I’m Very Good When I’m Bad

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Notes: The title comes come from a comment I received about this piece.

I am standing with my writs bound, my arms held upward. I dare a look at my master to see his expression.

“You need to learn patience, little one,” he says softly.

“So I’m not being punished, master?”

“Not yet. But you will be later.”

He begins to explore my body with hands and mouth. His hands mold my breasts and I sigh, reveling in his touch. He crouches suddenly and his tongue traces patterns on my stomach and abdomen. I moan and shiver as he works his way down to my pubic hair. His hands pull my legs apart farther and I’m shaking now as his mouth keeps going lower.

He starts to tease my inner lips with his tongue. Slowly he works his over every bit of me outside and his fingers gently pull me apart. I’m hearing these sounds that I realize are me crying out in pleasure. His tongue probes inward over every sensitive bit of flesh, going in circles around my clit. My body arches to his mouth, shuddering. He teases me some more, his tongue exploring, occasionally flicking across my clit. I’m gasping and my hips are pumping. He growls to tell me to keep control of myself, I know, but the sound arouses me further. Finally his tongue goes over my swollen clit more and I’m shaking with an orgasm. I hear my self scream as he grabs my hips to hold me in place, his tongue not finished yet.

“There now, little slut, will you be good?”

“Oh, yes, master,” I manage to gasp out.

He gives me a hard smack on the ass as he turns to leave. I have no idea where he’s going or how long he’ll be gone.

I hate waiting. I shift uncomfortably from foot to foot, growing impatient despite the fact that I should know better by now. I hear his voice downstairs but I can’t make out what he says.
I hear someone walk through the front door. I freeze at the sound of a male voice.

They’re coming up the stairs. Another man? Both of them at once?

They enter the room, and the stranger’s eyes rake over me. He is very handsome, but I instantly dislike him. There’s something cruel about the set of mouth. I look at my master for reassurance, otele gelen escort but he simply stands there with his arms folded, watching.

“Not bad,” the stranger says as he walks toward me. He grabs both of my breasts and squeezes them ungenlty. Then my nipples are pinches and twisted, harder and harder until I gasp in pain. His hand cups my labia and his fingers explore me a bit before he pinches my clit. I grunt and my hips jerk involuntarily. “Not bad at all,” he murmurs as his hand kneads my ass.

The ropes binding my wrists are then unhooked from the ceiling and I stifle a sigh of relief. I am pulled over to the bed and laid face down. The ropes are tied to the railing on the far side. My legs are pulled apart and a spreader bar fastened between my knees. My thighs are tied to the railing facing me. I lay there with my back end exposed to them, my ass and my pussy in the air.

Lips and tongue cares my ass and I sigh although I can’t even tell whom they belong to. A moan escapes me as the tongue finds my anus and makes little circles around the tight ring of muscle. Then I hear a sound I recognize as the top of a jar being unscrewed.

A slick finger invades my anus and I wiggle a little. The finger pushes deeper and I try to relax. Another slick finger. They swirl around, pulling me open. I groan with pleasure at the slippery sensations and the fingers are withdrawn. Suddenly a slick cock is pushing into my ass, slowly penetrating deeper and deeper. It is the stranger, I know how my master feels. I gasp in pain but he doesn’t stop. He pushes deeper and deeper, my anal walls burning with friction. He pulls back and then thrusts even deeper. His hands grip my ass, holding me steady as he begins to ride me in earnest. I am writhing in pleasure and pain as he keeps thrusting deeper and harder. The burning and the pain lessens, the pleasure increasing with each thrust. I hear him grunting as I moan, the rhythm of his strokes overwhelming my senses. I am bucking back to meet his thrusts now, groaning as his speed increases. I can hear the slippery sounds as he continues to ride me. Faster and harder. mecidiyeköy escort “Oh, yes,” I hear my voice crying out and his grip on my ass tightens as he rides me even faster. A groan as two more hard thrusts penetrate me deeply, painfully, and I am filled with his warm liquid. He pulls out and my ass is wiped off.

