I’m A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 02

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Big Dick

For the next few months, Doug and I continued our arrangement. He would call asking for assistance or asking if I wanted to watch whatever game that happened to be on and I would dutifully go next door and service him. On several occasions, he would have me get him hard again and suck him off a second time. On one instance, he had me do what an old girlfriend once did to me…he came in my mouth and held my head in his crotch and continued to slowly pump his hose in and out of my mouth until I got him hard again and came in my mouth a second time! My jaw was a little sore after that one. Another time, he picked me up in his truck and drove around town, while I gave him “road head”. He usually required my services about 2 or 3 times a week and Alison sometimes joked that he must be OCD, moving furniture around all the time, but I don’t think she suspected anything. I think that our having some of the best sex of our lives had something to do with that.

One Sunday morning morning Alison and I were home and she was preparing to go away for a training class for 2 days. I dropped her off at the airport and saw her off. I returned home and started to think about what I could do for the rest of the day. Within 5 minutes of me being home, the doorbell rang and I went to answer it. There was Doug, six pack of beer and a big smile on his face. “What the hell? Was he watching?” I think. “Hey Bill, I heard that Alison is away for a couple of days. So here I am. Now get on your knees and suck my cock!” he demanded.

I wasn’t quite sure how he knew, but he did. “I saved up a big load, 4 days’ worth, just for you.” he said. So, not having much choice, I dropped down to my knees and pulled his shorts down. Staring me in the face was his huge, limp , black cock, just waiting for my wet mouth to make it rise. I started to lift it up and Doug says “Nuh uh, no hands! Your mouth only boy!”. I looked up into his eyes and saw that he was serious. So, subserviently, I bent down lower, opened my mouth, and came up on his limp cock, engulfing it in my mouth. Limp, I could fit quite a bit of it in and could nearly feel his balls reach my chin. Once his snake-like cock grew, I knew they wouldn’t be as close.

I knew he wished I could deepthroat him, as he had said it before and had tried to force his cock all the way in on a few occasions. He pushed in a little more while I was in this position and he was still not fully erect and felt his balls brush my chin before he withdrew. “I knew you could do it!” he said. “While Alison is away, we are going to work on that until you’re a deepthroat pro!”

I smiled and let him reenter my mouth, grabbing his ass and pulling him in. His cock was as hard as a rock and I could feel his warmth on my lips. He continued fucking my face, pistoning his cock in and out like the pistons on a large block Chevy. Only this was the piston of a large-cock Doug, thrusting in and out of my mouth with the goal of him shooting a huge load down my throat.

Occasionally, kemalpaşa escort he would withdraw and lift his big bulging cock and have me lick and tongue his big, loaded balls. We continued like that for a while, all the time not using my hands, until his cock began to twitch and throb and I knew what was to come.

He started cumming in my mouth with a big moan and an arch of his back, driving his cock even deeper into my mouth. Somehow, by arching his back and thrusting forward, Doug managed to get his cock all the way in my mouth, his big velvety head touching my tonsils and is big pulsing balls resting on my chin.

I was able to handle his first 3 shots, but there were so many more that my mouth overflowed and it dripped on my face, chest, and knees. I apologized and was told to clean him up. I remained on my knees and licked his still large but deflating cock. His cum tasted so good to me and the sense of my pleasing him excited me. All the while, he stood there, watching me, telling me that I had done a good job, but that there was a lot of work to do. “You have a lot of head to give over the next two days Bill, a lot of head.” and he chuckled.

We went outside and got in the hot tub, Doug not even bothering to put shorts on. After a couple of beers and about a half-hour, he went inside, calling me in. He went to my bedroom and told me to lie down on the bed, he had a surprise for me.

He straddled my chest, facing me, and said to me “Open wide, I’m gonna teabag you”. So, obediently, I opened and he proceeded to lower his balls into and out of my mouth. His big balls felt good in my mouth and I began to tongue them while they were in my mouth. It obviously turned him on because he started to make moaning sounds and I started to see the black monster grow longer and felt his ball sack tighten up in my mouth.

He grabbed my head, tilted it up, and shoved a pillow under it. He withdrew his ball sac from my mouth, ordered me to lick his balls and his shaft and then stuck his now large cock into my mouth and commanded me to suck him dry again.

I began moving my mouth back and forth but he stopped me, saying ” I’m going to give you a break Bill. You don’t have to do any work, you don’t have to blow me.”

“What?” I wondered.

He smiled and continued “You’re going to stay still while I fuck your mouth. Just lie there and don’t do any work. This is all me.”

Well, that was bad…and good. While in complete control and fucking my mouth, Doug proceeded to talk trash. Since my mouth was full with his cock and his thrusts didn’t allow me to stop long enough to talk, he just goes on talking, telling me what he has in store. “Go on boy, suck that cock. You love it, don’t you? Yeah, you do, I know it. My cock knows that you love it too.” He pulls it out and tells me to start licking his balls again, and I willingly do so.

