Internet Lover

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When someone hears about two people meeting over the Internet and falling in love, they think, “Yea right.” Well, I can tell you that it does happen, because it happened to me.

I am a single, divorced, male who at the age of 41 had basically given up on finding that one person who would fulfill my ever want and need. One day I decided to put a pen pal ad on the Internet to try and find people who would love to chat, to pass my time. Lo and behold, Miracle answered. Now I know that you are probable saying that Miracle is not a person’s real name. Well, that is her God-given name.

At first we just sent a few e-mails back and forth. Not many, but a few. As time went on, we switched to talking to each other via instant messages. The more we talked, they more that we found out that we both liked the same things. One of the many is having sex. I have already set into motion, taking a week vacation and going to visit. I have called Miracle over the phone and told her that she better be ready when I do get there.

I told her that the first thing I was going to do when I step off that plane was to place a lip-lock on here so massive, and shove my tongue so far down her throat, that she would melt right there in the terminal and everyone would think that we were getting down and dirty right there. I would have to stop, and as I would nibble at her ear I would whisper to her that there is a lot more of that to come when we get to the house.

As we drive to her house, I would lean over and blow a little in her ear at each stop to start getting here hot and porno 64 horny. She would start panting, and squirming in her seat, as she would feel herself starting to get a little wet. When we finally do get there, and get the car parked. We don’t walk to the front door, we run. As the door gets closed and locked, my tongue is back down her throat and my hands are all over her beautiful body. I rip her clothes off, and she rips mine off. The next thing we know, we are on the floor in the hallway. I don’t care what room we are in, because I plan on taking her in every room in the house, and in every position that we know.

As we are on the floor there in the hallway our hands are all over each other. I am kissing and nibbling her neck as my hands find her DD tits, and her hard nipples. I rub her nipples between my fingers and get them ever harder. She is lying there moaning and her hands slowly find their way down to my rock hard 8-inch dick. One hand slowly starts to stroke me, as the other hand finds my balls and starts to play with them. I can feel myself wanting to explode right there, but I hold myself back wanting to be in her before I blew my load. I slowly move from her neck, and start to kiss her cleavage as my hands are all over her massive tits. My tongue comes out and I start to lick her and slowly move up to one nipple. I roll my tongue over the erect nipple, and I feel her squirm under me. I put as much of her tit into my mouth as I can get, and at the same time flick my tongue at her nipple.

She starts to moan, and her hands start to jack porno izle me off even faster. I know that if I don’t do something soon, I will lose it. I slowly start running my tongue down her beautifully curved body, and go lower as I go. Before I know it, I am right over her already soaked pussy lips. I slowly lick all around it, teaseling her as I go. Suddenly she grabs my head and shoves it right into her wet pussy. I take my tongue and shove it as deep as I can into her wet, soaked twat. All of a sudden she arches her back, and starts to shake uncontrollable as her first orgasm hits her. I feel her juices flowing all over my face and start licking her even faster. I get all her juices in as I can, and she finally starts to calm down. When she finally stops panting and shaking, I hit her love button, and she screams and starts to shake uncontrollable again. She grabs the back of my head and jams it into her pussy as far as she can.

When she finally stops shaking after about five minutes, I look at her with her juices all over my face and ask her if she wants even more. She can’t speak, but she shakes her head yes. I get to me knees, place her legs on my shoulders. I place the thick head of my throbbing dick right on her wet pussy lips, and ask her how bad she wants it. She tells me that she wants it deep inside of her, and she wants it now. I ask her if she wants it slow or hard. She says hard, so I slam right into her wet pussy with all 8 inches. She screams, and tells me that she wants more. Instead of taking it slow, I slam into her again and again. sex izle Harder and harder. She starts to shake again as another orgasm takes her, I want to blow my load into her right then, but I still want it to last.

I start to slow down, and then I pull almost all the way out till the head of my dick is barely in her pussy and I start to tease her. Before I know it, she sits up and pushes me over on my back, and tells me that it is her turn. She grabs me pussy juice wet dick, and slowly starts to give me a hand job, as she takes my balls into her mouth. If a dick could get any harder, mine did. She lets go of my balls and starts to give me a massive blowjob. All I can do is lay back and groan as I feel her teeth slowly rack over my dick as it goes in and out of her mouth. As she is bobbing up and down I feel her tongue licking over the swollen head. I feel myself wanting to cum, but she feels it also and lets go.

She straddles me, and positions herself right over my dick. She lowers herself and starts pumping up and down. She starts slowly, as she leans back and put her hands behind her on the floor. She gradually starts to go faster and faster. Both of us start to groan as we can feel our separate orgasms starting to build up. I keep holding back until I can feel her starting to shake. As soon as her orgasms start, I finally blow my load deep inside her pussy. She keeps pumping, and shaking at the same time, and I keep cumming deep inside her. Finally when both of us are spent, we lay next to each other in the hall, and I tell her that we have just begun.

Now even though we haven’t meet yet, both of us know that we are going to do this and more. Every time we talk on the phone, we tell each other what we are going to do to each other. I don’t think we will ever come out of the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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