhe beneath you unable to bear the pleasure and pressure of your tongue.

You kiss at the V of my thighs. You part my thighs and press feather light kisses along my inner thighs. You reach my wet and dripping pussy but you never touch it. Wanting you to touch my pussy, I move my hips towards your mouth but you don’t let me succeed.

‘Stop teasing, dammit,’ I scream unable to bear your torment.


I Escort beg you but you turn a deaf ear to my pleas and continue your torture. You place a flurry of kisses along the outer lips of my pussy. My pussy is dripping wet with juices and all I want is just one lick of your tongue to cum. But you keep on teasing and keep giving butterfly kisses.

‘Please…’ I shriek and bring your head closer to my pussy and you give in. You delve your tongue into my already wet and ready pussy. Your first lick almost makes me cum. Your tongue probes further into my pussy. You then part my folds and pull at the small nub present at the hood. You insert your finger into my wet pussy and I thrust my hips against your finger. You insert another finger and stretch my pussy and you then start moving your fingers in and out of my pussy. I am on the edge and know that I can’t hold on any further. I move my hips and thrust against your fingers as I shatter into a mind-blowing orgasm.

‘You ok?’ you ask out of concern. I just pull you into my arms and give a passionate kiss.

‘I am more than ok,’ I whisper into your ear before tracing a path from your ear to your jaw.

I run my hands down your back and then across your abdomen until I reach your dick. I take it into my hands and I can already feel it swelling and rising to its full glory. You then remove my hands from your cock and hold them above my head with your left hand. With your other hand, you guide yourself into me. My flesh encases yours and the exquisite feeling that we get is beyond description. I pull you further into me by raising my hips and looping them around your waist. This gives you more access to my pussy and you thrust deeper into me.

You loosen your hold on my hands and I clutch the sheets and allow you to pound harder into me.

‘FUCK ME,’ I scream and you start pounding harder and harder into me. You cock touches the hilt and I feel myself being stretched to accommodate you. You go harder and then switch to slow and long strokes. This drives me crazy. The alternate pace that you set up almost makes me beg you. But after what seems like an eternity, you increase the pace and keep pounding into me faster and harder. I know that you can’t wait for long and I thrust my hips and meet every thrust of yours. I clench my muscles and pull you deeper into me as you grunt and shoot your cum in my pussy and I reach the zenith along with you.

‘Mmm…’ you murmur as you roll onto your side and pull me closer into your arms.

‘Thank you for everything and I love you,’ I whisper as I snuggle closer to you.

‘I love you too, baby’ are the words I hear before I slide into a peaceful sleep.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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