Doug then pulls back, grabs my head, and shoves his konak escort big hard cock into my mouth and starts pumping in and out again, again like the piston of a speeding engine. I gag a little and he starts talking again…”yeah, take it in, deeper. We have 2 days to train you to take it all the way in. Lots of training for you for the next 2 days, boy. You’re gonna be my deepthroat buddy before Alison returns, I guarantee it.”

I don’t know whether to be worried or excited. He continues thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, a little deeper with each thrust. I can sense that he loves the feeling of the power he has over me, the power that his erupting cock has over my mouth. I gag several times and he tells me not to worry, that before Tuesday I will feel his balls on my chin while his cock is in is mouth.

That must have gotten him really excited, because he pumps a little faster and holds my head and moans “Keep sucking, here comes your reward!”

He withdraws his big throbbing cock, but not all the way out, leaving the big purple head resting on my lips. Doug then proceeds to pump his big hard cock slowly in and out of my mouth, close to having me deepthroat him. Soon, I begin to feel his black hose begin to pulse and he then explodes in my mouth for the second time that morning. I greedily swallow it all and continue to let him pump my mouth with his deflating cock, getting some more practice getting it all the way in. I clean him up and we lie there on our sides and fall asleep, his flaccid, but still big, cock resting in my mouth.

A while later, I am awakened by the stirring of his cock in my mouth. Doug is still asleep, but his cock is growing in my mouth. I’m not sure what to make of it, but figure he must be having some dream and I proceed to lick and suck his cock to see what happens.

He stirs a little and grows longer in my mouth. This excites me even more and I am emboldened to aggressively service him again. I lick his tightening ball sack and lick the shaft from the tip of his big head, down the big thick vein, and down to his balls again. I engulf his growing cock again and begin to bob my head back and forth on his cock. I get on all fours between his legs and proceed to give him a blowjob as if he were awake.

He moans and I can make out a few words, but it is mostly unintelligible. I continue working on his now fully-hard and large cock and begin to waste his precum. He wakes with a start and sees my head between his legs, his cock in my mouth. He realizes that the dream is over and lets me continue and tells me what he was dreaming. Doug begins, “Man, you wouldn’t believe what I was dreaming of.”

“Tell me,” I manage to get out while devouring his cock.

“Well, you might not approve, but just before you woke up, your wife’s big ole titties were in my face and I was having the time of my life with them. I’ve seen them in her tankini and man, they look delicious. I kuşadası escort can tell they’re natural. I bet they’re nice and soft, like two big pillows”

I stop for a minute. Doug has never spoken of Alison while we’ve been together and has never shown any interest in involving her, or so I thought. It must be there though, if he’s dreaming about her. I’m a little surprised, not quite angry though, as the thought of him playing with her tits, kissing her all over, and fucking her makes my cock stir. I start picturing his big black cock in her pussy and I kinda like it.

“Yes, they are real and big, and soft. Her nipples aren’t too large, a little bigger than a quarter maybe.” I don’t know what came over me to add that last part, but I continue, “Is that what you’d like?”

He replies, “You crazy man!? Of course I’d love to!! That is one fine white woman there and I would love to fuck her silly. I’d love to fuck her huge tits, do you do that? I want to eat that pussy, have her suck my cock, ride her, and have her ride me like there’s no tomorrow. Damn, that’s what I was just dreaming and you woke me up! Now, you have to finish what her big fuckin tits started!!”

With that, he gets up on his knees, grabs my head and pulls my mouth back onto his now fully erect black cock, already glistening with my saliva. I crouch on all fours and let him have his way with my face. He pumps furiously while telling me how he wants her big pillow tits in his hands, his face, and wrapped around his cock, all while I watch.

He continues, telling me he will fill her with his big cock and fuck the hell out of her, but he won’t cum in her because he wants to eat her pussy again. The cumming, he says that’s for my mouth. He will pull out of her and call me over to finish him off while he sucks and plays with her big tits.

He continues thrusting into and out of my mouth and I let his desire dictate the pace of his fucking. That’s all it really is, fucking my mouth as if it were Alison’s wet, tight pussy.

I tongue his head as best I can and hold onto his ass again to keep my balance. I feel his engorged cock begin to throb in my mouth again and know the flood of his cum is on it’s way. I moan and this encourages him and he begins to talk more, arching his back again. That talking does it, and he lets out a big roar abd begins depositing his load in my mouth again, the third time today!! As usual, and at his command, I take it all and clean him up.

He realizes that something else happened and says to me “All that talk of Alison got us both excited buddy, because you had almost all of my hard cock in your mouth without gagging. There was only an inch or so left to go. I saw how it turned you on too, judging by your hardon. I think you want to see my big hard black cock in your wife.”

By the end of those two days, that inch was in my mouth too…

Doug hardly went home over those days and by Tuesday night, I think I had blown him 10 times.

He spoke of Alison and the things he’d like to do to her while I service him. The more he spoke of it, the more it excited me. I had no expectation of ever acting on it and didn’t ever think Alison would be turned on with my mouth on the business end of a guys cock. However, I would be wrong, as time would tell.

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