International Anal Sex Day

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Is there such a thing as too much sex? We here at Prince of the Perverts Incorporated certainly don’t think so. Which is why we have a bevy of hot stories for you. Men and women in all kinds of situations. Getting down and dirty. Our stories are narrated by Brother Samuel, America’s favorite big and tall bisexual black male adventurer. The defender of Men’s Issues and Men’s Rights. The Champion of the Bisexual Community. The Legendary Bully of Big Beautiful Women everywhere. The Most Infamous Practitioner of Inter-Gender Sodomy. Protector and Advocate of his fellow All-Natural (Uncircumcised) Modern Men. The Intellectual Black Sheep of the Black Literary Community of Boston. After graduating from college, he decided to come working for us. We’re lucky to have him. It’s a match made in anal heaven!

Our first story involves Marcus Mateo, a big and tall white guy of Jewish descent who hails from the city of Stoughton, Massachusetts. This six-foot-three, 260-pound white dude comes from a deeply conservative family. Which probably explains why he’s such a freak. He has many fetishes that he longs to explore. Luckily, he’s come to the right place. We introduced him to one of our special ladies. The gal’s name is Samantha Villiers. Mistress Samantha to her willing male and female slaves. She stands six feet and half an inch tall, broad-shouldered and deeply muscular, with dark brown skin and short hair bleached bone-white. She hails from the island nation of Dominica but moved to Boston for higher education purposes. She’s recently taken to bodybuilding. She’s a strong black woman with a passion for domination.

Mistress Samantha took Marcus to her basement for some fun. Marcus is a nice Jewish lad whose guilt-inducing Jewish mother is mad at him because of his penchant for big-booty black women. Today he wants to make his dream come true. Thanks to Mistress Samantha, that just might happen. Once she had him in the basement, she told him to strip. Marcus hesitated. He’s not exactly a good-looking guy. He doesn’t tan and he’s more than a little chubby. However, he did as he was told once he saw the imperious look on Mistress Samantha’s beautiful dark face. He stood naked before her. She looked him up and down and huffed. Then, she told him to get on his knees.

Like a good slave, Marcus did as he was told. Mistress Samantha told him to stroke his dick. He began stroking his six-and-a-half-inch white cock. Once he was hard, Mistress Samantha told him to stop. He did as commanded. She stood in front of him and began stroking his dick with her gloved hands. She pinched his balls. Marcus yelped. Mistress Samantha laughed. Then she leaned down and took Marcus cock in her mouth. Before his amazed eyes, she began sucking him off. Marcus closed his eyes as the tall ebony goddess pleasured him. She sucked his cock and licked his balls until he was on the verge of cumming. Then she told him to stop. It wasn’t easy, but he obeyed. Mistress Samantha gave him permission canlı bahis to cum and she gathered his seed in her cupped gloved hands. Marcus sighed in pleasure as he finally experienced release.

Afterwards, Mistress Samantha and Matthew tried some regular sex. Matthew was especially eager to try that. A lot of female domination mistresses were strict dominants but Mistress Samantha was a switch. She liked to give and take. And now, she was in a taking mood and Matthew was happy to be a giver. She lay on a large wooden table, legs spread. As ordered, Matthew began licking her pussy like his life depended on it. Mistress Samantha closed her eyes and enjoyed what her slave was doing to her. He was a pretty good pussy licker. She decided to reward him by letting him stick his cock into her. Matthew put on a condom and swiftly slid his cock inside Mistress Samantha’s neatly shaved black pussy. She wrapped her long, muscular legs around his torso and urged him to fuck her harder. He pumped it inside of her. His cock stabbed her pussy repeatedly for half an hour before he couldn’t take it anymore and came. Mistress Samantha sighed in pleasure. He was a pretty good lay. But she liked her sex kinkier. She told him to get off of her. They were soon trying something else.

Next, Mistress Samantha put Marcus on his hands and knees and bound him hand and foot with a thick steel chain. Marcus was a bit worried but she told him he’d enjoy what she had planned. Then, she disappeared from his view. He heard her heels click as she exited the dark basement. A few moments later, she came back. He stared at her blankly and gasped when he saw what she had in hand. Mistress Samantha smiled at Marcus while stroking her long and thick, rather scary-looking strap-on dildo. Marcus gulped. Just what exactly did she intend to do with that? Mistress Samantha calmly told him that she wanted to ravage his uptight suburban white ass with her dildo. And there was nothing he could do about it.

Without another word, Mistress Samantha began circling Matthew. He protested, and begged her not to sodomize his ass with her strap-on dildo. But the Jewish guy’s cries fell onto deaf ears. The tall black woman came up behind him and spread his ass cheeks wide open. Matthew felt a cold liquid being applied all over his ass. Especially his anus. Then, he felt something hard and thick press against his asshole. Cold sweat ran down his temples as he realized what it was. It was Mistress Samantha’s strap-on dildo and she was about to penetrate him with it. She really was going to fuck him in the ass with her thick strap-on.

