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I looked at Randy on stage from my seat imploringly as the first half of the concert drew to a close. His eyes met mine and understood their meaning. I wasn’t sure I could wait much longer. I was relieved as the last notes were played and the audience applauded enthusiastically.

As I arose from my seat in the section reserved for the musician’s families and guests, Mrs. Dean, the conductor’s wife, waved to me and came across the aisle. As she approached I noticed she seemed distracted and was looking rather quizzically at my chest. I looked down and was embarrassed to see two wet spots on my blouse that were forming over my nipples. I quickly crossed my arms over my tits, but it was too late; she had already seen it.

She smiled tentatively at me and asked, “Do you and Randy have an announcement to make? I didn’t think you were planning any more children.”

At a loss for words and with a very red face, I managed to mumble something to her about spilling something on myself earlier. The truth of matter was that Randy and I really didn’t plan on any more children. We had quite a large tribe made up of children from our previous marriages and we were enjoying newly married life without the pressures of thinking about starting a family. But there was one thing that we both missed and after a lot of diligence, we had managed to bring the one thing that we missed into our marriage.

It had been a joyous day for us narlıdere escort both when Randy first tasted milk from my breasts after many weeks of regularly suckling them to induce lactation. Once established, my normally C cup breasts had swelled to DD size and his daily nursing kept my milk supply up quite nicely.

The only complication arose when he had a hectic day of teaching, then rehearsals followed by an evening concert that made it difficult for him to get home to empty my swollen breasts. I could get some relief using a pump but nothing was as effective as having my nipples tugged by my Randy’s mouth.

Escaping from any further questioning by Sherry Dean, I hurried down to the concert hall floor towards the backstage area, my arms crossed tightly across my chest. The orchestra members began leaving the stage for intermission and Randy hurried to catch up to me at our previously agreed upon meeting place, a closet in an obscure corner where we would not likely be disturbed.

Randy opened the door and I said, “I was getting worried. I didn’t know if I could wait much longer.”

Adjusting his eyes to the dim light he could barely see me in the dark, sitting on an old desk stored in the closet. “Were you getting uncomfortable?” he asked.

He needn’t have asked once his eyes adjusted to the dim light. I knew that my swollen breasts looked ridiculously large ödemiş escort on my small frame.

I pushed back my long dark hair and began unbuttoning my black top, revealing a lacy black bra with two growing wet spots over each nipple. Randy embraced me, unhooking my bra as he kissed me deeply, his fingers feeling the warm wetness that was now spreading over my breasts.

Now free, my large breasts tingled, the dark erect nipples standing out against my pale skin. He touched the taut skin and softly stroked each nipple with his fingers, as I felt the wonderful rush of my milk letting down. Streams of milk sprayed from both sides and Randy eagerly dove his head down to catch the flow from first one nipple and then the other, massaging my engorged flesh as he suckled me while listening to moans coming from deep within my throat.

I cradled his head in my arms stroking his thick curly hair, enjoying the sight of him relieving my discomfort. His face seemed buried in my soft flesh as he devoured me.

Continuing to feed from the sweet honey pouring from my body, Randy reached under my skirt finding me without panties and he began stroking my already swollen and wet clit. I wantonly spread my legs part as his finger probed inside my cunt. Still nursing my now softening breasts, he quickly brought me to a shaking orgasm. I pressed his head into my chest as my wet pussy spasmed on his seferihisar escort fingers, drenching his hand with my cum.

Releasing my breasts he rose up to kiss me deeply, his lips still wet from my milk. I reached to the front of his pants and happily felt his huge erection.

“Now it is my turn to relieve you”, I whispered into his ear. Randy hurriedly opened his tuxedo pants and I knelt down, releasing his cock. My chest and stomach were wet and slippery with still dripping milk. I rubbed my hands over the wetness, using the milk to lubricate his dick as I lovingly stroked it with one hand and cradled his balls in the other before taking him into my mouth, circling with my tongue as I sucked.

My hands explored his balls and his ass, which I moistened with more of my breast milk, now flowing again in streams with the arousal of pleasuring my husband. I felt him tighten and swell and with a low growl he pushed my head hard against his body as he began to cum. I swallowed each spurt of the hot cum as he released it until he was spent.

He pulled me gently from the floor. “You are delicious, but I have to get back, intermission will be over soon”.

“Thank you for relieving me,” I whispered, kissing him deeply with the taste of his semen on my tongue before he hurried back out to the concert hall.

Again seated in the audience, I applauded along with everyone else when Randy made his entrance for the second half of the concert. I made eye contact with him and he smiled the faintest of smiles and deliberately moistened his lips with his tongue as he coaxed the first notes from his violin. He played his solo magnificently, finishing with a flourish. He looked up at me and smiled, no one guessing his inspiration.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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