I’m Not Finished With You Yet

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She walked down the long familiar corridor, overnight bag in one hand, and hotel room key in the other.

He had called this morning at work and left a very brief message on her voice mail. “Room 226.” was all he had said. She knew what that meant. Very often, he reserved room 226 for them. It was the last room on the right at the end of a long hall.

It was a cozy room with a hot tub and a little stocked bar and a big comfortable bed. As she neared the room, she couldn’t help but wonder what he had in store for her tonight. He usually reserved the room when he had something up his sleeve. Maybe he wanted to tie her up, spank her hard and torture her all night long by bringing her close to orgasm only to stop repeatedly. Maybe he wanted to sit in an overstuffed chair at the end of the bed and watch her pleasure herself as he had done so many times before. Sometimes he had a bottle of wine chilling, soft music playing and just made slow and sweet love to her all night long.

She neared the room and lifted the key to the knob. She slowly inserted the key into the keyhole. Watching the shaft of the rigid key slide into the hole made every orifice between her legs throb just a little. She knew what it meant to enter this room. She knew that she was at his mercy for the rest of the evening and night. She could hardly wait!! As she switched on the lights in the room, she noticed a note on the nearby end table.

“Hmmmmm” she thought, “No flowers or soft music, we’re not making slow love tonight.”

She wasn’t disappointed. She loved to make love to him, of course, but she loved his other games, too. The note instructed her to make herself a drink….a strong one and to take a nice long bath. So that’s exactly what she did, she made herself a drink and took a long hot bath. When she came out of the bathroom, she threw on her silk robe.

Walking into the room, she noticed that he was there, sitting on a chair in the corner. He had lit a few candles but his face was masked in the shadows. He didn’t get up to greet her but instead he just sat there sipping his drink. She could feel him looking at her even though she couldn’t see his eyes. The mood of the room had a dangerous edge to it…she knew she was in for something good…or bad.

“Make yourself another drink” he said. “You’re going to need it.”

The mere sound of his voice made her pussy illegal bahis twitch with eager anticipation. She did what she was told. After a few sips of her drink, he instructed her to sit on the bed, which she did. She watched him get up and walk over to the nightstand. He pulled out a tray and laid it on the bed. Her tight little ass hole seemed to tighten up even more when she saw what was on the tray…. . There were several dildos ranging in size from finger width too much wider, there were rubber gloves (he always used those when he wanted to make her feel dirty and naughty or when he slowly fingered her ass to relax it enough for him to enter), and a bottle of lube.

He instructed her to lie down on her stomach. She downed the rest of her drink and did just that. He took a pillow from the bed and helped her to ease it under her hips. She felt completely exposed now…lying there on the bed with her bottom in the air as he stood fully clothed. He left her like that for several moments as he helped himself to another drink. He then walked over to the bed and stood there looked at her raised bottom. He lifted her robe to expose her nakedness from the waist down.

“Mmmmmmm” he moaned as he gently stroked her ass with the palm of his hand. “I hope you’re ready to be a good girl tonight” He said. “I hope you’re ready to do as I say.”

He ran his finger between the cheeks of her ass. She moaned aloud as the tip of his finger grazed her tight pink ass hole and she couldn’t help but squirm a little when she felt his finger reach the wetness of her pussy. He lingered there for a moment swirling the tip of his finger around and around the dripping opening. She gently rocked her hips trying to make his finger enter her. But he stopped abruptly making her gasp and whine.

“Spread your legs!” he commanded. And she did.

He gave her a harsh slap on the rear that made her jump.

“You can spread them farther than that, girl.” He barked.

She spread them further until her ass cheeks were spread enough to expose her completely to him. He stood behind her for what seemed an eternity. He liked to drag it out, to make her wait. He liked her to feel exposed and vulnerable. And she did. Finally, he took his finger and plunged it in her pussy. It was dripping wet with natural juices. She threw her head back and groaned with relief. It felt so good to just illegal bahis siteleri have his finger inside of her. He fingered her for a minute until her juices were literally dripping down his hand. Then he used her own silky wetness as lubrication as he withdrew his finger from her pussy and gently probed her ass with just the tip of his finger.