Mistress Samantha spread Matthew’s ass cheeks wide open, then pushed the dildo into his asshole. There was nothing she loved more than fucking a big man like Matthew with her dildo. She really enjoyed fucking big guys with her strap-on. Black guys. White guys. Asian guys. Latin guys. Middle-Eastern guys. She’d done them all. Lots of guys from all cultures and backgrounds bahis siteleri had a strap-on fetish and she was more than happy to service them by fulfilling their twisted desires. Matthew was a strap-on virgin so she went easy on him. Gripping his hips, she shoved the dildo into his ass. Deep but not too deep.

The scream which escaped his lips was music to her ears. She loved making them scream. She began pounding Matthew’s ass with the dildo with long, deep thrusts. She was surprised at how supple his hole was. Maybe he hadn’t been penetrated by a strap-on before but his ass regularly took visitors. And not the natural kind. Maybe he was bisexual or something. Not that she cared. She just found it puzzling, that’s all. She kept pounding his ass until he came. Then she slowly pulled out of his ass. Noticing that his formerly tight ass was now a gape, she spits inside of it then gleefully screams in victory. Yet another male ass penetrated! She was batting close to a thousand!

A few minutes later, she unbound Matthew, then asked him how the experience went for him. She had a lot of fun with him and came twice while fucking him. Matthew told her he enjoyed it, and said he’d like to book another encounter. Mistress Samantha was totally down with that. What can we say? The gal simply can’t keep her strap-on to herself. Just like the sexually adventurous men who seek her out, she’s an addict! Out here at Prince of Perverts Incorporated, we won’t hold it against them.

Our next story involves a somewhat short, stocky and ruggedly handsome black man of Haitian descent named Joseph Bertrand who has an obsession with tall, blonde-haired white women with big tits and even bigger butts. To satisfy his lust, we introduced him to Shawna Weissmuller, a six-foot-two blonde bombshell with some particularly twisted kinks and a serious penchant for well-endowed black men. Since they’re both residents of the Boston area, we arranged a meeting between them. Sparks flew. And clothes came off. The rest, as they say, is pervert history!

Presently speaking, Shawna Weissmuller is on all fours. Her plump white butt cheeks are spread wide open. Kneeling behind her is Joseph Bertrand. All five feet seven inches and one hundred and thirty pounds of him. He’s drilling his cock into her backdoor and she’s screaming like a woman possessed. For she is possessed. The nine and a half inches of thick, uncircumcised black cock that are stretching her tight ass in half have taken her to a new world called Kingdom Fuck. And she doesn’t want to leave. When she was first introduced to Joseph, she never suspected he’d have that kind of manly power in him. Oh, he was good-looking and successful, but that didn’t always translate into bedroom prowess. However, this man was all that and then some.

He’d taken charge from the beginning. Lots of men and women for that matter would be intimidated by a six-foot-two, 240-pound, heavily muscled Scandinavian blonde female bodybuilder. bahis şirketleri Joseph wasn’t one of those people. Once in the bedroom, he stripped before her and showed her what he was working with. His body was lean and solid. His face was handsome and serious. His dick was super-sized. And he definitely knew how to use it. He told her to get on all fours and show his jimmy some love. Stunned, Shawna nevertheless did as she was told. The towering white female bodybuilder knelt before the stocky black man and took his huge black cock into her mouth. She gently pulled back the foreskin and began sucking his dick head. She’d only hooked up with a handful of uncut men in her lifetime. She recalled many of them had been sexually adventurous men who experienced a lot more sensations during sex than ‘modified’ men due to the sensitivity of their natural cocks.

As Shawna sucked his cock, Joseph calmly instructed and encouraged her. This was a man who loved telling women what to do. Somehow, he’d pegged her as a natural submissive even though she was a huge, muscular, tough-looking athletic woman. Those eyes of his had seen right into her soul and he knew that deep down inside she was eager to please. And so she eagerly sucked his cock and licked his balls. When he finally came, she drank his seed. All without spilling a single drop. Afterwards, he made her get on all fours and told her unceremoniously that he was about to fuck her in the ass. He wanted to fuck her in the ass. She hesitated. Only a handful of men had taken her like this. He smiled at her and promised her sensations she’d never forget. Convinced, she acquiesced. And thus he began fucking her in the ass after greasing her up with lubricant.

In his lifetime, Joseph had fucked many women and a few men. There was something about him that people found irresistible. His intelligence. His good looks. His masculine confidence. Such a rare thing in a post-feminist world. Both women and men responded to it. And he used it to his advantage. It’s what led him to become the top associate at his law firm in downtown Boston. It’s what he used to pick up sexy women and handsome men at bars on fun-filled nights. It’s what he used to bring Shawna Weissmuller to her knees with his cock up her ass. Gripping her long blonde hair, he yanked her head back while slamming his cock deep inside her poop chute. The big blonde woman screamed in pain and pleasure. What’s my name? He asked. Trembling, squealing, she answered him. Satisfied, he resumed slamming his cock up her ass. He fucked her until he came. Then he made her suck his cock, right after it had been up her ass. She did it without hesitation or visible disgust. A testament to his power!

A short while later, he parted from her company. Like so many women and men he’d slept with, she wanted an encore. He took her number. Maybe if she was lucky she’d get a phone call in a few weeks. He was a businessman with lots to do. Not some loser who waited around the telephone for his girlfriend or boyfriend to call him. In this game, there were Tricksters and Pawns. Tricksters called the shots. They were the Major Players. And Joseph most definitely was affiliated with them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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