Insignificant Ch. 03

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My night was hectic. I began by dreaming that I approached Neal’s gigantic naked body and began to walk all over it starting with his toes, continuing down his legs and approaching his dreamed of cock and huge balls, when the dream turned into a nightmare and I saw myself surrounded by giant policemen, hearing again the judge’s words that had sealed my fate and running away from colossal hands and feet that tried to reach and crush me.

I woke up trembling. Someone was shaking me. I opened my eyes and saw Neal’s huge finger inside the cage moving me gently to wake me up. It was already daylight.

-Come on, sleepyhead -he continued, fortunately keeping a whispering tone of voice so as not to hurt my ears -it’s time to wash up.

I saw myself inside his fist again. The giant hand around me was strangely comforting and terrifying at the same time. Neal gripped me gently, but the immense strength of those fingers was evident. I prayed that my cock would not be aroused by the situation.

My godfather took me to the bathroom and put me at the sink.

-You can also wash that robe you’re wearing. We’ll have to find you some clothes, by the way. It’s not cold now, but later… -In the following days Neal did not worry about the matter again. I was beginning to doubt that my well-being was a priority for him.

He then turned on the faucet, adjusted the water temperature and handed me a tiny piece of soap, which he cut off. As he left me like that, under the sink faucet, he stepped into the shower. I didn’t have time to see him completely naked and I was almost grateful for it. I was afraid of his reaction if he discovered my attraction to him.

Soon he stepped out of the shower and approached the sink again with a towel around his waist. Still, the sight of his almighty istanbul travesti naked body took my breath away again. He picked up a hair dryer and focused it on his hair. Then he focused it on me, and on the robe he had just washed, so I was fortunately able to dry it and put it on quickly. Being naked like that, so small, so insignificant, in front of that big man disturbed me enormously. I thought he glanced at my crotch and a faint smile appeared on his mouth, probably mocking my tiny genitals.

I was led back to the cage and Neal closed it to go get dressed for work. He was a relatively important position within a company and usually wore a suit. I liked him better in a T-shirt and jeans, but dressed formally he was equally impressive. He really exuded manliness.

Before he left, he stopped by the kitchen and left me in the cage with some cold cuts, cheese and crackers, as well as water in a flask, which, although very small, was almost as big as my body. When I saw him about to leave, I stopped him with big gestures and he put his ear close to my face.

-Are you going to leave me locked up here all day? What am I going to do, Neal?

-I’m sorry, Petey. I told you yesterday that I can’t leave you outside the cage. What if a bird, a mouse or a cat sneaks into the house? I couldn’t forgive myself if something happened to you -he was still inflexible, however, he perceived my absolute despondency at that prospect and tried to soften it: -I’ll take you to the living room and leave the TV on, okay? That way at least you’ll be entertained for a while. And I’ll do one thing: when I get off work I’ll buy you one of those miniature computers, okay?

I nodded gratefully. Obviously the reduction technology was not only applied to homosexuals. It was also used to istanbul travestileri make all sorts of things, such as perfectly functional miniature furniture, clothes and electronics. In fact, some owners of shrunken gays made them work for them on such equipment, as part of their enslavement. How fortunate that I had not ended up as a slave to a giant! I felt very grateful to my godfather and smilingly said goodbye to him. When he walked out the door, my feeling of abandonment and vulnerability was indescribable.

Many hours passed, very long for me, locked in the cage and with no other company than the television, which did not interest me in the least. I ate a little, although I was hardly hungry. My stomach was totally contracted by nerves and desperation. At last the door was heard and the huge figure of Neal appeared in the living room. I approached the bars in anticipation. He didn’t take much interest in me, waved absently and went to change. Then he approached and, taking my cage, without saying anything, took me to the bedroom. Once there he brought his huge face close to the bars:

-Today I’m going out with a woman, a good friend, maybe I’ll be back late. I see you still have food and water left. It’s better if you sleep.

He went away, leaving me there. I couldn’t even get out of the cage that night to spend some time with him. I cried in frustration, envying all those who could live a normal life, go out, have fun… I imagined my godfather with his friend, would he have sex with her? Although it seemed incredible to me, I felt a pang of… jealousy? That woman could enjoy that body that gave me so much desire, she could smell his virile aroma, get lost in his gigantic arms, be possessed by that giant male… The image gave me again a tremendous hard-on travesti istanbul and I had to jerk off. After cumming I fell on my “bed”, shattered and deeply depressed. I could not fall asleep until Neal arrived late at night. He just undressed and got into bed.

Thus began a routine that lasted a few days. Shower in the morning, locked in all day until Neal returned, and then, if I was lucky, watch TV with him on the couch, or else watch him go out for fun. Fortunately Neal kept his word and bought me a mini-laptop, perfectly adapted to my size, which made my hours of captivity a little more bearable. With it I was also able to contact other guys in my situation and, at least, feel a little bit accompanied, despite the fact that the situation of each of them was equal, if not much worse, than mine.

Neal also bought me an amplifying device, with which he could hear me without having to shout in his ear, and which allowed us to talk again like normal people, bridging the gap. I can’t express how happy I was. However, I soon realized that the great difference in size was not the only obstacle to communication between us. I soon realized that Neal and I had absolutely nothing in common. As I discovered, moreover, in the few conversations we had, especially the first weekend I spent at his house, my godfather was a very conventional man, with very traditional values, and it became clear to me, to my great desolation, that he was very much in sympathy with the criminal government that had reduced me to that state. I even wondered, although I preferred not to inquire into it, if he would agree with the cruel repressive measures against homosexuals, or at least he would have agreed with them until he learned of my case. I wanted to think not, but….

Several days passed in this way, during which my boredom and despair only increased, and I wished with all my might that there would be some change, some event that would alter that oppressive routine.

I did not know how much I would soon regret that desire…

To be continued?…

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