“Oh God” she moaned

Just the tip of his finger felt so big in her ass…she couldn’t imagine taking him all in. But she would have to and she knew it.

“You’re so tight” he murmured. “I’m going to enjoy watching this little hole stretch wide to take me all in.”

She rotated her hips against the movement of his finger.

“But first we must make you ready” he said.

He withdrew his fingertip and began to examine the tray on the bed. She could hear him put a rubber glove on his right hand and her ass hole began to throb. She knew it was almost time. He opened up the bottle of lube and then decided against it and dropped it on the bed.

“No need for that” he said as he rubbed his gloved hand all over her pussy.

“Are you ready?” he asked her.

She managed to whisper “yes” as she tilted her hips upward and braced herself for what was about to happen.

Again he began to fuck her little hole with just the tip of his finger. In and out, in and out. But slowly he began to insert more and more until his one finger was plunged into her up to the knuckle. His finger felt so big and she loved it. In and out, in and out, he pumped.

“Are you ready for two?” he asked.

“Yes” she panted.

He slowly began to insert a second finger.

“OH GOD” she groaned. “It feels so big. I don’t know if I can take it!!”

He very slowly worked the second finger into her ass letting her adjust to the size of it slowly.

“You can take it, my sweet.” He crooned softly. “You can and you will.”

She rocked her hips back and forth taking in both of his thick fingers. She moaned, groaned, and could hardly wait to feel herself stretched to the limit by his cock. Just as she had become used to the feel of his two fingers, he stopped. She could feel him pouring the lube on her. She could feel it ooze into her ass hole that was now a bit more relaxed and open. He selected a dildo off the tray….a nice sized one about the width of a quarter.

“Now spread your ass canlı bahis siteleri cheeks for me so I can see” he ordered.

She was face down on the bed with her ass in the air. She reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks as she was told. She felt almost humiliated in this position but she didn’t care. He slid the dildo into her ass as far as it would go and she almost screamed. It felt so good. He pumped it in and out a few times and then stopped. He left it there, plunged deep into her ass hole as he walked around to the other side of the bed. He stood in front of her and unzipped his pants.

“I want you to take me into your mouth.” he said. “I want you to feel the big hard cock that’s going to fuck your little ass.”

As she let go of her ass cheeks which she had been holding apart for him, she felt herself close around the dildo that was still in her ass. She propped herself up on her hands. Her mouth watered as he took his cock out of his pants. So thick, so hard…..she opened her mouth and he guided it in. Her mouth felt wet and hot and this time he was the one who groaned out loud. She worked her eager tongue up and down the shaft of him. She covered his hard cock with her wetness making sure to massage every inch of his shaft with her lips.

After just a few minutes, he withdrew and walked behind her. He took the dildo from her ass and within a second, she could feel the thick head of his penis pressing urgently against her hole. He had taken his time to prepare her but nothing felt as big as his cock. He used his hand to guide his thick manhood. He pressed slowly but firmly. The head of his cock disappeared into her ass hole. She groaned and threw back her head. He gripped the bed with both fists to prepare herself to take the rest.

Slowly, slowly, he plunged deeper inside of her. He watched her little ass hole stretch wide to accommodate him. It turned him on to see her stretched so wide for him. It turned him to on to see her, ass in the air, taking the pain and the pleasure as his gift to her. Once he was deep inside her, he began to pump slowly. With each pump, he completely withdrew from her and took pleasure in the sounds she made as he re-entered her each time. The slow steady rhythm became a bit faster and a bit harder. She bucked and thrashed, rocking her hips back and forth. He couldn’t help it; he pumped a few more times until he spewed cum deep inside of her. As he did, he let out a groan like she had never heard before. They both collapsed on the bed.

After a few moments he said,

“Make me another drink, I’m not quite done with you.”

To be continued:

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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