My labia is spread open suddenly and a cock is being thrust into my vagina. I cry out in pleasure, recognizing that this is my master. He thrusts in deeply, impaling me, and then his hands go to my hips. He rides me even harder, the top of my vagina taking a brutal pounding. Evidently, the show had aroused him. I’m crying out “oh, oh!” at his every hard stroke and an orgasm overwhelms me. I’m screaming and writhing and he just keeps riding me. He never lets up for a second, hard and brutal. I want this to never end even though the pounding he’s giving me is somewhat uncomfortable as well as pleasurable. He holds me by my hair as he gives me more and more hard thrusts, over and over, until I come again. More and more, the pounding making my whole body shake with each stroke. I hear him almost snarl as he reaches orgasm within me, pounding me so hard now I swear I can feel it in my chest. I hear my voice crying out as I writhe while he comes.

He pulls out and I am wiped off again. I relax, exhausted already.

“Now the fun begins,” my master says.

I tense, not knowing what’s coming next, and I feel a leather belt slithering between my thighs, over my battered labia, trailing up over my ass.
I hear it coming before I feel it and tense expectantly. Sharp, stinging and hot, the belt lashes across my ass. Then my back, the blow lighter, not as painful. A harder blow across my ass again. Pain and stingy heat spreading. Several hard blows on my ass and back, then a gentler lash across my ass. I’m biting my lip, barely restraining myself from crying out. Not a centimeter of my ass and back are left untouched. The blows are sometimes hard, sometimes gentler, I don’t know what’s coming next. Hard blows, pain, sting and heat. Gentler blows, still hot and stingy. Suddenly, the tempo speeds up, a rain of hard blows across my ass türkmen escort and I’m whimpering. Then a lash on my labia and I cry out. More gentler blows across my back, but it hurts a lot now, and tears come to my eyes. More and more, the lashes are raising welts now, I know. I’m writhing and crying out as the belt strikes my ass hard several more times. Another lash on my labia. So much pain in such a delicate place, and I feel myself dribbling juice. Several gentler strikes on my ass and my back as I whimper. One last blow on my wet labia and I almost scream.

My master climbs on the bed in front of me. He holds my cheeks for a second and looks into my eyes, then guides my mouth to his cock. I feel the stranger entering me from behind. My master pumps his hips to my face as the stranger pumps his cock inside me. I can only moan and whimper as they both use me at the same time. The stranger cruelly torments the fresh welts on my ass as he rides me. I am so wet I can hear it and each stroke renews the sting from the belt on the tender lips of my pussy. My master pumps his cock in my mouth, into my throat, his taste and scent arousing me even more. They get into a rhythm, fucking my pussy and my mouth with the same strokes and I’m suddenly coming. I’ve never felt such a powerful orgasm, it overwhelms me. Pain and pleasure, I don’t even know which is which now, and I’m groaning on my master’s cock. I’m too exhausted now to be an active participant in this so I’m laying there letting them just pleasure themselves with me. They both seem to be determined to outlast each other, the rhythm of their strokes mesmerizing me. On and on, my master pumping to my face, the stranger pounding me from behind, pinching my sore ass occasionally. And I’m suddenly coming again, twitching and moaning, but I hold still enough for them to use me without any trouble this time. I feel my vagina spasm and that does it for the stranger, he starts coming too. Pounding me hard, clenching my ass, he groans loudly and finally stops. Then my master pumps his cock in my mouth faster and comes, my mouth filling with his semen. I suck it down hungrily, wanting more.

They both pull out and my master gets off of the bed. I virtually just collapse. I’ve never felt so thoroughly fucked in my life, that’s the only way I can describe it, and I’m happy even though I’m in pain and starting to get muscle cramps.

“Yes,“ I hear the stranger say, “she’ll do nicely for the guys this weekend.”

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